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Single Review: Go-Go’s “Get Up and Go”

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Belinda Carlisle tells a friend to follow through on her talk in the striking “Get Up and Go.”

Forceful keyboards open the single. The Go-Go’s say “hey” over a 60s beach party beat. It sets a vivacious tone. She advises her friend to forget the past. It’s happened already and nothing can be done to change it. She says for her to be spontaneous and enjoy the future. Her friend may be midly suprised at the opportunities she may find. She doesn’t even believe her friend anymore when she chats about moving on and taking the high road.

Carlisle just tunes her out. Her friend can’t see that talking about moving on and doing it are not the same thing. She keeps turning to Carlisle for answers. However, Carlisle tells her to look inside herself for them.

“If you get up and walk away/Leave the past behind/Go ahead and take a ride/No telling what you’ll find/The words you say don’t mean a thing/They fly right by my eyes/Look in the mirror don’t look at me/Maybe then you’ll realize.”

In the chorus, Carlisle tells her take a major decision in her life. If she feels stuck, then make to a new city. The only way she will do anything is if she actually does it.

“So get up and go/If you’re so tired of moving slow/If you’re so tired of moving slow/Go/Get up and go.”

In the second verse, Carlisle explains she offered her friend help and support when she needed it. However, her friend needs to stop relying on her. She’s done all she can. She tells her friend to prove if she really meant all the things the things she said. She needs to take action. Words are forgotten. She pushes her to do it now.

“I was on the inside/Looking out for you/But you’re the one to make the change/There’s nothing I can do/Now’s the time for you to move/Actions shout out loud/So cut the talk and move your feet/’Cause words get lost in crowds/Quit talking/Start walking now.”

The chorus is sung twice to end the single.

Everyone has had one of those friends. They are so over their ex. They are going to move to California. They are going to apply for that dream job. Then, the ex calls back. Suddenly, the time isn’t right to move. The dream job is too far away. Carlisle has grown tired of her friend in the single.

Carlisle gives her friend some tough love. She did not intend on becoming her friend’s life coach. However, Carlisle’s sweet, friendly vocals take the bitchiness out of the lyrics. The 60s beach party beat is playful and fun.

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  • Riki

    Wow, really nice piece. The only correction I have for you is the “Forceful keyboards open the single.” part. Drums are the first instrument starting the song, then comes the bass, and then the “Hey!” vocals. There are no keyboards in this song. Anyway, I enjoyed your writing nonetheless. Cheers!

  • Fred Up

    If you enjoy 8th-grade level journalism, then these reviews are perfect.

    Also, I was able to figure out what these lyrics meant when I was in the 7th grade . . . do we really need someone to interpret them for us?

  • Pam Avoledo

    Mark, I’m so glad you enjoy them!

    Christopher, thanks! I wasn’t even aware that I had 100 here already. It’s really fun to do. And for me, the cheesier the song, the better. Thanks again.

  • Pam’s already done over 100 single reviews now, Mark. Congratulations to you on that achievement by the way, Pam!

    It’s quite easy to overlook the art of single reviewing and I think Pam’s style really suits the genre. I’ve noticed also that others are starting to get into the idea as well; Mr Barger springs to mind with his “Cry Baby Cry” review, although that was a slight cheat as that was never a single, but I think the idea of writing about just one song like this is brilliant.

    Hats off to Ms Avoledo!

  • dang, i love these things. keep it up. do every song ever recorded.

    we’re waiting.