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SINGLE REVIEW – Garbage’s “Why Do You Love Me?”

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“Why Do You Love Me” opens with big STP-like riff with big, big guitars (“Sex Type Thing,” anyone?) before giving way to the more classic Garbage-rock sound (think “Version 2.0” era). Fans of the electronica flourishes found in some of the band’s best known songs might be a bit disappointed because they are not on display in “Why Do You Love Me.”

The song is all over the place lyrically. She has doubts about her self-worth but has the spunk to kick her lying, cheating boyfriend to the curb and then vows to get back up and do it again. Despite the repeated question of, “Why do you love me?” there is plenty of swagger and confidence in Manson’s vocal. That swagger along with the quick-churning guitars make the song go. It could have been great if they had bothered to write anything approximating a proper chorus. Shirley Manson’s charisma is (barely) enough to rescue the track even without one.

“Why Do You Love Me” is easily more catchy than most of “Beautifulgarbage” and bodes well for the new album (to be released in April). If you cannot wait until then to hear “Why Do You Love Me,” you can check it out on iTunes.

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  • The song is grower. When I first heard it, I didn’t much like what amounts to the chorus of the song (even despite a big Garbage fan-boy bias). However, upon further listens, I like it more and more. Sort of reminds me of “Push It” in the grows on you category.

  • Make that, “The song is a grower.”

  • “Grower” was a noun, but apparently one susceptible to adjectiving.

    And now I’ve gone and verbed “adjective.”

    The song is grower, indeed.

  • Colleen

    I love this song very much. It’s one of their best songs in years, and I’m glad it’s doing well.