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Snoop Dog Gets Off

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A judge has dismissed a lawsuit accusing Snoop Dog of illegally using an answer phone recording in one of his tracks. An unnamed man was suing Snoop Dog because he claimed his voice could be heard on a track on the Paid The Cost To Be Tha Boss album supporting Snoop in his rivalry against hip hop producer Marion (Suge) Knight.

The man claimed the unauthorised inclusion of the comments against Knight placed him at risk, and he wanted monetary compensation to make up for that. However a Superior Court Judge Lawrence Crispo ruled against the claim last November saying the man had no expectation to privacy when he left the message. That ruling was held up last month after the man failed to appeal.

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  • flawdawiteboi

    pac alredy said he waz gunna leave tha row an make
    makaveli records an sign bone thugs ofcourse outlaws, snoop,icecube,masterp,kc an jojo,
    dpg,e-40,he was keepin hiz operation wit mostly
    westside people except kc an jojo an bonethugz

  • Matt

    Suge Knight should b killed Tupac should b alive Ridin with 50 Cent,D12,Snoop,The Game and hopefully if 2pac was still alive he would of fixed shit up with DRE which i think would of happened and they would of put all those pretty boy bitches Etc.P Diddy,Nelly,Ja Rule in their Graves FUK MURDER INC.FUK BAD BOY RECORDS

  • Vex

    lmao..Honestly..aint nobody have a clue what they talkin about..mostly everyone postin shit is just a net thug wanna be..Pac did what he did and dead or alive pac still does what he does…and that is the realist shit there is about it..Accept it how it is

    Be Easy

  • Danita

    Such a big war, so much went on. tupac was and still is a legend. take all the other names away , tupac is the only one that stands. but all these rappers/producers etc Do respect tupac even if they don’t like eachother. guess it doesn’t matter if one rapper had beef with tupac before (at one pont) so maybe we don’t really need to disrespect them. They all loved Tupac at some point or were apart of his life like dre and suge. eminem never met pac but its a nice thing that he produced tracks on Tupacs albums after his death, i think i read that he didnt want anything in return? But he is a fan of Tupac. Anyway overall Tupac is the only one that still shines the brightest and still is the most respected rapper. Him alive he was big and his death made him big too.
    Anyway i was trying to figure out all the shit that happened and who’s on who’s side, who Tupac hated and so I would be againt that certain “artist”, but i guess it shouldnt be thought about, coz i was just listing to his song and just thought how its a really sad thing that someone so talented like him who i do think was “a messenger from god” in a way is gone. Tupac beats everyone , his name is gonna stay here on earth forever. He did spark the world amd he still sparks the world. He is a king.

  • snipa

    Pac Forever, fuck all the haters die slow

  • shidi

    ur all wrng u bitch ass faggots,pac wud av bin beefin wiv dre,pac wud av got his new record label out,but by the time he cud do that he got killed,suge knight owed pac alot ov money tht he cudnt pay him bk,pac wanted 2 leave n make his new label ‘makaveli records’ but oh wel suge knows da score so he got him killed

  • jack&jill

    OOH look at all the pre schoolers verbally attackin each other

  • mexicano

    yeah nigga why yall mathaphucka’s gettin \g 50 in da beef shit man fags

    EAZY E

  • Black Male

    I Think Even Suge & P.Diddy Should Get Killed & Suffer 7 & 5 Shots Respectively. Just ‘coz Tem 2pac & Biggie R In Their Graveyard.
    They Wanted 2 Become Millineors & They Did Become. 50,00,000$$
    4 Killin Them Both. These Nigguz R Money Hungry. They Will Even Kill Their Parents 2 Make Money. Bitch Azz Niggaz. U Both R P.I.M.P. Whores. T.I.P. To Tupac & Biggie……

  • Black Male

    50 Bitch Is A Bitch Motherfucker & Dre Is A Fuckin Gay. I Should Die Instead Of PAC. Motherfucker Shady, U Die Like A Bitch. Any Talk Dirty Bout MURDER INC Is Gonna Die Slow. AIDZ virus On THA AZZ Of THA people Who Talk Rubbish Bout Ja. D12 On My Dick. You Can Become Sick. 9 Times Shot But Don’t Have Any Shame Motherfucke GGGGGGGGGGG A Y – Unit. I M Black Male & Don’t Even Try 2 Fuck Wit Me. These All R Fake Nigguz. & Busta Stop Your Rhymes Or I’ll Bust Your AZZ.

  • Deshawn

    all of you are dumasses. 2pac said in the song cant see me. D-R-E u got me heated and you should have never put my lyrics with dre cause iam bustin on these niggas. and he said dr.dre all day.that means he liked him. the only reason he dissed cause he left deathrow and they lost a great producer and deathrow was having problems. and someone told him dre was busy to attend snoops trail. which was a mistake. no one called dre and they told 2pac lies. and suge knight killed 2pac. Suge is a bitch. he owed 2pac 17 million dollars in due. so if 2pac died if would’nt have to pay him and he could keep all of the unreleased. if he was a true friend like he says why would he sue 2pacs estate. which suge said he granded 2pac to sign with deathrow. and he took a lot of money which 2pacs worked hard for. is that an action of a true friend. deathrow will never be the same. and thats good. u know how many lives suge put in danger. u know how many people died cause of suges dirty plan.
    suge knight was frauding 2pac,dr.dre,snoopdogg, and the rest. dr.dre said in an interview that the reason he left deathrow was cause he say the beating up a technician of death row for a simple thing as rewinding a tape too much. snoop dogg even said in an interview that suge killed 2pac.SUGE KNIGHT IS A BITCH!!!! thats 4 real.

  • fuck dre

    fuck dre and shady and 50: the real gangstaz iz and alwayz will be: nsync. dem be sum real killaz.

  • Mofo’s, yo ppl talking shit about those rappers?? I dont know the real problem between them, but you dumb mother fuckers can’t know the truth, besides, Dre is crazy as hell, his lines are amazing, 2pac is amazing too, snoop is 4 real guys, you mother fuckers stop talking shit about them, before I bomb u other fucking azz. Peace, I’m out.

  • Watts

    2Pac would have patched things up with Dre. He’d have left the Row, because he’d realize Suge had nothing to offer him. If I had to pick any label that he’d most likely sign to, I’d guess Doggystyle. Doggystyle and Shady/Aftermath/G-Unit are down with each other, and Snoop and Pac were down with Dre since the early nineties, so eventually they’d merge with Aftermath to make one fuckin’ sweet label.

  • jb

    #4. If you have the 2PACS CD “UNTIL THE END OF TIME” listen to DISC 1 Track 14 … the sond is called “M.O.B.” and it talks about 2PAC rydin’ with “JA’s, GOTTI’S, and SCARFACES.

    Listen again to that track….pac said John Gotties and Scarfaces…as in John Gotti Mafia Gangster of the late 70s and throughout the 80s and 90s…Scarfaces as in the movie…he says nothing about riding with Gas ass Ja

  • Hillzy

    FUCK U. U LIED on the M.O.B track he said runnin` with john gotti`s and scarface`s
    John gotti is from the gambino mafia and scarface` u know who dat iz

    BETTER go back and revise

  • g code

    fuck gay unit pac would never role with 50 cent an gay dre.he would more role with ja

  • Rap is the BEST

    Makaveli i like the way u stand up for urself and wat u bleeve in…no one shood disrespect Tupac and Death Row i like the way u dun give up i show respect to u unlike sum people who cum and diss sum of the best rappers of all time…so Makaveli do u like Ice Cube, and Dr. Dre???And no one diss Tupac jus cuz u like The Notorious B.I.G. …i like Tupac and The Notorious B.I.G. u dun hav to take sides that is how all the rivalry started.

  • Makaveli

    oh shit sorri tradgdy styles wasnt payin attention who ur talkin 2 sorri brah.

  • Makaveli

    wat you tryin 2 say Tragedy Styles?
    im not aloud 2 call him by that name?

  • Rap is the BEST

    first things first none of you know who Tupac would ride with. Also don’t make fun of Tupac, Dr. Dre, Eminem, Ice Cube, Eazy-E, or N.W.A. They are the pioneers of rap music well there are many more but these are the only ones on topic. Face it Dr. Dre made Death Row records and after he left Death Row basically shut down the only person who is holding Death Row up now is Kurupt. Also Dr. Dre did not make Tupac but Tupac featured Dr. Dre in some songs and Dr. Dre produced many tracks. Tupac even said he liked Dr. Dre’s music until their little beef. Eminem is a pretty good rapper also for a modern rapper he speaks his opinion and his lyrics are good. I know many of you may disagree but i say that if it wasn’t for Ice Cube than gangster rap wouldn’t really exist besides Ice-T and N.W.A. which Ice Cube was in along with Dr. Dre, Eazy-E, MC Ren, And DJ Yella and yes other people did continue to do gangster rap but Ice Cube in my opinion was the best rapper in gangster rap because he wrote most of Eazy-E’s lyrics in N.W.A. and wrote most of the lyrics in N.W.A. and Tupac respected him highly and used some of his lyrics worked with him on some of his songs and in his song “Words Of Wisdom” he say “Ice Cube Amerikaz Nightmare” even before he worked with him. Eazy-E and Dr. Dre are both great rappers even though they had beef. They both were pretty good lyricists but Dr. Dre had a better advantage because he was the best producer in rap and best at G-Funk and had many people with him such as Snoop Doggy Dogg, Tha DoggPound, The Lady Of Rage, RBX, and others while Eazy-E just had MC Ren, Gangsta Dresta, and B.G. Knocc Out but they both still remained great rappers even though they had beef.No one should disrespect some of the best rappers in the rap game because if it wasn’t for them you guys wouldn’t be hearing the great music outta your speakers. R.I.P. Tupac, The Notorious B.I.G., Eazy-E, Big L, Bugz, Proof, and many others.

  • Nation

    Pac would be hanging with Belushi and other Hollywood actors. He would be acting and directing and doing his own thing ala Ice Cube

  • Tragedy Styles

    I ain’t instigating, I read what you said, that you Draco I’m talking to. You called Tupac the s word without the Tu. You lucky he’s dead.

  • Makaveli

    ey fuk u killa sting, y da fuk u sayin shit bout Pac huh? shakur will not ride wid 50cent or ja he’ll b stayin wid his old homboys like Kadafi n shit!!!!

  • Truth Hurts

    Ya boy Suge Knight is bankrupt and the Row is no more so Dre got the last laugh. Tell Suge Knight if things get too rough he can always apply for some state welfare. Suge Knight is a con man that either ripped off all of his artist or held them back. See what he did to Crooked I’s career. Suge Knight is also responsible for BIGGIE’s death. KARMA is putting a whipping on Suge’s ass. KARMA is a bitch.

  • Lil Dice

    Dr ain’t done shit, Dre didn’t make 2Pac cause Pac was doing his own thing. The only thing Dre did that was significant was made the chronic 1992 and that is it. He been dissed by everyone and people sayin Eazy was fake at least he was Kelly Park Crip, Dre never bang and he was in drags during his working class crew days before he joined ruthless

  • niggaz fucc all that hatin,pac was not shit! niggaz what you do not know is that Dr.dre made him.fucc 50 fucc ja and whoever you think would be rollin with Pacs.and for the record fucc tupac

  • emil

    i don’t know who pac would ride with…probably not g-unit and dre…what i want to say is that on the track named M.O.B. pac sais John Gottis and Scarface, not Ja’s Gotti’s and Scarfaces.just a note.

  • aftermath in dat arse nigga

    if pac was alive 2day he wud rollin wid em coz em has re realsed some of his old and prob be also rollin wid the game coz hes a real gangsta nigga and wud drive by ja coz hes a pussie arse niga

  • West Side

    Fuck dude We all Know If 2pac were still alive he would be rollin with Ice Cube. Dude Ja and Murder Inc try to be hard but they are all pussies and need to get shawt up. For the person who started this shit Pac didnt HATE dre he just had a beef with him. It happens Cube and Dre had a beef but they are cool now. I know for a fact If Pac were still alive he would be ridin wit Dre and Snoop. Bitches. Ja rule is a pussy and sings pop songs to girls about love and shit. What a faggot.

  • Aftermath

    Yo fuk all u bitches sayin shit bout aftermath records. Dre is still doin his thing but look at suge he hasnt done shit after dre left and 2 pac dies cuz dre did do half the shit for death row records and then he left cuz suge and pac were bein little bitches. then his bitch ass got shot and suge went to the game a Dre was on top of the hip hop world…
    Fukin fagetts u no it tru

  • Draco, [Deleted in line with BlogCritics Comments Policy.] Ja is friends with mostly all of Pac’s friends, and btw, Pac associates himself with people with talent? yes, true, but incase you havent noticed: Biggie has talent, Chino XL has talent, and Lil Kim has talent and he had beef with them


  • ReVoLuTiOnArY

    man forget all that hate race bullshit it’s muthaphukaz like u who uneccesarily stir shit up lets stick to the issue here which is – who would 2pac have rolled with had he still been alive the truth – nobody knows
    idk about about Em & 50 coz they are both commercial – 50 moreso and look now at what they r doing with pacs music it makes u wonder to what depths people would go just to be noticed or make some cash
    50 & Ja beef was just an opportunity 50 jumped on to get more publicity – no real beef
    whereas when pac said something u know it was genuine
    so idk – who knows?

  • The Realist

    what did u say fuck the white bastard ,,,,,

    hahaha fuck you you black fuckin monkey slave fuck

    hope ur nigga ass dies of aids like easy E
    fuckin plastic gangster talkin fuckin morons

    makes me laugh you all thing ur G`s

    Gangster`s aka al capone !!!!!!
    Rappers OG`s <-------- LOL with there gold and vest`s and baseball hats hahahahaa sad pathetic bastards make me laugh no wonder ur lower raised u thick weak ass fucks

  • G-unot

    Its all about the GAME!

  • The Realist

    All that I know is that 2PAC, EAZY, DRE, and the whole NWA section are real niggas. How can anyone compare them to 50 snitch, Emefag, or Ja Rule. The niggas from RUTHLESS and DEATHROW were the deep shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What are you stupid white boys that dont know music? AFTERMATH could suck my dick. Especially that white bastard SLIM SHADY. ITS ALL ABOUT EAZY-E RIP 1995.

  • Draco

    Yall don’t know shit from shit Pac would’ve rode with Em and with 50 because they are rebels just like him and they say what they want and do what they want. I think he would’ve definitely been on shady aftermath rather then on Murder inc. Pac only associated himself with people who had talent and shady Aftermath is full of that. He wouldn’t gone with Muder inc cuz they aer a bunch of clowns. Especially Ja


    Fuck dre!!! you bloody idiot Dre was the half ownder and founder of death row he brought u pac ice cube eazy then he got pac anotehr chanse since he owns half deathrow plus in future he got u 50 cent eminem which no one can denie their talent hate it or love it.

  • Kyle

    Pac wouldn’t have rode with Dre, Eminem, 50 SNITCH. Gay Unit, and Ja’s faggot ass camp. He woulda been ridin with the same niggas he always rode with. The Outlawz, them bay cats like Mac Mall, E 40, Richie Rich, Big Syke, Yuk, C-BO…he wouldnt be ridin with anyone that was down with Biggie which would knock Mr. Curtis Jackson right out the box wouldn’t it? He wouldn’t have rode with anyone associated with Dre because Pac didn’t even like Dre which would knock Em and Gay Unit out the box…Pac only rolled with the realest and all the artists that you fuckers mentioned above are fake ass niggas protected by state troopers and shit…fuck Dre, fuck 50, fuck Em, fuck G Unit, fuck Ja, fuck Irv, fuck em all…

  • carlos

    “Everyone knows that if 2Pac was still alive he would have been had his own Label wich would have been called “Makaveli Records” but when Snoop did that 2Pac would have still been with “Deathrow Records” and would have fucked up Snoop like he did Dr. Dre and the others that jumped ship.”

    this comment don’t make sense cause 2pac was jumping ship himself

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  • look u punk ass bicth u dont know what u talkin about how can u put dis shit up man u a bark ass bastard dre wood rap ur ass up and u actually think that pac would roll whi ja man go and fuck a pig fuck murdaaaa fuck irv gotti and most of all fuck u thats ri thug life till weeee ddie

    p.s go fuck ur self bastard

  • Jack Wilcox

    50 Cent,Dr Dre,Em,Snoop and Pac make Ja Rule look like a lil bitch(which he is)G Unit forever and fuck Murda Inc and if yall dont agree fuck off

  • Roger

    Where do you get your knowledge? Or do you have any?

    You are illadvised and need to get your facts straight.

    P.S. And learn to spell.

  • All this shit about Snoop Dogg Vs. Suge Knight is Bullshit. if you really want to know some shit Snoop Dogg backstabbed Syge Knight. As most people should know After 2Pac got Murdered R.I.P Suge Knight went to Prison and Snoop Dogg was still hot in the Rap Industry, so Suge temporarily signed Snoop to No Limit records, so snoop could still do his thing. After a year or so Snoop snaked out of his contract with No Limit Records and went with “gay Ass Dre.” And eventualy made his own Label know as “Dogg House” while he was still under his contract with the Reaslist Rap Record Label known as “Death Row Records.” After Suge Knight made Snoop and Dr. Dre, so i don’t see why Snoop Dogg is still Fuckin’ whining about this bullshit about Suge Knight and Deathrow. Everyone knows that if 2Pac was still alive he would have been had his own Label wich would have been called “Makaveli Records” but when Snoop did that 2Pac would have still been with “Deathrow Records” and would have fucked up Snoop like he did Dr. Dre and the others that jumped ship. I also have some other issues I would like to bring up about Snoop, Dr. Dre, 50 cent and Ja Rule. Everyone knows or should know that Dr. Dre, or as Pac said it “Gay Ass Dre,” left Deathrow Records because he had some problems with the way Suge and 2Pac were running the Organization. Dr. Dre said that ” Deathrow Records are to violent and Im all about the music, Suge and 2Pac are running the bussinuss like a Mafia or a Cosa Nostra, and I just want to make music.” But Dr. Dre had’nt been doing anything with the Company for awhile and 2Pac was getting mad about that and than when Dr. Dre just left thats w3hen the lil’ beef between him and 2Pac started. But now after Dr.Dre signed 50 Cent, I think that Dr.Dre and the whole “Shady/Afetrmath Label” are trying to do the same thing as “Deathrow Records” although they will never compare to Suge and 2Pac. They think that they are some sort of a FUCKIN MAFIA or some shit, and that FUCKIN RAT FACE 50 CENT IS A BITCH!!! 50 CENT has started a beef with JA RULE and trying to be little JA RULE for singing and trying to impersonate 2PAC. But what alot of People don’t think of is that 50 CENT is also SINGING in some of his songs and is trying to talk about 2PAC as well, and is saying “HIM AND 2PAC WOULD RYDE TOGETHER ON JA RULE.” But if you think about it look who 50 CENT is with …. Dr.Dre and remember 2Pac hated Dr.Dre and said that “DRE WAS GAY” so I dont think that 2PAC WOULD RYDE WITH A FUCKIN FREAK LIKE 50 CENT. I think that JA RULE WOULD HAVE A BETTER CHANCE RYDING WITH 2PAC FOR THE FOLLOWING REASONS: #1. Suge Knight, Irv Gotti, and Ja Rule are all homies and they associate with each other. #2. Deathrow and Murder Inc associate with each other. #3. On Ja Rules Cd Blood in my Eye has some special guests and guess who rydes with Ja Rule on that CD …. ONE OF 2PACS OUTLAWS “HUSSIEN FATAL!!!” #4. If you have the 2PACS CD “UNTIL THE END OF TIME” listen to DISC 1 Track 14 … the sond is called “M.O.B.” and it talks about 2PAC rydin’ with “JA’s, GOTTI’S, and SCARFACES. #5. This is about number 4 guess who makes special appearences on 2pacs songs or vice versa on thier own songs… Ja Rule wich JA is associated w/ IRV GOTTI… and SCARFACE IN SMILE.

    Anyway I just wanted to address the whole issue about Deathrow Records~
    Suge Knight, 2Pac. Murder Inc Records~
    Irv Gotti, Ja Rule. Shady/Aftermath~
    Dr.Dre, Eminem, 50 Cent. Dogg House~
    Snoop Doggy Dogg.

    Most of the information I gave is true and thats my opinion of what did happen, whats happening, and what would happen. I also think that I gave the most valid information about that I have seen on this site about Suge Knight vs. Snoop Dogg and
    Ja Rule vs. 50 Cent and
    2pac vs. Dr.Dre, Slim Shady, and 50 Cent

    I also think that all the members of G unit except for 50 Cent are Fuckin Real Gangbangers and have the gangsta Flow much props to Young buck and Lloyd Banks