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Sly and the Family Stone May Perform at Grammys

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Reclusive icon Sly Stone (real name: Sylvester Stewart) may re-join the The Family Stone to perform at the 2006 Grammy Awards, reports the Washington Post.

This will mark the first time since bassist Larry Graham and drummer Greg Errico left the band in 1971 that the original lineup of the band – the lineup responsible for all the band’s biggest hits like “Dance To The Music,” “Everyday People” and “Hot Fun in the Summertime” – will perform together.

Stewart has been notoriously reclusive, with rumors of his death surfacing nearly as often as rumors of his insanity. On February 8, we will find out if he can still bring the goods. Considering that at the height of his powers he was as well known for skipping shows as he was for his music, I consider it a fifty-fifty proposition.

Knowing the idiosyncratic voting tendencies (and short memories) of the Recording Academy, if they show up Sly and the Family Stone will be a virtual lock for Best New Artist.

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  • Scott Butki

    Yeah he didn’t look to be into it at all.

  • Yeah, now I feel bad. If the guy wants to be a recluse, let him. He and the Family Stone gave us some great music that sounds as good today as when it was released. He’s done more than enough.

  • Man, did that SUCK!!


    I gotta say, “showed up” is a relative term. Sure, Sly was there physically with a bitchin white mohawk, but I don’t think that mentally he was anywhere nearer than the moons of Saturn. I mean, he didn’t sing most of his lines, diddled on his keyboard (I was watching, I know how to play, and his descending two-hand chords had NOTHING to do with the harmonies the rest of the band was playing except in a jazz-solo passing-chord ‘take-it-outside’ sense.), and basically looked like a man fighting off a simultaneous acid flashback and debilitating panic attack.

    Which is both touching and sad. Sadder still was the chaos around him. What… the Family Stone aren’t enough? You need Steven Tyler? Joe Perry AND Robert Randolph? Joss Stone? John Legend? That dickweed from Black Eyed Peas?

    Clearly Sony ponied up a bunch of cash to promote their pathetic cash in album, something I’m sure of since’ that’s the album cover that came up on the big plasma screens at the end of “Higher.”

    A sad and wasted effort all around.

    Which sucks. Completely sucks.

  • Scott Butki

    He looked like he was only on stage for like 20 seconds.

  • Looks like he actually showed up. Means little, though; his creative impact was 20 years ago. I’ve got the ‘Best of’ double-disc,and it’s always been one of my favorites.

  • Wow, thanks for letting us know. I’ll mark my calendar.