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SLAYER Guitarist Speaks Out On His Favorite New Band

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Again, from Blabbermouth:

In this month’s issue of Guitar World magazine (the current issue isn’t online yet), SLAYER guitarist Kerry King offered this ringing endorsement of his “favorite new band,” Cleveland’s CHIMAIRA:

“They are my favorite new band, they’re entertaining, which a lot of bands aren’t. To me there’s more than just standing on stage and playing your instrument. That’s boring – you’ve gotta sell it. And these kids love what they do and you can tell. I guess I’d call their sound a takeoff of us and SLIPKNOT, because they do have a programmer and that’s obviously something we’ve never used. He fits in the mix, he sings some backup and he’s entertaining. They’ve got some good stuff going down – it’s heavy and it’s got energy. I don’t think they’re writing the best songs they’re ever gonna write yet, but if they continue down the road that I think they’re potentially going down, they will be a force to be reckoned with.”

I’ve been raving about this band to anyone who will listen for some time now. I first discovered them on Mp3.com, and promptly went and picked up anything I could get my hands on and downloaded every song that wasn’t on those. This band absolutely rocks, and if you haven’t heard them, do yourself a favor and go check them out. The songs on Mp3.com change often. They are an industrial/hardcore band, so if you like heavy music, check them out.

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  • Chimaira has certainly broke the cookie-cutter mold that so many “metal” bands have been using for the past few years.