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So Who Won? Porcello Or Youkilis?

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Yes, baseball is a team game. Players don’t really win anything. (Except for pitchers, but even then, it’s a flawed stat dependent on his team’s batting that night, so it’s still a team stat.) The only tenuous possibility would be, well, fights.

Tuesday’s fight between Rick Porcello and Kevin Youkilis was the result of five hit batsmen (and one brushback) in the series In Monday’s game there were three hit batsmen. Out of nowhere, Youkilis charged the mound, helmet in hand, and chucked his headgear toward the 20-year-old rookie, which was nimbly avoided. Porcello and Youkilis then locked arms, and Young Rick threw Youk down to the ground in classic Pedro-Zimmer fashion. Scads of ballplayers joined the scrum and after the dust settled, both Porcello and Youkilis were correctly thrown from the game.

I am not one to encourage any kind of fisticuffs to resolve everyday disagreements. Perhaps sometimes there’s nothing to do but for two grown men to fight it out for 10 seconds, declare a winner, then shake hands and move on. And in a baseball game, it’s all a matter of making sure one team doesn’t keep throwin’ fastballs into the nape of the opponent. And then it’s matter of not trying to be the next Robin Ventura.

Hence, there are differing schools of thought on who emerged the victor not named Martinez. On one hand, Porcello absolutely won the physical fight. But Youkilis, whose team was down 3-0, took Porcello out of the game, forcing the Tigers to start using relievers in the second inning. Mop-up guy Chris Lambert promptly lost the lead two batters later when Jason Bay corked a three-run homer.

With that, the question is: who won? Rick or Youk?

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  • Paul J

    clearly, Porcello is the winner here. if you watch the video closely, Porcello (listed at 6’5″ and 200 pounds) not only makes a nifty move to avoid the helmet, thrown in the fashion of a crying child, but also pretty much absorbs the hit from Youkilis (6’1″ and 220 pounds) and twists him to the ground.

  • Evan

    Porcello won for sure. That move he used (an over-under lateral drop) is a move used in freestyle wrestling and though it probably wasn’t on purpose, it was an obvious win for Porcello.

  • Steve

    How embarrasing to get owned by someone 10 years younger. The kid can’t even legally drink yet. Props to Porcello

  • Dan

    Let’s see:
    Youk gets drilled: +1 for Porcello
    Youk loses control and charges the mound: +1 for Porcello
    Porcello back pedals in fear and disbelief: +1 for Youk
    Youk throws his helmet: -1 for Youk
    Youk misses Porcello with said helmet: – 1 for Youk, +1 for Porcello
    Youk gets taken down by skinny, 20 year old rookie: -10 for Youk, +10 for Porcello

    Porcello wins. Youk is an embarrassment to the Sox and to anyone who considers himself a man. Throwing the helmet? Seriously?

  • Adam


    Let’s see:
    Youk gets drilled: +1 for Porcello
    Youk loses control and charges the mound: +1 for Porcello
    Porcello back pedals in fear and disbelief: +1 for Youk
    Youk throws his helmet: -1 for Youk
    Youk misses Porcello with said helmet: – 1 for Youk, +1 for Porcello
    Youk gets taken down by skinny, 20 year old rookie: -10 for Youk, +10 for Porcello

    You missed one.

    Youk gets Porcello tossed: +7 Red Sox +5 Tigers.

    Sox win the game, Sox win the fight. The fight sparked the team.

    This was the start of the inning.

    HBP, Single, Three Run Bomb.

  • Tony

    See, Yankee fans don’t hate the Sox because they are the Sox. They hate the team because they are consistently populated with pathetic, whining, cry baby pieces of shit like Youiklis. I know the absurdity of throwing the helmet has been well covered but seriously…he’s a Neanderthal.

  • Tony

    I think it bears mentioning that is was total bullshit Porcello was thrown out. There weren’t even warnings issued. Youk should be suspended for 10 games for this crap.

  • Youkilis was hit in the back of the jersey twice in two days. That’s what I think set him off. But looking at the series of events, either Porcello was borderline braindead or just had a pitch get away from him.

    I mean, Porcello brushed back Martinez in the first inning, which — if anything — was the response to Cabrera’s HBP. He’s got a three run lead in Fenway. The AL Central lead is flimsy. Galarraga pitches the next day. You don’t want to intentionally make the bullpen work for eight innings, and you certainly don’t want five innings of Gas Can Lambert.

    Porcello just can’t be that dumb. But Youk probably knew he’d get the benefit of the doubt at the time, perhaps paying for it later, and the gamble worked.

  • Big Willy Style

    Yes Youk did get slammed but we must remember, charging the mound and getting yourself and the pitcher ejected is a win win for the sox when you have Lowell on the bench the 2007 WS MVP. Not a bad trade off. O yeah and he smashed two bombs that game.

    Youk was smart to charge.

  • Jim Tressor

    If we are going to break the trend of pitchers hitting batters in retaliation I think we need stricter punishments. Here is an interesting article about pitcher retaliation.

  • Ted Williams

    Youk’s a pussy. Disgrace to BoSox

  • CW

    Youkilis is getting a minimum of 5 games. I understand the charge, but the helmet throw is a big No-No.

  • Eric

    Youk is a piece of shit, Porcello had not intention of hitting him — Called a 2 seam fastball, had some run and hit him. Suck it up, it’s part of baseball.

    Only adding insult to injury, Youk runs out and looks like a big bitch between throwing the helmet & getting taken down.
    MLB Network had all their guys get together and they ALL agreed Porcello had no intention of hitting Youk, he should NOT of been thrown out of the games & the Umps fuckin cracked under the Nation fans.

  • Lou

    Obvious youk won the phisical fight. Porcello was trying to escape in fear and youk’s momentum took them both down

  • maxamillion

    im a tigers fan but youk should be embaressed first because he threw his helmet. I mean thats total bs. only a little girl would chase after porcello with a helmet. 2, he got beat like shit and torn to the ground. rick didnt even mean to throw down youk he waz just defending himself. porcello owned youk

  • me

    there’s really not much to it here…cabrera gets hit twice, neither of which appeared intentional. Youk gets drilled twice, both of which were blatantly intentional, in addition to the attempt on VMart. He had every right to charge….that jersey punk is just lucky that Youk sucks at fighting. He deserved a lot worse.

    Youk has become the de facto target of the rest of the league, and it’s about time he protected himself. The downside is that Joba will probably start throwing at him again after seeing what a pussy fighter he is.

  • charlie d

    Tony, your Yankees know all about cry babies. Does the name Paul O’Neill mean anything to you?

  • RJ

    Porcello won the fight. Good for the skinny rookie pitcher and (hopefully)
    future star. But the Red Sox won the game, and it was likely that they would have lost if Porcello hadn’t been ejected.

    Am I great at stating the obvious, or what?

  • Minderbinder

    Youkilis totally reminds me of Joakim Noah during the Bulls/Celtics playoff series. If he’s on the other team he totally enrages you but if he’s on your team you love him.

  • Tony

    Charlie – Paul Oneil would get angry when he failed and break stuff because he wanted to do well. Its called emotion. He didn’t throw a helmet at anyone, didn’t charge the mound, and didn’t cause problems for his team.

    Minderbinder, you would love a fat pussy that throws his helmet. Noah upsets opposing fans because he runs around looking like a oocky little prick. Youk charged a 20 year old kid and threw his helmet at him. Big difference.

  • Tony

    And by the way, whether or not he was side-stepping out of “fear” Procello hip tossed his bitch ass down to the ground like the punk he is. Go Tigers!

  • Minderbinder
  • OK

    Wow, its so obvious who here is Sox fans. First of all, Youlilis was NOT protecting himself, he was being a poor sport loser. Intentional or not, you DO NOT charge the mound, or throw a helmet. Also you can not tell if it was intentional, no matter what you say. Porcello should not have been suspended. Youlkilis on the other hand should have been suspended for more than the 5 games he got.