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So You Think You Can Dance – Week 6: Down to 14

So You Think You Can Dance continues with another week of competition as this end of the summer hit starts eliminations, hoping to once again top the ratings charts as it did last week. The show did manage to top the voting numbers past live voting shows had received – the premiere even doing better than American Idol‘s voting premiere.

This week’s two-hour broadcast began with a 30 minute voting results show that was taped last week. During this part of the broadcast, we learned the results of America’s voting – answering the question of which two of the six dancers would be sent home from the first official week of competition. The choices were between Sandra, Snow, Michelle, Jonnis, Allan and Artem. The results were drawn out, but when it was all said and done, we knew that Sandra and Jonnis would not be returning. Neither of them leaving was really a surprise, especially Jonnis after his behavior following his performance on last week’s show.

Once the results show ended, we moved on to this week’s competition. The fourteen pair off into seven couples in the same manner they did on last week’s show. The only difference is that this week the girls pick their partners, and the men pick the style of dance. For scoring the highest number of votes by the American public, Allan is given the chance to choose the partner he doesn’t want to dance with. His choice being Snow, his dance partner on last week’s show.

This week, the dance styles are hip hop, lyrical jazz, salsa and the quick step. The quick step did give the couples the most trouble. Snow had no problem, but her partner, hip hopper Jamile, didn’t do as well.

The competition definitely took it up a notch this week, and the judges were hard to please. Mary Murphy took over judging duties from Mia Michaels this week, but the other three judges remained the same – Dan Karaty, Nigel Lythgoe, and Brian Friedman.

Each of the performances has something to offer, and this made it difficult for the judges to pick the three couples for elimination. Blake shined like he did last week, and according to the judges, Destini, his partner again this week, also performed well. However, I’m wondering if Destini had been paired with another dancer the last two weeks that she would still be on the show. At the very least, she should have been selected for the bottom six one of the two weeks.

My favorite couple of the night once again is Ryan and Melissa. They worked on a Salsa routine with choreographer Alex Da Silva. They come out on top, ending the night of competition on a good note. How well Ryan is doing is surprising, as it is known he has no formal dance training. Other favorites of mine are Allan and Kamilah.

The bottom six this week set for elimination are: Craig, Jamile, Melody, Michelle, Nick, and Snow. Michelle and Snow were also up for elimination last week, but the rest of the six are new additions to the bottom six. As they were last week, the dancers are given a forty-five second freestyle performance in order to redeem themselves.

Out of the males, none of them really stood up for me, but if I had to choose one, my choice would be Nick. For me, the females really stepped it up here, and that made it more difficult for me to choose whom I would vote for. If given a choice, I’d have voted for both Melody and Michelle. Once again, Snow’s performance didn’t move me much, but the other two females definitely made me take notice.

I think the show has definitely made a turn around from earlier weeks. The first two episodes, I found myself bored senseless, but now I look forward to each and every episode. The competition is fierce, and following ABC’s dance hit Dancing with the Stars I’m a bit familiar with the dance styles, and what the judges may be looking for. I’m waiting to see, along the rest of America, who will be sent home next.

In other So You Think You Can Dance news, People online has reported that show’s host, Lauren Sanchez, wed boyfriend, Patrick Whitesell, over the weekend. Whitesell is an agent to such stars as Jessica Alba, Hugh Jackman, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon. The ceremony took place August 20th in Santa Barbara, California. After a quick honeymoon, Lauren was back to host tonight’s show. Best of luck to the new bride and her groom.

What did you think of this week’s competition? Did you agree with the dancers that the judges chose for the bottom six? Who has your vote America? Let me know what you think.

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