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So, I Guess We Are At War With Libya Now

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The United Nations has just approved military action against Libya. Residents in the rebel stronghold of Benghazi in eastern Libya are celebrating the news. 

The UN resolution not only endorses a no-fly zone over Libya, but also authorizes “all neccesary measures” to protect the civilian population. That is diplo-speak for military strikes against Gaddafi’s forces.

The French are suggesting that strikes could come within hours. The vote was ten in favor (including France, Lebanon, Great Britain, and the US) while five countries abstained (including Germany, China. and Russia).

Hillary Clinton is being credited with pushing a reluctant President Obama to support action against Gaddafi.

Reports indicate that Canada will send six fighter jets to the region, and Italy will allow its bases to be used to enforce a no-fly zone. 

There are reports that some Arab countries may become involved as well, but other than Lebanon I’m not sure who that might include. 

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  • Ishma of Peace

    Israel is the motherchild of the Rothchilds, those who run the Illuminati Satanist global NWO group whos legacy to de-populate the world to a controllable half a million has been etched on the Georgia guidestones. The US supply Israel with all its weapons in as much as the ex SS founded CIA dedicate themselves to destabalising other countries including the UK via rendition flights thanks to Tony Blair, these flights bring in healty supplies of crack and MKUltra technologies first used by Sussex police.
    This group have accelerated there global interests in the regions we have all seen being destabalised on TV recently, take a look at the map and you will see that there getting ready for a war with Iran, which was already agreed in July four years ago at the Bilderburg conference, only this war threatens to depopulate the world by over a billion casualties.
    There’s a bit of real reporting for those who unbelievably still didn’t know this.
    NO we are not at war with libiya, because we didn’t vote on it, terrorist governments that want you dead are at war with libiya.

  • Heloise

    War must be declared. No fly zones approved because it’s akin to war in the sense you must protect the shit you fly over another country. Try again it’s not war.

    Hillary is not the UN she is not an Arab country but she is getting credit for some reason not sure if she deserves it.

  • Doug Hunter

    I don’t think this counts as a war, I think this is one of those things where we fly over real high and drop bombs on little brown people. Do they still make those bombs with cameras so we can watch the ‘collateral damage’ on CNN (or Youtube for todays new war viewers)? I don’t think this will have the ratings of say… an Iraq with it’s family intrigue, shock and awe, etc. You know, they could probably cut the debt on things like this by putting the good stuff on Pay Per View… Say ‘Libyan War: Unrated’ Now that we have those remote control bombing planes maybe people could get to pay to push the button and end lives. Trained professionals could pick the targets, but you’d get to actually choose the moment to release the bomb… perhaps for an additional fee special forces could come take some nice glossy photos of the carnage for your mantel!