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Skater Johnny Weir Verbally Attacked By Gay Commentator On National Television

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It’s not uncommon to see a gay man exhibit blatant homophobia, especially one who desperately needs attention; but even so, I was shocked and appalled by the video of former figure skater and out television personality and commentator Mark Lund ripping three-time National Champion Johnny Weir a new one. So now, I will do the same to him.

A recent special aired on which Mark Lund, Nancy Kerrigan (yes, go on and roll your eyes – I did too), and Lou Tilley weighed in on the upcoming U.S. Figure Skating National Championship, and decided to compare young up and comers Evan Lysacek and Johnny Weir. Throughout the program, Lund repeatedly and vehemently criticized Johnny for being flamboyantly gay – except without really saying those exact words.

Here is the video of the infamous appearance:

“I just can’t get over just how overly out he is without saying he’s out.” Uhh, are we forgetting Mr. Z-List Has-Been that you weren’t out at Johnny’s age either?

“I just don’t think he’s representative of the community I want to be a part of.” What the hell are you even talking about? The gay community wouldn’t want to have a member of it be a three-time U.S. champion and one of the most celebrated male figure skaters since Brian Boitano? Not to mention the fact that Johnny has never actually said he’s gay anyway, insisting that his private life stay his private life. He never asked to be a poster boy for anyone.

But anyone with two ears and a brain can figure out Lund is obviously referring to Johnny’s femininity, of which he clearly disapproves.

Later in the program he says, “Lysacek has a classical elegance and masculinity on the ice that I think we need to see in male figure skating. I’m sorry. I don’t need to see a prima ballerina on the ice.”

What do you mean? Are you forgetting the dozens of effeminate male figure skaters that came before Johnny who were largely successful and beloved by fans of the sport? As sure as I stand, Lund is surely dealing with a ridiculous amount of self-hatred. “Well let’s see, maybe if I criticize everything that seems gay about Johnny Weir, and praise everything that seems straight about Evan Lysacek, the straighties will love me more and forget my eyebrows look like they were done by Zsa Zsa Gabor.”

Watching the program, it’s sickening. He spouts out everything he possibly can to scathingly attack Johnny – as a skater and as a person.

In reference to Evan Lysacek, he says, “He has a classical elegance and masculinity on the ice that I think we need to see in male figure skating.” Okay, we get it. You like Evan because he’s masculine, and you hate Johnny because he doesn’t live up to your oh-so-rigid standards of how a man should move on the ice. I’m really not sure which Evan Lysacek this man has met — or maybe they have some kind of relationship we don’t know about going on behind the scenes — but Evan is hardly the king of masculinity. On one message board someone asked if Evan had grown a beard. Someone then posted a picture of Evan’s rumored girlfriend.

“You cannot — I’m sorry — compare yourself to the lord savior as a figure skater,” he says, in reference to a program Johnny is performing that is loosely based on Jesus Christ.

First off, he’s not comparing himself to Jesus. That’s like saying Jim Caviezel is comparing himself to Jesus because he played him in that horrible film The Passion of the Christ. It’s figure skating, it’s entertainment. And if anyone knows a figure skater’s program tells a story, it’s Johnny Weir, who is known for gliding across the ice like “liquid gold” (a term that figure skating legend Dick Button used to describe how magnificent Johnny’s skating was) and fully submitting yourself to the program as both an athlete and an artist. What’s even funnier is that his beloved Evan was skating to Jesus music RIGHT in the footage they were showing as they continued to blast Johnny like he had murdered their mothers.

Yet another has-been, Nancy Kerrigan goes on to say, “I think that Evan has a more classic style,” which really means he’s less gay, and “it can relate to more people, where Johnny is a little more out there and it’s hard for people at home to relate.” Right, America so relates to Evan Lysacek, and is so turned off by Weir, yet at the 2005 Marshall’s U.S. Figure Skating Showcase, where the winner is based on votes from viewers at home, Johnny came in first. And at this year’s Marshall’s Johnny came in second only to Sasha Cohen. Where was their beloved Evan Lysacek you ask? Oops, he didn’t even make it past the first round. So much for relatability.

How does Kerrigan have her own show? Does anyone even care what she has to say, or how much bigger her nostrils have gotten this year? Like Michael Jensen said over at After Elton.com, “Where’s Tonya Harding and her tire iron when you need her?” This isn’t the first time Ms. Kerrigan has opened up her mouth a little too wide. She was rebuked back in 1994 for complaining and cursing at a Disney parade while her mike was on, unbeknownst to her. Apparently not the sweetheart we thought she was. Let’s not dwell on the fact that the outfit she’s wearing in the video is something I swear I wore to a play rehearsal in third grade. The style died out in the early nineties along with her talent and career.

Johnny has continued to be one of the most talked about and popular skaters in figure skating, and is known for his devoted and visible legion of fans called “Johnny’s Angels.” If anything he brings more people and attention to a sport that often gets overlooked, and is deemed boring by many. His effeminate quality is in a way what makes him such an incredible skater. He has this elegance, this class, fluidity, and grace on the ice that I’ve never seen from a male skater before. His artistry is unrivaled, and his landings are flawless.

Somehow he’s managed to be at the top of the sport, even though he didn’t begin skating until the age of 12. To possess the kind of talent that he does, and not have started skating early in his childhood like most skaters – it’s mind-blowing. He’s a prodigy. Who cares about what he says off the ice? Who cares about how gay you think his costumes are?

The end of the video is what pissed me off the most, especially coming from people who seem to be trying to pass themselves off as legitimate commentators (which is funny seeing as how everything up until this point has been them attacking Johnny based on things that have nothing to do with his performance on the ice). Lou Tilley has the nerve to say, “We can all agree, no matter what community we represent, that the swan thing was a bad idea.” Excuse me? Hold on, give me a second to wipe up the coffee I just spit all over my damn keyboard.

Johnny’s signature “The Swan” program was the first thing I’d ever seen him skate, and to date the most beautiful program from a male skater I have seen in my life. It literally brought me to tears. Thirty seconds of his swan program owns half the skaters today’s lives. Johnny’s had some flat programs over the years, some pretty self-indulgent. But how you can criticize “The Swan” is just beyond me and proof enough that these people either have no idea what they’re talking about or are just purposely trying to ruffle up some feathers in the name of their excuse for a show that no one had even heard of before yesterday.

Maybe Lund was attempting to scrape up some semblance of celebrity by going on this tirade against a beloved figure skater. Maybe he thinks it makes him look cool and hip to be criticizing popular skaters. Funny thing is, his plan seems to have backfired. Not only are Johnny Weir’s fans out for his blood, but the gay community is bending him over and spanking him with a wet paddle as if he were a red-headed stepchild. Some of the comments have been both hilarious and downright brutal.

"He went from zero (I had never heard of the ass until today) to my shit list in record time (the time it took to view the video)."

"Obviously Mr Lund scored an 12.5 on “straight acting.com” & he prefers his skaters in black leather a la Rob Halford, rather than in Freddy Mercury spandex"

"As for Johnny, he is only 21, and at a time in his life where he’s still figuring out what he believes and who he is. Mark Lund wasn’t able to come out at this age so it’s hypocritical of him to insist that Johnny do it."

"What the hell is wrong with Lund? Why is it always the Queen with the low self-esteem bringing everyone down, especially their own. Maybe Lund is just jealous that Johnny does all those girly things on the ice that he never had the guts to do in his own career, and Johnny more then succeeds at it.

Good luck in that little pool of misery that you live in. I don’t put up with homophobia (or in his case “feminiphobia”) from straight people and I most certainly won’t put up with it from gay ones."

Looks like Mr. Lund is clearly headed for rock bottom, and I can’t wait to rejoice as Johnny wins his fourth national title and Mark gets cast on the next season of The Surreal Life (he has nothing better to do, as he was fired from International Figure Skating magazine). What can you do to stop this sad soul from doing this again? Contact him through website or via his Wikipedia page (which by the way, he edits himself) and give him a piece of your mind. Good luck to Johnny and Evan (who are both fine skaters) at this year’s Nationals.

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  • Lund has been out since 19

    What an ignorant moron the writer of this blog is. I’ve known Lund since he was in High School and he came out when he was 19. So what does Johnny Weir actually do for a living besides bitch? They don’t pay you to walk a red carpet.

  • A great fan of Johnny Weir

    Johnny, it doesn’t matter what anyone says or thinks about you. You have to know you are at the very top when it comes to skating. You were the first male skater I felt had creativity on the ice. You are so much fun to watch and so entertaining. Love ya

  • Jennifer

    Who cares what he thinks?

  • Kareen

    People like Mark Lund is probably another person like Anti Gay Rights Senator Roy Ashburn who recently came out of the closet.
    Those who object a little too much are suspect to me.

  • Kareen

    For heavens sake leave Johnny Weir alone.
    He is a terrific skater, a nice human being and that is what should matter.
    I am an old straight woman, have seen him skating and have seen him being interviewed and find him a well spoken nice person.
    Gays have enough to deal with in life without people thrashing him and questioning his sexual orientation.
    What he does in his private life is not our business, period

  • Carl

    I am happy to see all the positive comments about Johnny and, as always, I am saddened to see the comments by Mark Lund and all of the other self loathing, homosexual homophobes. I am not surprised when I see it from homophobic american heteros, but, for some reason I am still in shock when I hear it from one of our own. As a big fan of Adam Lambert I guess I should be used to it. Pretentious, holier than thou homos refusing to recognize his talent and constantly tearing him down, accusing him of giving us all a bad name because he doesn’t act the way they do or want him to when in reality it is their own jealousy and hatred for one of their own that is giving us a bad name. I find the situations very similar and equally disgusting…

  • d1r31

    Johnny is a great skater – graceful, artistic. I don’t know anything about skating, so when the critics say that his program wasn’t technically difficult/ athletic enough to beat Lysachek, I can’t really argue the point. Plushenko was obviously athletic, but his choreography sucked. I respect Johnny’s desire to keep some parts of life private. As far as being flamboyant — I think a beautiful, talented man can get away with it. He’s definitely more interesting and eye-catching than most of the others. Many people, like Lund, are envious of pretty young things with talent and bright futures. It’s a shame that they feel it is necessary to share their bitterness and discontent in public. However, Johnny still shines brightly while Lund just seems small-minded and dull.

  • Tabby Cat

    For those of you who are attacking Johnny’s personality and all, you have to remember he’s a kid. 25 isn’t all that old, after all; he’s still got some maturing to do, and it isn’t easy to mature when you spend most of your time as a performer. While, yes, sometimes Johnny is annoying, he’s no more annoying than any other 25 year old kid. I actually — grudgingly — like him, when he’s not being ZOMG DRAMAZ. With a little time, I think he’ll mellow and stop being so silly… he’s a great skater, and doesn’t need to dramatize things so much. And seriously? Do we really need to know whether the boy is gay or not? Does that mean anything, really? I doubt it. I don’t think it’d make him less of a skater. Hell, most of our greatest male skaters are feminine at the least!

  • Morgana

    I’m sorry, Mark Lund, but we wanna see a prima ballerina as Johnny Weir, because he’s amazing, wonderful and talented. As a Brazilian, I had been watching all Vancouver 2010 skating performance and I’ve just loved Johnny. Ok, Lysacek is handsome and I love him, too, but Johnny has also my respect.

  • Khufu

    Way to go Chris! Lund is just jealous that Johnny has the balls to be who he is. Which is a very talented, hard working, creative, hot, skater. Anybody who has a problem with somebody being authenthic and genuine has a problem with themself. I don’t see any reason to label anybody and Johnny’s got the right idea, Lund is the screwed up one who tried to make a big splash by coming out. So What? we already knew. Johnny is who he is and that is fine with me.

  • Dave

    I see a hell of more in Jonny Weir than I do in mark Lund. Jonny is going places.

  • Hershell L.

    Johnny Weir embodies the exact stereotype that fuels homophobia and bigotry. As a gay man that is often chastised by other gay men for not being “gay enough”, I take offense to Weir and other camp gay men in the spotlight. I mean, the spandex and sequins are part of figure skating, but he is so blatantly feminine that it’s revolting.

    Call me a bigot, you all are too!

  • Gay Man In America

    I am sick of guys like Johnny Weir giving gay men a bad name. I think Marlboro Man had it exactly right in an earlier post. He needs to take it down a notch or fifty. His actions just goes to support the stereotyping of gay men and as one myself I am sick of the “I am different hear me roar”!

  • BillyCole

    What is wrong with questioning the sexuality of a what appears to be an extremely feminine person….call it like it is…if he does not like to be called a girl then stop acting like one!

  • Mark Lund is a douche who needs attention and is using Johnny Weir to get it

  • Zannah

    I’m a grandmother and I think Johnny Weir’s skating is both inspired and divine. I am a lover of ballet and knew both Fonteyn and Nureyev and I put him up there. After I saw him being interviewed for his comments about the judges’ scores, I now add that he is a man of grace and great sportsmanship as well.

    I hope he continues skate dancing for us for a long time yet.

  • aysu

    I’m from Turkey and I don’t hnow who is this stupid man.I’m just a fan of Johnny Weir.This idiot man shows and shouts out loud that he lacks character. I don’t care about skater’s sexual choices.But I want to see elegance and grace on ice.That makes the sport beautiful.That grace can be seen in Johnny Weir and Evgeni Plushenko. And when it comes to Evan Lysacek’s masculine elegance.Are you kidding me?He has no elegance.When they say something like that they think they will label everyone so then everyone will think that way.Sorry, we have got our eyes,and we can see who is elegant and who is not…This man is obviously very jealous of Johnnw Weir.

  • Iryna

    Listen, everyone! Johny Weir is the best of the best! The figure skaters like him is like a Mozart in music world. I was crying how they push him out to the six place on this Olympics.And that Lusacek like a jaunt tree, no grace. he did the job, but he did’t do anything more.I forgot about his performance while he was still dancing.What kind of shit is that!I that Olympics is for the sport, without prejudice and favors.

  • Hali

    I couldn’t believe the obvious discrimination against Johnny Weir exhibited by the commentators. He had a terrific performance and there was this condensending, patronizing laughter after his perfect jumps instead of praise. “Oh, it’s Johnny!” They favor some athletes and so openly show their dislikeness of others. I am not a gay, this is the first time I ever heard and watched Johnny Weir and was quite impressed by his performance, but more so surprised by the commentators.

  • Rob

    Not much into figure skating anymore. Used to like it but it seems sports are more corporate and controlled by white rich wealthy businesses who seem obsessed with making profit out of sexualizing sports and objectifying people than really caring about the “old fashioned grace and beauty” that once existed in all sports. Including gymnastics. There are coaches who molest boys and girls in sports and seem to get away with that. They aren’t locked in prison because they are “protected” to keep their mouths shut. Sad.
    Gays always existed in sports. That’s not the problem. It’s the new rules, the judges,costumes, styles. I prefer the old school skating.

  • Sofie

    I don’t care if Johnny is gay or not, he is a brilliant ice skater and a true role model for all feminine men. I hope Johnny is proud of himself and I applaud his strength to be true to who he is.

  • Lynn Grant

    Put Mark Lund into your google search engine and see what comes up…NOTHING, my point exactly!!!

  • JJ

    I don’t have any problem at all with Johnny Weir’s femininity, his costumes OR his very impressive, graceful skating style. Lund was wrong to criticize him for not having a masculine style, that’s his personal preference.

    That said, I do have a problem with Weir’s rudeness and flippant attitude, which borders on unsportsmanlike at times, and his adolescent style of attention-seeking behavior. I don’t have a clue whether that’s related to his experiences growing up gay, but it’s certainly not limited to gay folks, that’s for sure. There was a straight Norwegian skier the other night that fit that bill, and Bode Miller also fits that mode, for a couple examples.

    But Weir could take a lesson from Rudy Galindo, who was flamboyantly feminine and also modest, a nice guy, and a good sport.

  • Chris

    Why do some gays act like such flamers?

    Define flamer.

  • tw

    Why do some gays act like such flamers? If you want to suck another dude’s schlong, fine. But why act like such a bitch about it?

  • Oscar

    Something to talk about anyway. Go Johnny.

    Peace, ya’ll

  • Meda Lukkasson

    I am so sick to death of folks assassinating Johnny Weir’s character! All the assumptions about his private choices, if he’s not hitting on you, WTF do you care? He said he’s focused on more important things. Good for Johnny! So NONE-YA!! If he chooses to refrain from “telling” that is so his prerogative. Mr. Weir’s wonderful skating has zero to do with his private choices. The strength, commitment, dedication and artistry that his skating commands really transcends gender and is the opposite of overtly sexual in its content. I think it speaks volumes about the Federation, Media, and his competitors in the way they disparage him and fail to support him in his endeavors on the ice. I saw a ‘bit’ where he encouraged his fans to support Evan when Evan was skating in Worlds. That my friends, is Integrity. I think Johnny is deserving of American support, respect for his effort and for his pursuit of excellence. Gay-Schmay, the young man is brilliant!! I’ll tell you what, if he can shine in the face of so many flinging excrement, he certainly has my respect, my prayers, and my support. Strength and Honor Mr. Weir!! Hold your head up and SKATE! You are golden to so many of us already!-Meda Lukkasson

  • Weir-Do Hair Do

    Mary Lund (spelling intentional) is an idiot. However, Johnny’s swan was a mess. Total mess. I love him anyway.

    Why all the anti-woman hate? Don’t like Nancy either but Lund’s comment gets attention here, but the women it’s appearance. And not just Nancy, women in general. Jealous much, Marys?

    Poster #25 has a point too. Worth considering for some of you haters.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be sauntering down the street as a fierce 100 percent biological female while you all either drool from admiration, hate and/or envy. Or design a dress for me…

    Y’all know I’m right.

    Weir for president!

    me (smooches bitches)

  • Alan

    Go Johnny. He is back in great form and I support him 110%. I love his androgyny and fluidity and he is an artist as well as a fierce competitor.

  • carol

    O crikey! Why should Johhny have to declare if he is or is not gay? He is a skater, I find him much of a divo, for my personal taste but appreciate his artistic skills. Why do we need to label everyone? Lund, why do you need him to label himself? Would it be ok with you if he came “out” officially.
    Get a life!

  • Chris

    @Kansas–and what exactly is a “real guy”?

  • kansas

    I’m watching Johnnny Weir skate right now with some white feathery thing wrapped around his neck. If he wants to skate in the women’s competition, fine, but I don’t want him representing what real guys look like in the U.S.

  • Marlboro Man

    I have no issue with Weir’s obvious gender confusion. He is clearly transgendered, and there is nothing wrong with that. I personally find Lund’s comments within the realm of acceptability. There is something to be said for a Man who acts traditionally masculine in an art widely perceived as gay or feminine. Weir’s flamboyance is too intentional and too in your face for me to enjoy his prowess. Again, it is not his transgendered nature that bothers me, it is the theatrics that overshadow his skill. It all feeds into a will and grace “Just Jack” mentality that some gays take to be liked by straight people, i.e, “maybe they’ll accept me if I make them laugh” . I mean who wouldn’t love a clown in feather dreaming of lady parts he does not have yet.

  • Drink Your Haterade

    The bitter one here isn’t Mark Lund, it’s the writer who attacks anything and everything he perceives as even remotely anti-gay. Get a life, Mary.

  • Manuel

    Mark Lund shows the word “gay” on his forehead just by looking at him, so I don’t know how come he is so critical about gay people now… OMG.

  • wind

    manybe lund just was telling his mind. his is effeminate, so he love masculine guys. understandable but not very professional. hope he can find his masculine guy. best wishes to him.

  • Amanda

    Ooops it wasn’t him who died, sorry.

  • Amanda Shank

    He’s dead now :D… the self loathing ass killed himself. And Johnny’s skating just gets better and better. LOVE HIM. I’ve been following his career since ’02 and following figure skating since ’88 (I was 5).

  • skatingfan

    A wee moment of silence for the passing of Chris Bowman.

  • skatingfan

    Who cares if someone is gay or not? The only division in skating is between men and women. Who is this Lund loonie to make such a fuss? Grace and beauty are a part of good skating as much as staying on your feet. I think it would be interesting to see men skating in little skimpy costume like the women have to do. Unfortunately, that’s probably against the rules. I love that new rule where the women have to give the judges a nice crotch shot while putting undo stress on their hip joints. Please explain how anyone can justify that one. It’s not even beautiful or graceful, but I’m not into beaver.

  • Keith Joza, Chicago

    What arises from decades of television production and the ever-increasing American “freedom to speak our mind” complex is what we witness here in this sad television show. Rather than choosing to educate the viewer as Dick Button did and put forth a positively critical assessment of Johnny Weir’s talent, two of the three commentators trolled the muck of social commentary with a woefully pathetic personal assault. Where is the integrity of our media producers who allow this to pass as quality programming? Let us all hope that there will be a spark of wisdom in control booths across the nation as commercial breaks provide the necessary time to put the foolishness back in the closet and get down to the business of responsible television broadcasting.


    There are other skaters Johnny’s age who behave with more maturity and less pretentiousness than he does. I could name several, and some of them are gay, but that is beside the point. How can I take someone seriously who says “Paris Hilton will rule the word” and who has the work ethic of a homeless bun. Everytime he craps out on the ice, it’s his fault; he’s too busy making up his “hot” list on his website, he’s not training the way a world champion should. Maybe if the US was more supportive of their male skaters, it would be different, but still that is no excuse for the past year where he has made a fool of himself on ice and off ice, especially in print. You can find a thousand twinks just like him in any false-ass attitude bar or pretentious coffee house; this one just has skating lessons. He needs to shut up and stop criticizing everything and everybody and just fucking skate. He’s the most fluid and graceful US male we’ve had ever, but he fails to capitalize on it. He a great skater but a shitty athlete. I’m no fan of Lysacek, I find him awkward and dated; Frank Carroll is ancient and he makes his skaters skate that way; Lysacek is just a recycled Chris Bowman with skinny legs and no ass. Johnny could totally skate circles around this guy, but chooses not to. I am sick of people coming up with excuses for him; he’s a shitty athlete and competitor. The most celebrated US male skater since Boitano? GURL PLEASE – Boitano had a work ethic that bordered on the supernatural, THAT’s why he won all of his titles. Don’t compare Johnny to him; Johnny couldn’t change Brian’s jockstraps.

  • sadghdskgjh

    uhmmm….fuck you. <3
    i'm sure johnny is alot better than you at everything, not to mention, he's drop dead gorgeous.
    he's amazing, you're nothing. Obviously you're jealous if you have to make a website about him.

  • Mark Lund is a bottom. He want to see “masculine men” on ice” because he can’t imagine having sex with a another bottom like Weir. Period. Get over it, girl.

  • Kimberlyclark

    Evan landed all his jumps buy he is gawky physically. His harms and legs have no line. It’s not his fault it’s just how he’s built. Is that what Lund thinks is Masculine? God forbid someone should be graceful on the ice. Kerrigan should be ashamed of herself, after all her years in skating to not speak up for a more balanced view of the sport. Come to think of it she could give Weir lessons on on butching it up. Or is it now wrong for women skaters to be “athletic” on the ice rather than “ethereal”

  • ad

    WOW…I have never heard of this show or whatever before, but when i read this article i was stunned.
    1st off-Chris, you are AMAZING! i love this article you wrote & the things you had to say.

    I am a huge fan of Johnny Weir and I am SOO tired of people putting him down. I hear it all the time, even from people I have skated with. I am always sticking up for him and will continue to do so. He is what figure skating is about, the beauty and the grace. Who cares what he has to say off the ice or how he wants to keep his life private? Just because he is famous, the world doesnt need to know what he does in his free time. Plus, I agree with most things he has said that were critisiced… Who does Lund think he is? No one really knows him anyway & now that they do, they dont like him. Evan is a wonderful athlete as well, but why is it always these two who get talked about? Even though they may have been discussing the US Nationals, why doesnt anyone EVER really discuss Emanuel Sandhu? His style of skating and outfits is close to Johnny’s and maybe even more “out there.” Johnny has shown what a great skater he is winning 3 nat. titles and getting fan votes on Marshalls. He started later at the age of 12 & was given a natural talent.

    as a skater myself, i can say how ugly this sterotyped graceful and pretty sport can get.

    Good Luck to Johnny and Evan this wkend at Natl’s.

  • PS: for anyone interested in skating, and the gender issues involved, I’d highly recommend Ellyn Kestnbaum’s book Culture on Ice:

    An interesting point she makes is that instead of the “hetero-male gaze” used by many critics of dance choreography, the dominant gaze in skating (aside from judges) is hetero-female, and one which is distinct from the hetero-female gaze of the culture-at-large, because it’s informed by technical knowledge of skating. Hence perhaps the cry for Johnny’s — or any skater’s — personal life to be *kept* private and seperated from the skating. A straight female skating fan *might* prefer Johnny to be straight, but ultimately that’s irrelevant in the face of the quality and/or gaps in his technique and choreography.

  • Before joining you in ripping Lund a new one, let me qualify a couple of points that are in favor of the Lund/Kerrigan/Whoever segment:

    Point 1: Someone claiming to be Lund replied (I think on USFSA), about where he’s coming from. His argument is basically the tired one about why people should be outed, but it says: “Mr. Weir is an individual who enjoys all the rights of the gay community without coming out to support the gay community…. With Mr. Weir posing for photos wearing heels and elaborate makeup… I say, ‘Please don’t insult the grand drag queens of yesterday and today, unless you thank them for their tireless efforts of days past and present by acknowledging them publicly.'” Assuming this is really Lund, and that he’s not backpedalling just to get off the hook, perhaps it’s not homophobia and self-hate that motivate him so much as a political agenda to out people. *That* argument will be left aside for the moment, but excuse me but exactly what benefits from the gay community are Johnny in particular enjoying?

    Actual point 2: Kerrigan says that Johnny’s two new programs this year seem a little “flat”. So far I have to agree, based on Skate Canada and Russia. At the Marshall’s “Skate Idol” he went back to the Swan, and it was manna not only for many of us Johnny fans, but Dick Button & co. were jizzing their pants over it. His new programs needed work to be competitive — I hope he’s had the time to put that in.

    Point 3: Johnny is talked about in some circles like he’s an Olympic champion, even though he (*and* Evan Lysachek) have some ground to cover before they can go head to head with the world champion level guys like Lambiel, Joubert (3 quads in his long program), Plushenko, and the Japanese Men.

    Of course I suspect one *reason* for this — quite apart from noteriety — is that Johnny’s skating, (like arguably Sasha Cohen’s as well) utterly trancsends the sport aspects of figure skating, and can move even casual Olympic spectators who normally would prefer to watch Ice-Hockey.

    Everything else those three said against Johhny and in favor of Evan was either calculated BS meant to hype the rivalry for the casual fan, or just malicious verbal diorrhea. Evan is “more classical?” Hello, classical is Ballet, or if you want, the more Russian style of men’s skating, which ever since Jackson Haines has been the more classical, in tension with the more modern “masculine” programs like Joubert’s “Matrix”.

    Evan’s a good skater, has a great chance — like Weir — at winning Nationals if he’s healthy, but his choreography is boring. It’s like any other male skater, except that he doesn’t bring the fire of a Plushenko or the Technical tour de force of Joubert. He over-uses head rolls, and the final legs spread ending pose in all his programs.

    You’ve already made the point about Johhny’s ‘relatability’ and Marshalls. Funny, I read sashafans, which tends to have a slightly younger and I suppose hetero-girl audience that for the most part favors Evan. Many of them, even still, are adamant that Johnny’s skating should be allowed to speak for itself, and that Lund went beyond the pale.

    Sorry for the excessive verbiage.

  • jojo

    Oh, Lundy’s just jealous of a younger, hotter, way-more talented guy who still has all his hair.

    And Kerrigan has always been a nasty little piece of work. She had the whole country’s sympathy behind her because of that crack to the knee she took, and still managed to blow it by being snotty to an orphan (Oksana Baiul), generally acting ungrateful and rude and then having an affair with a married man and breaking up his family. She’s just a cow.

    Mickey makes a good point – FIGURE SKATING FANS JUST DON’T CARE IF THE SKATERS ARE STRAIGHT, GAY, WHATEVER. They could be sleeping with ferrets for all anyone cares. It’s all about the beauty of the skating.

    Mark Lund and Nancy Kerrigan claiming that people can “relate” better to Evan Lysacek was obviously absurd; whenever Johnny and Evan go head-to-head in a public vote in competition, Johnny crushes Evan hands down. Clearly, the fans relate to Johnny very, very well, and Lund and Kerrigan are trying to promote an agenda that has no basis in fact at all.

  • Mickey

    Mark Lund has done a terrible disservice to American ice skating with this little hissy fit. It’s exactly this sort of nonsense that drives people away from watching skating because it caters to the erroneous notion that people care about this non-issues. I don’t give a hoot if a skater is gay and/or masculine anymore than I care if he is vegetarian. I certainly don’t want some blow-hard commentator talking as if it mattered at all. We can only hope that not many people saw this show. I will say that it looked to me like the other two people were quite uncomfortable with what he was saying, but they should have done more to disagree with him. The oddest aspect of that commentary, IMHO, was the slamming of Weir’s costume. I know people made fun of the orange glove in the swan costume, but that costume was hardly the most outrageous one on display in competitions last year.

  • Tristan

    Oh, please. Mark Lund was never even anywhere near famous enough to have become a has-been who could actually qualify for The Surreal Life. You have to have actually made the B-List (or at least the C- or D-List) at some point in your career, and then fallen down to a complete loser nobody, before you can get on The Surreal Life. No one ever knew who Mark Lund was.

    Lund is just a sad, pathetic loser who is obviously unhappy with himself and never really accepted his sexuality (for all his claims of being “open” about being gay, it’s pretty clear he isn’t very comfortable with it at all), so he rages at people like Weir who are at ease with who they are and show it. It’s just your typical self-loathing queen behavior. Y-a-a-wn.

    Now, Kerrigan is enough of a washed-up has-been to make the Surreal Life. That I’d like to see. The Ice Bitch locked in a house with, say, the kid from ‘Mr. Belvedere’ and MC Hammer. Good stuff.

  • Eric

    As a gay man, I would like to say that Johnny Weir can represent me and my community any time. Mark Lund, on the other hand, is exactly the kind of self-hating hypocritic that we all wish would just disappear, as he does nothing but hurt us all with his idiotic stereotypes and vicious comments. His need to launch personal attacks against other men for not being “masculine” enough is obviously just an attempt to cover up his own insecurities about himself.

    And if everyone is just so sure that Evan’s more masculine skating style makes him heterosexual, then how come he is never subjected to questions about which gender he sleeps with the way Johnny is? Why doesn’t it go both ways? I keep hearing that because Johnny “acts gay” that means he is opening himself up to have his sexuality questioned; so why isn’t Evan opening himself up to having HIS sexuality questioned by “acting straight”? Seems pretty biased to me.

  • Jewel

    Sounds like Mr. Lund is filled with self-loathing, so he makes himself feel better by attacking a talented young athlete with disparaging remarks about his actions and appearance. I don’t know who this Lund character is, and I don’t care, but he is trying to bask in Johnny’s spotlight by making controversial remarks about him. Make yourself famous by criticizing the famous. Well this pompous windbag has now had his 15 minutes of fame at Johnny’s expense, so please go away.

    Johnny Weir’s honesty, hilarious comments and outrageousness has earned him many fans and much media attention. He is colorful and controversial, and many people know who he is, even those who don’t follow skating. He is generating interest in skating again, and is like a breath of fresh air. I like the fact that he takes risks and can thumb his nose on occasion at the skating establishment.

    Johnny skates in a classic, balletic style that is much appreciated, especially in Europe. He is very musical, detailed-oriented, and pleasing to watch. Evan is more of a steady, “meat & potatoes” type of skater. He is a good technician, but is not as artistic or as lyrical as Johnny. Both men are talented but stylistically very different. The only reason Johnny might not retain his title is because he hasn’t been able to train as much, and he had admitted to this. Still, he has enough talent to pull off another win, so he should not be written off just yet.

  • Anonymous

    I thought I was the only person who watched this show! I am glad you wrote this great article and called Lund on his ludicrous comments!
    Cheers to you!

  • Ray

    Lund should step down from ever offering any skating commentary again. Any institution that hires him for that task risks losing respectability. His petty and useless diatribe against a 3-time champ who has all the admiration from the likes of Button and Fleming demonstrates a personal vendetta (in response to a perceived snub or just plain jealousy over real popularity and respect?)to attack a would-be easy target for personal gain (Lund’s name was probably uttered at the water cooler for a cool five-minutes).
    In any case, what Lund proposes would be the death-blow to an already threatened sport, one whose popularity unfortunately may never reach the same heights it did after Harding’s blow.

    When individuality and creative expression from the likes of Weir should give total way to forgetful, cookie-cutter “masculine” programs such as those of Elvis Stoyko, is when viewers stop paying to see men skate.

    And I’ve met Evan Lycasek. He ain’t that butch, girl. His beard is more than literal, if ya know what I mean…

  • Olga

    That segment was embarrassing for the so called ex “great skater” hosts. They showed they know nothing about a sport they should know everything about. The comment by Kerrigan that not many people can relate to Johnny….ummm Johnny’s Angels and Marshalls Challenge. How could you not relate to him? He’s amazing. Their critique of his programs and costumes was childish.

    I am also appalled at the general way they treated Johnny. He is a champion. They showed no respect for him what so ever and basically dismissed him. No encourgagement or warmth for him for Nationals but instead already decided Lysacek would be champ. Lets see them treat Michelle Kwan like that.

    All they did is emphasize their lack of figure skating knowledge, their stupidity and idiocy. It was so incredibly childish and silly, it was actually funny.

    We love Johnny and always will!!!

  • Candace

    Go, Chris! Lund’s self-loathing homophobia was appalling to watch. It is unbelievable that he would actually attack the three-time National Champion and suggest that he is unworthy of the title for not being “masculine” enough! And really, someone should tell Nancy Kerrigan that if Ladies’ skaters were similarly judged on their “daintiness” and ladylike appearance, her giant horse teeth would have disqualified her every time.

    When will USFSA and old-school hypocrites like Lund realize that Johnny’s individuality is exactly why he is the most popular male figure skater there is right now? They can promote Evan and ignore Johnny all they want, but the fans just keep on loving Johnny! Lund is only a celebrity in his own mind, but Johnny Weir is a star.

  • Meagan Kelley

    A huge round of applause for this article. Chris Evans has put the spotlight on Mark Lund’s hypocrisiy and bigotry in a remarkably tasteful and well-written article.

    In more than 20 years of watching figure skating, I have never heard the kind of vitriolic homophobia exhibited by Mark Lund. That it comes from a gay man makes it that much more outrageous, as well as laughable.