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Single Review: Taylor Dayne “Love Will Lead You Back”

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Taylor Dayne clings to to the false hope her boyfriend will return to her after he finds himself in the desperate ballad “Love Will You Lead You Back.”

A morose piano starts the single, setting an ornate tone. Dayne drawls that breaking up someone with someone is a tough thing to deal with. However, her boyfriend has prepared her for his leaving for quite some time. He’s not a commitment type of guy. She accepts this (although it appears she didn’t have much a choice) and lets him go. But she privately believes he will miss her and come back with regrets for going. She’s not going to fight him to stay.

Saying goodbye is never an easy thing/But you never said that you’d stay forever/So if you must go/Well, darlin’, I’ll set you free/But I know in time/That we’ll be together/Oh, I won’t try/To stop you now from leaving/’Cause in my heart I know.

In the chorus, she says that he will want to reunite with her in the future. She’s certain he will be searching and thinking of her as she will be of him.

Love will lead you back/Someday I just know that/
Love will lead you back to my arms/Where you belong/I’m sure, sure as stars are shining/One day you will find me again/It won’t be long/One of these days/Our love will lead you back.

Dayne expects to her his tenor voice awakening her one random night. He will kiss and hug, exclaiming she completes him. It’s her fantasy and she’s not shaking it. She thinks somehow by letting him go now it will somehow win her brownie points in the future.

One of these nights/Well I’ll hear your voice again/You’re gonna say, oh, how much you miss me/You walked out this door/But someday you’ll walk back in/Oh, darling I know/Oh, I know this will be/Sometimes it takes, sometime out on your own now/
To find your way back home.

In the bridge, she repeats a part of the first verse. She emphasizes once more her belief that he will be back in her life again soon.

But I won’t try to stop you now from leaving/Cause in my heart I know…oh yeah.

The chorus ends the single.

Dayne’s melismatic vocals send the single flying over the top and crashing down the mountain of cheese. The passive lyrics cause her to be to delusional and naive. Her boyfriend is presented as the dominant person in the relationship, making the decisions. She’s not involved in the his going, other than saying “ok.” A happily-ever-after is not going to occur and it seems as though everyone but her knows it.

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