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So Long, Perry: Mr. Texas Hangs Up His Ten Gallon Hat

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On Thursday, Rick Perry succumbed to the inevitable: six percent is not enough to win an election. 

So, the longtime Texas governor mustered up his pseudo-cowboy charm, endorsed former House Speaker Newt Gingrich for the Republican presidential nomination, and officially shut down his shell of a campaign. Now he can return to Lone Starland, which he bragged about having the ability to secede from the rest of America not too long ago, and forget about one of the zaniest national primary runs in history.

At times, his campaign seemed like something out of a comedy sketch. From not being able to name the federal agencies which he passionately wanted to shut down during a televised debate to telling South Carolinans that they were at war with Washington, DC, one cannot help but laugh at Perry’s sheer quirkiness. He is a man who literally struggled to string a coherent sentence together, but nonetheless provided so much to talk about.

His departure is good news for Gingrich, obviously, but new details about the latter wanting to engage in an open marriage between his current and most recent ex-wife should not go over too well with social rightists, who form a substantial portion of Newt’s electoral base. Outlandish as Perry was, at least he never got into hot water of that depth. In all honesty, I am going to miss his presence in the contest. Aside from providing ample comic relief, he split just enough of the right-wing vote to rain on Gingrich’s parade.

Oh, well. Despite being a true political snake oil salesman, as if I need to delve into his influence peddling problems in Texas, I wish him all the best. May he bring us his unique brand of entertainment from Austin for years to come.

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  • Glenn Contrarian

    This is only slightly off topic, but does anyone else think the timing is passing strange of the Iowa Republican Party (or whatever its name is) waited until today to officially declare Santorum the winner, just after the expose about Romney’s Cayman Islands account and his 15% tax rate and his statement that “$374K isn’t that much” came to light?

    It’s probably just a coincidence…but the timing really is interesting….