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Slipknot To Sue Burger King Of Coq Roq Commercials!

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The Smoking Gun has issued the following report:

Claiming that its image and persona have been hijacked as part of a marketing campaign for Burger King’s new chicken fries, the costumed heavy metal band SLIPKNOT is threatening the fast food giant with legal action. In an August 4 letter [which can be viewed at TheSmokingGun.com], the band’s lawyers charge that COQ ROQ — a mock metal band featured in new Burger King commercials — was created as a “look-alike, sound alike ‘band’ in order to influence the SLIPKNOT generation to purchase Chicken Fries.”

Counsel for the band notes that COQ ROQ — whose masked members are supposed to resemble badass chickens — has blatantly copied several of SLIPKNOT’s signature masks, including a gas mask, a kabuki-style face covering, and a mask with dreadlocks attached. Details of SLIPKNOT’s beef with Burger King surfaced in connection with an August 12 federal court filing made by the fast food company and its advertising firm. Burger King wants a U.S. District Court judge in Miami to issue a “declaratory judgment” that the COQ ROQ campaign does not infringe on SLIPKNOT’s publicity and trademark rights. As for the similar masks, Burger King lawyers — who apparently read the metal mag Revolver — note that many groups “wear masks and/or make-up to accomplish a mask-like effect, including but not limited to the bands KISS, GWAR, INSANE CLOWN POSSE, MUSHROOMHEAD, MUDVAYNE, MARILYN MANSON, LOS STRAITJACKETS, and the SPITS.”

View a copy of the letter from SLIPKNOT’s lawyers to Burger King and the fast food company’s court filing at TheSmokingGun.com.

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  • I guess Slipknot doesn’t know the meaning of ‘satire’, or that fame will cause you to be mocked.

    I thought the Coq Roq site was pretty funny myself, and well made. Although it wouldn’t emcourage me to buy Chix Fries.

  • Chicken fries sound like a disgusting, poorly-named product, but these are fun, weird commercials.

    I even like the name, “Coq Rock.”

    That is all.

  • “in order to influence the SLIPKNOT generation to purchase Chicken Fries.”

    That will be the most absurd sentence I read all day. Maybe all year.

  • yeah, I think based on the fact that the fake band’s name is Coq Roq, they have this covered under satire.

  • I would urge the SLIPKNOT generation, and, in fact, any generation, to stay resist the urge to purchase Chicken Fries. I am not a part of the SLIPKNOT generation (I technically fall in “gen x”) but I gave in and bought some on a whim. I can verify that these are indeed a food abomination. Hopefully at least the SLIPKNOT generation will heed my warning. Learn from my mistakes, young ones.

  • There’s a slipknot generation?

  • baby jebus

    Slipknot generation!!!!!!!!! hahahahhahahhahahahahhahahhahahahhahahhahahahhahahah WTF?

    Never thought I’d root for the mega corps to win a lawsuit but man Slipknot deserves to lose this.

    Also as an ironic aside, it’s pretty much a known fact that Slipknot ripped off Mushroomhead for much of their ideas/style anyways. So it’s like the pot calling the kettle black.

  • I hadn’t even seen the BK Coq Roq ad when I tried some Chicken Fries — my reaction was

    1) they don’t look anything like the picture on the menu, but are over-cooked and tiny,
    2) they contain very little chicken at all, and
    3) they are WAY overpriced, even if they had been just like the menu picture and substantially meatier.

    I guess Burger King is passing any potential lawsuit judgment on to the customer. I’d sue them myself for false advertisement — anyone for a class action?

  • I can’t believe how edgy those commercials are for a fast food corporation.

    Hmmm, I liked the chicken fries.

  • I support a class action against Burger King! Of course, by “support” I don’t mean that I’d actually do anything to help, just that I’ll gladly cash my settlement check from Burger King if you can get them to mail me one.

  • Because Burger King needed to tap into Slipknot’s music to get the youngun’s to buy chicken in a new shape.

    (Unrelated note: recently purchased chicken strips at BK and was surprised by chicken lightning bolts and stars. Immediate reaction: WTF?)

  • What the hell are chicken lightning and stars?

    I tried the Chicken Fries today to be an educated consumer. They weren’t very good, but I ate them anyway. They were edible, I guess.

    That is all.

  • Chicken lightning and stars are what you have to put in their little thought bubbles when comic strip chickens get angry about something.

    I’m actively avoiding the Chicken Fries. It’s part of my new long term personal health program. I avoid all new versions of unhealthy foods. New candy bars, new fast food products, new soft drinks. I’ll have none of them.

    Eventually the heartless corporations in their constant search for novelty will discontinue all the products I’m still addicted to. If I’ve avoided all the new products, I’ll finally be free.

  • jessica jane

    Well, the only reason I bought Chicken Fries for the first time was because I loved the commercials. I know, it’s sad. But those chik fries are pretttty damn good. I beg for money every night so I can afford them. Siigh..

  • El Bicho

    So when does GWAR sue Slipknot?

  • Marc M

    Maybe slipknot went a little to far if they did the legal actions themselves, but i think its their managers and what not who are doing the sueing for copy rights, highly doubt the actual band really cares, wait for a real letter from the band itself before judging, and if you dont like slipknot, who cares? i dont like gwar or mushroom head, doesnt mean its bad music, i just dont like it, but i dont act like a little girl and say crap about them on their websites. music is what the listener likes, not what other people think about them. Grow up

  • bin

    you should start skateboarding

  • skip alip

    Slow down Slipknot….you havent achieved Metallica status yet.

  • scott

    SlipKnot generation? if there is such a thing i highly doubt they would give a ___ about this issue, nor feel slighted by the commerical

  • Slipknot_BABY

    Alright people…. chill out. Slipknot is a famous band, they can do what they want, they say it once they’ll say it again…. They will not take any shit from anyone. And if I were them I’d do the same…….

  • kevin

    I use to love Burger King untill they changed the logo to a circle and made stuff look all weird. After eating their burgers on a regular basis i lost my gal bladder. I also went to one ordered a chesburger and there was a pile of pubic hair on it in the cheese. I about gave up then but about a month later i went to another Bk in a diff town and more nasty hair was found on my burger. I never went back and never will!! BK sucks

  • . After eating their burgers on a regular basis I lost my gal bladder. I also went to one ordered a cheeseburger and there was a pile of pubic hair on it in the cheese.

    Boy, they seem to have gone down hill since i stopped managing there seven years ago.

    I would expect pubic hair with a different dish, if you get my drift here. But on a cheeseburger?