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Single Review: Stella Soleil “Kiss Kiss”

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“Samirk (Spoilt/Kiss Kiss)” recorded by Turkish pop singer Tarken in 1997. According to Wikipedia, it has been covered in several languages including Greek, Persian, Arabic, Spanish, and English. The first English version to be released was by Stella Soleil in the United States.

Soleil wants to get laid in the presumptuous “Kiss Kiss.”

An affected kissing sound opens the single. A mediocre dance beat follows, setting a sordid tone. She asks the guy what was his first impression of her. She says that she’s as sexual as she appears. She tells him that he’s gorgeous, although not much else. Insulted, he starts to walk away. However, she says that he really does like her and wants to feel her up. Even though they bicker, they want to have sex with each other. It’s a natural response.

When you look at me/Tell me what do you see?/This is what you get/It’s the way I am/When I look at you/I wanna be I wanna be/Somewhere close to heaven/With neanderthal man/Don’t go/I know you wanna touch me/Here there and everywhere/Sparks fly when we are together/You can’t deny the facts of life.

In the chorus, he scoffs at sleeping with her in the backseat of his convertible. However, she’s berates him for it. It doesn’t matter where as long as it happens. She said there isn’t any use for flirting or foreplay. She’s a sure thing.

You don’t have to act like a snob/Try your moves in the back of a car/Don’t you know that we can go far/’Cause tonight you’re gonna get my/(kissing sound effect)/Don’t play the games that you play/You know that I won’t run away/Why’re you askin’ me to stay/’Cause tonight you’re gonna get my/(kissing sound effect)/Kiss kiss.

In the second verse, she says that he can be among her many conquests. She then asks him to be daring and uninhibited. She says her conscience is telling her that she’s dirty. Of course, it only turns her on even more. She lays down on his backseat and asks him to climb on top of her. She says the chemistry between them is undeniable. She’s feeling very sinful tonight. He can’t escape her.

You can be mine/Baby what’s your starsign/Won’t you take a step/Into the lion’s den/I can hear my conscience calling me, calling me/Say I’m gonna be a bad girl again/Why don’t you come on over/We can’t leave this all undone/Got the devil on my shoulder/There’s no place for you to run.”

In the bridge, she says that he will be unable to forget her. He will be in his deepest emotions and suffering, yet he will remember the one great lay he had back in 2001.

If you forget/I’ll remind you/If you’re paranoid/I’m behind you/You lose your head/I’ll find you/Sending you my kiss/If you forget/
I’ll remind you/If you’re paranoid/I’m behind you/If you lose your head/I’ll find you/Kiss kiss.

The drum machine starts it solo. It segues into the chorus.

The chorus is sung twice to end the single.

Soleil is akin to a drunk sorority girl trying to get into the fraternity’s little sister program. To use a loose defintion (pun fully intended), she is using sex to get accepted. She thinks if she’s wild and easy, guys will like her. Even if it’s for one night, she wants to be the guy’s ultimate fantasy. It will boost her self-esteem. Unfortunately, she’s degrading herself and lacks self-respect.

Soleil’s vocals only reinforce the message. Her put-on reckless vocals are full of insecurity. She’s confused about her sexuality. She’s aware of it and knows she can attract guys. However, she doesn’t know the proper way of getting attention. Her current way is unhealthy, emotionally and physically.

However, it could be much worse. It’s possible for this song to be even more offensive. The original was sung from a man’s point of view.

“Kiss Kiss” is nondiscriminting based on the fact that it devalues both genders.

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  • I like the Greek version of the song. I don’t know anything about it, or the name of the guy that sings it, but I like the song. I’m Greek, but I can’t understand Greek, but I love the language.