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So you think you can dance – Week 5: The competition truly begins

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This week’s episode of So you think you can dance began the true competition for this set of sixteen dancers. All they have done over the last four weeks has brought them to this point, and now it is up to America to decide who will continue on past next week’s show.

The sixteen dancers were paired randomly and each pair randomly selected a style of dance to work on during the week that followed. The male chose his partner by picking her name out of a hat, and the female then chose the style in the same manner. Because of this completely random selection process, we were allowed to see some interesting match-ups between the males and females. One such match-up being between Snow and Allan.

Before we even reached the dancing, the first half hour of tonight’s episode consisted of dancer introductions. They were each interviewed – both taped and live on stage. This allowed us to learn more about each of the individual dancers: who they are, where they come from, and their dance background.

Once this part of the show ended, it was time for the dancing to begin. We watched the selection process for each couple first. Once the pairing was set, we were able to see them work in the studio with individual choreographers. Some familiar faces from boot camp returned, including Alex Da Silva and Mary Murphy.

The dancer’s chose from four different types of dance: hip hop, mambo, lyrical and the jive. Their choices could go totally against their own preferred style of dance, but they had to step up and still perform. Some succeeded, and some failed.

Two couples that immediately come to my mind as being quite superb this week were Blake and Destini and Ryan and Melissa. Both earned high praises from the judges – Brian Friedman, Mia Michaels, Nigel Lythgoe and Dan Karaty – and they definitely impressed me as well. Blake has a dominant appearance on stage, and you can see he definitely has talent when it comes to dance. Ryan, who we know has no formal dance training whatsoever, also stepped up and did an excellent mambo with his partner Melissa. He even changed his hair style to fit the choreography.

Once all the couples were done performing, the judges then chose the bottom three couples for elimination. These six dancers then had to perform once again for America. This time solo and freestyle to a song of their own choosing. This time they weren’t dancing for the judges, but America and for their spot on the show. The bottom six this week were: Allan, Artem, Snow, Jonnis, Michelle, and Sandra.

This group of six definitely tried to step it up a notch knowing their position to continue on was at stake. However, in my opinion, the guys stepped it up just a bit more. It made it hard for me to choose who to vote for out of the guys. Out of the girls, Michelle had my vote. Snow and Sandra didn’t impress me with either of their performances.

This week’s show was two hours long, and I was a bit concerned about the length making things drag on, but this show was fast paced for the most part. The introductions took the longest, but once we got to the dancing itself this show moved right along. Seeing a bit of the process that each couple went through to prepare also made this show interesting. The judges were definitely tough on each pair, and some just couldn’t handle the criticism. Jonnis spoke up to the judges following their critique of his mambo performance with Michelle, and this probably landed him and his partner in the bottom six.

I’m definitely excited to see who will stay and who will go out of the bottom six chosen this week by the judges. The pairings were random and fun to watch. Who has your vote? Let me know.

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  • Yoreim

    The first two that dancers of the six that are not saved especially the boy i dont know his name but he dances incredible and he has proyection, the one with the long hair. Erica is a great entertainer with all her gimnastic and everything but she doesnt has much movement. So the guy has my vote and his very very cute.

  • Rhoda Lurie

    They are so talented.! I would love to attend one of the performances.
    How can one obtain tickets?
    Please advise.

  • Marco

    I would like to know what is the name and the artist of the hip hop song to those who had to dance to hip hop? Is it Justin Timberlake? I know it’s produced by the Neptunes.


  • kelly

    does anyone know what song that sandra danced to at the end? she did freestyle tap because she was in the bottom six.

  • That was Gwen Stefani’s Hollaback girl.

  • KMR

    The hip hop song used was “Touch” by Omarion.

  • The Kid

    How about the song that Jonnis danced to at the end. Amazing song? Anyone know what it is?

  • callmedoc

    I know a few people asked this already, but is there any way to get my hands on a copy of the last episode? Something was wrong with my tivo

  • Liz

    The song Jonnis danced to was “BeBot” by the Black Eyed Peas.

  • chas

    Anybody know the song & artist that Snow danced to for her solo? And I liked her costume. Thnx.

  • Had to have 24 hours to decide, but.. I think that if I had to choose between Jonnis, Artem, and Allen to stay, I would vote for Allen. I love him! And unfortunately, Jonnis, I think, will be the one leaving. Artem is too beautiful for them to lose him yet, and Allen is as sweet as they come. For the ladies, I’m not yet sure who will go. But probably Michelle.

  • Diana

    Does anyone know the name of the song and artist of the reggae song played? Some of the contestants danced to it. It is sought a fast paste song.

  • shannaq

    what is the name of the song that kamilah danced to? it was a reggae beat..if anyone knows, please feel free to email me at mamashanna@hotmail.com


  • Adam

    Anyone know the name of the song Michelle danced to for her performance in the bottom 6?

  • Anna

    does anyone know which song was used for the jive performances?

  • Chloe

    Chas, the song Snow danced to is called “Din Da Da”, a very popular song in the dance industry, but I am not sure who sings it.

  • Chloe

    Adam, the song Michelle danced to was called “Dum Diddly” by the Black Eyed Peas.


  • HBK

    I really LOVE artem and jonnis, Allen is sweet but he is not that great of a dancer. I think it will also be snow or sondra… she gets on my nerves. If anyone knows if Artem is still married or have his phone number let me know 🙂

  • Adam

    Thanks Chloe!

    Great song! Now I have it on my iPod 😉 It got stuck in my head, so its nice to be able to listen to it ….

  • Chloe

    You’re welcome! 🙂

  • is2

    This show rocks.

    I hope Snow stays in, her footwork is amazing. So hard to choose, they are all so talented in their own way.

    Anyone know the name of the song snow danced to in the L.A. Audition?

  • Stacy

    I voted for Jonnis. I love his dancing, so awesome, but he still has a great rhythm. I also hope that Snow stays in, her footwork was amazing, but I think her bangs and her really dark mascara is a little distracting. She looks really pretty under all that makeup. She has a lot of potential, I had to watch her routine over again….as well as Jonnis’ 🙂

  • indo

    I thought Snow was technically superiour, but I noticed there wasn’t much cheering during her routine. I guess everyone liked the gymnastic routines from the other girls. Hard to choose from the girls, I think Michelle upped her game.

    For the boys, Jonnis freestyle is sick. Artem is nice technically, but the crowd weren’t getting into it, but I would have to take out big poppa, although he has the greatest personality, I can’t see him doing well in these partner dances and will always jeopardise the girl.

    Just My opinion, which they could just all stay. 🙂

  • brandon

    Does anyone know the title and artist of the song that Allan danced to at the end of the show when he did his solo dance?

  • alisha

    does anyone know the lyrical song that blake danced to?? please help…

  • poo

    the lyrical song was poo pa pa

  • i luv ginger!!!!

  • Rachel

    Does anyone know the name of the song that Artem danced to for the lyrical one… “and when you dance” something like that… Im going crazy trying to find it. The song is so pretty.

  • mandy

    2 questions:
    one, what was the song that the lyrical couples danced to on august 17?
    two, what was the song that nick danced to for his solo on august 24?

  • Scootr

    The lyrical song from the 24th was “A Song for you – Donny Hathaway”

    Does anyone know what hip-hop song was used on the 24th?

  • rae

    What was the name of the song they danced hip hop to tonight(8/24)?

  • Scootr

    Ok,the song (hip-hop) was Tipsy, not sure of the artist though…

    … found the here

  • Scootr

    … artist… J-Kwon…

  • mandy

    still trying to find song that nick danced solo to tonight (the 24th)

  • rae

    It was a song by Live. It was called…….I don’t remember, but it was by Live

  • mandy

    thanks anyway, rae

  • roe

    I think craig is amazing, but dan is right, i don’t think people will understand or appretiate the type of dancing he performed by himself tonight. i hope he makes it all the way.

  • pete

    does anyone know the name of the lifehouse song that was played on tonight’s show?

  • Letizia

    I think Michelle is getting the raw end…last week she had a bad partner and this week she got quick step…and how is destinee who is a horror able to slide past the judges tonite she couldn’t get off the ground in a simple jump…something is wrong here…VOTE FOR MICHELLLLEEEEEEEEE!!!!

  • Chloe

    Craig danced to “Everything” by Lifehouse, Nick to “Storm” by Lifehouse. Destini sucks, Blake rocks because I KNOW HIM AND HE DANCED AT MY STUDIO! 🙂

  • Jenny

    can someone please tell me the song or artist that snow danced to on her solo tonight august 24

  • Jessi

    ryan of so you think you can dance is Effin hottttttt!!!! <3<3<3

  • jane doe

    SNOW danced to Lucas Prata but i don’t know the title…i’m trying to figure that out…help!

  • Unknown

    Snows song she danced to on her soolo is “Lucas Prata – And She said” =)

  • Marannda

    The song Snow danced to was called so she said by lucas Prata

  • Marannda

    Does anyone know who got eliminated I missed the begging of the show.

  • Kelly

    Craig I understand….and I Believe America will too ! Were voting and routing for you all the way………..

  • tri_ni_tee

    The song that allan danced to was Luther Vandross and I think the title is Excuse me miss or Can I take you out or something of that nature…. Vandross was definitely the artist though.

    also Jonnis got robbed. I was mesmerized by his routine. People just don’t understand his style I guess. Real similar to hip-hop. Dah well.

  • 2kidsthatwanttogo

    the question was asked,but does anyone know the answer about how to attend the performances????

  • Matty

    Was snow’s Lucas Prata song a remix as the copy I got sounded not nearly as good….PLEASE someone help me…was this a remix…it is in my head, and would be grateful to any helpers here.

  • james

    Hi does anyone know the song, that the the two couples had to do the ‘Quick Step’ to??

  • eriqo

    what the hell are you talking about james?

  • figa

    can anyone tell the name of the song for the salsa

  • mandy

    ok, i checked the lifehouse cd’s and couldn’t find the “storm” song. are you sure it was lifehouse? we have conflicting reports; another person said it was by live

  • Michelle

    This goes way back, but does anyone know the name of the audition song that some of the dancers, like Melody Lacanaya(?) danced to? It was a cello piece.

    For the studio songs, I found some info. at http://www.fox.com/dance/

  • Savannah

    What song song did Jamile dance to last night?

  • cloudcover

    James, try the Jack D. Elliot Amped Club Mix of And She Said.

  • cloudcover

    Ooops, I meant Matty in my previous comment

  • alisha

    what was the song that the lyrical couples danced to on august 17? blake and destini danced to it

  • martha


  • Robyn

    Mandy – the song Storm was actually recorded by pre-Lifehouse, when they were known locally as Blyss. It was a very limited release about 5 years ago and can no longer be purchased. Amazing song, tho. Maybe with all of the attention it has received, they will re-release.

  • purva

    Can anyone please tell me the name of the song that Ryan and Melissa did the Mambo to??
    I really want that music.

  • Rachel

    what was the song that the lyrical couples danced to on august 17??????

  • Rachel

    Alisha- (FINALLY) The song that the lyrical couples danced to is called “nora” by Blessid Union of souls.

  • Jo Martino

    “Great dancers are not great because of their technique: they are great because of their passion.” Go Melissa and Ryan.

  • Chloe

    No Blake is NOT gay! I know tons of male dancers who are straight. I said I didn’t know him personally, but my friends friend use to date him 🙂 Take care!

  • Yasmari

    I want to know the song that Melody danced to solo on the August 24th Show. Anyone? Please help?

  • Jules

    hey…could someone please tell me the name of the artist and the song that Kamilah and Nick danced hip-hop to this past week (8-24)?…thanks 🙂

  • paula


  • Joelle

    What was the name of the song Melody and Craig danced to LAST week? It was a hip hop/rap song. Very sexy!

  • jeannie

    does anyone know where i can dl clips from the show???

  • chelsea

    does anyone know snow’s last name??

  • jose

    snow last performance was( Ma YA ha lucas Prata)

  • jose

    snow last name is senjana urbin ( snow is her sweet nikname

  • jeannie

    i missed the first part of the show tongiht….. can someone please tell em what happened to snow???

  • Gabrielle

    Snow didn’t make the cut. Also Big Poppa was sent home

  • Gabrielle

    IT sucks that people have to vote between Jamil and Ryan. I think this show cater’s to people that dance ballroom and lyrical. I think lyrical is a joke. Show pretentious

  • jan

    I am appalled that the all-white judges picked all the non-whites to be voted off. I usually hate when people blame things on racism but this is ridiculous (I am a 45 year old white woman).

  • Lisa

    I am so bummed that Snow is gone. I think she is a awesome dancer, I hope we see her again. And Alan??? Glad hes gone. I am sorry but his last dance routine he looked just like Shrek would if he were dancing a slow dance.

  • Chloe

    Shut up Jan

    * Destini is NOT a very good dancer, I know plenty of other dancers who are much better than her. Her jumps are always done poorly, landing so hard when it should be elegant and she doesn’t have very good technique.

    * Jamile is an amazing popper, but this competition is looking for the most versatile dancer.

    * Again, Ryan is an amazing break dancer, but not versatile. He doesn’t have formal dance training like his competitors.

    * Melody is a very good dancer; very well techinally trained. The reason she’s in the bottom is because of Ryan. And she needs to stop doing so many extensions like Mia said. We get it, your leg can go up. Next.

    So get over yourself and your stupid racism crap. I have been a dancer all my life and I know where the judges are coming from. Blake, Nick, Ashlee and Melissa will probably be the last dancers remaining in this competition. They are all jazz/lyrical/ballet trained which makes them veryyyy versatile. Artem; great ballroom dancer but that won’t take him very far. Kamilah is great, but techinally not very strong. So don’t even begin to blame the bottom 4 on racism when you don’t even know what the hell you’re talking about.

  • HH

    It’s down to the nitty gritty. These dancers are amazing. FYI, Destiny and Ryan got voted off. Friends went to the taping.

  • Chloes

    Good to know, it was obvious they were leaving anyways.

  • Kryssy

    I think this show is great. Very happy to see the amount of effort and work they put into it. The dancers are amazing, they are all very much unique in their dancing style which I really like. It was my first time really sitting down and watching it this past Wednesday (Sept.7). I love the music played for their dance routines. And I know that they have the songs posted on Fox, but the listing hasn’t been posted yet. So if there is anyone that is out there and knows some of the songs..please post them or email them to me! Thanks!

  • kimberly

    Does anyone know the name or the artist of the song snow danced to in her solo last week? Some of the Lyrics were, “Hello, it’s me Picasso…” It had a techno feel to it and I loved it for some reason. Please help!!! Thanks :o)

  • jeannie

    kryssy…. which songs were you looking for???

  • jeannie

    thanks for being a dumb ass HH…. BOOOOO HH.

  • dana

    for those who asked if blake was gay…he is. i took a class from him not oo long ago and his bf was there. not that it matters if he is but its won’t help to prove the fact that yes straight men can dance! haha

  • Tink

    Can anyone tell me if Mia Michaels is straight or gay? My roomate and I think gay but need to know.

  • kimberly,
    snow’s song: o-zone dragonstea din tea

  • shannon

    anyone know the name of the lyrical song that blake danced to yesterday….. the thingy that says we’re in heaven? or something like that?

  • Chloe

    I’m not watching this show anymore now that blakes gone.

  • courtney

    would liek to know the title of the song and who it is by that was played all most at the end of the last show, so u think u can dance. Goes something like( we r gonna be together u and me, can’t remember the rest but( flying high in the sky). can anyone help me?

  • Lizz

    Tink – If you find out about Mia, let me know. I love her!

  • Lizz

    Shannon – Blake did a lyrical to DJ Sammy’s Heaven. Not sure if that is the song you are thinking of or not.

  • cici

    does anyone know the song destini and jamile danced hip hop to? the one where they wore the black and white costumes

  • kiki

    does anybody know what the song that everybody had to dance the chorography to tonight? somethin bout sexy or somethin? thankks <3333

  • rose


    wondering the same thing… she is absolutely adorable, did either of you find out?

  • devon

    Some of you said that a complete song list can be found on fox.com… But where? Through which link?

  • Sheep

    Hey, I watch the show on occassion, and a while ago I caught one where everyone was dancing (think it was a results night) most of the dancers were in white, and it was a techno/electronica sort of music.. it reminded me of the song “work it”… only had single words strung together… thank you [Personal contact info deleted]

  • R.M.I.

    Please can someone help me to know whats the music they play as the title song for the prog.?

  • R.M.I.

    i mean the soundtrack of “so u think u can dance”.

  • YW

    Can anyone please tell me the name of the song that Ryan and Melissa did the Mambo to during Season 1, 2005?? I looked all over internet but can’t find it. Thanks!

  • JC

    Mia Michaels should be permanent on the show. She’s an amazing choreographer and you can tell how proud she is of those she helps on the show. She’s amazing. Wake up FOX and put her on full-time.

  • jenn

    does anyone know the song that gev and courtney danced the contemporary dance to?