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Skyward Sword is Nintendo’s Biggest Game to Date

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The Legend of Zelda has been one of Nintendo’s most influential and best selling franchises in gaming history for 25 years now and is showing no signs of throwing in the towel as Nintendo ready up the giant birds of Skyloft to deliver us a brand new adventure on the aging Wii system.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is the newest entry into the mysterious Zelda timeline and one which Nintendo is calling the “the biggest game [Nintendo’s] worked on to date” at around 50-100 hours long. As it takes place before the masterful Ocarina of Time and steals the crown as the beginning of the timeline of the 14-year-old classic, we can be sure many questions will be answered about the history of the iconic land of Hyrule.

Nintendo have recently begun to release numerous trailers, gameplay videos and screenshots in advance of the impending November 18th release of the game, which are quickly leaving their impressions on countless websites.

This release of this media has focused on gameplay, story, and even romance as the beginning of the game starts our original “Hero of Time” on the floating island of Skyloft—not the, as of now, undiscovered land of Hyrule.

Link and Zelda’s relationship has been kicked up a gear as the two characters’ “bond” is considerably closer. Like in some previous titles, the two are explained as childhood friends, though Zelda’s royalty status isn’t present in this particular story. Confirmed are the origin stories of Hyrule and its kingdom, the legendary Master Sword, the potential explanation of Gaebora Kaepora, the large guardian owl of previous entries, Ganondorf’s past, and a whole lot more to answer questions about the delicate timeline of the series.

Skyward Sword is to be released on the Wii system on November 18th in Europe, November 20th in North America, November 23th in Japan and, lastly, November 24th for Australia, and will come as a standard edition or bundled with a golden Wii Remote Plus and orchestral CD. The game requires the Wii Motion Plus accessory or a Wii Remote Plus controller.

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