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So, You Think Tool’s 10,000 Days Is A Hoax?

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It’s time to get excited. It’s time to start crossing off those last few days on your calendar — if you still do that kind of thing — because it’s only days away until Tool’s first album in five years, 10,000 Days, is released into the world. Even though the album was leaked on to the Internet last week by an unknown source, many Tool fans refuse to believe it’s real, whilst others have concocted “conspiracy theories” about the leaked album.

Is the leaked album a decoy? Are the tracks a whole bunch of un-released songs from other sessions? Is 10,000 Days a double disc? Are the songs we’re hearing now going to be the songs playing when we put the real thing in the CD player?

For starters: yes, the leaked album is the real thing. It’s not a decoy. It’s not a whole bunch of un-released b-sides. It’s not a double disc and yes, the songs you hear now are the same songs you’re going to be hearing on May 2nd. But why are Tool fans doubting the leaked album?

And why have I come to this conclusion? CD Stores in Australia have already received the album ready to ship off the pre-orders. I for one was able to listen to the CD and the tracks you hear now are the same as on the CD.

There have been many comments in each of my Tool-related articles speculating whether it’s real or fake. A new group 10000-days.com has even set up a board dedicated to conspiracy theories about the album.

Due to increased traffic to Tool Navy regarding new information on the album, it is now compulsory to sign up to the board. After joining what I like to call Hell on the Internet, Tool Navy has an entire board dedicated to 10,000 Days including countless threads of conspiracy theories.

The Nine Inch Nails’ fan board Echoing the Sound has recently opened up a board for Tool discussion seeing as though things are slowing down on the NIN front. That board is filled with theories and decoy talk too.

Tool have been known to play practical jokes on their fans but maybe the only practical joke here is that the leaked album is in fact real.

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  • GhostofchristmasnoW

    Wow blasphemy all around…lol guess they removed the chaff from the wheat.

  • El Taco Absurdo

    Me gusta Tool an I like it the guitarra Y todos ustedes pinches gringos feos y jediondos no saben de lo que hablan! americas is it the pises off shits ass pusi contri! Viva El Gran Taco!!

  • Opeth314

    I actually know it’s a hoax. I have both the one realesed in Stores and the one leaked. I was freaking out cause both of them are totally different. Twice the Tool. And to the dude above. Not just blackwater park for opeth but every album they’ve made is good shit

  • Guppusmaximus

    After listening to the download I’ve come to this…Tool has bored me to tears with anything after Aenema! The only breath of fresh air was “The Pot” everything else was stoner sh!t!! “Open my mind”…HA!! What’s so f*cking complex?? For all you “real” musicians here try listening to:

    Death-Individual Thought Patterns”
    Atheist-Unquestionable Prescence
    Opeth-Blackwater Park

    F*ck this TOOL crap… They are on their way out!!

  • scott

    i think they got fat,rich,and lazy and lacks evrything evry other TOOL album had Intensity

  • scott

    as a tool fan i am CHAD i hate to admit but that pretty what is what the album is

  • chad

    This album really does open like a flower. I’ve listened to it many times now and I’ve found myself wanting to listen to this more than anything else I have. Vicarious, Jambi, The Pot, Rosetta Stoned, and Right In Two…great stuff. I’d still like to see more come out on tuesday, but if not I now find myself to be very satisfied with this album. Their will never be any band better than Tool.

  • yeah, i noticed that too (those shoes). must have renamed it. you know, right before the album came out i listened to the leak and was pretty mad. now (15 listens later) i absolutely love the album. someone said it opens like a flower. maybe a gay analogy, but it’s true. there is so much brilliant stuff on here. i still could do without the doctor/nurse bit, but the pot has to be a new vocal level for maynard. it’s just insanely perfect. all the songs are mesmerizing eventually. someone else said you shouldn’t have to work so hard to like an album. but there is something more satisfying about a tool album than anything else, something that sticks with you longer, that makes it worth it. worth the listening, worth the wait, and worth fighting tooth and nail to get tickets to the show. thanks tool…

  • scott

    why how come they refer to a song as “Those Shoes” in guitar world?

  • Prophylactic

    I don’t think anyone is really arguing whether or not it’s Tool — the point most people seem to be making is that it’s remarkably dissapointing. I have listened to the album several times now. To be honest, a few tracks have grown on me; however, there really are only a few tracks. A cd full of filler, with about three decent songs is not what I’ve come to expect from Tool. Everyone out there actually believing this is a great CD is pretty much an idiot. What are there, four songs? Out of eleven tracks, there are about four worth listening to — unless you like weird ambiance, or Native American spiritual music.

    I suspect this is somewhat of a hoax. Maynard is too intelligent — the band is too good — to put out nonsense like this, and expect everyone to just love it. Vicarious is awesome, Jambi is awesome, and 10,000 Days is fairly decent. The Pot was okay, and everything else was.. a nifty trip into Maynard’s subconscious, I guess.

  • motreklaw

    u people are fuckin stupid the cd was the one that was leaked and its badass if u were a true tool fan u would have noticed the differences in the new songs from the old ones(i.e. jambi has a talk box, drumming in intension, Rosetta stoned is like no other, etc) and how the music has changed

  • hammer

    Wow, this album is doing things to me, i bought it about a week ago hear in australia… i still think that lateralus will be very very hard to beat, but then again this album has a different layout (despite the obvious sequal like riffs and sounds, spelling out lat-er-al-us) … its so hard to put words to this album, its so relavent to today!!! much like opiate and undertow were.. i dunno, feel free to argue with me..

  • Chris

    Maybe they’ve opened a bit on the NIN message board because With Teeth was shite too

  • phil

    this album is a complete load of garbage, i live in the states bought the album hoping for a hoax, I was very upset to find it’s not a hoax, i want my money back and tool is now dead to me.

  • dissonance

    i’ve listened to the leaked album at least 20 times now, and have absolutely no doubt in my mind that it’s the real thing. (i am a performing musician myself)

    not only is the CD real, it’s amazing. the first few listens were disappointing, but i was just being closed-minded. all of the full-length songs are brilliant, with many layers, foreshadowing, etc.

    open your mind

  • blackstone

    diehard tool fan. just listened to this ‘supposed’ 10,000 days internet leak. if this is a hoax, it’s a complex one. if it’s the real thing, i wish it were a hoax. this is a self indulgent regurgitation of every tool riff ever written. please god, please, give me something different tomorrow….

  • Deuceman

    Oh my God. It’s so obvious this is a new Tool album, even without the official release. The complexity of the guitars, drums, changes, and Maynard’s vocals….

    Vicarious doesn’t mean anything other than what is described in the lyrics. Experiencing the lives, deaths, etc, of others from a distance. It has no hidden meaning relating to a decoy album or double album.

    I also find it amusing that people refer to “The Pot” as being so literally about marijuana. Yes, there are plenty of references to it, but if anything that is the REAL decoy. This song is called The Pot because Maynard refers to his “black kettle” and it’s about hypocrisy.

    Despite everything that’s being said, the bottom line remains the same: this is only a 5 track album, basically an EP. Everything after The Pot is thoroughly disappointing. No amount of listening is going to change that. Those songs aren’t going to grow on me no matter how many times I listen to them. So 5 years for 5 songs? That’s pretty unproductive.

    For that reason alone I am hoping that on May 16th there is a double album coming out. I just can’t believe Tool spent 5 years and this is all there is to show for it.

  • Prophylactic

    If this is real, it sucks. I think any real Tool fan can agree to this. Jambi and Vicarious are both awesome tracks, but everything else has been crap. I tried listening to it straight through, as I have previous Tool albums when I got them, and just couldn’t. I really hope it’s a fake of sorts.

  • tooled

    for the last time, i live in australia, have the album and it is exactly the same as the leaked version. i think all of the so-called ‘real’ tool fans that doubted this are becoming a little paranoid – maybe this is maynard’s latest pratical joke?

  • I have nothing to base this on, other than a hunch. And that hunch says that what has been leaked is the real thing. I don’t really care that much, but will be surprised if there is suddenly a different album next week.

  • I can’t understand why people are still saying the leaked version is fake. Thousands of Australians and Germans own the album and we know for a fact that it’s real. Have fun with your “real” album!

  • chad

    sorry, one more thing. Just wanted to point out one of Maynard’s biggest clues for us as in naming the first track Vicarious. Straight out of the dictionary, one definition is…Acting or serving in place of someone or something else; substituted. 🙂

  • chad

    i agree with azurecens…there is so much on this “leaked” album that sounds exactly the same as previous Tool songs, just changed slightly with different effects or tempo changes. I really think Tool is messing with us. Plus I mean there’s only really 7 or 8 “real” songs on this, a lot of messing around with indian chanting and other stuff for the rest of it. I know maynard was engulfed in Perfect Circle for a while but the other guys had 5 years to write stuff. There is definitely more coming out, quite possibly on May 16th when this “import” with “nothing exclusive” comes out for 28 dollars. I’m almost positive it’s a double disc.

  • I’m sure I and many other Tool fans who know the leaked album is real will be waiting for you to back track your comments Toby.

  • if you beleive that the leaked album is real. your obviously not smart enough to be a tool fan now go out imediatly and get the new pink album!€

  • azurescens

    ‘vicarious’ starts note for note the same as ‘the patient’ only harder. like… throw some overdrive on… the drums start at 11 seconds in both songs…

    this is a remix/remake album.

    hoax? lazy album to exploit fans?

    we’ll see.

  • Well, as a long time tool fan, and specially bc I heard that this was gonna be a heavy album, I still doubt that the songs we’ll hear on May 2 will be the ones that have been leaked. Read the reviews of the CD (especially those of Australia) and you’ll see that the descriptions just don’t fit the songs that we’re leaked (at least they don’t to me…) Anyways, hoping for the best on May 2, this is Hugo signing off…


  • Not really much to go on here. Sure, there are doubters, and rightly so. You state that it is the real deal, but offer up nothing else other than that there are countless threads attempting to figure out the truth. What are the conspiracy theories? Who is saying what? What are you saying? Doesn’t seem like much….