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Slang Dictionary: “Bucket”

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“Bucket” is a hip-hop word used in New York to describe an oversized fitted cap that’s worn as low over the eyes as possible. Joe Budden, who’s pictured above is a good example of someone who always rocks his “bucket” low. On Jay-Z’s “Blueprint” album he opens the song All I Need with the words:

“My gear is right… (check)
My bucket is low… (check)
My Rocawear is fittin’ incredible…”

Also on the Diplomats album “Diplomatic Immunity” Cam’ron says on the song I Really Mean It:

“Hey yo lock my garage, rock my massage
F*** it, bucket by Osh Kosh Bgosh
Golly I’m gully, look at his galoshes”

I explained the meaning of “bucket” to Jon a few weeks ago and he immediately added it to his own slang.

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  • WestSida Dave

    The real meaning of “bucket” is an old beat to hell ghetto car. The kind with four bald tires and a leaking exaust system with a blown out muffler and rusting primered paint.

  • Munny

    YES.. WestSIDA Dave is right. Thats what bucket means

  • Nicole

    No… a bucket is a low fitted cap… Jay says it in “Show you How”… “BUCKET LOW LIKE F**K IT THOUGH”…
    It’s not a hoopty.