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Site Maintenance, June 25, 2009, 4-7am Pacific

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WarningThursday morning, June 25, 2009, the Technorati Operations department will be performing network maintenance that will require Technorati sites, including this one, to be offline from 4am to 7am Pacific Time (11am-2pm GMT). We regret this necessity, and hope that the changes made during this time results in a faster and more reliable site in the future.

Regular readers of Blogcritics know that we have been experiencing issues with performance and availability for several weeks, as Technorati has relocated more than 1000 servers, including those that serve Blogcritics.org. All of the machines are now in the new datacenter, and things have been settling down, but slowly.

There are still things to be worked out in the new datacenter, and the June 25 maintenance outage will enable the Ops team to make many changes at once. In the meantime, writers, please continue to write! You'll be able to submit your articles once the maintenance window is over. Readers, please check back if you find a page won't load! We won't lose any data, and all articles will return.

We are very sorry for the frustration these technical issues have caused for readers, writers, and editors of Blogcritics.org. We hope to deliver a much, much better experience in the future. Please stick with us as we work hard to give you the best experience possible, as readers, as writers, and as editors.

Again: Thursday morning, June 25, 2009, 4-7am Pacific, is a planned maintenance outage window.

Update: The maintenance window is now closed, and the site should now operate without interruption.

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  • kim

    that could be understatement of the week. In a literal sense it’s really turned into a mom and pops site – nothing works and you never get a reply!

  • What you’re seeing is the Peter Principle in action, applied to the corporate level.

    It’s no longer a mom& pop site, and those are the breaks.

  • Has technorati been hacked or gone into bankruptcy? The support forums are littered with complains, closed topics and the newest posts seem to be 2 months old. I can not log out, cleared cache, cookies, reset all three browsers, now i cant log in. Cant post any messages in support, login takes me to home page, and other links take me to..well it’s a lottery where i end up. I can not log in, reset password, activation code doesnt work, get taken back to home page. By the comments in the forums I would say technorati is done

  • Swell!

  • Irene Wagner

    But I’m busy reading your article and associated thread now. I dasn’t comment before I’ve read it all three times.

  • Irene Wagner

    LOL…Look at the book’s title.

  • you’d better …

  • Well, you don’t have to do add more shit to the pile. And I’d better get your fill of BC before they shut down. I’ll stick around if you’re game. It’s boring without other minds.

  • Irene Wagner

    No, Roger Nowosielski. It is only for geeks who are complete idiots.

  • hmph

  • Only if you’re a geek.

  • Is this book recommended reading?