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Single review: El Shake by Mama Scuba

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El Shake
Mama Scuba


This is the soon to be released single from much-talked about (at least in Leeds, England) band Mama Scuba. Its indie rock, of a like that saturates the charts in the UK these days. Grunge-light with a hint of melody and a great deal of posing. To say its nowt special is an understatement. You get three tracks for yer money at least.

Rating: 2/5

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  • Aaron

    I have to disagree. I heard this on Zane Lowe last night and it rocks! Distinctive vocals, memorable hooks and an overall sound that brings many bands to mind, whilst still sounding unlike anything going on right now. Maybe it’s me but a lot of new bands get airplay on the merit of sounding “trendy”, but very few actually deliver when it comes to tunes. The kind that you can sing along to after two listens and don’t tire after two hundred. Mama Scuba certainly deliver on that front.
    Try Pouche or Infinite Bleak off the album. I got it on itunes.