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Single Review: Weezer “Island In The Sun”

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Rivers Cuomo and his girlfriend relax on their vacation in the leisurely “Island In The Sun.”

Sunlit guitars begin the single, setting an easygoing tone. Cuomo starts with a laid-back cheer.

“Hip hip/Hip hip/Hip hip/Hip hip.”

While his girlfriend tans, he watches the waves crash to the sand on an Hawaiian beach. For him, the peacefulness and the calm is a mood he can’t articulate.

“When you’re on a holiday/You can’t find the words to say/All the things that come to you/And I wanna feel it too.”

In the chorus, they are tossing a frisbee back and forth and making silly jokes. He loves being carefree. Suddenly, he’s full of energy and excitement he didn’t know he had.

“On an island in the sun/We’ll be playing and having fun/And it makes me feel so fine/I can’t control my brain.”

The laid-back cheer is said again.

“Hip hip/hip hip.”

As they are sailing, he thinks of nothing. He just enjoys the breeze and the quiet. For a week, the middle of the ocean is theirs.

“When you’re on a golden sea/You don’t need no memory/Just a place to call your own/As we drift into the zone.”

After the chorus, the guitars become determined for the bridge.

In the bridge, he says they will escape their lives and remain on vacation forever. They won’t ever be stressed again. It’ll be paradise.

“We’ll run away together/We’ll spend some time forever/We’ll never feel bad anymore.”

The cheer returns again.

“Hip hip/Hip hip/Hip hip.”

The guitar has as a jingly, electric solo.

The chorus and bridge are sung again.

Cuomo laughs and says in the end that life would be best spent away on a sandy, sun streaked beach.

“We’ll never feel bad anymore (hip hip), (hip hip)/No no (hip hip), (hip hip)/We’ll never feel bad anymore/No no.”

The instrumental in the arrangement is summery and cool. However, there’s a hint of sadness to Cuomo’s vocals. He does not wish to return home. He would rather live in a place where no one knows him except his girlfriend. Life is overwhelming and too much to handle. At least while sailing, he can pretend he doesn’t have any worries. The sorrow Cuomo hides seperates it from the transparent guitar pop. A sharp single which plays upon the guitar pop cliches and twists it into something unrecongnizable.

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