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Amazon Web Services rolled out a new version of their software last night. Nobody is happy about it. All AWS access is hit-or-miss, mostly miss. As a result, new entries weren’t showing up at all, comments would cause a page not to be rebuilt, and so on.

I have temporarily disabled Amazon links. When Amazon gets their stuff working again, we’ll turn them back on.

Please, posters, continue to put the ASINs in the ‘Extended Entry’ field. They won’t show up right away, but they will later. I hope Amazon will fix this today, even, but as I write this, they haven’t responded yet.

Thanks for your patience.

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  • The errors appear to have gone away, though the retrievals are still a little slow. They’re finally fast enough that I’ve turned them back on, though. If they slow down or break again, I’ll have to turn them off again.

  • AWS broke again. I’ve turned it off again. The pages lack color and spice again. Sigh.