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So Where The Hell Is It?

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“The PSP Firmware 2.0 Upgrade for the North American market will be available during the week of August 15th, instead of on August 12, as previously reported.”

Source: IGN PSP

Hey Sony: Do you want a black eye? It seems you do. It is now Saturday, August 20th. Tell me, what do you consider “during the week of August 15th” because I would consider that between Monday and Friday. If I don’t see it by Sunday at midnight I am going to turn into a rather irritated customer and start calling as many Sony numbers as I can, starting with that one from inside that PSP box.

So screw you Sony. I can count the games released for the PSP in the last three months on one hand, which the DS has seen a number of (quality) games in that same time period. There is no reason to alienate your (somewhat) loyal fans who payed a lot of money for a next generation portable gaming/media device. Our investment in your PSP doesn’t seem to look as good right about now. Your UMD movie smoke screen might work on other people. It doesn’t work on me.

Screw you Sony.

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  • j

    get a life crybaby

  • Jesse

    Your a really negative person.You need to enjoy life with whatever people give ya.PSP does more than anything out there and outperforms doing it when other such media players lag and cost twice as much.But all you want is more,more,more,more,more.get some games,some movies,or some memory sticks for christs sake if you want more.Even if you want the web browser other people have made a few that work for free.

  • He has a legitmate gripe. They promised it. If they said sometime next year and the PSP had some decent software in the past few months, I’d agree. They said this week. It hasn’t happened and there’s nothing out there game wise right now. He’s within his right to complain.

  • The ONLY reason I bring this up is because Sony promised twice, and broke that promise twice. First they said we would have it August 12. Then they said the week of August 15. If Sony had come out with a press release saying it needed to be delayed because of, say testing, I would have no problems at all.

    Besides, I am running 2.00 on my PSP, the Japanese install file works just fine on US units.

    Most people won’t go to the trouble of going to a Japanese site to download the update though.

    Sony is not being up front with their customers.