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Single Review: t.A.T.u. “All The Things She Said”

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t.A.T.u. face disapproval from their parents for being lesbians in the tumultuous “All the Things She Said.”

Dreamy synthesizers open the single. It then segues into the disquieted chorus. Volkova remembers the compliments Katina gave her. She wants to do more than think of Katina. She wants to be her with her.

“All the things she said/All the things she said/Running through my head/Running through my head/Running through my head/(Running through my head)/All the things she said/All the things she said/Running through my head/Running through my head/(Running through my head)/
This is not enough.”

Volkova is in trouble and she’s afraid. She turns to Katina for how to deal with coming out to her parents. Spending time with her has caused her to feel emotions she didn’t know she had. It answered many questions she had. She can’t stop thinking of Katina. She wants to be in a place where it’s just them. They will be able to live without questions or stares from other people.

“I’m in serious s***, I feel totally lost/If I’m asking for help it’s only because/Being with you has opened my eyes/Could I ever believe such a perfect surprise?/I keep asking myself, wondering how/I keep closing my eyes but I can’t block you out/Wanna fly to a place where it’s just you and me/Nobody else so we can be free/Nobody else so we can be free.”

The chorus is sung twice. “

“All the things she said/All the things she said/Running through my head…This is not enough/Ya Soshla S Uma – Ma!/This is not enough/All the things she said/
All the things she said.”

A rigid synthesizer and stodgy drum machine instrumental solo follow.

Katina says she’s confused. Her parents have forced her to disavow her lesbianism. They tell her she’s dirty and what she’s feeling is wrong. However, her love remain as strong as ever for Volkova. She wants to go to somewhere with Volkova to rid herself of the guilt she feels. She doesn’t care what strangers think of their relationship. She and Volkova are together and that’s all that matters. She tries to fake liking men and trick her mind into thinking she’s blown her feelings out of proportion. But she can’t deny that she’s a lesbian.

“And I’m all mixed up, feeling cornered and rushed/They say it’s my fault but I want her so much/Wanna fly her away where the sun and rain/Come in over my face, wash away all the shame/When they stop and stare, don’t worry me/’Cause I’m feeling for her what she’s feeling for me/
I can try to pretend, I can try to forget/But it’s driving me mad, going out of my head.”

The chorus is sung twice. “All the things she said” is repeated an unnecessary eight times.

The dreamy synthesizers return for the bridge. Katina asks her mother if she’s still her daughter. She finally agrees with her mother that it was just a phase. Volkova asks her father if she will ever be accepted and forgiven.

“Mother looking at me/Tell me what do you see?/Yes, I’ve lost my mind/Daddy looking at me/Will I ever be free?/Have I crossed the line?”

The chorus is sung twice.

The dreamy synthesizers ends the single as Katina says “all the thing she said, all the things she said, all the things she said.”

“All The Things She Said” is repetitive. The chorus goes on and on. When the loop stops, it ends on a shrill, cringeworthy note. The length of the chorus takes away from the verses and bridge. Unfortunately, the coming out of the two girls as a couple is an afterthought. They feel discrimination but it’s not described. Volkova is perplexed, but there is no hint of her history. In order for the single to work, the topic of coming out needed to be handled in a smart, accurate way.

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  • Oh!!! Now I get it!!! I was wondering why anybody would say that to their mom of dad but nw I finally get it!!! T.A.T.U. ROCKS!!!
    Kimmie LOVES Cody

  • kelly

    this song is great.it is a timless classic.i have to say though this song is forever being called sexy where is the sex appeal.i am also very annoyed by the fact this is the only one of thier songs that is repeated on the music channel you never hear ALL ABOUT US or FRIEND OR FOE and there just as good as this if not better.any way the song at hand is great and no one can ever say its rubbish unless they have a hiorrible taste in music and please stop putting them down they rock.

  • dean

    i personally find t.A.T.u quite interesting.most acts these days are about pointless little crushes t.A.T.u go beyond that and sing about somthing origanal.how many songs is there out aout loving someone of the same gender.and they continue to impress me so im rooting for them.

  • Oh, it’s certainly basically an appeal to prurient interest, it’s just exceptionally well thought out. Actually, the cinematography and sets and such are pretty good, relative to a short form music video. They expand on the facade of drama in the actual recorded song to maximum impact.

    Putting it differently, they manage to set it all up enough as to create a decent illusion of emotional investment, as opposed to a couple of bored hookers in a porno going through the motions to earn their c-note. They do a pretty good job of at least making it look like the girls are really, really into it.

  • Ah, thanks Al.

    So cinematographically (:-) ) it’s a winner and nothing to do with the darkside Olsen Twins mug mash?

    Does it have David Coverdale in it?

  • Temple, the Tatu video has some kissy-kissy, but it’s more in the dramatic setup in the rain behind the fence with all the people watching them and such.

  • >> Their melodramtic vocals aren’t any sillier than Morrissey’s

    Ha Ha, so true.

    What’s so special about the video. Some kissy-kissy?

  • uao

    I first encountered T.A.T.U. via their cover of the Smith’s “How Soon Is Now”. While Morrisseyy (and Johnny Marr) fans will find that version blasphemous, I always liked it. Their melodramtic vocals aren’t any sillier than Morrissey’s, and (someone) fakes the guitar part pretty well. The gender-switch works beautifully.

    From there, I checked out their backstory, and found out about the lesbian stuff (which they claim isn’t real, just an act). I hope it is real; it makes them a lot more interesting.

  • I particularly like this song. I was fortunate to come into the picture sideways, downloading the song one a BC recommendation without knowing what it was about and without having seen the video.

    Thus, I was digging the cool synthesizer riffs and the swelling chorus and all that groovy stuff, totally sold BEFORE I figured out the point of the lyrics or saw the fine and titillating video.

  • Webbster

    Fark the song just watch the video.