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Sitting In With Trey Anastasio

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Friday, December 3 my Dad (Bill Kreutzmann) and I went to see our new friend Trey Anastasio (formerly of Phish) at the Warfield Theater here in San Francisco. Walking in, I noticed a dressing room with Mickey & Billy written on the door. “How nice,” I thought, “they even gave us a room to hang out in.” But they had other plans up their sleeves.

Trey asked Dad and Mickey Hart (the other Grateful Dead drummer) if they’d sit in with his band. After they couldn’t talk their way out of it Dad and Mick decided it would be fun. Using Trey’s iPod to teach the other guys in his band Grateful Dead tunes they all decided on what to play.

After Trey’s amazing band performed for about an hour he did a short acoustic set. Hearing the Stones LOVING CUP was pretty cool. Especially as it came right after Trey got pissed at someone in the crowd for throwing a cup and hitting him on stage. Out of that, Dad and Mickey joined Trey’s band for great versions of “Iko Iko,” “Going Down The Road Feeling Bad,” Eyes Of The World” and Casey Jones.” OK, so “Casey Jones” was a little rough but Trey’s band had to try and learn the tune right before they went on stage. The audience really seemed to enjoy it. So did the band. Dad was raving about how much fun he had in the car home.

On December 17th, Trey, Dad and Mike Gordon (also from Phish) are playing a Christmas show that Warren Haynes does every year. If that goes well who knows….

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  • mark b

    justin you are a little younger than me but I play in a band also for nearly 27 years with the same band a few changes as the road wears people down but I love doing your dads band material along with our own. do you know of were I might be able to send my music for someone in the movie busniness to listen too. I have always invisioned my songs in a movie .kinda of wierd but I know it would work for certain moods of the movie scene, maybe only you know what i am talking about !!
    thanks ,oh bye the way I really loved your dads work in the 70’s doing most of the drum work alone there was no one who could touch his skills for the music the dead were doing back then

  • Killer. Downloading the Wheel as we speak. That’s one I’ve never seen before. A real bonefied movie eh! That’s great. How about letting some blogcritics be extras!? Ya know I did a little acting in college….Just kidding, I really did do some acting in college and learned one thing. I suck as an actor.

  • Well Mat I’m working on a movie right now for Paramount. Can’t really talk about it until all the deals are in place. As for my old videos, I just up loaded a couple to my blog.

  • When do we get to see some of your work, Justin? I know of the videos you did for Jerry and the Dead, but what have you been doing since then? I’d love to see some other work of yours.

  • I know the show was recorded, I don’t know if they are going do anything with it on Nugs.net.

  • Justin, welcome aboard. I’m a fan of your father’s work. Do you know if the show was recorded? I gotta start searching the torrents.