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Single Review: Heart “Never”

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Ann Wilson gives her brooding crush an ultimatum in the emotional “Never.”

Wilson “whoa, oh’s” over melodramatic synthesizers, setting a stirring tone. In the first verse, Wilson asks him to pay close attention to what she’s about to say. She says love happens at any time. He’s avoided it in the past and thought of it as a passing flirtation. But it’s led to much heartbreak. He’s never gotten to know anyone on an intimate level. She says he has be open with her and tell her what he is feeling.

“Hey baby, I’m talking to you/Stop yourself and listen/Some things you can never choose/Even if you try, yeah/You’re hangin’ your head again/’Cause somebody won’t let you in/One chance, one love/Your chance to let me know.”

In the chorus, Wilson belts that they can’t continue playing at love. If they remain in the “just talking” stage, their relationship will never progress. There will always be questions and analysis of conversations. She tells him they have a strong foundation for a romance. However, he needs to stop letting his friends run his life and assert himself.

“We can’t go on/Just running away/If we stay any longer/We will surely never get away/Anything you want, we can make it happen/ Stand up and turn around/Never let them shoot us down/Never, never never, never run away.”

Wilson says the time is right and he already know how he feels for her. She demands an answer from him. She tells him to give her a passionate kiss. It’s his final time to show her he loves her.

” Hey baby you know it’s time/Why you bother lying when you know /That you want it too/ Don’t you dare deny me/Walk those legs right over here/ Give me what I’m dying for/One chance,one love/Hold me down, never let me go.”

The chorus is sung again.

The first verse is repeated again.

The chorus is sung again. Wilson insists their relationship will have loose ends if he doesn’t open up to her.

“We can’t go on/Just running away/If we stay any longer/We will surely never get away/Oh, oh never/Oh, oh never/We can’t go on/Never/We can’t go on/Never, oh oh/Never, oh oh/Never/We can’t go on/Never/We can’t go on/Never. ”

Wilson’s in-your-face vocals propel the single, covering up the cheesiness along the way. In it, she is bold and dominant. They’ve been dancing around the topic of dating for a long time. However, he’s scared to enter a relationship. He’s afraid if someone knows him well, they may not want nothing to do with him. Wilson pries and pulls to appeal to him. It’s likely Wilson will move on and he will add another regret to his list.

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