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Smackdown! vs. Raw 2008 Officially Announced

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Fresh off the heels of World Wrestling Entertainment’s Wrestlemania 23, held on pay-per-view in Detroit last night, THQ is rolling out its official announcement of the inevitable production of WWE Smackdown! Vs. Raw 2008.

Although THQ and WWE once again had some well-documented disputes, this time over territorial sales and licensing, it seems all is well as the companies are setting the stage to “deliver more depth and strategy with prominent new features, key annual enhancements and incredible graphics.” Most notably, however, is the extension to new hardware, as the title will debut on the Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, and the Playstation 3 along with the expected Xbox 360, Playstation 2 and PSP releases.

The release quotes Bob Aniello, senior vice president of worldwide marketing at THQ, as saying the title will also be developed for “wireless devices,” which indicates a mobile phone version of SvR 2008 will also see the light of day.

While details are at a minimum at this time, the release describes the bare bones of SvR 2008’s “Superstar Fighting Styles” and “Struggle Submission System features.” This year’s iteration will feature eight styles of fighting that each hold their own strategies and exclusive attributes and a new submission mechanic allows players to manually control the amount of pressure applied on submissions with analog control. While no specifics were detailed in the release, the Nintendo DS will feature the obligatory touch screen controls along with “situation-based fighting with unique holds and a full year of nonstop action in WWE season mode.”

Outside of the immediate game play, Extreme Championship Wrestling will be fully represented in 2008 and a “variety of Superstars, arenas and weapons” will be implemented into the title. THQ is also hearing what fans had to say about the previous effort and the title is being developed with “significant updates” including (obviously) new rosters, more environmental hotspots, a mode combining aspects of the series’ season and general manager modes, additions and improvements to the game’s out-of-ring action, enhanced online features and more.

The 2008 release will mark the second year in the series’ production with the same title being produced multi-platform as opposed to the company’s previous approach, releasing individual titles for each system. No release dates were announced in the release, but given the track record of Smackdown! Vs. Raw titles, the games should start hitting shelves sometime in November.

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  • http://URL James

    Please thq add new matches like:Inferno match,lumberjack match,last ride match,i quit match,and all of the matches until today pls.And U Could create your own weapon create your own match,own PPV,And on your entrance you should control you wrestler down the ramp Pls.Oh,and Mr.Mcmachon And Hornswoggle And all the GM’s And Other Employees.Plus You Can Interfere In Others Matches.If These Ideas Aren’t There I Won’t Buy The Game!!!!!

  • joshua11223

    please add TNA supeastars like petey williams

  • joshua11223

    pease add to the move list is the move canaidon destyorer

  • joshua11223

    pease add jeff and matt hardey

  • http://hh hio

    wen is smackdown vs raw 2008 cuming out plz tell me

  • siki the don

    please multiple season mode

  • Matt

    basically u need to add everything that they have today includes season modes for certain people etc…. basically when u use weapons there need to be new moves like what kane did to shawn michaels and u need to have a season mode where u can go to different arenas like different wrestling companies and start something over there example: have kane go over to tna and face abyss or sting.

  • ty

    i heard its coming out in october!!!! this year and the roster so far is

    Divas Diva legends
    TRish stratus

    chris benoit
    chris masters
    john cena
    rey mysterio
    randy ortan
    triple h

  • Ryan

    please add ECW superstars

  • http://hi claimonte

    are you guys are going to have ecw in it

  • Matt Paprocki

    Maybe you should ask the developers. We’re not making the game.

  • joel

    please add wwe legends macho man randy savage, own hart, the ultimate warrior,and jimmy superfly snuka.Add shane McMahon finishing move the coast-to-coas.improve the ladder match by adding the bigger ladder, improve the weapons under ring add tables, ladders, and thumbtacks.Make shawn michaels diving elbow drop move look like how he really does it, the same with macho man if you put him in the game.improve the hardcore match, the steel cage match, and improve randy orton’s finishing move the R.K.O

  • josh

    THQ please add in ecw superstars Marcus Cor Von, sabu, and the others. Also add shane McMahon’s finishing move the coast to coast put shane in the game too

  • walter

    THQ improve john cena’s signature move the five knuckle shuffle it looks boring

  • http://puertoricoarecibo javier o

    there gona add all tipes of maches
    including casket macth its gona be out in november all the wrestlers smackdown vs raw vs ecw vs tna and the real season mode made our weapon everiting

  • http://puertoricoarecibo ivan

    i will buy the game if you wana know [Personal contact info deleted]

  • matt

    please put sabu,sandman,balls mahony,rvd,tommy dreamer,marcos cor von,matt striker,c.m.punk,ehliga burke,kevin thorn,nunzio,snisky,little basterd,little boogyman,matt and jeff hardy,super crazy great khali,london and kendrick,duace and domino and cherry,and tna guys like abyss,christan cage,raven,sting,tomko,stiener,petey williams,shark boy,samoa joe,kurt angle,a.j.styles,jerry lynn,senshe,christofer daniels……

  • http://see_no_evil16 Matt

    hey if yall have some updated rosters for smackdown and raw and the superstars on ecw please tell me.


  • bailey mccomas

    please put Jeff Hardy on the rosteror you lost buyer

  • Joseph

    Please add more weapons under the ring and put ecw and tna wrestlers in there,too

  • http://lilt888 trent

    plz put ecw super stars like rvd cm punk sand man balls mahomy sabu kevin thorn burke and matt striker and make it that u controll ur player down the ramp

  • nvp

    plese put ecw on it

  • nvp

    put thumbtacks under the ring, and a table that you cam light a flame, make the rko BETTER

  • go st george dragons


  • Andrew Thomas

    This year make gm mode more realistic i.e. Watchable promos, Choice of number of matches and add ECW to the gm mode aswell as Smackdown and Raw

  • GaMe>>FrEaK

    can you put little bastard an mini boogey man in the game plz

  • GaMe>>FrEaK

    can u make the commentary better so they dont go on about random stuff during the match and can u make it so the cut scenes are the same length as the commentary and have better resoloutions to the problems the superstars encounter in season mode thank you.

  • GaMe>>FrEaK

    what are the superstar rosters for the game

  • Liamtommo123

    Please THQ i am begging you to add these divas:
    Torrie Wilson.
    Mickie James.
    Candice Michelle.
    Michelle Mccool.
    Jillian Hall.

    And also can you add these ones to the legend list…
    Molly Holly.
    Trish stratus.
    Stacy Keibler.

    Thank you.

  • RJ_Pimp

    Make sure to get up to date rosters and add some more legends to the list like ricky the steamboat, ultimate warrior, randy savage and all those classic guys. How about also making it where characters and created ones can have more than one attire… i get sick of my characters outfit and change them alot, makeing more than one attire would be awesome, and add a whole bunch of new mathces and bring back the bra and panties or something of the sort, and also imporve on moves like the rko and others so its actually more real plus new weapon moves and make the created characters look more real with more hair selections. One last thing.. how about bringing the oldschool free roam thing in hardcore matches, like going backstage and in the parking lot not always just staying in one or the other. NO TNA PEOPLE THERE EVENTUALLY WILL BE A TNA GANE, ITS WWE NOT TNA!!!!!

  • RJ_Pimp

    how about a create a tag team entrance… that would be sweet, also some different fireworks and smoke effects and entraces with motorcycles and cars would be kewl too.

  • RJ_Pimp

    There should also be more of a selection of weapons underneath the ring, like a table, trash can, trash can lids, tacks, chains, handcuffs, and more weapons.. maybe hit a certain button for a certain thing maybe? Also more enviromental grappels with more things that could hurt your opponent…. another thing that has always bothered me is that to the side of the entrance ramp how there is always electical things and tables that people get slamed down into all the time and it would be kewl if that was there. Another thing.. how about people bleeding from other places besides the face, how about bleeding in the back, or in the back of the head.

  • Steve

    You really have to add MACHO MAN!!! to the game

  • chris anderson

    i would like legend trish and create a venue(arena) mode

  • http://Eddie Edison Morales

    There should be the bare ware steel cage match in the game. There should be things were you pick your pose like raw 2 and pick your pose with the championship. You guy should added new finisher to weapon like chair, table, ladder, steel step, and other weapons. There should be double ladder and table finisher. Edit Randy Orton RKO he should jump like in day of reckoning. Make the create a super star look better then before and have better tattoo. Added better stuff in create a entrance. Let the table get put on fire. Make sure everybody even all the created superstar have a different season. Make the season mode a little bit like raw 2 everybody want muti-player and make it like one of the smackdown game too so you can walk, chill, talk to other superstar, go to the other show, and attack superstar or go in their match and attack. Added some good matches too. Have create a remix music like Rated-RKO and create a finisher.

  • http://Eddie Edison Morales

    Divas should have thier own storyline. The season for the guy should let you get other title like team title and other title.

  • http://england bob hope

    pleaes put cryme time on the game it will make it the best

  • Sam Goldsmith

    plz have ecw superstars aswell as jeff hardy

  • chris

    i think YOu should have barbed wire steel cages and you shud have so you can do your show one week and if you want invade the other shows the next week i also think you should get to pick what show you want to be on from the