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Single Review: Expose “I’ll Never Get Over You (Getting Over Me)”

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Jeanette Jurado, lead singer of Expose, is in shock that her ex-boyfriend has moved on so quickly in the tearful “I”ll Never Get Over You (Getting Over Me)”

A lonesome piano and heartsick strings begin the single Jurado has heard rumors from her girlfriends that her ex is partying with his beer buddies. He’s having a great time without her. It’s as though the relationship never happened. Jurado, however, is hurting. She’s been a part of a couple for so long, being by herself is an adjustment. She’s aware that she has sympathetic friends, a loving family, and plenty of interests to keep her busy. Nonetheless, she has spent a couple years being with her ex and not having someone to enjoy her favorite movie with is empty.

“I hear you’re taking the town again/
Having a good time/With all your good time friends/I don’t think that you think of me/You’re on your own now/And I’m alone and free/I know that I should get on with my life/But a life lived without you could never be right.”

In the chorus, she says the sting of his quick mourning period will stay with her.

“As long as the stars shine down from the heavens/Long as the rivers run to the sea/I’ll never get over you gettin’ over me.”

She pretends she’s handling the break-up all right. She goes through with the motions with her girlfriends. She says he wasn’t any good anyway. She’s better off without him. But once they drop her off at home, she cries. She thinks she will be alone forever. She desperately wants to be at the point where she should be ready to date. But she’s not. She compares each handsome guy she sees to her ex.

“I try to smile so the hurt won’t show/Tell everybody/That I was glad to see you go/But the tears just won’t go away (won’t go away)/Lonliness found me/Looks like it’s here to stay/I know that I ought to find someone new/But all I find is myself always thinkin’ of you.”

After the chorus, the strings have become desperate. Jurado is trying everything she can to get through the breakup. But nothing is working. She misses him. She believed he was the one for her.

“Oh… No matter what I do/Each night’s a lifetime to live through/I can’t go on like this. (I need your touch)/You’re the only one I ever loved… oh.”

A dumbstruck saxophone solo follows. It’s exceptional, given the sax’s overuse throughout the 80s) and flows with the single.

The chorus is sung once.

Jurado sings the title three times to close the single.

“I’ll never get over you gettin’ over/Never get over you… gettin over/I’ll never get over you gettin’ over me.”

“I’ll Never Get Over You (Getting Over Me)” cuts to the core of breakups: the searing, unending pain. For Jurado, her ex’s relief to be rid of her was a terrible blow. She was not expecting him to act like the relationship meant nothing. Jurado’s quivering, forlorn vocals and the accompanying strings evoke feelings of loss and heartbreak. The single is a powerful, wounded ballad.

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