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So You Want to Defeat an Incumbent Republican?

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“submitted for your approval….”
/end Rod Serling voice over

greetings once again, gentle Readers…

today we take a trip into another facet of the space/time continuum and see what upcoming political speeches could be like this season from olde school Goldwater GOP types in primaries who are fed up with tax-cut-and-spend, K street project, nation-building neocon policies…

or any democrat, even third party candidates who feel the same and plan to run in November…

let’s have a look, shall we?

..::: a public hall, potential voters gather to hear what is said, fidgeting in their seats, the house lights dim a bit and a person walks up to the podium :::..

“Good [insert morning/afternoon/evening here] my fellow Americans.
A marvelous day here in beautiful [insert place name here]. I come before you today to discuss vital matters, the state of our Republic, and to talk with you about my own vision for what I’m going to do about it, if and when you deem fit to elect me as your new [insert office name here].

Now, I’d like to ask all you kind folks out there to join me in a moment of Silence while I read the names of the Honored Dead who came from our [insert city/district/state name here]… ”

..::: behind the lectern, a screen lights up behind the speaker, with a list of the names of the dead in Iraq, underneath the much larger list of the wounded :::..

[read first list, pause]

“And for those wounded in our names, the recipients of the Purple Heart are…”

[read second list, pause]

“Thank you for sharing that Moment, I feel it is vitally important that we keep our brave Veterans in our minds and our hearts while they serve our Nation. One of my most important goals is to ensure that those people and their families are cared for as our Society has promised, and this Administration has neglected.

Now, I’m sure you are all wondering what my campaign stands for, what our goals are, and of course….what are we going to do for YOU.

It’s all written up in a single paragraph that was penned by much wiser people than I am, but whose example I promise I will strive to live up to…”

..::: another projection behind the lectern, as it comes up, the Candidate looks at the audience and recites it by heart :::..

“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

“That’s the mission statement, ladies and gentlemen. That deceptively simple, yet deeply profound bit of wordsmithing says everything that anyone seeking your vote for elected office SHOULD be following as their guiding light and most precious objectives.

‘We the People’…that’s the important thing here. We are NOT here to serve the government, rather it is supposed to be the other way around! This preamble to our Constitution sets up the duties and obligations of our Government TO the People. Far too often as of late, those who represent us have forgotten that.

If elected, I swear I will serve ONLY “We the People”, NOT the special Interests who want more than the rest, NOT the Corporations that think they have a right to our markets, but no obligation to our People as they use the loopholes placed into the system by corrupt officials to outsource and offshore our jobs for the graven image of their bottom lines.

“We the People”… NOT foreign governments and Interests that bribe their way into special deals that benefit them, but are paid for by the sweat and taxes of our citizens.

“We the People”… NOT the lobbyists or the K street moneymen who sow greed and corruption in order to line their own pockets.

“We the People”… NOT the greedy and corrupt seekers of Office whose only goal is to serve those special Interests from office, and reap larger ill gotten rewards when they finally leave and work directly for those Interests as lobbyists themselves.

I know, I know… I can hear you saying to yourselves right now, ‘That’s a tall order, and we’ve heard it all before. What’s going to make you different?’

I’m glad you asked, shows you care about what’s going on, it shows you want to make a difference, and do your civic duty as an informed part of the Electorate…as a willing participant of “We the People”.

So, if you are willing to listen, I’m here to talk about what I see are some of the major problems to be overcome, and what I intend to do about it, all the while paying careful attention to the principles outlined in that glorious Preamble up on the screen behind me.
[sip of water to pause]

Settle in, be comfortable, this is going to take a bit. I’m not one who is going to promise to [make quote marks with fingers] “save the world” with some ten-second sound byte. We have real problems and challenges to face, and solving them takes more than simple platitudes and slogans, no matter what the dog and pony show of current politics and the main stream media want you to believe. You folks know better, and I’m betting you’re tired of being treated like that, and tired of business as usual from our Government.

Let’s take this point by point, and according to our mission statement of the Preamble behind me on the screen.

[half-turn and gesture up to the projection]

‘in Order to form a more perfect Union’…
[turn fully towards audience, and grip the podium in both hands] My goal here is to do just that, aid in forming that more perfect Union talked about here. I intend to pursue that ideal by doing my best to get rid of the very notion of a hyphenated American. That’s right, I will not recognize those artificial divisions set in our way by those special Interests who gain by splitting us apart into false factions, wanting us to pay attention to some small detail that would benefit a sub-group rather than helping all those in ‘We the People…’. I don’t care about partisan stances, I will deal with each Issue on a case by case basis, not the self serving whims of the professional politicians who run the Party…but by what is going to do the most for ‘We the People’ as a whole, and you…my hopeful future Constituents, as the guiding light. One of the ways that I, personally, will be following that dictum is to only accept contributions from you, the actual Constituency that can vote for me. NOT from any special Interests, NOT from any lobbyists, NOT from anyone outside of those who can actually vote for me in this pursuit. The only ones I will be responsible to are, ‘We the People’.
[sip of water to pause]

‘establish Justice’… For me, this is about Justice for ALL, according to the tenets of the Constitution and the Rule of Law. I will work towards making certain that ANY who violate our Laws are prosecuted. From the bank robber, to the embezzling CEO, and the corrupt in our Government. As part of the process, I will put forward the Idea to spend at least one session per week in finding Laws that fail to serve the cause of Justice for ‘We the People’ and have them legally stricken from the books. We’ve all heard the story about the town that still has a Law that requires a red lantern be waved in front of a car as it travels a city street. Hundreds, if not thousands of such silly laws still clog our system, and do not provide Justice. Many other Laws were practically written by special Interests and enacted by the corrupt to favor and reward at the expense of ‘We the People’

I say, NO MORE![pound lectern once] Far worse time spent than a day per week of seeking out such travesties, and striking them from our system. Removing the waste, and accomplishing part of what Legislators are supposed to do, take care and make certain the system is working FOR people, and not against them.
[sip water for pause]

‘insure domestic Tranquility’ … We do that by removing the artificial divisions that the special Interests use to make us fight each other over petty squabbles so they may distract us while they pick our pockets to feed their greed. I intend to fight for America First policies as much as is possible.
An example would be our Government’s purchasing practices. I will fight to enact provisions that would require ALL Government purchases to be filled domestically. Not just purchased from American-owned corporations, but the products themselves must be made, assembled and employ American resources.
It just makes sense, if we taxpayers are going to spend money on something, it should go to a quality bidder and benefit ‘We the People’ in it’s purchase. It infuriates me that things like major sub-systems for American, state of the art fighter planes, are being manufactured in foreign countries at the cost of American jobs as well as our National security!
[knowingly shake head, and sip of water to pause]

Which leads us to… ‘provide for the common defense’… I consider it a tragic crime that I need to even address this Issue at this point in our Nation’s history. That we still have not secured our borders, ports and terminals. this is a PRIMARY reason for even having a Government, and perhaps THE most important task that ‘We the People’ have for it. This simple priority should be the ONLY task undertaken by our Government until the problem is resolved. ‘We the People’ require that our Government do all that is possible within the confines outlined by the Rule of Law to defend us from all clear and present dangers that threaten us.
[sip of water to pause]

‘promote the general Welfare’… Now that is an important part of the whole thing, ladies and gentlemen. This is the cornerstone of my entire America First view of policy. Those who we elect to represent us need to actually do that…represent ‘We the People’ rather than their own self serving interests, or the special Interests that fill their coffers.

As you’ve all probably figured out by now, I have some ideas on this subject.
Let’s start with those elected representatives themselves. How many of you have ever looked at a Congressional district map? Probably not too many outside of the political junkies in the audience. Look it up sometime, as well as the figures for incumbents being re-elected.
The results will scare you.
The map bears no resemblance to objective reality, the census from which it is supposed to be drawn, or the actual physical and geographical boundaries that fit the idea of common sense. Why is it this way? Simple, ladies and gentlemen, political expediency for those who don’t care about anything except being re-elected. It’s called gerrymandering, both sides have done it, and it’s against the Spirit, if not the actual letter, of our Laws.

How do I want to fix this problem? So glad you asked.
[smile knowingly here] How about we follow what the Constitution says?
That document requires the Districts be redrawn each mandated Census. In the Information Age, it is ridiculous to not use American ingenuity to build a program that takes into account the date from the Census and draws the district boundaries that fit street, city, county and state borders ona strict non-partisan basis. You bet that will shake up the Congress, and might not make me too popular among the professional politicians that currently rule the back room system.


This is not about what THEY want, it’s about what is best for ‘We the People’!

Make our entire process as transparent and free from undue influence as is possible. Make sure we are an example to the world in how it CAN be done, and prove that it is the way it IS done.
[sip of water to pause]

‘and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity’… So much is held in this seemingly simple line. If elected, I pledge my Life, my Fortune and my Sacred Honor to defend and uphold the Liberty of ‘We the People’!

I am all too aware of how so many of our Nation’s problems come from the effects of sheer short sightedness on the part of those we Elect to represent us.

NO erosion of our Rights is to be tolerated. Violators will be prosecuted under full penalty accorded by our Rule of Law. NO ONE sits above the Law. No excuses, no extenuating circumstances.
[sip of water to pause]

Another very important aspect of this is pure fiscal responsibility. There is absolutely NO excuse for our Government to do other than what “We the People’ have to do….balance our checkbooks. Every family, every adult, has to make choices and decisions about what is in budget and what is not. Only our Government seems ot be completely content to finance today on the back of our children, our grandchildren…and their grandchildren!

Each and every decision made, and every dime spent by our Government should be aimed at not only the results for today, but the results and consequences ‘to ourselves and our Posterity’. Pay as you go, with considerations for emergencies taken into account. Our government shouldn’t be using Enron’s accountants to balance our books. Simple red ink/black ink fiscal responsibility, with full transparency should be the ONLY goal.
[sip of water to pause]

I want to thank you , ladies and gentlemen, for taking some time out of your busy lives to spend here, letting me bend your ears a bit on some things I think are important. And I hope you do too.

Now….I bet some of you have some questions….”
[raise house lights] [note to staffers: make certain that each speech is custom tailored for the local audience a bit. research and insert at least one local anecdote about a factory closing due to outsourcing, hardship for families due to extended military deployment, or pertinent scandal. it is IMPERATIVE that the Candidate NOT mention any specific names of people. make reference to the incidents, the people will know what is being spoken about. any questions or substantive changes even being contemplated, CALL FIRST!]

and so closes our little Drama, that pinhole into the realm of “what might be…”


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About gonzo marx

  • the Candidate

    so…who’s got questions?

    yes…you there in the back…

  • Lumpy

    No questions here. You’ve sold me. I’m voting the straight incumbent ticket.

  • the Candidate

    Fair enough, you must be one of the 30% or so who think everything is fine. Your right to do so, and I respect that, but we will just have to disagree on this Issue…

    Next question, please….

  • I guess we call this guy/gal…a gonzo party member?

    It’s all good gonzo, but I think the only candidate I’d ever hear it from would probably be in a movie!

    Or…are you running?

  • gonzo marx

    well now Andy…

    i can Dream, can’t i?


  • and a fine dream it is!


  • Ooh, a projector. You might get the young vote if you make a PowerPoint presentation.

  • gonzo marx

    heh…et tu, Suss?

    so much for the “performance art” Aspect of having “the Candidate” field questions…

    ah well…



  • Well actually..I’m all tired out from my weekend back home..fishing on my pops’ boat outta Leonardo!

    But I was thinking…about one idea I kinda like, but after thinkingabout it…I would have missed out on a couple of months in Germany…that govt contracts going to American companies…I like the idea…but I liked the trip to Germany too! So, don’t we support allies? not that Germany has been the greatest ally…but they haven’t been the worst either. But other countries as well…if they build better techonolgy for our military shouldn’t we use the best stuff out there for everything our tax dollars are spent on?

    There…how’s that?

  • Talk to you more on this tomorrow…when I’m awake…when I can digest more than what’s left of my memorial day weekend…I hope everyone took a minute today…it is supposed to be more than a three day weekend…

    tomorrow then…

  • There is a lot of interesting missing points (not necessarily a bad thing) that you see in many stump speeches.

    1) Few to no statistics — everything’s idea-based.

    2) Few to no direct mentions to the individual citizen/voter.

    So maybe you need to add a line: “What’s in it for you? You’ll receive an unprecedented [Unusually large unit-less number].”

  • Dave Nalle

    And what about the chicken in every pot and car in every garage and psp in every kid’s hands? Not getting elected without those.


  • gonzo marx

    yeah yeah…funny….ha!

    yes Suss, i did deliberately avoid numbers to try and make it as generic as possible, also to avoid getting into arguments abotu numbers, rather than the possible discussion of issues or concepts…

    for #12- just for you..how about every kid on pot playing chicken in the car while playing their PSP?


  • Hey Mr. Candidate! You gonna answer my question in #9? Or are you gonna act like ALL the other candidates and ignore me?

  • the Candidate

    Well then, and actual question!

    And a decent one at that, sir. I am not sure of the circumstances surrounding your particular trip, and I don’t mean to imply we would not give support to our allies. You seem to misinterpert my position on that a bit.

    Rather, what I am saying is that we should be supporting America First purchasing policies, not only for the economic factors, but for National security reasons as well. It is for these concerns that my position is to buy American whenever possible. In case of disaster or military conflict, I do NOT want crucial supplies or parts, vital to our defense, to be stuck in some outsourced country when we need it most.

    So, not only does this policy help American workers, and American jobs…it helps to promote American security by keeping the manufacture of vital materials close to home, and undisturbed by outside difficulties in other parts of the world.

    I hope that helps answer you, young man…

    Next question……?

  • Wouldn’t it be detrimental to the economy if you do away with an entire industry???

    I mean, how many people are employed in DC as lobbyists?

  • the Candidate

    How many?, over 100,000 in the DC area are involved with the lobbying industry…

    As for my concern about their jobs….there are multiples more involved in the industry of street drugs…

    Don’t you think that until the laws are reviewed, it makes sense to do away with the criminals involved in this corrupt industry?

    This is the same thing, the darwinian aspect of capitalism made manifest. Just by worrying about the jobs involved in no liscense or excuse for criminal behavior.

    Next question please…

  • the Candidate

    correction; (is no license) was how it should read

  • Woody asked me to ask you about your opinion on the production and use of hemp in this country…any thoughts?

  • the Candidate

    Well now, Woody is it?

    I am guessing you heard the part of my speech where I am talking about spending one day a week reviewing old laws, and taking the ones off the books that are irrelevant, or go against the intent of our mission statement behind me on the screen.

    That being said, I must remind you that my personal opinions are not what matter here, but rather my ability to manifest the will and desire of a constituency in accord with the principles set forward in our Preamble.

    Now, if you are asking me personally, I might give you the response that it just seems rather silly for a product which can organically produce plastics, 4 times as much paper as the same amount of trees, and a quite sturdy cloth be outlawed.

    I would much rather see hemp grown in south American than coca plants, or hemp instead of Opium in Afghanistan…

    But the point is moot until the Law is reviewed, let me just state that the only ones who profit from a Prohibition are criminals, as I hope our nation learned during the time of Al Capone.

    Next question please….

  • Wenchy1986

    If you run – you’ve got my vote!!! I am sick and tired of all the BS. Someone has to be more than a politician – someone has to say what they mean, and mean what they say … and DO IT! Follow through – something I teach my children but also something politicians don’t learn.

  • I have one other point I’d like you to comment on…

    You say, as do many others…that our government should live the way we do…balancing our checkbooks…and I agree…but most of us live with some debt…house payment, car payment, something like that…of course we all do this because we can’t afford to just go out and buy a house or a car with cash…but it doesn’t indicate that we are living beyond our means.

    I guess what I’m asking is…should there be NO naitonal debt? or maybe limited national debt?

  • the Candidate

    Good question sir!

    Of course, we would prefer to have no debt at all, but we all face thepractical reality of the unexpected from time ot time.

    As I stated previously, these things should be properly accounted for, and budgeted against.

    Now, there are times when things go awry, and budgets are inadequate, fair enough.

    In that case, accept the needed debt, but ACCOUNT for it! Make certain that the debt is taken into budgetary considerations, and make certain there is NO deficit!

    There is the key, ladies and gentlemen. One may have debt, but there is NO excuse for our government to have a budgetary deficit in servicing that Debt, or any other financial obligations our Nation has undertaken…

    Next question, please….

  • troll

    what are your ideas on national service Mr Candide(ate) – ?


  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    Mr. Candidate, I watched that performance real close, and you were sipping an awful lot of water while gripping that lectern for dear life…

    Sir, you wouldn’t happen to have a little pot to piss in in front of you behind the lectern while you’re being so nice as to patiently take all these questions?

    Normally, I’d never ask such a thing, but it’s been over a day that you’ve been patiently answering our questions, and I thought I saw a little liquid dribbling off to the side…

  • the Candidate

    So much to cover, and such an informed room. That brings me great hope, ladies and gentlemen, hope for the future of our Republic that so many people care aboput our future.

    Now, on to the specific questions…as for National service, I do think that it needs to be studied more, and consensus found among the people. Personally, I think voluntary service…say 2 years after high school and before college…with a benefit of advantageous student loans for completeing the service…coudl go quite a long way towards ensureing that for the next generation…a college degree is just as ubiquitous as a high school diploma was to our parents generation…

    As for the more practical question…[pauses to smile, winningly]…the secret is a large bladder, and a catheter strapped to your leg..
    [pause for laughter]

    next question please….

  • So let me get this straight, if you build the deficit into the budget then you can pretend it doesn’t exist?


  • the Candidate

    No sir, what I am saying is that there may be times when Debt is unavoidable, and that should be budgeted…but that Deficit in an annual budget is unacceptable…

    Try and think of it this way, would you place a mortgage payment on a high interest credit card?

    Of course not, not unless you had too…and wouldn’t it be fiscally responsible to make certain that the higher payment on that “credit card”, is taken into account for the next month’s budget?

    Otherwise, you might be forced to make the NEXT “mortgage payment”, meaning the Debt, with your “credit card”, that being the Deficit.

    We have a huge national Debt right now, what is needed is to take that into accout, try not to let it get any larger, and MAKE THE PAYMENTS, on time and held within the budget.

    I hope that helps explain it more clearly…

    Any other questions?

  • No sir, what I am saying is that there may be times when Debt is unavoidable, and that should be budgeted…but that Deficit in an annual budget is unacceptable…

    So you are either saying that the government should be prescient and be able to anticipate the huge costs of sudden disasters or wars and build them into the budget, or that it should always build some sort of deficit spending slush fund into the budget to cover contingencies, presumably a huge amount to cover any possibiility.

    Try and think of it this way, would you place a mortgage payment on a high interest credit card?

    Of course not, but the debt is at a low interest, and the deficits recently added to it were at the historically lowest interest rate of all, lower than the mortgage rate, in fact.

    Of course not, not unless you had too…and wouldn’t it be fiscally responsible to make certain that the higher payment on that “credit card”, is taken into account for the next month’s budget?

    So what you’re really saying is that last year when the interest rates paid on government debt were extremely low, the government should have ballooned the debt as much as possible to create a giant low-interest rate contingency fund against future possible deficits.

    We have a huge national Debt right now, what is needed is to take that into accout, try not to let it get any larger, and MAKE THE PAYMENTS, on time and held within the budget.

    It sounds to me like your interest rate argument suggests that we should be increasing the national debt gratuitously in times of low interest rates to offset need at other times.


  • the Candidate

    And we appear to have someone who is deliberately misunderstanding…or a clear example of why I am not applying for the job as Treasury secretary or Analogy master!

    How about I just keep it as simple as it seems to be to me.

    Yes, I do think we shoudl have such contingency plans budgeted as best as we can for the unforseen, but you will notice that I agreed that there are times, in emergencies, when debt cannot be avoided.

    It is the avoidable debt I object to, and the annual Deficit spending which I am completely opposed to.

    My goal is to balance the checkbook, and give a clear and accurate accounting of how the government spends money to the taxpayers who supply that money.

    Is that a problem?

    Next question, or a follow up if our playful financial questioner desires it?

  • Just for you Mr. Candidate…I’d recommend for that national service deal…that we not limit it to JUST the military…for those consciences objector types…maybe the post office or some other govt institution for their mandatory two year stint?

  • Dave Nalle

    Ok, then shouldn’t the government maintain special ‘trust fund’ type accounts for agencies like FEMA and the Defense Department, and load them up with borrowed money when the interest rates are low? That would save a lot of interest in the long-run and would prevent future emergency deficit spending at a higher rate?

    But here’s your next question. Why is a deficit or perhaps your alternative of planned debt increases a bad thing? Doesn’t debt make the US more attractive to foreign investors and encourage them to bring their money and their investments here rather than somewhere else? Doesn’t it mean that they are encouraged to buy dollars, trade in dollars and buy things with dollars, strengthening our economy?

    That said, isn’t our current debt level which is lower as a percentage of GDP than it has been for decades, both not large or out of control, and mainly a positive influence on the economy?


  • the Candidate

    For Mr Marsh from the Virginia Beach Times, I guess I didn’t make myself clear enough. My idea for national service is that it SHOULD be much more than just the military option. There are plenty of places in our nation’s public sector that our citizens could help tremendously, I don’t want to just limit this idea to kids fresh out of high school either, ANY American should be able to avail themselves of this kind of program, to help out their community, and get some help in return for their service.

    And for Mr Nalle, representing Texas. You are deliberately mistaking me, sir. I do NOT at ANY time reccommend the accounting tricks you seem to be advocating, nor do I advocate raising the Debt artificially to manipulate interest rates, which is what you are implying.

    NOw, once ore, I am emphatically stating that there is a HUGE difference between debt, what our nation owes, and the deficit, what our nation is short this budgetary cycle.

    The Debt itself is something that is worked out in Congress, since Congress controls the national purse strings, how much or how little debt is a function for them to debate and decide. I woudl rather we work towards having no debt, but i recognize that such is an ideal rather than an immediate practicality.

    The deficit , on the other hand, is an inexcusable practice. Our budgets should not ever hit unplanned shortfalls. The only time there can possibly be any excuse for such is during emergencies.

    Now, we hit the part where the career politicians have gotten tricky. Some might say the deficit was indeed due to things like last years disaster along the gulf coast. And there is indeed some truth to that, but not the whole truth. There is a lot more deficit than what is actually being spent on fixxing that disaster, in fact there is quite a lot of the deficit which is being spent on pure pork in both the House and Senate.

    It’s that kind of problem we are addressing in this campaign, no matter how hard the corrupt seek to distract us from discussing these issues openly with people outside of Washington.

    So, my short answer is that deficit spending is bad, for anyone, any household, any nation. Pay as you go, save for what you want…and when you do need to finance something and go into debt, budget for it.

  • Blue Haired Old Lady

    You seem like a nice young fellow, Mr. Candidate. As a Blue Haired Old Lady, these are my main concerns:

    1. Are you a Republican? I only vote for Republicans.

    2. How are you going to protect social security so my payments never go down or get restricted in any way.

    3. What hairstyle do you prefer? I only vote for men with nice, medium-lenght, wavy hair.

    4. What about the children? They’re all punks. What are you going to do about them? Can we put them in prison until they’re 25?


  • the Candidate

    Well ma’am, I want to thank you for spending your time with us to discuss these matters.

    As for your questions, I don’t do political parties, I speak about issues individually and have laid out my platform as you heard earlier.

    Protecting Social Security IS a priority, keeping the agreement between the government and the people who gave their money in good faith to the system is important. I want to start cashing in the I.O.U.’s that the government has given when it borrows from the SS trust fund, and get that money working to sustain the SS system. More needs to be looked at and debated on this issue, but until we can get into office and get some straight answers, that’s all I can honestly say for now.

    As for hairstyle [chuckles], mine is as you see, if that is how you determine your vote, then I stand by my follicles!

    As for those under 25, our legal system states we are all innocent unti lproven guilty, this would include the children as well.

    Anyone else have a question?

  • My priorities are my children, my SUV and unborn babies. Not necessarily in that order.

    What are you going to do to make sure that my children get a good education at a school of my choice?

    What will you do to make sure that my children never have to pay more than a third of their income in taxes to support old people?

    How are you going to protect my right to drive the biggest SUV I possibly can and keep gas prices low enough that I can afford it?

    And what about the unborn babies? They need to be saved. We need a constitutional amendment banning all forms of baby murder with severe penalties for doctors, hospitals and pharmacists who sell birth control to minors.

  • I see that you oppose gerrymandering. Well, I for one, am sick of having to vote for a Republican candidate who had no chance of winning every year as I did throughout the 60s, 70s and 80s. When our legislature redrew the electoral district boundaries here in North Carolina I finally got to vote for a Republican candidate and see him win.

    For all those decades I felt that I was basically unrepresented because the candidate for my district only cared about the interests of urban dwellers in Greensboro and didn’t give a damn about the interests of those of us living in more rural parts of the district. Hell, sometimes a Democrat even ran unopposed for our congressional seat because the district was so unbalanced.

    We’ve had to subsidize the urban poor and the city’s crackpot projects and government corruption for too long with no voice in government. How can you say that changing that is wrong. We were disenfranchised and now we have representation. That’s a good thing, isn’t it?

    Col. B. McK

  • the Candidate

    All right, first for the lady’s questions….

    If you are concerned about your children’s education, then go to where the full responsibility, besides your own, resides…go and talk to your local school board, yes the Board of Education people that were duly elected, make those decisions and write the budgets as well as hire the administrators for your school. That is where the fight lies when it comes to local education.

    Your children and their taxes I talk about in my speech, a large concern over a proper balanced budget is the place to begin, it is only once our current fiscal house is in order that we can confidently begin planning for our future.

    As for your large SUV [a thoughtful pause]. You do realize that nowhere in our Constitution is there any “Right” to drive your SUV? In each state, your driver’s liscense reminds you that driving is a priveledge and not a right. Gasoline prices should be part of a free market, once it is determined there is no price gouging or illegal manipulation of the market, then prices are all the market can bear. A harsh reality, but outside of making certain that nothing illegal is going on…that is all we can do about gas prices.

    There are some schools of thought that could state that at least partial blame for the current high prices can be laid at current foreign policy of this Administration and the ramifications of said policy…but that is an entirelyt different topic…

    Your last bit about babies has me a bit confused, but I will try and address your concerns as best as I am able.

    As I have stated, I support the Constitution. According to current law, a woman has the right to reproductive privacy. Also , as far as I am aware, contraception is perfectly legal.

    Now, on to the gentleman in uniform. Colonel, you seem uncertain as to the definition of gerrymandering. If your redistricting was done legally and properly, then the result is as it shoudl be. It is quite possible that your district had been gerrymandered earlier to foster that unopposed seat. I am unfamiliar with your distric and it’s history, so it is difficult for me to talk about it accurately, since I do not have all the pertinent facts available. On your way out is the campaign’s e-mail address and web site, if you ask there and leave the congressional district in question….we will get back to you with a more complete answer…

    Anyone else?

  • Why should we believe you Mr. Candidate? We’ve heard all this before…you politicians always give great lip BEFORE the election…how do we know you’ll stay true to your word AFTER the election? Nobody else does! You know that absolute power thing and all…

  • Lumpy

    Mr. Candidate we’ve heard that your divorce from your first wife was never legally finalized and you’re actually a bigamist and all of your biracial children are bastards. Any comment?

  • the Candidate

    A valid question…why believe me?

    If what I’ve talked about so far just sparks your interest, then I have a good reason to add.
    If elected, I will not campaign for re-election, I will place myself on the ballot, and of course be available for any debates or press conferences…

    But NO fundraising, no campaigning, no committee to re-elect…


    When you are not happy with what I’m doing representing you, run against me…vote against me, excercise your franchise to voice your opinion, call or e-mail my office. It would be my job to listen and do my best, some of the “how” is what I’ve been outlining here.

    As for the last bit of spurious allegations from Mr….Ganon is it? Or Guckart this month, from Talon Press? You are factually incorrect, check the public record to see just how wrong you are.

    Anyone else?

  • If elected, I will not campaign for re-election, I will place myself on the ballot, and of course be available for any debates or press conferences…

    I seem to remember a lot of people making that promise about 10 years ago, and yet here they are on their second or 5th term on Capitol Hill.

    Oh, and I think that may have been someone from DailyKos with the question about your wives, because when I brushed up against his buttocks it didn’t feel nearly firm enough to be Jeff Ganon.


  • the Candidate

    Well, thank you for the last go ’round. Convincing you of my sincerity in these matters is a big part of why we do these speeches and answer questions.

    Until someone comes up with a better way, it’ll have to do, and until my record can clear your mind of doubts I guess I’ll just have to keep trying…

    Thank you very much for coming out and spending your time ladies and gentlemen…

    I hope we get to talk more again.
    [exit,stage left]

  • sometimes things are so good, they need to be repeated, that’s all.

  • SonnyD

    Well, gonzo, you said you had one more piece to write. So this is it? Hope you are taking your pain meds because I really don’t want to upset you but this balloon will never fly. It didn’t work when Ross Perot tried it and it won’t work now. He even spent his own money to campaign and didn’t owe any special interests. Of course, he didn’t have the big screen behind him. He just held up paper charts.

    And Perot didn’t start a speech by playing the emotional card of people killed and injured in the war. I get the national news four times a day and that is always the first thing they report. In fact, if nobody got killed today they will review how many were lost over the weekend. Then I turn on the computer and that is always the first headline I see. If you think anyone would get my vote because they think I’m too dumb to know people are dying in Iraq, you’re wrong.

    As for the rest of the speech, do you think unseating incumbent Republicans would accomplish any of the things you are dreaming about? There are a few Republicans, as well as a few Democrats, who would like to see exactly the things you propose come to pass. With our luck, those are the ones who would get voted out, only to be replaced by starry-eyed greenhorn idealists who would screw things up even worse than they are already. Voting any individual out based on their voting record or even how many days they were absent and didn’t bother to vote would make more sense than which party they belong to.

    As far as the body of the speech goes, We the People and all that, beautiful–I’d love to see it, as well as clean air, clean water, food grown without chemicals, cheap public transportation, an honest justice system, intelligent immigration laws, people who don’t try to force their religious views on others, reasonably priced health care for all, decent affordable housing, jobs for anyone who can work and aid for those who can’t…..should I go on or do you get the idea?

    Dreams and ideals are great, they give us something to work toward, but we have to live in the real world and deal with things the way they are. And do you want to know a secret? Even with all the problems we have, all the stuff you and others like to rant and rave about, this country isn’t half bad. We will survive all the corruption and ignorance and greed. There are a lot of good people doing good things, they just don’t make the nightly news. Democracy will always be a work in progress, but it will never be perfect.

  • “a gonzo party member?”

    I believe that is called the Freak Power ticket.

    I do have a question for the Candidate. How do you plan to vote on the upcoming Motor Law that is being talked about? I and my white-haired uncle wait for an answer.

    I am interested in hearing more about your ideas because “It seems to me/I could live my life/A lot better than I think I am.”

  • I have a question for sonnyd…in your little speech there one of the things you mentioned was people trying to push their religious views on others…this is just a thought…but what about people pushing those secular ideas that either you or I don’t agree with? I’m not religious…but that really is such a bullshit line!

  • gonzo marx

    heh…well a few things here, as yas can see the Candidate has left fer hsi next speakign engagement…the campaign trail is long…

    SonnyD…glad ya read the piece, now notice the Rod Serling opening, and the “what might be” close…ya know, the whole alternate dimension thing fer effect…

    now ya might wanna think about my saying this speech, or one like it could be useed by anyone, a repub in a primary, a dem, or a third party candidate…it’s about running against the current regime…it’s also about gridlock as well as checks and balances…think about it a second…

    as for Dreams and Ideals…you do understand that for all the blood and practicality, our Nation was founded on Dreams and Ideals, yes? That’s what the Declaration is…the Dream….the Constitution is the outline for making as much of that Dream real as is possible…hence my use of the Preamble

    now…as for the lisitng of the dead, did it escape you that it was posted on Memorial day? and i’m fairly certain you have been aroudn long enough to know i’m ex-military. i’m also certain you know that Iraq and Afghanistan are a huge political issue, part of the overall picture…and that demonstrating Respect and making that point on a local basis is a valid strategem as well as a point of priciple and an expression of an Ideal surrounding the issues of conflict as well as caring for our veterans…

    my bad, i was trying to lace the speech with all these points, i guess i ain’t ready fer the bigtime yet, so many seem to have missed so much put in there, or misunderstood where it was coming from…

    El Bicho…the Freak Power ticket died with Hunter, this is close…but no where near as free or laced with madness…a loss, but we move on….we’ll hum an Anthem while we meet at your uncle’s country place….i’ll be in the gleaming , alloy air car…

    i did try and keep it as broad and generic as i coudl, looking to see what people read into it and got from it…

    a limited sample here, of course, and it seems to have been colored by who posted it (me, natch)

    but it was a decent way to get it out of my system, and i hope yas enjoyed it , if only a bit…


  • troll

    do you think that unity08 will be effective – ?


  • gonzo marx

    i’ve heard about them, being in Maine and all..

    i dunno troll, i have to look a bit closer, but i like the Concept so far…


  • Unity08 is retarded and that WaPo article is likely the last you’ll ever hear of them. The problem is that they’ve stated that they don’t want to form a third party, just act as spoilers to pressure the two main parties. All that does is pressure the main parties to move farther away from a rational middle position and it makes them of no long term value in their own right because they aren’t willing to stand up for real change and commit to actually tearing down the two party system. It’s all just grandstanding.


  • gonzo marx

    that’s funny, here i had thought tht’s what some folks wanted to do , change the Party’s “from the inside”

    sounds to me like either some are afraid of what Unity08 might do, or are upset that such a moderate effort that is bi-partisan, will screw up the establishments of both Partys

    we can only hope, eh?


  • troll

    even the most succesful 3rd parties have been nothing more than spoilers…acknowleging that might be a necessary step in the deconstruction/evolution of the 2 party structure

    but then such thinking is ‘retarded’


  • But Unity8 doesn’t want to change the party from the inside, they want to force the party to change through outside pressure, which I don’t think is going to work.

    I believe in changing parties from the inside. That’s why I support the Republican Liberty Caucus and It’s My Party Too which both want to reform the GOP fromt he inside.

    But if I’m going to back a third party effort I want it to be a REAL party with a party structure, a platform and a plan for the future. Real third parties have been more than spoilers in the past. Both of our current parties started as third parties, but they did it in a serious way, forcing older parties to change or break up or get out of the way as they grew.


  • gonzo marx

    interesting that someone from outside a brand new organization should claim to know it’s intents and purposes so clearly already….and here i had no idea there really were mind readers…

    that aside, i just don’t see any vlaidity to the objections against a group like this, just like i don’t see any validity to opposing Mr Nalle’s or the Log Cabin types approach…

    all three are pertinent expression of political viewpoints, and seek a methodology for expressing and implementing the concerns fo those belonging to each of the sub-groups…

    so where’s the problem here?

    “to each their own..” …yes?

    the whoel expressed concept that i have fouynd so far for the “unity” bit is the desire to express a middle and moderate ground somewhere between the two extremes of Party ideology whcih seem to be steering much pf the political discourse via the stagnant 2 party system which has been engineered by self interest into not only being self perpetuating, but actively choking out dissent or the ability of any internal “factions” to get things done

    so, after the last 6 years of watching how the GOP elite do things…i think any substantial change, and any other party or faction, taking over either House or Senate is a very fucking good thing

    nuff said?


  • Gonzo, I read the article. Maybe you should read it too. My knowledge of its intents and purposes is based on the statements of the representatives of the group. I think that’s pretty reasonable.

    My objection is that while their goal is desirable, their methods are not workable. They are wasting their and everyone else’s time by not doing things in a way which will produce the positive results they say are their objective.

    The idea of a moderate third party is great, but that’s not what they are promoting. They’re promoting a token moderate candidate solely for the purpose of screwing with the electoral process with no interest in actually winning or changing politics in the long term.


  • gonzo marx

    now not only did i read the WaPo article, but i listened to ex-Gov Angus King (Independant) talking about the project last evening…as well as interviews with a dem and rep that helped found this new organization…

    funny, they don’t see it the way you do at all, and neither do i…

    the gist of it is that this project is aimed at helping moderates from both parties as well as independants in the “center” better not only express their concerns and issues, but to “free the middle” as they put it from the tyranny of party mechanics and allow the more centrist elements to find and hear the moderate canidates rather than have the political machines fomr both sides pander to the fringes…

    no “god, gays, guns and abortion” ruling the political dialogue…that type of thing is the goal…but the actual isues at hand, and the concerns of middel class, middle of the road , americans…

    kind of like my feeble attempts in this article

    just some Thoughts…


  • troll

    if anyone is interested in shaping the agenda of this project or expressing objections they are open for discussion and debate here


  • I say to hell with it all! Let’s start the gonzo party…the platform? Listed in the above post…I’d vote for you buddy! Twice if I was in Chicago!

  • Dave Nalle

    Hell, I’d vote for gonzo too, if only to see him returning crushed and broken from the cesspit that is Washington.


  • gonzo marx

    lol…well Andy..as i’ve said before, i am unElectable as any kind of candidate…no, i do not have a police record…never been arrested

    but i probably should have been in my Past…a few times….ok, a bunch of times…

    but i digress…

    it ain’t about me, it’s about Ideas and Ideals

    case in point: remember when it used to be that we Americans venerated Washington and his “I cannot tell a Lie” story?

    boy how times have changed, i mean take a look…we all know that Slick Willie was a lying bastard about some things…and the current Admin even preps itself so as to innoculate as much as possible….check the dates for when they stated
    1) we would not join the World Court
    2) Gonzalez wrote the legal opinions covering extrodinairy rendition and torture

    both of those were long before the actual invasion of Iraq

    go figure….

    as for me returning “crushed and broken”…i gotta laugh and state again that the Commenter doesn’t know me from a can of paint…

    part of the reason i’m unElectable is my propensity for solving conflicts in a socially unacceptable manner…i’ve been much better these last 10 years…

    but i’d still choke the living shit out of some people if they were in arm’s reach

    nuff said?


  • gonzo – don’t feel pregnant and all alone brother! You’re not the only one unelectable!

    But I vote…and I ask questions…even in real life! I write to the paper…without all the periods…and they even publish my stuff! I guess..when you can’t run…or hide for that matter…you have to do something…

    I liked the piece gonzo…pretty good platform…now all we need is people that will run on it!

  • Andy….you mean a candidate with balls big enough to go against the grain?

    i’d like to see that too

  • I ran for office. I told the truth. I didn’t suck up to special interests. It might even be said that I ran a gonzo-like campaign, though my issues were local rather than national. I got just over 12% of the vote against one of the most corrupt politicians in our state. What does that tell you?


  • Bliffle

    Dave: “I got just over 12% of the vote against one of the most corrupt politicians in our state. What does that tell you?”

    People LIKE corrupt leadership.

    They think that he will be THEIR corrupt leader who will exercise the imagined magic of corruption on their behalf and they won’t be held responsible. Surprise. A crook easily betrays his sponsors.

    This phenomena is so common in corporations that it ceased to amaze me years ago.

  • gonzo marx

    Bliffle sez…
    *This phenomena is so common in corporations that it ceased to amaze me years ago.*

    Quoted for Truth

    but an excellent point was made in comment #64 as well, and one of the reasons i have some Hope for this Unity08 bit…

    at this point in our history, it appears that no third party candidate is viable with the small exception of some state and Independant governors…current politicasl history shows that the “gangs” can NOT be changed from within…quite a few movements have tried…including the freshman GOP types in ’94

    and for all the Ideals of changnig from within? look at the current GOP 12 years later, with complete control…bigger growth in gov’t as well as the budget..but they did get their tax cuts!

    the dems are no better, the DLC trying to make the party into republican-lite, and the far left fringe about as kooky as the far right fringe

    so why not a group of reasonable folks from both parties, somewhere around the Center…getting together and trying to hammer out common positions…

    like the “gang of 14” in the senate for the judicial confirmation wackiness

    but national…a caucus across both “gangs”

    there IS potential there, especially if Independants get into it

    we will see, a long way to November…even longer to ’08


  • Dave Nalle

    Exactly, Bliffle. My opponent brings in the pork for her constituency. Never mind that in doing so she tramples over the rights, the welfare and the best interests of the 40% of the population which happens not to live in the part of the district she focuses on or share their needs and interests.


  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    Dave, the fact that you stood for office – like Al Barger – puts you head and shoulders above the sheeple in the world who whine and say “what can I do?”

  • troll

    perhaps people who haven’t volunteered for political service but complain about the government should be called ‘chicken squawks’ – then we could harass them whenever they comment on political matters


  • troll – you may want to look into copyrighting that word! I like it! I like it!

  • Bennett

    Hey Gonzo, Good stuff man! I enjoyed all of the back and forth between the candidate and the constituents…

    As an unElectable kind ‘o fella, I share the pain. As you, nothing on record, but enough dirt if one were to dig deep. Excesses of youth and all that.

    Still, you have my vote!

  • C’mon Bennett, gonzo, let’s form the Dirty Rotten Scoundrels Party!

  • troll

    the conundrum – no one electable should be elected


  • gonzo marx

    heyas Bennett, any time bro’!

    troll points out an excellent Truth…

    let me add the gonzo addendum; no one seeking office should have it, only those who do not want power are qualified to wield it


  • MCH

    “I ran for office. I told the truth. I didn’t suck up to special interests. It might even be said that I ran a gonzo-like campaign, though my issues were local rather than national. I got just over 12% of the vote against one of the most corrupt politicians in our state. What does that tell you?”
    – Dave Nalle

    That 88 percent of the voters got it right.

  • Dang, I was away for a few days and it’s too late to join the internal wranglings of this most fascinating, illuminating, thought-provoking article by our own Gonzo the Magnificient.

    Two questions; How do you get to post comments with another name. That’s cool. Oh wait, how about if I change my name up there. I’ll be back.

  • gonzo marx

    now now MCH…when Mr Nalle ran, it was before he sold out to the GOP…i do think he really did run a principled campaign for the best of intentions…

    and i give him full credit for trying …more than most do

    so, on this one, ya shoudl let it go…


  • Gonzo, I’ll stand as your running mate any time, although I have to confess I didn’t read the article.

    And..leave the goddamn lobbyists alone. You get rid of them & we’ll never sell this house.

    Dave N: Back in the 70s when I was running liberals for office in Connecticut, I had a saying: Show me a liberal who runs on the issues, and I’ll show you a loser. Tell the truth? Wha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha. And I thought you were sophisticated.

    So…let’s see if this new name stuff works.

    In Decaf Veritas

  • Hey, it worked. For a moment there I was Bill Clinton, and man was I horny!

    I’m supporting you for whatever office you run for Gonzo. I’ve already announced for President, but we can be co-Presidents.

    In Decaf Veritas

  • Joey

    You’ve got to funkatize, you need a Veep with pull. Might I suggest breaking Stockdale out of the closet for another go round.

  • MCH

    “so, on this one, ya shoudl let it go…”

    Is it possible that 88 percent voted against him because he came across as an overbearing know-it-all?

  • 88% voted against me because I ran against an urban Democrat on a rural Libertarian platform. It was mainly for practice and my campaign was self-funded. I still got the 2nd most votes of any Libertarian ever to run in our county. One of the reasons I switched to the GOP was to get the additional 30% of the votes which I would have gotten had I not run as a Libertarian. I still would have lost that election running as a Republican, but it would at least have been semi-close.

    As for the overbearing know-it-all factor, it doesn’t come through in person. I’ve got too much public speaking experience to be anything less than charmingly folksy – kind of like W without the malapropisms and stumbling.


  • SonnyD

    Where do I register to be a card carrying member of the new gonzo party?

  • Glad to see you joined the Republicans out of deep political conviction, Dave, not simply to “get the additional 30% of the votes”. I always knew you were an opportunist but this is surely going too far!

  • gonzo marx

    Mark me boyo, glad ta see ya, and Bill….now read the furshlinger article!

    Joey, at least i woudl trust Stockdale with the “button”…MUCH more than any of the idiots from the last six years…

    MCH, it’s possible…would have to hear him speak personally, and i don’t think it’s wise for me to be that physically close…

    SonnyD…ya had it as soon as ya agreed with more than 50% of what i said…try trolls Unity08 link above, and see hwo that feels for ya….mine was a Twilight Zone episode to make folks think…

    Christopher get today’s cookie fer spotting cynical pragmatism…i still say that some if not most of the GOP rank and file could give a shit less about ideology of ANY kind, as long as they get ludicrous tax cuts…

    that everyone?


  • troll

    unity08 kinda gives me the creeps…it’s almost like they propose a one party system – the party of pragmatism


  • gonzo marx

    i hear ya troll…and the jury is still out on them, Gov King was not the best guy in the world, but he did ok…

    it’s the principle of the concept , and the possibility of some sort of moderate organization…

    i dunno, just somehting to keep the two extremes in check, and to help keep the dialogue of the political arena grounded in some sort of reality rather than the bullshit emotionally charged rhetoric that has been used so far…

    too early to say where these folks are going to be in november, much less in 08….but anything that rocks the boat a bit is ok by me

    vote gridlock!


  • Dave Nalle

    Glad to see you joined the Republicans out of deep political conviction, Dave, not simply to “get the additional 30% of the votes”. I always knew you were an opportunist but this is surely going too far!

    Nothing more honest and genuine than opportunism. But I was, in fact, in the GOP before I became a Libertarian, and have always believed in their basic principles. I was just dismayed for many years with how far special interests had dragged them away from them. But eventually I realized that working with them despite all their flaws was better than the total pointlessness of the Libertarian Party.

    And Gonzo, tax cuts ARE an ideology.


  • gonzo marx

    #88 sez…
    *And Gonzo, tax cuts ARE an ideology.*

    well am i Aware that “tax cuts are an ideology” and that there is a large faction in this coutnry for whom they are the be all, and end all of political existance, everything else is just window dressing…the means to their end.

    i am also Aware that a good portion of those idealogues follow the “starve the beast” model of shrinking government, and apply this across the board towards ANYthing that does not fit their agenda…

    allow me to put forward that BOTH those ideologies are short sighted, greedy, selfish and ultimately destructive of our Republic…

    now, don’t get me wrong, we all want our taxes to be a bit lower…the difference is that i am more than willing to pay my fair share to contribute to city,stte and federal government in order for our society to function properly, rather than the anarchy, might makes right, oligarchy of robber barons..unregulated and unrestrained who exploit natural resources and slave labor…

    you like to drive?….hwo do you pay for not only building the roads, but their upkeep and maintenance? add bridges in there too…

    “provide for the common defense”…how are you going to pay for the military and it’s infrastructure ?

    on and on….those who believe that tax cuts are the be all and end all, are, in my Opinion, traitorous and greedy scum who desire nothing more than that 30 pieces of silver…no matter who it hurts in the process…

    is there an optimal point for a balance between taxes and services?

    of course there is

    to my way of thinking, when our bridges and roads are falling apart, cities are flooded due to levee’s breaking, 2 military conflicts in foreign countries, record Debt AND Deficit…

    that ain’t the time to be giving away the store, balance the checkbook and then talk about reducing the federal income…

    just my one sixth billionths of the world’s Opinion…

    your mileage may vary


  • Gonzo, in general I have no problem with the idea of taxes to provide the services we need as a nation. I just don’t think an income tax which goes into a single large pool and is then apportioned with little or no accountability is the right way to do it.

    We need a system which relies more on direct and specific taxes and usage fees. The gas tax is a good example of the way this should be done. It goes to fund highway building and related programs. That makes sense. You use gas you pay taxes those taxes go to the highways that gas is used on.

    We need more taxes like that – and a much higher gas tax – and far less of an income tax or none at all.


  • “We need more taxes like that – and a much higher gas tax – and far less of an income tax or none at all.”

    AMEN! We need an Administration with balls who will challenge Congress and Corporate America with the task of creating a taxation system that works and is fair for every American. One of the early mantras in our fight for independence was no taxation without representation. Well, we’ve got plenty of taxation. Can we say the same about the other?

  • gonzo marx

    i see, and it is blatantly obvious where the hydroencephelatic greedheads wanna go with this…

    no taxes, except on wages…which is about where we are now with the cuts in a lot fo the folks for high income shit, and now the fight to back door repeal the estate tax so the top 2% get another loophole…

    hey..i’m all for figuring out a fair tax code, and junking the old model

    but you don’t empty the bank account, not pay the bills , and run up huge Debt and record annual Deficit BEFORE you figure this shit out

    so much for the Myth of fiscal Responsibility from the hypocritically called “conservatives”

    and THAT is a huge part of what i’m trying to start the conversation on here…

    what could be the Answer that woudl make folks happy on taxes?

    how about we start with anybody earning under $50k a year doesn’t pay any federal taxes except SS and Medicare….to ensure that those two programs are done right…ALL elected officials get ONLY the benefits for Medicaid/Medicare for their health insurance (and must see VA doctors, HMO style) and that they recieve ONLY Social Security for retirement and/or disabiltiy

    how’s that fer a start?

    howabout 5% on selling stocks/bonds/mutual funds?

    a luxury tax on any non-business purchase of over $250k ?

    but Silas makes a godo point, as long as the lobbyists are writing the tax code to the GOP liking….who’s going to do anything about it?

    or does a Medicare drug benefit whcih does NOT allow the government to bulk purchase prioce or negotiate for price make sense to anyone in a fiscal manner?



  • Yes, Gonzo. Members of Congress and ALL federal employees should get Medicare as their Health Insurance. Next, Members of Congress should be required to work MORE than 20 weeks a year in Washington. They should get no more than 5 sick days, 3 days bereavement and two weeks paid vacation AFTER a year of service.

    I am an ardent proponent of bulldozing K Street and the lobbyist offices in favor of dormitory style housing for members of Congress. No more fat cat yachts or multi-million dollar houses in Alexandria. Make them all live in dormitories and make them share ALL the chores. As long as lobbies and other special interests are allowed to fester in the hallowed halls of government, they should be saddled with the heaviest of tax burdens.

    I LOVE the idea of a luxury tax as well. If a fat cat corporate mogul wants solid gold fixtures on his bidet, then make the douchebag pay a luxury tax on it.

  • gonzo marx

    comment #94 …

    ummm..i make less than 50k, as do many of the folks in my building….all of them except the OPs boss, in fact…

    we all pay federal income tax….we all do get soem back, but some gets paid…so i have no clue what the hell kind of myth you are attempting to perpetuate…

    and i was NOT talking about capital gains…a sales tax on trading…since they are repealing the capital gains tax, and some of the arguments for that are decently thought out…so..replace it with a sales tax on every share bought and sold….NYSE moves what, about a billion shares a day?

    now, as to why i dug this up to lay another comment in…

    i’ve been a bit down on the ephemera and seeming futility of tryign to do what i do around here at BC….back and forth…

    but i just got done watchign “Mr Smith goes to Washington” with the Mrs , she had never seen it, and i haven’t seen it in quite a few years…

    Frank Capra + Jimmy Stewart > me

    awed by the fictional example of how it should be…

    much to ponder, and it appears more to spew…

    stay tuned kiddies