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SNL 25 Years of Music 80-85

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Snl: 25 Years of Music – disc 2 1980 – 85

This DVD can be best summed up with the phrase “what the fuck were we thinking?” Covering the first five years of the 80s, the hair is bad, the clothes are ridiculous, the music isn’t all that great, and the cast (aside from Eddie Murphy) are who? Plus syn-drums, B.C. Rich guitars and fiddly synthesizers – oh, modern!

Rest assured there is cowbell. Not once, but twice. You get a cowbell break with Queen doing “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”, plus a backup singer with a cowbell on Mellencamp’s “Little Pink Houses”.

They say part of achieving sobriety is recognizing and apologizing for your mistakes, so this DVD can serve some positive purpose. Though, I should mention there are some good musical performances on this disc, including Talking Heads (Take Me To The River), Randy Newman (I Love LA), Rick James (Superfreak) and the Go-Go’s (We Got The Beat).

But on the whole, the period hasn’t aged gracefully.

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  • oh to be a fly on the wall during the meetings picking what stayed and what left.

    when i first heard this was coming out i was looking forward to seeing the Stones 1978 doing that godawful, sloppy, messy, dirty, tongue-wigglin’ version of “Shattered”.