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Slow Coming Day – Farewell to the Familiar

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You all know Sensitive Ponytail Man. He’s boldly sporting a leather duster that looks reminiscent of something off of the movie Highlander; pulling his shoulder length hair back into a greasy, slicked back ponytail. His shirt is usually something based around a dragon theme, while black Levis are a necessity. Sensitive Ponytail Man can be spotted at many local hobby shops discussing the undercurrent rumors about the new AD&D (that’s Advanced Dungeon’s and Dragons… noob) playing cards while purchasing a replacement evil orc bishop/dragon pewter figurine to complete his D&D chess set. He is usually found in the cafeteria of your local College reading his own poetry to the new foreign exchange kids (most of whom don’t speak much English, but are too polite to tell him that… not that he would listen). Sensitive Ponytail Man insists that chivalry has not died; in fact every time the 7-11 clerk gives him a penny from the ‘take-a-penny, leave-a-penny’ cup he insists on bowing – always following up with a hearty “Thank you my gracious maiden, I bid you adieu”. His real name is Andrew Eccles, but has had his name legally changed to A.S.K (it’s an acronym for Ace Shadow Knight) because it sounds much more mysterious than ‘Andy’.

Slow Coming Day is Sensitive Ponytail Man. The lyrics are downright cheesy, and Orion Walsh tries to force words to fit into the song melody.

Family Ties
He takes the blame for his family’s pain.
“It’s not your fault son,” I hear them say.
And what does he have now but broken dreams
and only only promises that they’ll never keep.

Can’t you see, this boy is me?
Can’t you see, this boy is me?

No, I didn’t see that coming.

It’s not that they have a bad sound or anything (in fact some of it is fairly catchy), they are just far enough away to make them downright irritating.

$10 says these guys listen to Creed.

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