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Snapple’s biggest mistake

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It’s not just that Snapple’s 17 1/2-ton popsicle melted in Union Square, sliming several streets with sticky, pink fluid, it’s how the story is told.

According to the Associated Press, Snapple hauled out a 2 1/2 story popsicle yesterday to promote a new line of frozen treats. “The 25-foot-tall, 17 1/2-ton popsicle treat of frozen Snapple,” writes the AP, “unexpectedly quickly melted in the midday sun Tuesday.”

Slush flooded the streets and several bicyclists fell. Passersby ran for higher ground. Yesterday was the first day of summer and temperatures reached 80 degrees.

Organizers, the AP reports, weren’t sure why it melted so quickly. I’m guessing it has something to do with the sun. Snapple says they probably won’t try this stunt again. Shame.

Honorable mentions?

Though only a television show, I remember the funny episode when the promotions guy at WKRP (WKRP In Cincinnati) tossed turkeys out a helicopter. Apparently, the turkeys, bread for Thanksgiving, couldn’t fly.

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  • Yeah, I read that. 80 degrees isn’t THAT hot? Maybe the humidity has something to do with it to? Maybe? Scientists, help?

  • Not a scientist by trade, but some of my education is in the sciences, so I’ll have a go at explaining this. Can’t get any worse than all the attempts to explain politics we see around here.

    It sounds like the giant Snapplesicle may not have been frozen very solidly in the first place.

    Even if it was, it would not have to melt all at once to cause the situation described. The sun would only need to get it slushy enough to lose its structural integrity. Gravity could easily do the rest of the work, sending slushy fragments crashing to the ground, where impact would further break them up and distribute them in every direction.

    Mountaineers are probably not surprised by this, being intimately familiar with the unpredictable and sudden conversion of glaciers and snow banks into avalanches.

  • nona

    from your snapple story “turkeys BREAD for Thanksgiving”…..never heard of turkey bread – but I’ve heard of a turkey BRED for a particular purpose….you made me laugh….

  • Mmmmmmmm….. turkey bread…….

  • dee

    Actually, snapple’s biggest mistake was firing the first woman they had as a spokesperson in their commericials. She was great. The beverage did the deep six after that.

  • I always thought it has something to do with firing Rush Limbaugh as a sponsor. Love him or hate him, the man sold that beverage like it was necessary for human life.

  • so did Howard Stern. When will someone release his WOR shows?!

  • “turkeys BREAD for Thanksgiving” — and if I fix it, your comment won’t make sense, so I’ll keep it. I only added the qualifier since turkeys can fly, but I’m not sure about Butterball.

  • Tom Hanks

    What does this have to do with the Da vinci code

  • Tom hanks

    I loved the terminal