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Slow but Steady Progress by the Colorado Marijuana Task Force

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The great (and getting greater!) state of Colorado is still in the early stages of deciding how to deal with the new state-wide legalization of marijuana. One issue the special task force is considering is whether or not to place on hold the keeping of marijuana plants that have been seized during criminal investigations. They may just come in handy, one of these days.

A second aspect that the task force has agreed upon is that airports will be required to post signs stating that marijuana purchased in Colorado must stay in Colorado. Similar signs will be erected at state border crossing points.

The Colorado Marijuana Task force is considering regulation of pot grown outdoors. Must the pot be grown in sheds or greenhouses, or would a simple fence around a back yard plot be sufficient? Critics are concerned that such a fence might not be sufficient to keep wandering minors from pot pilferage.

A decision has been made that tourists in Colorado may purchase and ingest the sticky bud, but there may be a limit on the quantities that can be purchased at any one time. That quantity may be set as low as an eighth of an ounce. These decisions by the Colorado marijuana task force are by no means final; their recommendations will be subject to a vote by lawmakers.

At this time we still don’t know how the new legalization will affect criminal behavior or traffic accidents. Some are optimistic that these problems may actually be reduced by the availability of legal marijuana.

One prediction we can make; unless the legislators drag their clichéd feet, we’ll surely see some great and legendary outdoor fests and concerts in Colorado this summer. Woodstock, watch out! Gee— I’m going to need a tent, some beads maybe. I might have to tune up the old Gibson. I just can’t wait!

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    I’m anxiously awaiting implementation guidelines by the Washington State Alcohol and Liquor Board this coming December.