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Single Review: N Sync “Pop”

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Album: Celebrity
Year: 2001

N Sync defend their genre and the TRL lifestyle in the snippy electro “Pop.”

Justin Timberlake intros the song by coining “dirty pop.” Producer and DJ B.T. then adds that he’s at helm the single.

Justin Timberlake has had it from the press and anti-pop putting down teenybopper music. He responds that pop is not going to go away. He says N Sync will be around long after the all the boy bands and blonde tressed teen singers have hit the bargain bins.

“Sick and tired of hearing/All these people talk about/What’s the deal with this pop life/And when is gonna fade out/The thing you got to realize/What we doing is not a trend/We got the gift of melody/We gonna bring it till the end/(Come on now”)

J.C. Chasez adds that he would like to be taken seriously in the pre-chorus. He doesn’t want to get involved with the paparazzi and be gossiped about in US Weekly. The silver necklace around his neck, shiny suits and the Mercedes Benz is irrelevant. The music is the most important thing and that people enjoy it.

“It doesn’t matter/’Bout the car I drive or/What I wear around my neck/All that matters/Is that you recognize/That it’s just about respect/It doesn’t matter/About the clothes I wear/And where I go and why/All that matters/Is that you get hyped and/We’ll do it to you every time/(Come on now.”)

In the chorus, Timberlake bristles that pop is energetic and gets people moving. It’s addicting. Pop is the only genre capable of being fun.

“Do you ever wonder why/This music gets you high?/

It takes you on a ride/Feel it when your body/Starts to rock/(Your body starts to rock)/Baby you can’t stop/
(You can’t stop)/And the music’s all you got/Come on now/This must be, pop/Dirty pop/Baby you can’t stop/I know you/Like this dirty pop/This must be.”

Chasez wonders why the press is attempting to put them in a niche. But he says he doesn’t care. He likes the music they are making. He spouts if they really do like their jobs. Chasez feels the tension that people are sick of teenyboppers. He tells them to basically to get used it.

“Now, why you wanna try/To classify the type of thing/That we do/’Cause we’re just fine/Doin’ what we like/Can we say the same for you?/Tired of feeling all/Around me animosity/Just worry about yours/’Cause I’ma get mine/
Now people can’t you see.”

Timberlake sings the pre-chorus this time.

After the chorus, Justin “oohs” and says he can’t sing anymore. “Ooh/I’m tired of singing.”

The hyper beat settles down. Then, the record scratches. As the bass thumps with Timberlake’s beatboxing, he sings “dirty, dirty, dirty pop, dirty pop.” An electric guitar jumps in for a second or two. Synthesizers dissolve as NSync echoe “do you ever wonder?” BT namechecks himself again. Hopped up drums pound over more beatboxing and electric guitars. It’s an exciting minute and a half.

The chorus is sung twice, with Chasez adlibbing. The single ends with Timberlake’s beatboxing.

“Pop” is misguisded, although the music itself is exceptional. N Sync come across as entitled pop stars who have bought into their own hype. However, they are trying to make the point that liking pop isn’t something people should feel guilty about.

The music to “Pop” is progressive and thrilling. Boy bands in the U.S. typically do not veer into European dance tastes (namely, electro) and build a single around it.


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