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Skin… or, how to bore your audience to tears.

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I watched the first episode of the new FOX show “Skin” tonight. Yeah, that’s the one that kept showing us those commercials during the baseball playoffs and World Series. That show should have been titled “A Guide On How To Shoot Yourself In The Foot.” Yeah. It was that bad.

Mistake #1: Overhype. People will have had exceedingly high expectations going into the first episode. Takes a helluva show to pull off something that promoted.

Mistake #2: Sloppy Editing. The most distracting and annoying thing possible when watching either tv or a video is when the speech doesn’t match up with lip’s movement. It’s not professional. It says “We don’t care about our show enough to make sure it’s perfect” and if they don’t care, why should we care about it?

Mistake #3: Obvious Plot. Ok, this may not be as bad as the above two points, however, the entire plot was laid out in the commercials. Nothing in the show was remotely surprising. Save yourself the trouble of watching the show and see the 30 second commercial. It doesn’t help that the storyline rips off the most rip-offed story in history, Romeo and Juliet. In the commercial, boy meets girl. Girl’s parents object. Boy’s parents object. Parents already in feud. Boy and girl don’t care and see each other anyway. Yawn.

We’ve got the District Atorney’s son and The Pornographer’s daughter. The DA is trying to take the pornographer down. Of course, the children meet at a party and fall for each other before finding out who each other is.

Somehow this happens in ten minutes, yet the show manages to drag on for another 50 eternit… *cough*… minutes. We’ve got the “shock” of the parents finding out, the DA throwing together a plot with which he can take the pornographer down, “Romeo” and “Juliet” losing their virginity to each other, and the promise from a murderous drug dealer to kill the pornographer. That’s supposedly what will drag us back for another episode. Oh the suspence will be the death of me.

This is really the worst sort of soap opera. Unlike the afternoon fluff the networks show for stay-at-home mothers, this show takes it’s self waaaay too seriously. I would have expected to see this on UPN or after the late night comedians when the only people who have a tv on are lovemakers and perverts.

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  • Kim Britton

    I agree with your review of ‘Skin’ but I feel compelled to comment about your remark about stay-at-home Moms watching sopa opera fluff. I am a stay-at-home Mom because I think that is the best situation for my daughter. I do not, however, have the time to watch soap operas nor the interest. In the rare moments that I have some down time I am more likely to work on my PHP skills or play a computer game like Neverwinter Nights. I also know a number of stay-at-home Moms and not one of them watches soap operas. I simply feel that your comment perpetuates the myth that stay at home Moms do not really ‘work’ and that they hang out watching tv all day. I must admit, however, that stay-at-home Moms are probably watching Sesame Street, Barney and Teletubbies or at least hearing it in the background.

  • The Theory

    I was not trying to say that all do, and I probably should have said stay at home women because I know most parents are busy with kiddies. However, it’s not the go to work women who watch them because they’re working, and it’s not most guys because guys would rather be watching something else or doing nothing at all… or being shot, rather than watch that kind of programing. So that pretty much leaves us with stay at home woman as an audience.

  • Kim Britton

    Thanks! Stay at home women does make more sense – but now I’m wondering who even watches soap operas. I did in junior high, high school and college and remember when Luke and Laura was a really huge thing on General Hospital, which shows my age. I also knew men who watched them as well as working women who taped them and watched them after work. But I don’t know anyone who watches them now – does anyone? This has strayed from the original article, which was about a really bad program … anyway, I appreciate the clarification.

  • Interesting. I can’t disagree with many of your points about the show, but I really enjoyed the performances of Kevin Anderson (the DA) and Ron Silver (the porn king). And the actors playing their spouses were good, considering how little they were given to do. The love story is of no interest to me, though. But I will watch it, if only for the Roam-Goldman feud.

  • My favorite update of “Romeo and Juliet” remains “West Side Story,” though it could be interesting to throw in a juicy legal issue like pornography.

  • The Theory

    yeah, I enjoyed Ron Silver’s acting. It’s kind of disturbing how his character seemed more appealing than the DA’s.

  • Exactly the juicy part of the premise. The straight-arrow DA is really the sleaze while the porn king is a loyal family man.

  • ClubhouseCancer

    The daytime soap opera audience continues to dwindle, in response to Kim and Theory. The reasons are many, but the big ones are:
    1. More cable channel options (true of all network TV)
    2. Fewer stay-at-home moms, the mainstays of the audience.
    3. The graying of the audience.
    4. OJ. When the OJ trial was on for months and months, the nets covered it live and killed their daytime programming in the process. Many of these viewers just never came back.

    I see a real resurgence in the tawdry nighttime dramas like Dynasty and Melrose that used to rule in the 80s and early 90s. These shows can be produced quickly, and aim to esatblish ensemble casts, which cost a lot less than a few established stars. I think Skin and the OC, which are both pretty terrible (although I like Ron Silver, too), are gonna be hits.

    The daytime soaps will continue to gradually disappear, until may be just the MOST successful of them (Y&R, B&B, GH, may be AMC) remain, much like network daytime game shows are now —there’s  really just one left, The Price is Right.
    I used to be in the business.

  • The Theory

    It looks like NBC will be the main network this season to be putting out anything worth watching.

  • CC, I was never able to get into soap operas, though my mother, aunts, sisters, cousins, and a few friends liked them. I think it had something to do with the fact I love to read. In comparison to good novels, soap operas seem stilted and melodramatic.

    Question: If soap operas disappear, how will Procter & Gamble and its competitors sell soap?

  • You have mentioned all the demerits but you didn’t appreciate the good aspects of the play.