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Single Review: Nina Sky “Move Your Body”

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Nina Sky encourage their best friend to freak with a guy on the dancefloor in the derivative “Move Your Body.”

The sample of the Scatta Burrell’s “Coolie Dance Riddim” opens the single, setting an undistinguished tone. Jabba introduces song. Boisterous and enthusiastic, he says that Nina Sky are the next big thing. They are up and comers in the music industry and everybody should remember their name. Then, he tells Natalie and Nicole Albino to begin the song.

“Alright, right about now massive and crew!/Yuh dun know we have di biggest group singers here right now/Brand new inna di market, mi seh everybody worldwide/
Get use to dat group yah yuh dun know/So right now girls, hey!”

In the chorus, they tell their best to shake her hips and dance suggestively to the music. It will impress the guys in the club.

“Move your body, girl/Makes the fellas go/The way you ride it, girl/Makes the fellas go/Move your body, girl/Makes the fellas go/The way you ride it, girl/Makes the fellas go.”

In the first verse, the girls arrive in the club wearing their most sheer and revealing outfits. Jabba interjects with his approval. They walk around the club first, making eye contact with the cute guys. Then, as they all move to the dancefloor, the guys will follow them. Jabba tells everyone to touch the dance floor. They tell the guys to be assertive. The friend will take them to the floor. Nicole and Natalie have found guys of their own, too. They tell them to get behind them and they will move erotically. They add if they lick their lips they are into the guy. They will add they turn him on.

“Roll up in the club, looking fly (Yuh know)/Made your first approach then caught his eye (Wah!)/So they move your way towards the dance floor/(Everybody touch di dance floor)/Grab her hand and she leads first/Whole night has gotten through, stand behind me let me grind on you/If I lick my lips I’m probably feelin’ you/I’m a make you go, oh!”

In the second verse, the guys are responding postively to their dancing. They instruct the guys to be slow and take their time. Jabba tells the guys to follow their advice. The Albinos and their friend are sweaty. The club is packed and people are holding onto to each other. The Albinos tell their guys that they are arousing them. They like how they move. They have a chemistry with them and time seems to have stopped.

“Whoa! (You feelin’ it now) take it slow (Slowly baby)/(You turning me on)/Club get warmer (warmer) body moves closer (closer)/Run with the rhythm (rhythm) don’t stop movin’ your makin’ me hot/From head to toe, I feel your flow/Vibes get stronger (stronger) party seems longer (longer)/And me really want ya, don’t stop movin’, your makin’ me hot.”

The chorus is sung twice.

For the bridge, Nina Sky sample Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam’s “Can You Feel The Beat.” They sing the chorus of the song twice. Jabba then tries to tell people to grind slow and fast.

“Can you feel the beat, can you, can you feel the beat/Can you feel the beat, can you, can you feel the beat/Can you feel the beat within my heart/Can you see my love shines through the dark, can you feel the beat/Can you feel the beat within my heart/Can you see my love shines through the dark/Can you see that you must be a part, of that beat in my heart/Slow wind, slow wind, slow wind, slow wind/Fast wind, fast wind, fast wind, fast wind/Move your body, move your body, move your body, move your body.”

The chorus is sung twice.

The “Coolie Dance Riddim” sample ends the song.

In “Move Your Body,” the sampling runs rampant. Each section of the song is held together by a song recorded by someone else. According to the Miami News-Times, “Coolie Dance Riddim” was used by at least 40 performers. “Move Your Body” is the most popular version. Nonetheless, it still makes the beat overdone.

The bridge uses “Can You Feel The Beat” by Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam. The song itself is versatile and its freestyle dance roots allows it to fit in well with the rest of the song. Nina Sky leave it unchanged, as they sing the chorus note from note. But its to Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam’s credit that eight years later, “Can You Feel Beat” is still as infectious. The only good that comes out of it is that a mash-up with the 80s single and the “Coolie Dance Riddim” be made.

Jabba’s interjections are aggravating and exist to give Nina Sky street cred. Unfortunately, it shows how green they really are.

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  • ruthie!

    love this song

  • Sophia Babai

    You forgot the similarity of the chorus to Christina Milian’s “Dip It Low.”

    There’s the obvious motion (though dip it low, bring it up slow, roll it all around, work it out is more eloquent than move your body) and there’s the mention of making the men say ‘ooh’