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Single Review: The Cover Girls “We Can’t Go Wrong”

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Angel Sabater, lead singer of The Cover Girls, tries to convince her guy friend to start a romantic relationship in the guileless “We Can’t Go Wrong.”

Wistful strings open the single, setting a contemplative tone. Wright says she’s been in love with him for years. It would hurt her to see him date other girls and not notice her. She would wonder what was about her that was so unlikeable. She approaches the subject of dating carefully. She says she’s not assuming anything, but she thinks the have feelings for each other.

“For so long, I kept these feelings for you locked up inside/And there were nights that I would cry myself to sleep and wonder why/Now I don’t wanna tell you how to live/Don’t wanna put the blame/But don’t you think it’s time for you and I/To try to make a change.”

In the chorus, Sabater says dating is the natural step for them. They already love and care for each other. As long as the feelings between them are genuine and mutual, they have nothing going against them.

“We can’t go wrong/[Loving one another]/We can’t go wrong/[Caring for each other]/We can’t go wrong/If the love we have is real/We can’t go wrong.”

When she was a little kid, life was much simpler. Liking someone meant you they were fun to talk to someone to play a game with on the playground. Around middle school, their friendship suffered from clique changes and internal conflicts. Soon, they didn’t talk much, except for in the halls once in awhile. She sees the forlorn look on his face. He remembers those times, too. She asks if they would like to have another chance to reconnect.

“There was a time when things were better than the way they are today/
But we forgot the vows we made and love got lost along the way/Now I can tell just by the way you look at me that you feel the same/So don’t you think it’s time for you and I to try to make a change.”

The chorus is sung once.

A vulnearble electric guitar has a solo.

The chorus is sung again.

“We can’t go wrong” is sung six times. Wright adds “if the love we have is real,” with the word real being echoed in the background.

The wistful strings return to close the single.

The instrumentation is velvety and elegant in “We Can’t Go Wrong.” The electric guitar is both delicate and strong. However, it’s not overpowering and is even subdued. The strings are used sparingly (beginning and ending.) Instead, the percussion is treated like glass.

But it’s the puerile vocals which bring an amateurish quality to the single. The Cover Girls are cannot convey the yearning necessary to really make the single.

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