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Single Review: Is Justin Timberlake Really Bringing the “SexyBack?”

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Yes, everyone JT, Justin Timberlake, is back after a four year hiatus from the music work and several Grammy awards that accompanied his first release, Justified, which was a semi-autobiographical look at his life, loves, and relationships. This time out Justin just wanted to be creative with his music and have fun with it. The first release off of his new album, FutureSex/Love Sounds, is called "SexyBack." So when I first read the title I thought it was going to be a hot and sexy jam. But little did I know I was about to get a whole lot of "SexyWack!"

So the song is just okay. It doesn't move me to want to jump up and shake my money maker like Beyonce's "Deja Vu" or even Justin's own "Like I Love You." Instead we get another hot Timberland track but the lyrics and hook are just not there for me. The video even leaves me more confused. What I though would be a high budget, sexy, and glossy video make me think of an NYU film student project. The video's story line has him looking for some girl. And I guess that girl is suppose to be the "sexy" that he is trying to bring "back." Well this video left me cold and wanting to start an online petition for it to be re-shot.

All in all, Justin Timberlake doesn't add anything new to his music. Even though he's number one on TRL, his new video left me wanting to much more. I want to see a big budget Justin Timberlake. I want to see dancing and I want to see sexy girls in hot outfits. Justin, where is the sexy? 'Cause it's totally missing from this video.

But okay, I'm not bashing JT. In fact, I know some of you ladies love him to death. So just as a special treat for you, MTV is offering you an opportunity to get a "SexyBack" ringtone for your phone.

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  • martini

    This song shouldn’t be categorized as music. It’s just noise. Heck, i’d rather listen to a p-90 submachine gun firing on full auto than this. Makes look fondly back in the days of N’sync.

  • Bob

    Absolute rubbish – inexplicably popular, but repetitive, dull and annoying. I cannot understand why anyone thought this was anything but a derivative chunk of electronica with horrible distorted vocals over the top.

  • Sue

    Kel, I noticed the girl at the urinal, too. 😀 What’s your basis that Justin’s bi? I mean, I don’t care either as I’m a genderbender.

  • I watched the video like 20 times. Did you notice a girl is standing at a urinal in the men’s room? I’m thinking that means she’s actually a man and not a girl! JT reminded me of George Michael in this video and we know about HIM now don’t we. JT’s music will alwyas be hot, but I’m pretty sure he’s at least Bi. *shrug* it’s not like I have anything to do with his sexlife, but he might get grief from ppl because he’s gay.

  • Amanda

    Ummm…I love the song, and find it really sexy actually, and I’m not even a JT fan…I know it’s not mozart, but it’s a lot of fun to dance around to…

  • Dan M

    I thought it was garbage. He said in his MTV interview that he was taking a a risk and going a new direction. Sounds like the same over produced crap to me but now with intentionally nasty lyrics to make him seem “edgy.” Hey….how making an album of MUSIC for a change!!

  • Clarence Keller

    Is he trying to be Jon B cuase he’s doing a horrible job.

  • Luisa

    I thought the lyrics were stupid- dirty girl- I’ll be your slave. What nonsense. His voice reminds me of old Ministry with the distortion and I can hardly understand him. I haven’t seen the video yet, but the stupid lyrics made me change the radio. My darned CD player stopped working!

  • Hey, I love that song! I thought it was JT’s ode to Lance Bass!

  • How gay of you…

  • That “IT” Girl

    Oh well excuss me let me make clear of my statement “I hate that song. GOSH … what happen to the old JT ? This song sound so homo”

    Better ?

  • I’m saying there are better ways of expressing yourself that using a tired Fag joke

  • That “IT” Girl

    So are you agreeing or dis-agreeing with my comment

  • IT girl, that’s such a totally straight thing to say… Gosh?!?

  • That “IT” Girl

    I hate this song. GOSH … what happen to the old JT ? This song sound gay.