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SNL Presidential Bash Tonight on NBC

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By 10pm tonight pretty much everything that is going to be said about tomorrow’s election will have been said, and it will be time for a little condensed levity to clear the air before the tension ratchets up throughout the day tomorrow (and likely beyond).

(click on the pic to access preview video)

If I can stay awake that long (after my schedule was knocked akimbo by the time change), I will be checking out Saturday Night Live’s primetime presidential bash, featuring some of SNL’s greatest moments of political satire. Among the recent clips, we’ll see Darrell Hammond as President Clinton and Vice President Dick Cheney, Seth Meyers as Senator John Kerry, and Will Forte as President George W. Bush.

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  • aacool

    The SNL show tonight capturing the best in recent years of their presidential parody was fun – most of it.

    As always, the Clinton impersonator,Darrell Hammond stood head and shoulders above the rest. He makes effective use of his material, whereas the others relied on the writing. He was also the ‘moderator’, for want of a better word.

  • Mark Saleski


  • Eric Olsen

    I loved seeing the older stuff as well – agree Darrell did a great job as Clinton/host. I had forgotten what a babe Jane Curtain was back then

  • Mark Saleski

    i had completely forgotten that the line “i was told there’d be no math” came from the ford/carter chase/ackroyd debate.

  • Shark

    I had forgotten that I would rather have molten bronze poured in my eyes than to watch that fat, untalented incredibly LUCKY moron Dan Ackroyd for more than five seconds.

    And yet another reminder that SNL hasn’t been funny in years — if it ever was.

    How friggin’ retarded was the nation back then, huh?


    Ha – ha.

    Wild and crazy guys.

    Ha – ha.

    Too bad the entire staff couldn’t follow Belushi and the stupid fat fuck Chris Farley into the grave.

    Other than that….

  • Mark Saleski

    sorry shark, ackroyd playin’ that sleazeball sales guy attempting to defend “Bag ‘o Glass”…wuz just plain funny.

    and remember, generalisimo francisco franco is still dead.

  • Shark


    Yeah, and he’s parlayed his talent into doing cheap commercials for Charter Cable.

    What a talent!