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Many people have an on ongoing love/hate relationship with technology. I love it, for the most part. Every gadget and gizmo has its own appeal, it seems, these days. My favourite new piece of technology, and not one of horrendous technological prices, is the telephony one can use via computers with IP phones.

It’s rare today that one buys something and it exceeds expectations, yet earlier this week, I bough a VOIP phone. I have friends overseas, and ringing via regular telephony methods, even accounting for discounted rates, is still hugely expensive. VOIP phones can also be used within one’s own country to telephone land lines, also at a hugely less expensive rate than one’s normal land line. Broadband/DSL was made for more than just surfing — the very core of it, if developed correctly, is to make communicating easier for everyone.

With the VOIP phones and using a service such as Skype, these phones have huge advantages because they erase difficulties, whether they be financial or just ease of use. VOIP phones help, if like me, you often let your battery almost run flat on your normal phone, making it impossible to use until you have recharged it, or forcing you to have a spare handset. VOIP phones take no power — just plug them into the USB port and they are always ready to use. And one can’t lose the handset so easily, which I think is one of the huge disadvantages of cordless handsets — I’m always in a desperate hunt for it to answer it when someone calls.

And as a disabled person who occasionally has speech problems, loss of any normal voice, etc., being unable to use the phone if this problem gets worse has been eliminated by my VOIP phone. Software is available relatively inexpensively for those who have loss of voice or loss of strength of voice, so it’s a huge step for the disabled who battle that type of impediment in the field of communication. Technology in its many shades and colours is a boon to life for the disabled community more than any other part of progress in today’s world. The Internet has opened up vast possibilities that would not otherwise be there. So yes, I love technology, and I love how it improves the quality of life, where from day to day nothing else can take its place in the same way. As a quote I heard recently went:

“If necessity is the mother of invention, then disability is its grandmother.”

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