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Single Review: Dixie Chicks – “Not Ready to Make Nice”

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The Dixie Chicks have a new album coming out in May, Taking the Long Way. It is their first album since the pre-war unpleasantness. They have released the first single, which addresses that controversy. It’s called “Not Ready to Make Nice.”

Full disclosure/brag: I’m proud to have been the first person to cuss Natalie Maines out on the internet when the story of her infamous London remarks surfaced. Oh how I hate Natalie Maines, though I can’t stop looking at all these Dixie Chicks pictures. In short, me and Natalie have history. It’s a thing, you know. Natalie – I ain’t mad atcha. Just call me.

But to get to the point, this song really sucks. Now obviously, I’m going to have some thoughts on the autobiographical lyrics but we’ll get back to that. Let’s start with parsing this out as a song.

“Not Ready to Make Nice” is the biggest bunch of whining, self-pitying shitlickin’ I’ve heard on a record in a good while. The lyrics are only part of that effect, though. The whole expression of cheap calculated, homogenized self-righteous self-compassion is particularly unappetizing.

“Not Ready to Make Nice” is basically a third-rate Faith Hill song. It’s the worst end of that whiny victim crap, only she’s a tough old broad who’ll stand up and fight back, thus the title.

The title almost has a musical hook, but it’s just so bland and generic in every possible market-calculated way as to defy description. It’s like a response crafted by a PR firm – only not a very good one. It doesn’t go anywhere. The climactic bit of tune supposed to carry “or my life’ll be over” was particularly totally flat and bland.

This is musically regressive even for the previously mediocre at best Dixie Chicks. This song, though, is less melodically memorable, and even less country than their previous records. Rick Rubin produced this, so advocates want to basically transfer a bit of Johnny Cash karma on to the Chicks. Rubin produced his exemplary final albums, and really brought Johnny back.

But that was Johnny, and Rubin didn’t get those results by producing sounds like this arrangement. It’s a big, awful, bland pop arrangement with just the least hint of fiddle (mixed in with 10x more generic violins) being the only clue I can take that this is even nominally a “country” song.

It’d be fine for them to try something different, but this sound isn’t particularly anything else, either. Not as in doesn’t sound like anything else, but that it sounds a little bit like a whole lot of things – just a stylistic gray muck of nothing in particular. They could play this at commercial country radio, or VH1, or some adult contemporary format.

It could play at pop radio. Heck it sounds as much like Britney Spears singing about being “Lucky” as anything. The general not-really-rock-not-country-not anything in particular thing runs between both songs. They also have a similar self-sorrowful emotional tone about being a poor suffering rich singer. But “Lucky” has a considerably more memorable tune than this.

About the only thing I’d say this record definitely is NOT is country. There’s next to nothing here musically to connect this to any rural music tradition. Nor is this whiny tone of victim-hood worthy of a country gal. In short, this Dixie Chicks record makes Shania Twain sound like Loretta Lynn. There’s no Dixie left in these chicks at this point.

Now this crappy corporate contrivance could well turn out to be a huge hit. “Lucky” was. If all the Britney Spears and Faith Hill fans tune in, they won’t be able to print this crap up quick enough. I’m just saying that in the holy name of Buck Owens, I’m gonna put my boot in the ass of the first fool what tries telling me that this is country music.

OK, now let’s draw a line, switch gears, mix some metaphors, and whatnot. That was the song and the production. Let’s conclude with a brief examination of the text of the lyrics.

For starters, this is not any kind of political statement. It might have turned out more interesting if they had written lyrics detailing why W is such a doo-doo head.

But instead, what Natalie Maines thought was noteworthy was how bad she felt with everyone being all mean to her. Poor thing.

She apparently got a couple of dumb death threats, which she milks here for all it’s worth. Now, obviously it’s wrong for people to do that. Idiots who would make physical threats against a singer over a little of nothing like this need to be knocked upside their stupid heads with a 2×4. If I knew of anybody in my part of the country responsible for such a thing, I’d do it for her. Maybe it’d get me a date. I’ll defend you, Natalie!

But that doesn’t make it cool to milk a couple of half-assed threats for public sympathy. Nor, especially, does it excuse the self-serving hatefulness of generalizing a couple of schmucks out to tar the other 99.999% of their critics who were NOT threatening them. In short, she’s not ready to make nice with ANYBODY. Whatever. She’s trying to steal an unearned sense of moral superiority. I for one am not inclined to recognize it.

Plus, did I mention that this song sucks?

Partial lyrics

“Not Ready to Make Nice”
Forgive, sounds good
Forget, I’m not sure I could
They say time heals everything
But I’m still waiting

I’m through with doubt
There’s nothing left for me to figure out
I’ve paid a price
And I’ll keep paying

I’m not ready to make nice
I’m not ready to back down
I’m still mad as hell and
I don’t have time to go round and round and round
It’s too late to make it right
I probably wouldn’t if I could
‘Cause I’m mad as hell
Can’t bring myself to do what it is you think I should

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  • I’m surprised the DC haven’t collaborated with John Mellencamp, someone else stuck in the MOR trying, but failing, to ‘say something.’

  • Scott Butki

    What I want to know is why you even bothered to listen to this, let alone review it? You knew – heck I knew – that you’d dislike it.

    You reviewing the Dixie Chicks would be like me reviewing Dick Cheney’s speeches on human rights – I – and you – can pretty much guess what I’d say about it before I even did it.

    That said I do agree with you on one thing – that it’s a cheap, easy manipulative trick to suggest that all critics can be dealt with when you’re really only dealing with the extremists making death threats.
    Unfortunately I see people on the right – Michelle Malkin, Ben Domenech, etc – doing the same trick all the time.

  • Frank

    Wow…does someone have an agenda or what? You can think whatever you want politically, but you shouldn’t critique music based on it. The song is a brilliant, heartbreaking piece of art, and there is no denying that the Chicks are brilliant musicians.

  • No Scott, I did NOT know I’d dislike the song in advance. I in fact listened to the song- repeatedly. I was skeptical, but it’s possible that they’d get some kind of interesting inspiration from their experience and surpise me. I hated Wham, but the “Faith” album kicked my ass.

    You and Dick Cheney speeches would be a different thing from me and this song. Again, I note that this song is NOT a political statement. Again, I can and routinely do separate political from musical judgments.

    But also, do please critique a Dick Cheney speech. Cut it apart. That’s legitimate. It’s not just “he sucks” but giving an explanation. Break down exactly what statements he’s making that are wrong, and why.

    Frank, you’re all wet. My “agenda” is to find and recommend good music. This ain’t it. There’s nothing brilliant or heartbreaking in this crass and caluclated PR release of a song.

    Ouch Barry. Granted, Mellencamp’s work has tapered off in interest level in recent years, but it’s hardly fair to tar my Hoosier hero with comparison to the Madison Avenue “country” of the Dixie Chicks.

  • Scott Butki

    Al, ok, thanks for the explanation.

  • You’re welcome, Brother Butki- and I await your detailed Dick Cheney breakdown.

  • Scott Butki

    I await Dick Cheney’s breakdown too.

    Oh wait that’s not what you meant.

    In the meantime I’d be curious on your thoughts on a music list of my own making.

  • Earl

    The Dixi Chic’s are now Haute Culture’

    They are taking the angle and leveraging it to thier advantage.

    Go Girl’s

    Now that you have been pumped up from the right… you can sell to the left.

    Great PR machinations going on here.


    I never bought any of your product before… and I doubt I’ll buy any now.

    But PLAY THE ANGLE…… it may pay off.

    and that’s the “Bizz Buzz”

  • Lauren


    You’re the one that sounds like a piss-ant. It’s a damn good song. Even if I did not know the conrtoversy, I would be singing this at the top of my lungs. I think I’ll find my grandmother’s victorian gown and shove it in your good for nothin, probably pot-bellied ass. Thats a country girl for ya. If I wus yer neighbor, I would find me a rattler and put it in your toilet.

    I don’t back down neithter. Okie girl

  • Lauren- Girl, you want a piece of me? I ain’t scared of you. If’n you can whoop me, then I’ll listen to more of the Dixie Chicks whining. If I whoop you, then we listen to some real music. Perhaps “Put Another Log on the Fire.”

  • After their churlish whining overseas, they’ve laid low for a few years, nursing this, and watching courageous Americans take freedom, the 21st century and victorious efforts to the Afghanis and Iraqis!

    Where’s ‘A Woman’s Freedom to Choose’ when you need it? This little quasi-tunoid wasn’t released, it excaped, and shoudda been shot on sight!

  • Al, wasn’t that Jim Reeves, “THROW another log on the fire, keep my golden memories aglow…”

    Just sayin’, is all…

  • “Throw Another Log on the Fire” was written by Shel Silverstein. I think it was Tompall Glaser who had the hit version, but it’s been sung by several people.

  • Noah

    you are a moron.

  • Laurie

    What happened to freedom of speech?? I thought writing and singing was a way to express yourself mmmm maybe I am wrong!!! You can say that this is a whiny song and it wont go anywhere but your opinion is one of how many!!How many other country singers out there have done “whiny songs” and have not been criticized about them??Well you know, in my home town which is huge I might add, our local country music station put this on their website and asked for everyone to vote on it. Well 97% loved the song !! If you really look and listen to the song it can be related to more then just the controversy that it is intended for, as MANY songs have MANY meaings!!!

  • Laurie, you’re neither paying attention to what I actually wrote, nor even trying to actually think.

    I didn’t say that the song wouldn’t go anywhere. I said exactly the opposite, that there was a pretty likely chance that it would be a big hit- much like the crappy Faith Hill and Britney Spears to which I compared it.

    A 97% positive vote on your local radio website means jack squat to me. Anyone who purposely listens to modern commercial country radio obviously doesn’t know anything about music. But then, that’s why the Dixie Chicks have sold so many records in the first place.

    Your “freedom of speech” argument is just willfully stupid on your part, and even a Dixie Chicks fan should know better. But let me briefly summarize again for the mentally handicapped portion of our reading public: The Dixie Chicks have every right under free speech to make any kind of bland, homogenized corporate crap for a record they wish. Obviously, I have never said or implied otherwise. Likewise, I get to exercise my free speech to point out the crappiness and dishonesty of both this record and its defenders.

    Finally, as to not criticizing other whiny country songs, there are only so many hours in a day. Plus, I’m a big fan of country music, so I stay as far away from modern commercial country radio as possible.

    I usually manage to be blissfully unaware of most of the specific crappy records they’re playing. The Dixie Chicks are just a lot higher profile- and particularly egregious, so I took a minute to swat that fly.

  • Ali

    I agree with you AL!

  • Scott Butki

    Al, this sure sounds like a personal attack to me:
    Your “freedom of speech” argument is just willfully stupid on your part, and even a Dixie Chicks fan should know better. But let me briefly summarize again for the mentally handicapped portion of our reading public.”

    A bit ironic since it’s in a review about a song about personal attacks.

  • Anyone who purposely listens to modern commercial country radio obviously doesn’t know anything about music.

    so sweeping genrealizations about music are ok, but sweeping generalizations about fat people are not?

    to each his own i guess.

  • Oh, boo hoo with the tender sensitivities here. Mark, purposely listening to crappy music is 100% a personal choice, and not a difficult medical problem that causes suffering and shame.

    Monsieur Butki, really. You can call it a “personal attack” if you want, but this criticism was pretty specifically aimed at Miss Laurie- who had it coming. It’s not a generalized statement of personal disrespect, but a reflection of her specific foolish comments.

    I would say to her, as to the Dixie Chicks, don’t be talking a bunch of nonsense, and then bitching when someone calls bullshit on you.

    I don’t see where you get “irony” out of that.

  • i am not making a comparison between choice of music and medical conditions. i’m just pointing out that you’re tossing about your own sweeping generalization.

    i didn’t agree with the one in the fat people post and i don’t agree with the musical one either.

    read your own text: “don’t be talking a bunch of nonsense, and then bitching when someone calls bullshit on you.”

  • Fine Mark, but my sweeping generalization about modern country music is largely ACCURATE.

  • Gus

    “A 97% positive vote on your local radio website means jack squat to me. Anyone who purposely listens to modern commercial country radio obviously doesn’t know anything about music”

    Wow, according to you, todays country music listeners, not only do not know anything about music, they are too stupid to know what they like.
    Way to play to the red states Al.

  • Guppusmaximus

    …”todays country music listeners, not only do not know anything about music, they are too stupid to know what they like.”

    Yes…You can drop off the first part because that ending says it all. Even for the rest of the mainstream community. I see it and hear it everday!! It’s become so bad that in order to hear any good music publicly, I have to enter a Stop & Shop and that’s only once in a blue moon. It’s f*cking brainwashing,I tell ya!! This is a song I would expect from amateurs like American Idol…

  • Snooze Alarm

    “A couple of dumb death threats”?

    Gee, how was Natalie supposed to know you were only joking when you made them? That’s a very silly comment.

    If you had done two minutes of research, you would know that the Dixie Chicks were purposely moving away from the country genre, so its pointless to criticize the song for not being country enough for you.

    Its a great tune. Kudos to Natalie and the Chicks for sticking it back in dumb, Bush worshipping fools faces.

  • Snooze, you seem to be responding to politics rather than the actual record. For starters, it’s absolutely bland, generic crap for a TUNE.

    Also, this does NOT stick it back in the faces of Bush supporters, in that this song is not at all about Bush. There’s not even a passing reference to the president, or any bit of any political issue. It’s all, 100% about how badly the poor Dixie Chicks have been mistreated.

    Also, I never said that death threats should be ignored, just that it’s cheap and dishonest to be milking them for sympathy years later- and far worse to be trying to tar all their critics with that brush. Report that crap to the FBI. Beef up your security for the tour if you feel the need. Just don’t be exploiting it for cheap sympathy.

    Also, I’m not criticizing them for not being country. I’m criticizing them for not being ANYTHING. They’re not country, nor rock, nor anything in particular. “So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.”

  • Figgins

    First I will adress her coments in London that were(sigh)over three years ago.

    Natalie said they were swept up in the anti-american sentiment that they were experienceing while traveling in Europe and thats why she made the comment.

    These are HER words:

    “the anti-American sentiment that has unfolded here is astounding.”

    “it was a joke and it wasn’t planned. And it was really funny at the time. It got lots of cheers, and that’s what it was meant for.”

    She later went on to explain that she didnt even think it would get back to the United States.

    ” We were going into this hotel…and he [the Dixie Chicks’ manager] got a call … he’s pacing back and forth. “Oh, no!” You know, we’re automatically going “What? What happened?” And then he says, you know, he gets off the phone and I was like, “What? What happened?” “Well, the AP picked up what was said the other night… But don’t worry, it’s going to blow over in three days.” And I looked at him and I go, “No, it’s not.” He goes “Yes, it is, yes. Don’t worry about it.” You know, giving the old manager spiel. And I said, “Oh, I don’t think so.”

    She wanted to win favor with them , so they would inturn financially support her and lavish her with adoration. She pandered to them and took aim at the President.

    I beleive had she felt the crowd that night was anti-tooth fairy, like she clamis they were anti-american, she would have announced her shame of teeth and faries.

    Everything that happened in the wake of her comments was just spin, including the scab picking she is now doing 3 years later.

    She is the Varuca Salt of our time and if you do not agree with her, or financially support her, she throws tantrums. At least we can be thankfull she kept her clothes on this go around.

    As for the effects it had on their career:

    They have yet to sell a million of anything since the comments. ‘Home’ which was the album on the charts when it happened, was certified at 6 million a week following the incident. It has yet to be certified for another million and its a double cd so each sale gets counted as two. Top Of The World was a live greatest hits package they released in 11/03. It has yet to sell a million copies. In comparison Garth Brooks Live greatest hits concert album has sold 20 million. Concerts that were organized after the incident, they could not sell out. Not even Vote for Change which had only 3000 seat venues.

    As for Boycotting:

    I dont understand why so many people think boycotting the chicks is wrong, when the chicks themselves are in favor of targeting and boycotting companies for exercising their rights. On 10/18/04 the chicks posted a message on their website asking anyone who would listen to BOYCOTT Sinclair media for running a documentary against Kerry. (I can post the text if you do not believe me) The chicks obviously live by a double standard. They have every right to speak out. But to bemoan about people no longer wanting to financially support them as they use the stage afforded to them by their fand to preach to their fans, is hypocrtical to me.

    They hold others to standard that they themselves refuse to live by. While in concert, Natalie encouraged people that couldnt get a refund on their tickets to Boo her. They did. She yelled back at them, {“Yeah well I still got you $65”. I am willing to bet it will be the last time she gets their $65.

    As for the death threats:
    The chicks have yet to report the death threats to the proper authorities. When asked about it, the Sherriff (San Antonio) said NO death threats were ever reported. He did however say one of the girls had their front gate toilet papered. He did not speculate as to whether or not the toilet paper was “life threatening”. LOL! Its just more spin by the chicks to paint themsleves as martyrs.

    As for the First Amendement:

    Amendment I
    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

    Free Speech does not guarantee the right to be heard nor is it a guarantee of airplay nor does it mean one is free from consequence. Their rights were NEVER in jepaordy.

    In The end:

    The chicks were used as pawns by the fringe left of society who they now want to remind those who used them as such that they are somehow obligated to financially support them. So they have decided to pick their scabs over 3 years later and try to perpetrate as martyrs when in fact all they ever were to begin with were pawns.

  • NatGotLipoButStillLooksFat

    “I would say to her, as to the Dixie Chicks, don’t be talking a bunch of nonsense, and then bitching when someone calls bullshit on you.”

    B R A V O !!!!!

  • Snooze Alarm

    With Bush at 30 percent in the polls, it’s obvious that many – probably most – Americans are embarrassed by him. No point in the Chicks piling on. You’re not doing our troops or our country a favor by supporting incompetent leadership.

    This song isn’t aimed at Bush anyway. It’s aimed at the Bush Dead Enders who can’t handle free speech. It’s pretty bizarre that some clowns would aim death threats at somebody as insignificant as the Dixie Chicks. Toby Keith is a schmuck but I wouldn’t send him death threats or boycotting him. You can’t blame Natalie Maines for responding to the haters.

    Bottom line the song is better than ninety five percent of what’s on the radio – better than Britney and Faith Hill IMO. The video is particularly strong. I agree that Beethoven it ain’t.

  • Shane

    Anyone that posted anyhting negative about the Dixie Chicks forth coming album needs to give it a rest. You are all immature persons to spend your time posting rude and ignorant(as in unknowing or unintelligent) blogs/comments about some extremely talented musicians. Get a life, learn what REAL music is, and your blind apathy is sickening to me and those alike. If anyone is the perpetual image of “Un-americanism” or “Un-patriotism” or “Idiosyncricy” it’s you all. We can’t cease to end wars with those abroad until we end them within oursleves and our own country. You people are the very reason that foreigners think Americans are arrogant and self-absorbed. GEt a lfie and stop meddling in other’s. Dixie Chicks are the most talented musicians to grace the industry to date and you all could learn a thing or two about waht good music is.

    P.S. If you ask what do I know about music…well, I’ll tell you that I graduated from Berklee School of Music and am currently studying my Masters at the University of Pittsburgh, so my comments are valid, as yours are not.

  • Shane, let’s assume for the sake of argument that you indeed have a prestigious music degree as you claim. This would constitute rather an argument against the value of mere degrees and titles.

    To put it another way, if your idea of great music is this bludgeoningly stupid corporate country food product manufactured by the Dixie Chicks, then a music education was simply wasted on you.

  • stuck in a red state, unfortunately

    I’m no country fan, but I LOVE this song. I think it’s great that they used a song to explain their feelings about what happened a few years ago. Bush lovers will take offense to it I guess, as this reviewer did. God forbid anybody voice an opinion about anything, especially if it’s against the master of the universe, George Bush.

  • Stuck, sorry about your “stuck” status, but good for you if you enjoy this song. But again, you’re stuck on taking this as something about Bush or Bush fans, when it’s absolutely nothing to do with that in this song. I’m all in favor of Bush-bashing, but this isn’t even trying to be that.

    I too am happy to see artists express their feelings in song, but I find it hard to believe that this song represents someone’s innermost feelings. Everything about this song, the arrangement, and recording sound like it was crafted by a committee in the bowels of BFD Records from the cheesy Sgt Pepper movie.

    It sounds like it was composed by some guys sitting around a corporate boardroom amidst big printed pie charts and graphs detailing the various radio market formats that they’re trying to hit, and psychological profiles of typical audience members and what keywords they respond to, like the marketing staff for Vitajex in A Face in the Crowd.

    Stuck, have you ever actually owned, say, any Carter family records?

  • Steve

    How come you didn’t get the session call Al?

  • Willy

    Chicks didn’t need an air guitar player or errand runner for the sessions.

  • Barb

    Like a bad meal endlessly repeating, the gaseous belch of the Chicks critics keeps offering up odiferous reminders of the sorry state of our politics.

  • Anne

    OK, they’re “Not Ready To Make Nice”. Roger. Got it. Their feelings are hurt and apparently they are still licking their wounds. I mean Dear Lord! They have every right to say what they want. The constitution totally has that covered. What seems to not jump dear Natalie’s synapses is that people have the right to not listen or buy their music if they disagree. We are all guaranteed the right to say what we want…however no one is guaranteed a national platform with which to say it or that people will all agree. They keep saying one insulting thing about their fans after another. Country music fans are wife beaters, they’re ignorant, they’re hillbillies who know nothing. It goes on and on. They keep poking and then act all bemused that people aren’t totally thrilled with them. Um, duh? Yes there are many who admire their chutzpah. Good for them but the people bagging on others who don’t like them apparently believe that criticism only applies to those in agreement with them.

    The thing is, I saw the Chicks at a country bar ages ago. It was back before the sisters (Emily and Martie) unceremoniously dumped their founder for the sweet tempered and dulcet toned Natalie…basically because Natalie’s dad was a big baller in the music scene and would help them break through. They were gimmicky and cute and the sisters have true instrumental skills. Once they dumped their original member, Laura Lynch for someone who didn’t even like (as she has publically stated) country music, their souls were sold and that was that.

    Now the people that sent the Chicks death threats? Stoo-pid. Just really really stupid. I have no words for that sort of ignorance. Do people think that death threats really work? Do they really plan on carrying through with their threat? Do they really think that it scores points for their “side” by threatening people in that manner? That said, I answered phones for a BANK…I wasn’t trying to collect money. I was trying to fix peoples problems and I was threated a couple times a week because God Forbid someone not qualify for a credit line increase or they didn’t pay their bill and the card was shut down. What I’m saying is that the Chicks are cashing in on these few morons and are painting every single person who disagreed with what they were saying as evil vilians attempting to take them out with a sniper round. I never once felt like I needed a metal detector or body guards when i was threatened. I know that I wasn’t highly visable or a valuable target. I also know that they were trying to bully me into giving them what they wanted. They didn’t succeed and the idiots that threatened the floozies didn’t either. They were gas on the fire…and if the Chicks hit it big with this smarmy, self gratifying, ranting and musically meh song, I personally blame those idiots with their “I’m going get you” mentality……

  • Ha Ha Ha Al. Don’t you understand we’re all in it for the money….or the votes! I personally quit listening to “Top 40” Radio years ago, didn’t you? The “your either with us or…..” is over, time to take up a new clause. Try Santa. I actually LUV the Chicks, of course, they can sing…play and write(wait, what’s that?) their own songs. Guess they are just too smart….! Face it Guys, women will rule the world, just keep wearing those stupid hats and sticking those red, white and blue bandanas up your butt. Only women with a third grade education love it. GUESS WHAT? I’m buying the CD…guess I’m just a floozie with money and votes. Bye ya’ll….

  • Ha Ha Ha Al. Don’t you understand we’re all in it for the money….or the votes! I personally quit listening to “Top 40” Radio years ago, didn’t you? The “your either with us or…..” is over, time to take up a new clause. Try Santa. I actually LUV the Chicks, of course, they can sing…play and write(wait, what’s that?) their own songs. Guess they are just too smart….! Face it Guys, women will rule the world, just keep wearing those stupid hats and sticking those red, white and blue bandanas up your butt. Only women with a third grade education love it. GUESS WHAT? I’m buying the CD…guess I’m just a floozie with money and votes. Bye ya’ll….

  • I find it amusing when people try to defend a persons right to free speech by condemning those who oppose that opinion. While no one should be subjected to threats or physical intimidation EVERYONE and that includes those who feel what the dixie chicks said as well as how they said it and where they said it was wrong have a right to voice their opinion. As soon as a public figure (politician, actor or signer) uses their forum to express political views it is fair for people to publicly express their support or disagreement. As far as commercial concerns dropping them from their inventory or play list as a business owner you have to make your decisions on a financial basis. If you feel a particular product may negatively impact your sales or popularity you need to make the decision as to continue to carry that product or not. We cannot expect business owners to buck public opinion at their financial peril. They should not be required to step up and take the brunt of remarks or actions taken by others over which they have no control. I really do not think that the Republican party has that much influence over country western radio stations as most country western fans are democrats per the latest polls and demographics. But as that maybe once you make your statement you need to accept people’s support as well as the possibility of their disapproval of that stance and accept the consequences. Thats the reason that standing up for what you believe in takes courage. Especially if it’s against public opinion. For that I would have to say I admire her but not the forum which she chose or that she picked to make it in another country. I lost that admiration when she apologized for it in an effort to gain back some of their lost popularity. For the record – I think she was wrong when she criticized the president.

  • Guppusmaximus

    I really have to commend Al for his thoughts on this thread…”It it walks like a Duck…”,These type of releases from supposed musicians makes me wonder if people actually turn off VH1 or MTV and do some research to find “Good” music or if they constantly talk out their perverbial a$$es because they believe in the brainwashing tatics from these corporate, greed-monging record companies. These two channels have supported so much garbage in the last 10 years that now they even have shows to make fun of the music that they help make popular!! The Dixie Chicks Suck and I could probably write better music with Acid Pro using samples of their new album!!

  • Katie

    Who are you to be judging? your argument has no validity, and becasue you have a difference in opinion than someone else does not give you the right to bash them. Please grow up and if your going to make a statement please make it an intelligent one…cause this review is not only typical and hipocritical, but it’s completely worthless.

  • Tod

    Al, I read your comments–and those of the others–rather diligently. where did you grow up, and where do you live now?

  • I’ve liked some of the work the Dixie Chicks have done in the past. I’ve been ashamed to see so many of my fellow Americans foam at the mouth with rabid hatred over a mild political comment. I mention these facts so you’ll know I’m not in the habit of bashing the Dixie Chicks for political reasons. I’d love to see them produce something that is not only a courageous response to the political attack poodles, but also artistically worthy in its own right.

    Unfortunately, they don’t seem to have done that just yet. I’m looking at the sample lyrics Mr. Barger quotes, and I’m not seeing anything very impressive. All the words are too vague. How can you convey real emotion when the lyrics don’t paint a picture and don’t tell any compelling story? There’s a story behind this song, of course, but you won’t learn anything about it from the words of the song.

    Now look up the lyrics to “Traveling Soldier.” That’s a much better Dixie Chicks song, because you can see the storyline unfold in your mind just by reading the words. That song paints vivid pictures and tells a moving story. “Not Ready to Make Nice” merely adds a few emotional outbursts to a story it doesn’t bother to explain, assuming everybody already knows the story.

    Granted, Al didn’t exactly choose the best of the lyrics to quote, but even the best few lines in this song don’t work nearly as well as anything in “Traveling Soldier.”

    Maybe it’ll take a few more years before we see the really impressive work I was hoping the Dixie Chicks would prove themselves capable of producing in response to America’s present dark days.

  • Jaime

    I think that I’m Not Ready To Make Nice is AWESOME!! Why should she back down, BUSH had it coming!! Go Dixie Chicks, its about time someone had enough balls to say it!

  • Jaime, I’m a bit of beating a dead horse here, but your comments are irrelevant. I don’t mean that disrespectfully, but they are not relevant to the question at hand of weather this “Make Nice” is a good song.

    One, this song has nothing whatsoever to do with Bush. His name isn’t in the song, nor any reference to any political issue at all. Even if you’re wanting to stick it to W, this doesn’t.

    More importantly, even that doesn’t matter. Even if it said “W sucks donkey weenies” and your think he does, that doesn’t make this a good SONG. This is a weak, generic excuse for a melody and production. It’s just not anything that could even be reasonably mistaken for good music.

    Tod- I’m from southeastern Indiana, the IN/OH/KY tri-state area.

  • Martin

    A comment from the UK – I have no political axe to grind , as many seem to have . Nor do I have an issue with whether it can be delineated as country or not … surely its the music that counts ? On this count I confess that I love the song , and how anyone can describe it as bland beats me ! It would appear that the political background has indeed got Natalie / the chicks to up their game , so perhaps some good will come out of it all in the end …

  • If you want to prove the song is not vague and bland, that should be easy. Just point out one strong, vivid, specific image from the song lyrics.

    If you can do that, you might have something interesting to say.

  • Unseen

    Okay what has their music got to deal with their own opinions? That’s what i want to know…they have the right to give their own opinion. I love the song because everything is true in it. They have the right to express themselves as artists let alone human beings.

  • ed

    you americans are really messed up.. its a song and it sounds good. plus those chicks are easy on the eyes.

    ps al barger sounds like a nazi beware of him

  • Snooze Alarm

    Al, it’s really lame of you to criticize the song as generic when it’s clear from everything you’ve written that your REAL GRIPE is that Natalie Maines criticized your hero Bush. Generic is a ridiculous charge. What exactly do you expect from the Dixie Chicks? They are a top 40 group and top 40 is nearly always generic … or it wouldn’t be top 40. The song is catchy, well-produced pop with a bit of message behind it. They know their audience. Good stuff!

    Maines doesn’t even go after Bush here. She’s after people like you who hate free speech. The Dixie Chicks didn’t deserve to be boycotted, much less death threats from right wackos. It was a ridiculous over-reaction. Kudos to the Chicks for a nicely executed musical response. (Loved their EW cover too.)

    PS – I hear Neil Young has an album coming out that you’re really going to HATE! Can’t wait to see your “critical” attack on that one!!

  • LetEmBe

    It’s about time that country music singers have their own voice and quit tip-toeing around controversial subjects. I think that the Dixie Chicks just KICKED the door open for those that have something to say.

    I am so SICK of country music stars being “cookie cutter”. It’s time for country music musicians…ESPECIALLY women country singers to quit hiding behind the mic and take a stand for something–ANYTHING!

    Congrats to the Dixie Chicks for doing this 3 years ago and AGAIN now with this new single.

  • You’ve got to see the video to really understand what they’re trying to say. A lot of bloggers are pointing out the symbolism of the oil representing blood, and while that may be true, there is actually a lot more there. The main point seems to be that the chicks are in an insane asylum (or some type of institution) set in the not so long ago days when people could be put into institutions for having a different opinion than the popular opinion. I think they make a strong statement to say that we obviously haven’t come very far past those days (or not at all) if they are going to be persecuted with death threats and the like because they have a different opinion than the very conservative bible belters that make up a good bit of their fan base. Did you know that there were public bulldozings of their CDs in some places? Is that any different than book burnings? It’s a wake up and smell the coffee message. It asks the question, “Is this what should happen to people that have a different opinion and voice it?”

    I think you could also say that the oil on the white paper is like a giant Rorschach test, which again puts into question their sanity maybe? And maybe the whole idea of the need and greed for oil that our country has, and drives many of our decisions in the middle east is as messy as blood would be on the white paper and the white dresses. But then like a Rorschach test, the meaning is in the eye of the beholder. So it’s really up to you to decide what they’re saying.

    You could also read something into the stark contrast of black on white. Are the issues that we face necessarily decisions of black and white and right and wrong? Is one opinion necessarily better than the other, and who is to decide? And then there’s the white picket fence amongst the turmoil of the stormy black and white flowing background, which sort of states (at least to me) that the white picket fence world that many Americans think they’re living in is just an illusion, so again wake up and smell the coffee about what’s going on in the rest of the world and don’t be so smug and righteous about your opinions…especially those many Americans (less than 5% of us have passports) that form these opinions without having ever stepped foot outside of the US borders.

    This is by far the most provocative, interesting video I’ve seen in a really long time, and kudos to the creative people behind it — including the Dixie Chicks.

  • Guppusmaximus

    If they are more concerned with the message in their music or the “supposed” message which I feel they didn’t portray at all, then maybe they should write a book or make a movie. This release was an excellent example of how today’s mainstream “musicians” have become complacent with their inability to compose decent music, nevermind brilliant music with a message that is timeless,because the masses fed off of the ideaology that the industry has succeeded in implanting. Which is, Looks & Materialism are more important than substance. Honestly, I think that rationale has dominated our culture for quite sometime!!

  • marysie

    why write a book, when words & Music can & do say it with feeling and depth,
    Would anyone of asked john lennon to go and write a book when he expressed his feeling and views in *imagine, I think not,
    I found the views expressed by the dixie chicks in *not ready to make nice, a timely reflection that narrow minded people who used to rule the world must face the facts that the little man who has is say, will not roll over anymore when they dare to disagree,with the greedy powers that be,

  • Guppusmaximus

    Yeah…OK… Comparing The Dixie Chicks to Lennon is like comparing American Idol to Queen. The Dixie Chicks do not reflect any kind of depth with their lyrics nevermind their so-called “music”.

  • Subzero

    I like their song a lot and find it funny how people are ashamed of the Dixie Chicks for what they said, when people in this country are saying negative things about Bush all the time (hypocrites, anyone?). I loved their video too. 10+++/10

  • Anne

    OMG….so disagreeing with the Chick’s opinions makes those who disagree with them Nazi’s? But them painting everyone who disagreed with them as vigilantes out to kill them isn’t even the slightest bit hysterical and totally awesome? I love how people are all for free speech until it’s about someone disgreeing with them. Those who disagree are just big nazi meanies. Free speech is a two way street. They spoke, people disagreed and decided they didn’t want to listen to them anymore. If the majority decides otherwise this time, then they’ll be on the radio again.

    But radio is a business and if people change the station as soon as Natalie bleets across the speakers then the radio station will stop playing them. If people change the station, they won’t be around to listen to the commercials which pays for the music to be played in the first place. That doesn’t make the radio people nazis, it makes them business people…it’s not about the Chicks feelings, it’s about making money and if people don’t want to listen, radio will feel compelled to program something else.

    Before any of this happened I wasn’t a Chick’s fan. I don’t like Nat’s voice. It’s harsh and not my thing. That’s a personal opinion. Nothing about their politics…which I also disagree with but had no idea of until this whole brouhaha occurred. I changed the station when they came on. I don’t think I’m a Nazi, I’m just a consumer who has different preferance. It’s called ECONOMICS….

  • Vern Halen

    “I’m gonna put my boot in the ass of the first fool what tries telling me that this is country music.”

    At the risk of receiving your boot in an uncomfortsble place, I hate to break the news: this is and has been country music for nearly 20 years. Artists like Buck Owens, Johnny Cash & Merle Haggard often are ignored by the so called country audience, but worshipped by those who favor the newly invented genres of alt country, old time music, or roots rock.

    Remember that trade paper ad American Recordings took out after Cash won country album of the year, which pictured the Man in Black flipping the bird to the Nashville music establishment? Before he left the building to go find Elvis, Johnny said goodbye to country the way he once knew it – and so have many others.

  • evasg

    First time I have read your column and it will be the last! You are not a critic, but a dumb ass. You attacked a person personally-their political views, and then had the nerve to call it a professional review of a musician’s work.
    I personally did not agree with the Natalie’s comments at the time, but time has shown us that war is not what they told us it was. The Chicks have apologized and said they support the troops,they are the pawns in all of this mess.
    This reminds me of what a minister said once about another war “When they came for they came for the mentally retarded, I did not speak up. When they came for the gypsies, I did not speak up. When they came for the artists, the writers, singers,I did not speak up. When they came for me, there was no one to speak for me!” He was speaking about the Nazis.
    We have to feel free to speak up no matter what the cost is. That’s the American Way!

  • Vern Halen

    I heard this song for the first time two nights ago on a country music video channel. I didn’t pay much attention to the lyrics but the black & white visual motif & the emotive acting/crying/singing of the lead vocalist caught my eye. I said to myself “Well, this’ll be a huge single for these ladies.” I think it’s perfect in its pop compostion, delivery, and marketing. Right up there with Madonna even. Really, they could’ve been singing the phone book.

    Because of that fact in itself, I wouldn’t bother getting too hung up on their message. Sure, we have to feel free to speak our mind, but we have to have the good sense to choose when to bite our tongues.

  • James

    What a moron!
    This song is pure gold! Only true dixie chicks fan would understand the meaning of these songs.

    Nice to see your opinion on this song, i personally love it and cant wait for the album to come out!
    Pure gold i tell ya.. dixie chicks still have the power with them.

  • Jason

    What!!!! OMG! You are so closed minded that it makes me sick! There have been some Dixie Chicks songs that I wasn’t too crazy about, but there have been a lot that I have liked. “Not Ready To Make Nice” is awesome!! It’s amazing, that if she said that commment right now at this very moment, she wouldn’t get so much grief about it. No one on this earth is perfect, I know I’m not. Al, are you!?!? Hell NO! I haven’t decided even to this day if I agree with what Natalie said, but I do know that I appreciate good music and I don’t expect everyone to do everything by the book.

    Al, if you said or did something that the majority of the people didn’t like, how would like this kind of punishment?????? It would be different, wouldn’t it, if the tables were turned……..

  • Corey

    Your article is ridiculous! You shouldn’t put your own personal opinions in a professional music review.

    You say this isn’t country!! Have you listened to the last 3 or 4 albums from Tim McGraw?? How about Rascal Flatts performing on the country music awards a couple of years back AND their CD’s?? And Shania Twain’s latest albums?? Need I continue!!!!! You need to listen to ALLLLLLLL of country music CD’s before you criticize the Dixie Chicks for not sounding “COUNTRY”.

    I understand totally why everyone is lashing back at you. Because you’re ignorant of a lot of things pertaining to country.

  • dave

    Corey, that’s not fair. A review is sometimes difficult to remain completely objective.

  • DC fan

    Natalie was right: I’m ashamed that Bush is even American, let alone a Texan. He went to Iraq for one reason: money. He is nothing but a figurehead for large corporations. The Dixie Chicks were right on with their opinion of the war and it becomes clearer everyday that they were.

    What’s more, her song’s lyrics are right on. Not only is it un-American to try to control what they do or don’t say, it’s downright un-human(and stupid) to make death threats over a harmless opinion.

    I hope the Dixie Chicks get their comeback.

  • Corey, now this is just silly what you’re saying right here: “You shouldn’t put your own personal opinions in a professional music review.” I try to make things as professional as possible, ie I try to concentrate on the recording at hand rather than secondary political or personality stuff. But still, a review is someone’s opinion.

    Also, this is kind of cute, “I understand totally why everyone is lashing back at you. Because you’re ignorant of a lot of things pertaining to country.” That’s precisely backwards. I am a connoisseur of American rural music traditions. It’s people who think that the Dixie Chicks or Shania Twain are “country music” who are ignorant of the musical traditions involved.

    Jason, I’ve said one or two things in life to arouse the ire of fairly many people, so I’ve been on the other end of this- though obviously on a much smaller scale. But 99.9% of Dixie Chicks critics have done nothing worse than simply to say that they’re full of shit. There’s nothing wrong with that, and I don’t mind that when I’m on the other end.

    My main objection to the Chicks song is that it’s just a bad composition. If it was a good patriotic lyric about how important it is to support our troops, it would STILL be a crappy SONG. That’s the main point of this review.

    To recap about the lyric, my objection here is not political at all- the lyric isn’t even about politics. My objection is that this lyric is maliciously dishonest and shitlickin’. By the latter, I mean that they are milking a few bad but isolated threats to wring as many points for their supposed victimhood as they can, full of self-pity for how wronged they are.

    More importantly though, they have taken a couple of dumb threats and purposely, consciously used them to smear the other 99.9% of critics who did not and would never dream of making any kind of personal threats. That’s malicious, and dishonest. That’s a bad combination right there.

  • Scott Butki

    A review without an opinion would be just a summary of what is on the album, i.e. pointless.

  • Robin

    I absolutely love the song! I couldn’t think of a better way for them to come back. Why should they back down? They did pay a price and still paying. She did make her bed and now she has to sleep in it. It is a shame that a mother should tell her daughter to hate a stranger. And her comments deserved threats on her life? I don’t think so. Isn’t this country about freedom? We can pray for the safety of our soldiers doing their jobs but we do not have to agree with the administration’s decision to fight this or any war!!!

  • Miss Mo

    I love this song. These girls didn’t apologize for what they said because they didn’t feel they did anything wrong. There are very few people that have their own beliefs, stand up to poeple, and aren’t fake. So regardless of whether or not you like the song, you should respect them for being real.

  • Vern Halen

    Am I wrong, or are people here not getting the point? Many commenters can’t seem to tell the difference between patriotism, freedom of speech, good/bad songwriting and a reviewer’s perspective. You almost need to run variations of this article through 3 or 4 different threads.

    The Chicks are a professional, popular & successful modern country act, with all the good and bad that’s implied in that description. This is not the same as the Coon Creek Girls singing Pretty Polly back in 1938.

  • Shawn B.

    I do have to agree with Corey about the evolving of country music….If you listen to music over 5 yrs ago, it has a totally different angle….From rock to pop to rap to country….You shouldn’t put down the Dixie Chicks because they don’t have the same sound now that artists did 10 yrs ago….Country music is going to be different 10 yrs from now…..I love the music on the new Dixie Chicks song….Keep up the good work girls!

  • Amanda

    Your comments were very harsh, the Chick’s lyric speak for a lot and they deserve the credit for putting together a great tune. Many people may interpret this song in different ways and it’s awesome. You definitely need to be more professional,if this is your job…. wow I think you need to work on a few things. Your cannot solely view this song from a political stand point, because there are many people that don’t understand what the real meaning behind this song is and it may help them get through their own personal turmoil. I’m glad to finally see an intense song full of heart. It truely was a great song, and it’s invigorating for women. The fact that 3 women have the balls to stand up on a stage infront of millions of people and say what’s on their mind, knowing that they will recieve backlash and not care…. wow it’s impressive.

    The Dixie Chicks are great artists and speak from their heart. If the believe the war in Iraq is immoral, it’s their right to their own opinion. YOU have your own opinion about many things…… which is why you’re writing this terrible criticism. And if they could only criticize you, watch out!

    It’s a stepping stone for country music. And you’re terrible at your job here. Would you even know good music if it bit you in the ass?

  • Amanda, are you merely ignorant, or are you just purely dishonest? “Your cannot solely view this song from a political stand point” I went to some effort to clearly delineate and talk about this as music. The comments at the end about the lyrics are about these lyrics, not anything about their general beliefs. I would be perfectly happy to hear the Dixie Chicks criticize me- though I don’t think this idiot Maines would be well advised to engage ME in a battle of wits.

    Again, since the lyrics are not actually political, my review does not involve their politics AT ALL. Is your reading comprehension so poor that you cannot understand this, or are you being willfully thick?

    Shawn B, I’m certainly NOT criticizing the Dixie Chicks for not sounding just like old acts. I would be delighted to hear a whole new sound, but this ain’t it. It’s homogenized, watered down crapola that sounds like a whole lot of crappy corporate “country music” pop music cheese food product produced over the last dozen years or so. Again, Faith Hill comes to mind.

    Basically, as music, this song utterly lacks personality. That’s a far worse sin in my book than their dumb politics.

  • Vern Halen

    “… the real meaning behind the song”?

    Who said there was ever only one real meaning behind any song or that the artist got to define it? Ai Ai Ai – it’s like saying Shakepeare directed the definitive Hamlet just because he wrote it. Or Jimmy Webb sings his own songs better beause her wrote them (he went on an unsuccessful tour once to prove that point wrong). IT’S THE SONG – and if it appeals to you, it’s yours. Even if it’s crap. And how does it qualify as crap? By not meeting artistic standards – you know standardly acceptable in critical circles.

    Look, if you like the Chicks and/or their politics, fine, but if their music is watered down corporate country music, then it’s OK to say it is if you can prove it somehow with wome critical guidelines. And if you still like it anyway, fine – there’s lots of crap I like that’s a guilty pleasure, and I’m OK with it. But I’m not going to sit & tell people that the Archies are great artists.

    If we only thought bands were great because of their political passions, then the MC5 is the greatest band of all time – well, of 1968 anyway.

    I figure the Chicks are great entertainers, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re great artists. I have one of their albums, but Luciinda Williams’ Car Wheels On a Gravel Road is the female country album of the last 25 years. Track that one down and paly them back to back & maybe you’ll see what I’m talkin’ about.

    Better you than me, Mr. Barger. I couldn’t field this stuff day after day if I was paid.

  • Stranger

    Don’t you just love these type of people who feel the need to talk down on everyone?

    I doubt I’ll ever understand the need for it.

  • Yes Stranger, I dig how superior you are to all those people talking down on others. It ain’t right.

    As a gesture of humility then, in line with Vern Halen’s admission to Archie fandom. I’ll go him one better- a pleasure one step guiltier than the Archies. My current jammobile mix CD features a classic Josie and the Pussycats hit. Imagine me cruising the foggy county roads at midnight singing along with “Every Beat of My Heart.”

    I take this opportunity to re-assure our reading audience that I am hetero.

    In my defense, I’ll argue that “Every Beat of My Heart” is a much better piece of pop songwriting than this crappy Dixie Chicks record.

  • Amanda

    Excuse me AL, but it did sound like all your “beefs” were with the Chick’s intented purpose. And to call the Chick’s whinny is a complete hypocritical statement; your entire criticism sounds whinny. You’re one person that doesn’t like this song…. but it sounds like there are 100x more people that do. Really your opinion means nothing, and I am sure that the “DIXE” Chicks don’t give a shit about what you say.

    They are country,and if your such a music buff you’d know that genres evolve and become something new. This is a prime example, the Chicks are reviving country music and making it more appealing to a greater number of people. Good for them, they deserve all the great feedback they are getting from this song. They took a lot of crap from the whole Bush incident, for a lot of nothing. Do you think if it was a man that made that critical statement regarding Bush and the war, it would have played out the same? I sure as hell don’t think so.

    The Chicks are amazing artists that evolve with the times, stick up for what they believe in, and don’t back down. I give them props for that!

  • Scott Butki

    Sounds like a lot of people agree with my comment #2 – that you can’t separate yuor opinion of their music with that of their comments.
    The key for me was you mentioning – almost bragging – about how you cussed out the singer for her comments.

    This is why I would never review an album by, say, John Ashcroft -I could’t separate my opinions of him and his mistakes from the music.

  • What was it you said to me Al? Oh yeah…what a schmuck!

    My pop says pretty much the same thing about “modern” country music…it ain’t country.

  • Tennessee

    Al Barger, your comments say a hell of a lot about you. You talking down to these viewers and the Dixie Chicks is just down right wrong and immature. Everyone has their opinion about everything. When we add our comments to this page, it says, “Personal attacks are NOT allowed”. I understand why now, because you do it enough for all of us!!

    I don’t agree with what the Dixie Chicks said years back, but I am not going to punish them. They received too much hatred for what they did and they deserve to comeback with this song. I don’t like what they did, but I do like the music and the words. A mother teaching her daughter to hate a person for something they said and a person sending another person death threats is purely WRONG! And those individuals should receive more punishment than Natalie Maines.

    I believe in KARMA and Al, it’s going to come back on you and it will come back on all the other people who have threatened and degraded someone they don’t even know.

    Again, I wasn’t pleased when I heard what Natalie said, but I love the song. Freedom of speech is right, if you are in the United States. It wouldn’t have bothered me at all if she was here saying it at a concert, but she was in another country. Yet I hope this song and their album goes number 1 and I hope they sell more copies of this album than any other one they released before.

    Dixie Chicks, you deserve to release this song since so many people punished you in the past. You didn’t have a chance to speak your mind on what happened and this song says what you all are thinking. I respect you for that.

    Thank you.

  • Guppusmaximus

    In my opinion, music usually evolves because artists pioneer a new sound. I’m sure Shania Twain could get some credit for the Country/Pop explosion but I do believe The Dixie Chicks just jumped on that bandwagon as opposed to being responsible for bringing country to the masses. Personally, Blake Shelton has enlightned me about decent commercial country…But,it’s still all about the “formula” so they can make the bucks. I still think Dolly Parton has a niche in this genre, especially for her age. Anyways, Just because a ton of people like it doesn’t mean that it’s worthy nor does it mean that it has catapulted it’s genre to new heights. Come on, Look at the Boy band wave… I’m sure alot of people would’ve argued about their musical integrity,LOL!! This release is completely shallow and I would expect something like this to come from the last American Idol winner.

    “The Chicks are amazing artists that evolve with the times, stick up for what they believe in, and don’t back down. I give them props for that!”

    The same could be said for Al Barger and the only reason I would tell Mr. Barger to stop reviewing this trash is that,”any publicity is Good publicity”. We don’t need crappy bands to keep getting attention…BOYCOTT!!

  • Scott, re: comment 79- this is just wrong: “you can’t separate yuor opinion of their music with that of their comments.” Did you not actually READ the review? I’m talking about the tune, the style and the arrangement. Then the last few paragraphs where I was talking about what they said was about what they said in THIS SONG.

    Basically, you’re saying that no one who has any negative opinions about an artist can be fair in judging their work.

    Besides which, I ain’t mad at the Chicks. Natalie’s dumb comment several years ago was a misdemeanor offense against geometry and theology. I give her a quick cussing at the time, and I was all done with it. But I’m certainly not mad over that little bit of nothing from years ago.

    Dear Tennessee, you write “all the other people who have threatened and degraded.” You are certainly welcome to have sex with yourself, trying to tar ME in with a couple of idiots making threats. That’s exactly the dishonesty in the “Not Ready to Make Nice” song that I’m objecting to.

    Also, they do NOT deserve to have a hit with this song. That’s not because of some stupid politics from several years ago, but because this song is utterly unworthy.

  • Tennessee

    We will just see, won’t we…..

  • Tennessee

    Dishonesty in the song? Ok…… What part are they being dishonest about?? They are saying everything that has happened and how they feel about it!! You sit here and say what you think and say it’s ok, but it’s not ok for them to express what they are feeling. There is not a damn thing in that song that is a lie. You expect them to just lay back and let dumbass people run over them forever!! If I were in their shoes, I wouldn’t and you wouldn’t either.

    They had and still have to have metal detectors to prevent crazies from coming into their concerts!

  • Scott Butki

    Al, I read the review and was one of the first ones to comment on it.
    You say you barely mention the controversy but your brag about insulting her is in the second paragraph.
    When you insult the band before you get into the music it’s harder to accept you are going to give the music a fair shake.

    If you’d saved your political opinions until the end that’d be one thing

  • Monsieur Butki, I did indeed mention cussing the DC in the second paragraph, and got that out of the way in a couple of quick sentences. Now, if you want to simply insist that no one who has expressed any disagreement with the band could possibly give their music a fair listen, that is your priviledge- but you’re ignoring the entire rest of the review.

    Perhaps YOU cannot separate your musical from your professional or personal judgments, but I pride myself on it. From what I know, I strongly suspect that Prince has very strong tendencies to schmuckness- and that he is one of the greatest songwriters in the rock music tradition. Everything I know suggests that conversely Garth Brooks is one of the nicest fellows around- and I’d just as soon take a beating as to listen to his crappy records.

    Tennesse, the dishonesty of you and the Dixie Chicks in this song is to willfully and maliciously falsely paint all critics of the group as not just hateful, but violent. Again, you’re helping them lick their shit with the cheesy protestations of victimhood. They still have metal detectors at their concerts? So do a LOT of bands. Do they even really need them though, or is that just another excuse for them to play martyr? In any case, it ain’t MY fault, and I reject your and their dishonest attempts at demagoguing their critics.

    And more dishonesty from you: I never said anything like that the DC have no right to voice their opinions. It’s a dumb, disreputable tactic when DC fans such as yourself keep making variations on that same obvious straw man argument. You know better when you say it.

    They can say whatever dumb crap they want. I can say whatever I want about their statements, and of course you are welcome and encouraged to critique me.

    I just wish you’d be a little more honest when you do it.

  • Tennessee

    LOLLLL!! Thank you so much Al! I usually hate Mondays because they drag by, but you made mine a whole lot better. I needed some good laughs for today!! You have a blessed day!

  • Big BadJohn

    Bush=32% Approval


  • Joe

    Al you’re a disgrace!

  • rick miller

    well for what it matters to anyone, I LOVE THE CHICKS always have and do even more now. atleast they do not write about getting drunk and having to be someone?

  • Rick- declarations of love are always in order. Even danged ol’ Dixie Chicks need love. Yeah, I guess you could give them a little credit for at least not being redneck women.

  • Dan

    Hail the DChicks. They’ll probably milk this anti’Bush crap long past the time they lose artistic usefulness.

    It might already be past.

  • Vern Halen

    Most fun thread of the past week – right here.

  • Why thank you kindly, Vern.

  • shanna

    I think that they are sing something that actually means something to them and that is the most important part. They didn’t have the song written for them from someone elses experience. True expression is the whole point. No matter what they say, right or wrong, their lives shouldn’t be threatened for it. Them or anyone else for that matter.

  • Winks81

    As for the “not a country song” bull… the Chicks, Maines in particular said that they were “Pretty Much Done” with Country. I cannot say I blame them one bit. With such an a** hole fan base, who could? I personally can’t wait for May 23rd. Go DC!

    READ it HERE:

  • JD

    What you’ve said is simply and NOTHING more, YOUR opinion. One of which seems based purely on your love of pure country music, and for your obvious dislike of the girls of the band themselves. You should be able to base your opinion of something, on its own merit, not based on who or where it came from. This song may not be what you’re used to, what you expect, or what you think real country music should be. That should be irrelevant, because based on what is heard, it’s a good song, that DOES evoke emotion, positive, heartfelt emotion. You said it’s whining, the only whining to do with your “review” of this song, is your review itself.

  • DJ

    I attended a Chicks Concert in Philly 3 years ago. Had a great time until it became politcal again with comments from Natalie. I have always enjoyed the Music by the DC but unlike the DC I don’t go to work each day and voice my political views. I understand music is about events that have taken place in peoples lives and they send their message through music. So my point. I still enjoy the DC sound but struggle over the messages. I guess I will not be purchasing this album or attending the concert. Although the only song I have a problem with is “Not Ready To Make Nice.” Someone once told me that you should never discuss religion or politics among friends. Seems they were right.

  • Brenda

    Dixie Chicks….You go girls! I have listened to the song, and have watched the video several times on CMT. It doesn’t matter if they get good ratings for this song or not. The main thing is that the song was written out of honesty and integrity. And I think the video was perfect for what they were wanting to convey. We don’t need to sit here trying to *offend* or even *defend*. You have your thoughts and feelings about all this. All I can say is “to each his own”. I just hope that we all will live in peace and harmony one day soon!

  • I just want to say that I really like this song. I dont care about political bullshit, because anyone can take this song anyway they wanted. I just question why you think you know everything about good music, because personally, I have NEVER heard of you, I just happened to stumble across this f-ed up blog thingie. And I am sure that I dont have to tell you that MANY people have heard of the Dixie Chicks and their music whether it be good or bad. So maybe you should stop being a jerk, and stop trying to make people who really like this song read this, because in our day in age, no one needs this stuff. Music is freedom, and evidently so is America.

  • Dear Brooke, thank you. That was a fascinating little exercise in rhetoric and “logic.”

  • 1)This was a review of a new singal by a pseudo country act called the Dixie Chicks.
    2)Al doesn’t like it because it sucks as country and the lyrics are insiped: his opinions.

    Therefor Al is against free spech.

    It’s logic like that the keeps getting Republicans elected and the left sinking into a quigmire of it’s own selfrightouse indignation. If we can’t learn to grow up soon we might as well turn all the offices of all the governments around the world over to the right. The way most of us act we will never get it together to do anything intelligent like dealing with the real issues in life.

    Finally, it saddens me to see that the legions of the Anti-Hank are growing, where is Iris Derment when we need her. If the Dixie Chicks wanted to write a song of power they should have listened to “Wall Up In Wasington” first.

  • Moore

    It says on here that personal attacks are not allowed on here.
    I could care less what you think about anybody personally. You sound like somebody who has a stick shoved up his $#@. Get over yourself and get over thinking that anyone cares what you think. You’re probably unemployed with nothing better to do than pick apart everybody but yourself. Before you start putting others down, maybe you should look in the mirror.

    Ever since the attacks, now all of a sudden everybody in America is “A proud American?” Where was this pride before September 11th? People are more hypocritical than they claim to be.

    Yes soldiers are dying in Iraq, but they didn’t have much of a choice being sent over there, now did they? Our President sent them over while he sits in his office in his expensive suits. Do you think he’s losing any sleep over another “nameless” soldier who lost his life for his safety and freedom?

    Who cares that Natalie Maines made that comment about the President? He’s a total moron anyone and everybody knows it. Didn’t she say that years ago? Isn’t it time people got over that? There are better things to be worrying about than what a professional singer stated on a show years back. She has a right to state that and if you don’t want to hear it, ignore it. Be prideful and snotty.

    Don’t black ball somebody because it’ll always come back and blow up in your face. When you make your mistake or do something you feel is right and others disagree whole-heartedly, you may wish that you hadn’t been so horrid to this woman when they’re lashing and casting you out like you’ve got a scarlet letter brandished across your chest.

    I say–

    GET OVER IT AND MOVE ON. THE WAR IS STILL GOING AND BE PRIDEFUL IF YOU WANT BUT REMEMBER THAT MOST OF THESE SOLDIERS DIDN’T HAVE A CHOICE TO GO OR NOT SO DON’T ACT LIKE YOU AND YOUR SPOUSE ARE MARTYRS. THEY DIDN’T HAVE A CHOICE!! Us being at war with them is not going to change these people in the other country. They’ve been this way for centuries. What can Americans do to change a legacy?

  • Now kids, play nice or I’ll have to send in The Cleaners to spoil your passionate debate.

    My two céntimos – dull group, good politics.

  • Moore, your little display in comment 104 achieved an impressively high level of smugness and a towering sense of moral superiority, equaled only by your lack of knowledge or actual thought.

    For starters, this statement is simply factually untrue, “Yes soldiers are dying in Iraq, but they didn’t have much of a choice being sent over there, now did they?” We have a volunteer army. There’s no draft.

    And oh, how righteously pained you are over how “horrid” I’ve been to poor little Natalie. Look, if she doesn’t want me to write reviews about how much her records suck, then she should stop putting out sucky records.

    Plus, this statement has little relation to reality: “They’ve been this way for centuries.” You pretty much argue that these people are just savages and there’s nothing to do for them. In fact, there are numerous cultures involved with rich histories, and it’s a lot more complicated than that. Islam certainly has NOT been sending people out to blow up the infidels like this for centuries, or we’d have squished them long ago.

    But then again, knowledge of history would be too much to expect from a Dixie Chicks fan. I’d guess that you get your news from Jon Stewart. Am I right?

  • moore

    I can’t stand the dixie chicks. I hate country music and I think most of it is terrible anyway. [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor]

  • luu

    your such a brat. get over yourself. Dixie Chicks did something that most of america and even canadians are afraid to do, they said what they really thought. first of all, are you in iraq? are you a musician? yeah shut up.

  • laney

    bush rocks.

  • amy

    Al I don’t know who you are ,but I think you have too much time on your hands if your biggest worry in life is if the new DC song is good or not. I personally think it is great as I do their other songs from the past. I have all there albums and will probably buy the new one too. I don’t know what it was that got the world so ticked off at the DC,but I do know this much, they are entitled to freedom of speech. There might’ve been other people out there with the same feelings as Natalie and spoke their minds too,but because they’re not famous didn’t take any crap for it so do me a favor,grow up and get a life!!

  • Come on, Al, leave the teeny boppers alone. Come on, let’s go fight over politics and important things. *gentle leads Al out of the room, offering my arm as an incentive*

  • Miss Chelsea! I’d follow you anywhere, even without a promise of getting to chew on your arm. Still though, I was trying a new recipe for barbecue sauce last week, and I thought of you.

  • moore

    As a matter of fact, I am a professional singer who has toured the US for years. I don’t like country music but I agreed with Natalie about her comment toward Bush. I would have said the same thing if I came from Texas. He’s a moron, simple as that. He’s ruining this country. He’s taking away women’s rights and trying to convert everyone’s beliefs into his own. Why don’t you shut up because you just made yourself look stupid. You don’t even know who I really am. For all you know, I could be an A-list celebrity that you like and you just kicked yourself in the ass for being an idiot.

  • Cheryl

    I actually like this song. I think she’s a wonderful singer and it was great to know they’d finally released a new song!

  • This song and/or video will win many top awards…and the album will sell millions. Criticism is easy…measurable success is not.

  • robin

    Just watch when their cd comes out this month, and how many copies are going to be sold. And see then that no one gives a crap about what you have to say.

  • Amberly

    Who are any of you to judge?

  • DC/TK Fan


    Not sure this will win many ‘awards’….remember Toby Keith…”How do you like me now” Country music isn’t very giving to those who buck the system.

    He never got any respect b/c he marches to his own drum!!! He could give a rip less what people think……and so could the Dixie Chicks!!!

    I think it is fantastic that The Chicks have come back into the limelight. I can hardly stand the wait til May 23rd…..and I could hardly wait for Toby Keith’s last CD release either.

    I bet there is a bunch of fans who love TK and The DC and could care less about their political views! Can I get a AMEN? 🙂

    I listen to the words of anyones lyrics and find my own way to relate to it. Doesn’t matter what sparked the idea to write it!! If song writers had to explain where the lyrics came from, I bet cha’ a lot less music would be appreciated!

    Besides opinions are like a–holes, we all got one! Who cares anyway…..

  • Me

    This is the worst review I have ever read.

  • Andrew Anderson

    Honestly…this has to be one of the worst reviews I’ve ever read in my life. You’re pathetic.

  • I’ll say it.. I would rather run my tongue over a cheese grater then listen to Natalie’s whining voice… to say I dislike the Dixie Chicks is an understatement… but this song speaks to me… Not Ready to Make Nice is lyrically well written and the hook is well phrased by Natalie… I say well done DC… you made someone who can’t stand your music pay .99 on iTunes.. well not yet… it’s not available yet… but I’ll pay for it when it’s available — I’m not buying the album tho… I’m not THAT won over…

  • I can not believe someone could compare the Chicks (talented musicians) to B. Spears (the fake)

  • Miss Cathy, I have to say that Britney Spears makes more interesting records to my ears. She’s got sharper hooks, and a better execution- whether you want to credit that to her or to her producers.

    As regards the Dixie Chicks, I’d rather have Britney Spears genuine synthetic pop than the Dixie Chicks fake corporate country music.

  • Nicole

    Al, Have you ever heard of evolution? Listen to the first rock ‘n roll music from the 50’s and compare it to today’s rock ‘n roll. Same with country, blues and jazz. All music genres evolve for many reasons. Reasons such as politics, freedom of speech and also to meet the demands of the listeners. The so called “commercialized music” you refer to is a just a fake term people like you make up for music that you don’t enjoy or appreciate.

    Further more, your own stupidity shows through when you compare a song like “Not Ready to Make Nice” that of Britney Spears, who’s songs she doesn’t even write herself and don’t show any emotion or feeling.

  • nashville

    I have read every single comment and the majority like the song and very few agree with Al. Most everyone that has said something against Al bring out very good strong points. Al likes to stir up this controversy. He knows how to work this site, like Omarosa on the Apprentice. She knew what to say and do to get attention. Good or bad, it got attention and this is what Al is doing.

  • Nashville, you are not nearly so smart and insightful as you think you are. Not that I’m above criticism, but none of these Dixie Chicks fans have any legitimate points against me- especially you. Moreover, even if you proved conclusively that I’m clinically insane, club baby seals for fun, and signed a pact with ol’ Scratch down at the crossroads- the Dixie Chicks would still be crap for music.

    You seem unable to comprehend the real, and clearly stated point: I wrote a negative review of this song because it sucks. I live for music, and this kind of shitlicking corporate crap is an offense against my true religion. I’m not going to be intimidated against speaking my piece just because some tin-earred fools are liable to have conniption fits. That’s a reflection on them, not me.

    Instead, you come up with some nonsense like this article is a democratic vote- X number of people show up with a comment in support of the DC, so they’re right. But of course, that’s ridiculous. The opinion of one person who actually understands something about music counts more than a million screaming idiots who apparently wouldn’t know a real song if it bit them in the ass.

  • nashville

    LOLLLLL!!!! Now you’re putting down the people that have actually taken the time and read your review. Because you label yourself as a “religious” music lover doesn’t mean you are always right! Lick your wounds and just go on, admit that your opinion of this song is among the minority!! 🙂

  • Louise

    Well, get you, Al! So you’re the only one with the knowledge and taste to review music? Is that about what you’d like us to understand? Pulease.

  • No Louise, there are at least a few people equally knowledgeable and credible to review music- but none of them would be caught dead listening to the Dixie Chicks, even if they liked the DC politics.

  • I guess I’ll add my two cents since this seems to have fallen into political debate. Iraq 2 was officially about weapons of mass destruction, specifically getting them of off Saddam Hussein’s hands. Not oil or poor, oppressed Iraqis or Al Qaeda. Did the Bush Adminstration have ulterior motives? Maybe, but that’s hardly the point.

    On another note, I’m still confused about the whole Natalie Maines controversy. She’s become the Jane Fonda of the 21st century with fifteen words when it took Jane a 7659 mile trip and a few dozen words. =)

  • DC/TK Fan

    Al……..You are a legend in your own mind!

    Bet you think your sh*t don’t stink!

    News Flash….

    You put your pants on just like everyone else, on leg at a time! Your opinion is no better than anyone else’s, contrary to your belief.

    You obviously get off on your own words…
    I bet cha’ you speak just to hear your own voice and probably stand in front of the mirror to watch yourself talk b/c you think you are the sh*t!

    You are so hung up on yourself and really you serve as a mere fun thing on this board…
    people just tune in every now and again to see what spews from your mouth next. You are full of nothing but HOT AIR….

    Get ready folks…..watch him BLOW! hehehehe

  • DC/TK Fan- I am furious! I’m gonna blow! Watch me, now!

    Now that you bring it up, though, I will say that in fact my poopie smells like roses. How’d you know? You been sniffin’ around my laundry hamper? Are you an agent for the NSA?

    DC/TK Fan: Are you now, or have you ever been a member of the Communist Party?

  • HCI

    Being the first to cuss Natalie Maines out is quite an intellectual feat. Stifling dissent is invariably the product of demogogues under the guise of the patriotic.

    So, if you love the Dixie Chicks as I do, you will love Mark Fiore, political cartoonist. He has this extraordinary gift of telling it like it is with humor. He tells different truths and he pulls no punches … extraordianry truth-teller.

    Most Americans were not born before or are too young to remember the Vietnam War debacle. We had far more courageous dissenters back then. And they too were ostracized, boycotted, threatened by buffoons and their followers.

    Either troops are fighting for our right to dissent aka democracy or they fighting the wrong war at the wrong time in the place. But they can’t be fighting for democracy if within the democracy they’re fighting for … the right to dissent is suppressed.

    The only folks who seem to believe that they can have it both ways are fascists. Fascists rely on the fusion of corporate and government power to fulfill their goals …which are, stripped of their rhetoric, fueled by greed.

    Dixie Chicks … you hang in there. You are doing your part to wake America up and we need the energy you provide. God Bless You for your moral compass, your conscience, and your courage. My generation had Pete Seeger, Peter-Paul-Mary, Richie Hayes, Joan Baez, and others to inspire us. We need more like you to survive to the end of this national nightmare of the Bush-Cheney regime.

  • HCI- Like the advertisements for the chunky soup, the sanctimony is so thick you could eat it with a fork. You may wish to carry on about your favorite Stalinist Pete Seeger, but my tastes for folk protest music of that era run more to Tom Lehrer and his “Folk Song Army.”

    We are the folk song army
    Every single one of us cares
    We all hate poverty, war and injustice-
    Unlike the rest of you squares

    Also, I might gently suggest that moral masturbation is something best done privately. Hey, I’m not condemning you- I know it feels really good.

    But you look silly when you come out in public with this faux-patriotic bullshit about how the Dixie Chicks are being “suppressed” or “stifled.” For being so stifled, I sure see a lot of these idiots.

    Obviously, no one’s been stifled. The Dixie Chicks aren’t in Gitmo- though they ARE cruisin’ for a trip to Camp Mimi.

    So then here you are, standing out in public rubbing your wee-wee, and looking for credit for patriotic martyr points by proxy for suppression that some cheesy pop group is NOT getting in the first place.

    I mean, I dig your shtick that USA 2006 is practically Nazi Germany and the Dixie Chicks are the poor Jews. However, the evidence for your argument is perhaps a bit tenuous.

  • George Washington is gnashing his wooden teeth in the beyond, wishing he’d had the Dixie Chicks’ profound insight and judgment to guide him through Valley Forge.

  • keir Mathur

    Great song! Great message!

  • KM, “great” or otherwise, what exactly was the supposed “message” of this song?

  • Lisa

    Yes, America exercises the freedom of speech, and it’s a great thing. However, I don’t think our forefathers intended for celebrities to bash our commander in chief on foreign soil. The band gets paid to sing their songs, not to push their political views down our throats. I think it is childish of them to resurface after 3 years with a song like “not ready to make nice”. Whatever. Yeah, and I’m not ready to buy their new album. Ever.

  • Lisa: “I don’t think our forefathers intended for celebrities to bash our commander in chief on foreign soil.”

    When I invoked George Washington above, I meant that he would probably be bemused by political advice from popular entertainers, not offended that they dared to speak against him.

    Nobody is going to throw the Dixie Chicks in jail. They’re not Susan B. Anthony or Rosa Parks. Some radio stations are choosing not to play their songs, which is their right.

  • Miss Lisa- Thanks for taking the time to comment. Again, I note that this song is not political, or only in the most petty personal sense of the word.

    I have no objection to singers and actors expressing their political or religious opinions- though if they’re going to do it, they really should try to do it rather more substantively than Maines did.

    What is really ridiculous, though, is for entertainers to go talking obviously provocative stuff like Maines did and then bitching about being oppressed when people tell you you’re full of it.

    But again, I’d forgive and forget all of that if they actually came up with a good song, rather than this ridiculous corporate fodder.

  • sj

    al just what kind of music do you listen to name some songs if your such a good judge of songs and lyrics

  • sj

    i dont think you would know good music if it kicked you in the #ss of course its not about being political and dont make it sound like they dont matter because their rich and famous whatever blah blah blah point is usually when celebrities speak a lot of people listen if you where to have an opinion of political views know one would care lots of people dont like the war and whats going on right now but they arent heard and they arent hated so just because dc stated thier opinion on the war why should everyone hate them why does it make them un american our commander and chief we forget is just a man like any of you dumb#sses he can also make stupid decisions why get saddam when the a## holes who attacked us get away and hide. does it make me un american if i hate bush because my friend died at war for his country i dont think so but he is respected and honored by us for his sacrifice that doesnt mean i have to love our president though we have a right to an opinion and the right to hate anyone. but who cares everyone has an opinion the lyrics in the song are not whiny and they arent corporate fodder this is how someone felt and when an artist feels strongly about something it comes out in their work if anything its an in ur face im not backing down song that can make alot of people feel uplifted. a whiny song would be somethin like crying giving up never want to see the light of day again kind of song. i personally dont like pop music and i hate britney spears im not a fan she doesnt even have T!Ts to write her own music dc’s new song is nowhere near that stupid. and im not gonna say it touched me i just like music that sounds good although the lyrics have a truth to them. at least they arent talkin about slingin dope and drivin whips and gettin booty you want to hear bad music listen to a rap station anyone who can write lyrics like dcis a winner in my book. could you come up with somethin like that. I dont think your that talented the only thing ur talented at is running ur mouth.;

  • SJ- I hope that little rant in #142 there got you some emotional satisfaction. To make the obvious point, though, that’s a ridiculously infantile display. How old are you to be writing in this baby-puke style?

    You appear to be so full of some kind of rage or mad cow disease or something that you can’t form coherent English sentences, much less make a cogent point. Do you really expect that anyone at all would read that jumble of hostile nonsense and come away thinking, “Hey, SJ makes a good point there”?

  • Lola

    i don’t get why everyone makes a big deal about this song.

  • Miss Lola, I’m not exactly sure I understand that, either. Re-capping, I thought it was a crappy excuse for a song, and broke it down in a few paragraphs as a point of public interest, what with them being a big ol’ platinum act. Not a big deal- just a humble record review.

    Somehow though, some DC fans are so emotionally invested in the idea of the group that someone writing a negative review of a DC record is some kind of personal insult not just to the DC to themselves. Something like that.

  • DC/TK Fan

    Al….regarding post #87…how is this for honesty?

    I’d like to see you spew your one-sided opinions to a real man…

    I have more class in my little toe than you ever will.

    Regarding post #127…you couldn’t admit you had a wrong opinion about anything.

    Because if you did it would mean you were not always right, like you think you are and we both know that you are not man or woman enough to do that! 🙂

    Albert Einstein: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, always expecting a different result.” (correct me if I’m wrong) I’m waiting……

    Now I understand what you are. Keep on tryin’ to do the same ol’ thing. Beat that Dead Horse!

    Sarcasm is a hidden form of anger! and you reek of it!!! Like I said, “You, are just a wee, little, angry old man!”

    Can you admit you get off on this stuff? I bet you can’t wait to check this board just so you can get your jollies.

    Certainly no man or woman in their right mind or left mind would be able to stand you til death did ya’ part….much less long enough for the other thing either.
    Then they’d have to hear how great you THOUGHT you were…..Big Mouth Al, talking and talking and talking……BORED TO DEATH THE HEADLINES WOULD READ!

    Yes Dear, I am in fact a member of the communist party….living here in good ol’ America where I am allowed to tell people like you to

    I LOVE AMERICA!!!!!…..hehehehe LOL ROTFLMAO

    Oh, this was a personal attack….sarcasm intended. Sorry I just couldn’t play nice!
    Whew, I’m done.

    Go ahead Al…..Let Er’ Rip(lyric from a DC song)

  • DC/TK Fan- Were you masturbating while you were writing that comment 146? Come on, you can tell me.

  • Jules

    “The general not-really-rock-not-country-not anything in particular thing runs between both songs.”

    Did I read that right? BOTH songs? Britney is teen-pop. “Lucky” doesn’t attempts to be anything else. End of story.

    Personally, I would place “Lucky” below “Not Ready to Make Nice”. Hard to fathom why someone would like “Lucky” more.

  • Jules, labeling “Lucky” as “teen pop” doesn’t consitute the “end of story” with me. Nothing wrong with that. It starts out ahead of the DC with me for at least a kind of low-level honesty. It’s real teen pop rather than fake country. Plus, I’d consider the Britney Spears song to be better written.

    Still, it’s not that I like “Lucky.” The point is that even a low-level piece of product like Britney Spears’ most annoying hit rates higher than the DC. For one thing, the Spears song with the poor little rich girl theme ain’t much, but it does at least avoid the aggravating nuisance of the cheap bile of the Dixie Chicks’ self-righteous proclamations of victimhood.

    Granted, as teen pop goes, Britney Spears falls short of the Supremes. But as country music, the Dixie Chicks fall even far shorter of Dolly Parton.

  • DC/TK Fan

    Dear Al…..

    No, I was not masturbating and I wouldn’t tell you even if it were true.
    (See, I was right…you do get off on this kinda thing. It’s ok, just admitting it is the hard part.)

    I have an awesome mate I share that part of my life with. Thanks for the invitation anyway….

    I am however, surprised you didn’t have more to say. It does feel good to be RIGHT! :)~

    Your friend,
    The Communist and DC/TK fan 🙂

    Just an FYI Al…I never said whether I agreed or not w/ what happened. :)~

  • DC/TK Fan- Aren’t we supposed to be fightin’ here, ya danged commie? XOX

  • dan lovins

    let the chicks make nice with the terrorist. we don’t need them to put us down and expect to sell there shit to us. they can kiss my all american ass. i’m never going to be ready to make nice with traitors like them. the have aright to their opinions like i do. my opinion is that what the little fat blonde did was an act of treason. no more of my money for the chickens. their name says it all.

  • DC/TK Fan


    You might want to check out http://www.probush.com/traitor

    Might find some things of interest to you!

    Good Luck

  • DC/TK Fan


    Back at cha’ XOX

    I enjoy a good debate sometimes. I respect all different points of view, even if I don’t agree w/ em’.

    Your danged Commie friend! :)~

  • Allen

    LOL. You sound very jealous and bitter.How sad.:(

  • DC/TK Fan- Now how am I supposed to be mean and hateful with you when you’re making nice like this? Hmm, wonder what kind of results Natalie Maines would get if she took a similar approach?

    Alrighty then, here’s my PEACE OFFERING.

  • DC/TK Fan

    Awh shucks Al,

    Peace Offering kindly accepted and very much appreciated! 🙂

    Her bark is probably much worse than her bite!

    Some folks just can’t say I’m sorry and move on…..being right is more important! For whatever that gets em’…beats the heck outta me!

    Your friend,
    DC/TK Fan

    p.s. May 23rd is Tuesday!!! hehehe :)~

  • Al Darling! I thought I was harsh. This review makes mine feel downright impartial.

    But I do like a man who isn’t afraid to express his opinion.

  • Thank you Sister Harper. I may be harsh, but I’m a fair-minded judge. The Dixie Chicks have been tried and found GUILTY of being corporate tools. Thus, after this bit of pimpin’ I felt a strong urge to purge with this classic bit of rage against the machine.

  • Sar

    I think you’re overall just negative. If you had any ounce of musical intelligence you’d know that these girls are talented and they are expressing themselves through song. Why don’t you just shutup and let them sell records.. It’s what they are good at doing. You’re busy being unhappy and picking out others flaws. Relax, it’s just a song that means something to them and others…it doesn’t have to mean anything to you. Maybe you should try writing a song

  • Misty

    This is all so amusing. Everyone has their own feelings about it. I am cool with that. Personally, I HATE country music, but I love this song. I don’t see it as whining at all, more like, “Kiss my ass, I can say or do what ever I want.” I commend those girls for bouncing back.

  • Tim

    The Dixie Chicks are awesome musicians. It is and refreshing to hear such honesty from an artist. The Chicks are masters of crafting beautiful music.

  • blah, blah, blah.

    YOU are the corporate TOOL.

  • Alright Stimpy, you got me there. That’s me: Al Barger, corporate tool. No sense denying it.

  • AndrewG.

    Another review by a hopeless Republican who can’t be bothered by anything he doesn’t agree with…

    I’m going to go look for unbiased reviews

  • Now AndrewG, it’s cool for you to read whatever you want, but get it straight: You’re not looking for “unbiased” reviews. You’re looking for biased reviews that share your bias.

  • DC/TK Fan

    hehehehe……..Al you just won’t do!

    But you are right….as human beings we typically like to surround ourselves with those that believe and think as we do.

    Conflict isn’t alluring and it isn’t easy to communicate our differences w/o letting emotion take over.

    Your commie friend,
    DC/TK Fan

    p.s. Tomorrow is the 23rd…. :)~
    I’ll keep you posted!

  • Sounds like another 60 minutes of treason to me. At least before CDs most lefty albums only contaned 40 minutes of treason. Unless they were double albums of course.

  • Dear commie DC/TK Fan- Don’t think I don’t know your plot. You think being nice will cause me to let up on Saddam’s Angels, but it ain’t happening. I hate the Dixie Chicks– hate them, I tell you! Is there anyone more evil than Natalie Maines? I doubt it.

  • I think the Chicks are great and have always been I have liked them since there first album Fly until this one and i was greatly dissapointed that they dissapeared for a while as for the person who wrote this article YOU suck they are simply trying to expressthemselves and tell there fans what they have been threw there great and i love them for coming out and sharing there opinion im glad they said things about Bush cause I agree stay strong chicks!!

  • Al you SUCK you wouldnt know good music if it bit you in the butt when you become a musician and express yourself like the chicks and go threw what they have then i’ll consider you a little higher than rat bacteria but right now your just ameba’s on rat bacteria oh and one more thing YOU SUCK AL!!!

  • DC/TK Fan

    Geez Al,

    I have no “plot”. You’re getting paranoid w/o merit.

    You can hate the Chicks, doesn’t bother me.
    It’s one man’s opinion…and yes some will agree and some won’t. Such is life.

    That being said…now let’s get down to the REAL TRUTH!
    You said, “I hate the Dixie Chicks.”

    You have just proven to this board why you are not justly qualified to review this song. Sorry my friend, it is time for you to admit the TRUTH and move on.

    Just admitting it, is the hardest part.

    Your HATRED towards them only proves you could not give an unbiased opinion on anything to do w/ them in any forum. 🙂
    (I’m certain you won’t agree but ok then, you win if that will make it better)

    As I stated before, some folks would rather be right and ‘win’ than admit they’re wrong and move on.

    I ask you, “Are you one of those people Al?”

    Oh, and come to think of it….Americans wonder why most of the Iraq & Afganastan people, among many other people from other countries hate us.

    Put intelligence about what a democratic society is aside, they have formed ONE OPINION based on what?…….ONE THING….it is AMERICA! and someone said to HATE them…and they grew up to do just that!
    (THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT ONE OF THE LINES IN THE SONG IS REFERRING TO AL) Correct me if I’m wrong…..I’m still waiting! :)~

    Still a DC/TK fan and your Commie friend!

  • DC/TK Fan, I must admit to being a bit frustrated in my communications with you. Perhaps I ask for some of it by sometimes being a little less than literal in saying what I mean. I blame myself. But still, when I’m carrying on about Natalie Maines being the most evil person alive while doting over their pictures, ask yourself how much of that is me actually having an aroused state of animosity towards the girls vs how much is just playing.

    Now Miss Regina, don’t you think you’re being a bit hard on me? Perhaps I’m no better than a rat or even a cockroach, but an amoeba on rat bacteria? Come on, I’m better than THAT.

  • most singers/song writers derive lyrics from personal experiences, such is the case here. I personally like the song. country music fans are supposed to support the red white and blue, isn’t free speech part of that? She spoke her mind, should she be persacuted? In my opinion, no. Maybe more americans should do the same. the war is ungoing, no weapons of mass destruction, people dying everyday, empty promises of pulling out. I support our country, but that doesn’t give us the right to do whatever the hell we want when ever we want.
    I will continue to buy the Dixie Chicks and enjoy the passionate, heartfelt lyrics.

  • Miss Nichole, enjoy them Chicks if their records do it for you. But try to separate your clumped up argument a bit. It could be that their political opinions have merit and the president is a doo-doo head, yet that simultaneously the Dixie Chicks record is crappy and no good. Or vice versa.

    By the same token, I’m known as a big fan of Sinead O’Connor’s music. She is the singingest bitch walking the Earth- but I wouldn’t want her for a president.

    Perhaps you’d enjoy this infamous display of Sinead O’Connor’s free speech.

  • luv Sinead O’Connor too.
    Everyone has there own taste. Perhaps they knew they would get attacked for there previous comments and decided to face it head on with a rebutle before the comments. speak your mind girls!
    wouldn’t want them for pres either, they sing great songs though.
    if you don’t like them and never have why would you even review there songs?

  • Miss Nichole, I reviewed this Dixie Chicks song because it is a big, popular high-profile release, and I’m a music critic.

    Note though that I try not to judge based on liking or not liking them generally or personally, but on the actual content of the specific record coming in my earholes. Sometimes you get something different than what you expected.

    For example, I spent the evening that Crips leader Tookie Williams was being put down listening and reviewing Snoop Dogg’s Paid the Cost record. I was ready to rip it up- but the damned record was actually pretty good.

    Likewise, I’ve been pissy with Springsteen for a good many years, speaking harsher of him than anyone else I know of. I REALLY did not appreciate The Rising. Yet, boy howdy do I dig the new Seeger album.

    In short, if they actually put out a good record, I’ll be singing a different song.

    If’n you luv Sinead, then dig my Sinead O’Connor worship shrine.

  • Al, it’s a well known fact that, your love for Prince aside, you have one of the worst sets of musical preferences I have ever seen.

    Your support for those tedious underachievers the White Stripes alone is ample proof of that.

    I find it hard to accept that you chose Dixie Chicks for review for any other reason than your awareness of a good controversy when you smell one!

    Here’s one back at ya – that Springsteen-Seeger thing is one of the most tedious, complacent and nauseating things I’ve ever heard.

    Mind you, Springsteen has always been MASSIVELY over-estimated by you Americans. I think it’s because of the illusory sense of your own American mythology that he is so wrapped up in.

  • Paul Yaconelli

    I read your original “first person to cuss Natalie Maines” article.

    Don’t you feel even slightly stupid now, all your ranting about protecting America when all of it was lies. You were one of the masses who put critical thinking on hold and stiffled dissent. Are you still proud?

    The Dixie Chicks are national heroes and the likes of you will sink into embarrassed obscurity.

  • shArk

    Big Al tryin’ to be provocative by shootin’ blanks at the Dixie Chicks = …zzzzzzzzzz…

    …but I love the fact that a trio of musicians from Texas can pull the Hillbilly’s Puppet Strings for THREE YEARS and counting!


    PS: anyone whose self-esteem is based on the claim that they were the first to cuss the Dixie Chicks when they made their statement in London needs to leave the computer in the basement and come up for air.

    Voice from upstairs: “Al, honey, Mommy wants you to sign-off, put down the Prince soft-core porn poster, and come on up; breakfast is ready.”

  • Mr Yaconelli, I understand that y’all pinkos have been screaming the word “lies” about Bush and Iraq. However, the fact that the children insist on screaming LIAR LIAR LIAR until their faces turn blue does not in fact make it true or meaningful. Truth is not determined by who screams the loudest.

    Your tantrums will not protect the country- nor will Natalie’s. Fortunately however, the security of the republic does not depend on idiots like Natalie Maines.

    I’d agree that some people got WAY over worked up, though. It was just a couple of dumb remarks at a concert. Personally, I was mildly annoyed with her foolishness at the time, and gave her a quick cussing right when I first heard about it. I was all done with any hint of perturbance by the time I finished writing it- got it out of my system.

    But the annoyance with the Dixie Chicks, from my point of view at least, had nothing to do with how it would effect the war effort, or anything like that. I would never have taken these cheesemeisters seriously enough to think they had any sway over public policy.

    All fun ranting and carrying on in this thread aside just for a minute for the sake of clarity, I for one was never particularly angry with the Dixie Chicks even at the time. It’s not hot anger, but cool contempt. It’ll take someone with a little more candle power upstairs than Natalie Maines to get my goat.

    My main issue with the Dixie Chicks has always actually been how crappy their corporate country cheese food music product is that they’re inflicting on the listening public- and on me specifically. Jumpin’ Jebus, but their music sucks. Making a couple of dumb political comments will not inoculate them against criticism for the crap they put out as “music.” I’d have told you the same thing before The Incident.

    But as far as that incident side of it goes, my knock on them was not really political in the first place. My contempt is for the cheap grasping at a totally unearned sense of smug moral superiority. It’d be one thing to express an informed critical opinion that going into Iraq was a bad idea, and bad for the country. That’d be cool. This wasn’t anything like that.

    But then, that was just a couple of dumb sentences delivered spontaneously on stage. Not significant one way or another.

    But actually, this new song is a FAR more objectionable offense than Maines’ original London comments. For starters, the London remarks were offhand, this song and recent carrying on is a considered response.

    Moreover though, this “Not Ready to Make Nice” is a whole new offense, and taken to a new level of stupidity. They started with the utterly unearned sense of moral superiority, but with this record they have upped the ante of asininity with their clamoring after the mantel of victimhood.

    They are absolutely not victims. They are rich, privileged, cute white American celebrities who pissed a lot of people off talking a little trash. Many people get dumb death threats. I’ve had one or two in time. Yet other people don’t ruthlessly play them up for cheap sympathy. Nor do other people fake up like everyone who criticizes them is an evil thug who wishes them harm.

    Alright, I’m all done with being serious. The Dixie Chicks hardly rate that much careful thought. It’s their big release day, and thus prime time to be playing mad. I’m going back to being Deeply Offended.

  • DC/TK Fan

    Regarding post #173. Thank you!

    You have finally in a round-a-bout way admitted what I have said all along…..
    By the way…I like literal….never leaves anyone in the dark and wondering what you meant.
    So please be nothing but LITERAL w/ me.

    You like this kinda thing b/c it stirs emotion and conflict. (It’s ok in my book, just be HONEST about it….and you finally were)

    And being a bit frustrated in communicating w/me is because I won’t give you what you desperately seek……….an argument! Not just yet anyway.

    I have stated more facts than opinion and that is hard to communicate with if’n you’re looking for a good argument!

    Today being the 23rd….I bought the new CD this morning like just like I said I would.

    I will bear the burden of listening…hehehe… so I can come back and give you Al, my unbiased review of the CD, the entire thing.

    Since there are 14 tracks on it Al, I will let you know after having enough time to make an informed review.

    Still your DC/TK, Commie friend! :)~

  • DC/TK- I’m not trying to be difficult to decipher, just having some fun with the girls. I’m not trying to be obscure in my meaning. I would hope that the exaggerated thrashing around that I’m doing here would be understood as joking.

    But to make one more little straightforward point, I’m NOT saying these things just to be yanking people’s cranks. I obviously take some personal entertainment from the proceedings, but these things need to be said.

    In fact, grasping after victimhood for cheap sympathy and an unearned sense of moral authority is a really bad and harmful thing in the culture. This Dixie Chicks song is an especially good thing against which to make such points. People indulge this kind of thing a lot, but this is a particularly clear and unmitigatedly bad example.

    A lot of times, these kind of things are done by people who to some significant extent actually have been victimized, and now they’re milking it. Sometimes, for example, gay folk get subjected to some hatin’. But you don’t want to say, “Hey, quit being such a drama queen.” It doesn’t mean I’m going to support hate crimes legislation, but I’m not wanting to pile on with folks what have real problems.

    The Dixie Chicks, however, manufactured this sense of victimhood largely wholecloth. Black folk or homosexuals might have some legitimate beef. Natalie Maines does not. The Dixie Chicks goddam volunteered to be publicly mocked with this dumb song. I’m making an example of them.

    I have no desire for an angry “argument,” though that sometimes comes with the territory. Can’t poke at people’s sacred cows without pissing them off sometimes. But I really TRY to friendly, amiable arguments.

    Indeed, what I like best is when someone comes in a little shitty with me, and I manage to make friends with them and actually have a real discussion. Thus, I’m particularly pleased to have buddied up with you after you started out harshin’ on me a bit.

    I look forward to your considered review of the dreaded new Dixie Chicks album at your earliest convenience.

  • shArk

    SHARK SEZ: “…I love the fact that a trio of musicians from Texas can pull the Hillbilly’s Puppet Strings for THREE YEARS and counting…”

    Hillbilly really DIDN’T have his strings pulled by three smart, talented Texas Chicks — and in order to PROVE it, HILLBILLY spends the next forty lines or so tryin’ desperately to convince ya that he’s too manly to let a chick “get his goat”;

    Herewith, the ol’ “doth protest too much” — from an inarticulate sociopath with no musical taste:


    “…Personally, I was mildly annoyed with her foolishness at the time”

    “…I was all done with any hint of perturbance by the time I finished writing it- got it out of my system.”

    “…I for one was never particularly angry with the Dixie Chicks even at the time. It’s not hot anger, but cool contempt. It’ll take someone with a little more candle power upstairs than Natalie Maines to get my goat.”

    “…that was just a couple of dumb sentences delivered spontaneously on stage. Not significant one way or another.”

    “…Alright, I’m all done with being serious. The Dixie Chicks hardly rate that much careful thought.”





  • I can practice freedom of speech and choice when it comes to music or politics. I dont like the Chicks politics – therefore I refuse to listen to them on the radio, tv, and refuse to buy their music or tickets. As far as I am concerned, they are traitors for travelling to a foreign country in the time of war to critize the president. They have their opinion and character, I have mine. So I dont have to hear their music to know it will make me sick!

  • one smart person.

    thank you for reminding me of how friggen ignorant people can be.

    PS. your blog sucks just as much as you think the song does. go play in traffic, loser.

  • Max

    Al, just ran across your blog. Very interesting.

    I don’t think you should HATE the DC, but I thing it is a traitorous thing to go to a foreign country and denounce our President during a time of war. They used to hang traitors, didn’t they?

    Anyway, I think the DCs are simply trying to be controversial to keep their names in the news (see cross-reference, “Madonna hangs herself on a cross during latest concert”). Cheap tricks done by cheap acts. Usually done to make up for a lack of talent.

    It’s sad.

  • for god sakes it’s a song, you either like it or you don’t.

    turn the dam station, don’t buy the cd. do what you choose.

  • redhead

    I have eliminated Toby Keith and Rita McIntyre from my listening since reading Time and watching the country music awards from Vegas live. These are strong young women, as all young women in this country should be encouraged to be.I will buy copies for my grandaughters, grandaughters and I already have my copy. Bush is a dufus and we all should be ashamed of him. I note the polls currently reflect that most American agree as they exercise their freedom of speech in weekly feedback.

  • marvin

    you’re a hick loser

  • prime1

    They are only making music they want to make. Not everyone will like it. I agree everyone has the right to their own opinion and freedom of speech blah blah. This is so played. Allan Johnson, they didn’t travel to another country to bash the President, they went there because that was where they were on the tour and what the hell is wrong with not wanting to go to war. You can love your Country and support the troops and still not want to be at war. I’m not bashing Chicks haters because everyone can say what they want. It just seems like alot of Chicks haters have blinders on and take things very personally. I mean Clinton got his infamous BJ and everyone talked about that and made comments across the world and he was accused of “he can’t be loyal to the U.S if he can’t be loyal to his wife”. He was bashed up and down from everyone everywhere and nothing is said about that. I’m sure I’ll get accused of being a clinton supporter or Bush hater… I’m neither. i’m not very political. I just know our basic rights. Everyone can say what they want. Victor Plenty..have you heard the whole cd? This was one song. the cd is quite good and it’s not a political cd. Not ready to make nice is one song and is just their feelings on the issue. Who cares if they wrote about it after 3 years (hell, it may have been sitting on a desk for a couple of years) We’re all still talking about it aren’t we? It died down but it was still out there. Everyone has held their grudges too, by not listening to them so who cares. Point is, it raised awareness and caused a stir. It’s not the first time a comment has made a stir and it won’t be the last! I find it funny everyone is still mad at the Dixie Chicks but not at Bush for sending our soldiers to war, destroying families and killing our own. It seems as if no matter what, a music review by the Chicks will always veer over to the political lane (I tried not to..ooops) but in the end, does any of it really matter? If you like the Dixie Chicks, you will buy the cd, if you don’t like them for whatever reasons(their opinions,genre or talent), you won’t, right? when people jump to the Chicks defense we are all whiny and won’t let it go, but that is exactly what the other side did when she said something about Bush! peop

  • momma

    Politically motivated music has been going on forever…Dylan…Eric Burden’s “War”…Neil Young’s many excellent rants. You know…I don’t like the DC…never did…I think they’re a tad elitist…a bit snobby really. BUT I do respect their right to whine. Everybody does it, even me. Difference is, I’m a nobody and they’re big time celebs. They’re supposed to act like we want them to. They’re supposed to conform to our viewpoints and ideals. This whole stupid thing is just great fodder for the media. The chicks will go back to relative obscurity after Bush is out of office….or will they…..

  • prime1

    Well said! I rambled a bit but the idea is the same! Thanks!

  • Michael

    Yes, it’s commercial – but, clearly, it’s good.(I still have a preference for non-commercial music)

  • shArk

    Latest Update:

    WEDS. 9:36 A.M. – Al Barger, despite being a self-perceived superstar in the fantasy world of online *blogs — is still looking for “a date”.

    (*definition: BLOG – an adult version of a child’s “Dear Diary” –wherein one increases one’s self-esteem by pissin’ graffiti on a digital wall in a back alley WAY off the information highway)

    WEDS. 9:37 A.M. – Dixie Chicks new CD = #1 on Amazon

    WEDS. 10:42 A.M. – Al Barger signs off computer in basement in order to masturbate while looking at a Prince poster.

    WEDS. 11:37 A.M. – Dixie Chicks single: #1 on ITunes


  • An Old Airman

    Of Dixie Chicks and Patriotism
    Good people,

    Well, I’m not much of a blogger, responder, groupie, or otherwise crowd-pleasing kind of person, but I have to tell you, your remarks kind of struck a cord with me. Now, I like the Dixie Chicks, though I wouldn’t call myself a die-hard fan. I like their music and I like their spunk, especially that little blond gal that seems to have stirred up a hornets nest. I don’t really know much about their politics or their backgrounds. But what I do know is this:

    I’ve spent most of my life being willing to go where ever my nation felt I needed to go, and being willing to do things that no person should ever have to do. I have to admit, these days I’m not entirely proud of all those things I did and was willing to do, but when my nation called us to go, I went. Most times we groused a bit as all military folks are known to do, but we went and we went because we felt it was important to go. We went because we supposed by our going, those girls would have the right to believe pretty much what they wanted to believe. We went so they could have the right to say what they felt needed saying, even if the saying was a critique of their president. I served with folks who didn’t come back from some fairly horrific places so the “Chicks” could raise their voices in protest, whether it was overseas or right here in the US of A.

    I always believed that when honorable people raised issue with those that governed them, those “elected officials” who were placed into office to care for the good of the republic, this was the thing that separated us from those other folks, those folks that silenced the descent through all manner of nastiness. I always considered this a priceless inheritance worth defending and cherishing. I always believed it was a gift, a wonder meant to be uplifted and celebrated. I always thought that we were going and fighting and suffering and dieing so that Natalie Maines might stand before whomever she chooses and voice her displeasure and disgust with a president that took her nation on a course of action that brought her, and a whole lot of her fellow citizens, more than a little anguish, including a whole bunch of my brothers and sisters in arms, who are fighting and dieing in a war that has little to do with freedom, security, or the wondrous values that has made America a beacon for so many others.

    A while back, Natalie said she was ashamed. Well, folks, I’m ashamed too. I’m ashamed that we are a nation of people who are so quick to forget the preciousness of such freedom. I’m ashamed that we are a people who no longer understand and value the voice of descent. I’m ashamed that we have political leaders who dare suggest that such descent is a mark of an unpatriotic spirit. But more than anything, I’m ashamed that people who claim to know otherwise, forget why my buddies went to places from which they didn’t come home.

    When a voice of descent can no longer be lifted out of fear from such fanaticism masquerading as patriotism, our republic, our freedom, is dead … and good people, so are my buddies. Natalie, I ain’t ready to make nice either.

    Keep the flame burning.

    An old Airman

  • MCH

    Old Airman;

    Thankyou for your service to our country, and for not skipping out on your obligation as GW Bush did.

    – MCH, USN ’70-74

  • DC/TK Fan

    Old Airman,

    Very eloquently said!
    It needed to be said by someone such as yourself.

    And more than any of us on this board who have never ‘served’ their country via the military…

    YOU above any of us can say it b/c you’ve earned that right! and for us others….PRESERVED the right to do exactly what Natalie Maines did.
    (Doesn’t mean any of us have to like it or agree with it either)

    The rest of us simply reap the benefits of your sacrifices.

  • what happened to Al????

  • Yes Miss Nichole, I’m right here. Y’all didn’t seem to be needing my input. Old Airman surely didn’t. I figured DC/TK can supervise in my absence.

  • prime1

    It seems, airman, that you feel she doesn’t support the troops. She said she does when interviewed, and, like I said it is possible to support and love our troops and not want them over there. The troops just didn’t decide to go over there themselves, as you know. They take their direction from the President and his administration, so to think that she is against the military is just wrong. what are they doing over there for us now, Lives are lost every day and as far as I’m concerned, that country will always be in turmoil and there is too much money needed over here and billions of billions of dollars are being wasted over there and yet there are people living in streets, hurricane victims, middle class people having trouble getting health care. Everyone thinks that what she said was a direct attack on the military but we all know they can’t do anything without the President’s say so. They are over there because of a lie bush and his administration wanted us to believe when his only agenda was to finish what his dad failed to do and at the expense of our brave men and women who dedicate their lives for our country. I’m not slamming you. You put your feelings down well but I’m not just defending her, but those who agree with her, like myself. I DO support the military but I don’t agree with being over there. Many join the miltary because that is what they want in their hearts and others join to maybe get an education and after there years…boom they are out. I don’t feel everyone is in the military because they have this undying need to defend the country but maybe for their own selfish reasons. I bet they hated getting called out! this war is foolish and I hate for them to be over there but I pray for them every night to return safely to their families. They aren’t fighting for our freedom right now, they are fighting because bush has an ego trip and his own agenda. That is not their fault. That is why,although I may not have put it so eloquently, it is possible to support the troops but not the agenda, or Bush for that matter.

  • Al, Just one question… How many chicken feet you have tattoo’d on ya? Zero?

    Thought so. Critics…

  • An Old Airman

    Prime1 and good folks,

    Please allow me to gently suggest that either I did not communicate well (a distinct possibility) or you misread my post … or perhaps both. I did not intend for anyone to hear that I believe Natalie Maines is anti-military, for certainly this is not what I believe. What I was seeking to say, what I believe is this:

    As a citizen of this republic, this wondrous project of self-governance, it is for the good of all of us, that Natalie and the Chicks raise their voices. It is not simply that they have the privilege to do this; it is there obligation, as it is yours, and mine. This is the core of our collective souls, this notion that we as a body politic own our national agenda, that we together, birth this entity known as these United States. It is not a birthing that is done once in 1776 and then is over. Instead, it is giving life to a process and value that is born into our world everyday when we take an active part in our corporate being. That they raise their voices, that they protest what they, and many others, believe to be an unjust and unnecessary war, is to be the blood of our national ethos. For without such voice, we become that which we once struggled against, a country where speech is suppressed. determination of the whole for the good of the whole is squelched, and the soul of liberty is obliterated under the demagoguery of unrestrained power.

    So, in raising her voice, Natalie didn’t speak out against those brothers and sisters of mine, who at this very moment are putting their lives in harms way. Instead, she offered a cry on their behalf. For, if one believes that young men and women are being sent into a war unjustly, to not speak is to stand against the very essence of democracy itself. To not speak is not only irresponsible, it is dishonorable. And lest we forget, our soldiers and sailors, airmen and marines, don’t simply wage war in an antiseptic vacuum. They take life by waging horrible violence into this world, a violence which is always damaging, not just to the recipient of such violence, but to the one who brings the violence into being. For Natalie to remain silent is to acquiesce to those who bear little sacrifice for decisions that have monumental consequence. To demand that the Chicks be silenced, to suggest that they somehow are living into a space that is either anti-American or at odds with the men and women of the military that I love, is to forget the whole of this American project. It is to belittle the very lives and deaths of those who serve … it is to belittle American itself.

    Keep the flame burning.

    An Old Airman

  • MCH

    Old Airman;

    Once again, very eloquently communicated, I understood your meanings both times. As a veteran, you’ve put your money where your mouth is, and your words carry more weight than those who’ve never served (but feel that flag-waving equals patriotism) who bash the Dixie Chicks.

  • luuke

    jeez,what the Chicks must have done to you that you hate them so much,Al ?I’m from Poland and I thought that only we have those pseudo-critics a..holes but after reading your so called review I can see I was wrong. Wish you could see how pathetic you are whining about Natalie & co. You are just bitter, jealous moron who can’t see or accept any different point of view or opinion and has this sick need to talk everyone down.You seem to be delighted with all this backlash and hate that Chicks have been receiving and you even dont bother to disguise it. That just sick to me. I have to say also that I’m really in awe of An Old Airmam’s words. That’s exactly how I thin too and I just could not enclose it better. Dixie Chicks may have their defects and faults but their are an amazing group with great talent and ability to create beautiful music that touches many. I’m really sorry for you that you can’t see it. Go on and drown in your little, sad world. If you want to say buulshit bout others-go on, it’s your right. But dont expect everyone to agree and applause you. True wisdom is a blessing-go and pray.

  • luuke

    oh, and by the way I’m also really sorry for all of yot Americans that you will have to deal with Bush for another three years.How could he be reelected for the Head of the State?How could he be elected in first place? It’s beyon my ability to understand. Seriously he is the one of the biggest tragedies that happened to the American nation in recent years. I either want to cry or laugh when I see him on TV. It’s the same thing with my own Polish Newly elected President. He’s even bigger dumbass. Where is this world heading to if such morons are becoming Presidents? Chicks Rule!!!

  • Justin Berry

    The Dixie Chicks had every right to say what they said the problem comes in when they betrayed their fan base who was obviously very conservative. If the polls that say the Presidents approval ratings are in the upper 20’s to lower 30’s were taken in Texas the results would be very different.
    Since this controversy started I noticed that Toby Keith has become exponentially more popular (and richer) because he still appeals to the fan base. Its appears to me that the Dixie Chicks got rich and famous when they married in to the country conservatives and became a single when they cheated with their best friends.

  • Julie.

    Wow, you’re an idiot. You go on about how you think she’s a bad person when you post a site dissing her. That’s just low, only a real bad person would do that to somebody. THEN you try and go about how you’re here for her and how you respect her. That’s just pathetic, most people are probably ashamed that you would be so cowardly. I just thought i would stick up for her because that’s bull and she deserves better. I personally like the song, and you don’t have to like it, but then again, you don’t have to diss it either.
    Sincerly, Julie.

  • Julie.

    Oh, and one more thing. If you have such a huge problem with them whining and telling you their problems with people, think about what the hell you’re doing. This whole article is you whining and complaing about how she’s such an idiot. Now you think about that, and tell me that your not a hypocrite with OBVISOULY no friends, otherwise. You would have WAY more important things to do with your spare time.
    Sincerly, Julie.

  • Dear Julie- You don’t know me to be criticizing me like that. Don’t judge. In fact, I’m a hell of a nice guy with great people skills. If I had any friends, you could ask them.

  • Lisa

    Two things the DC and anyone who supports their side of the “politics” need to understand are these: 1. Anyone who says “whatever happened to freedom of speech” (implying that the DC were not allowed to exercise theirs without being “trampled”) needs to understand this: “Speech” comes in many form… words, actions, etc… the DC said what they wanted to say and no one stopped them. If they think that by the outlash they created for themselves… i.e. radio play, cd sales, etc… their speech was prohibited, I say this: “You said what you wanted to say, now America (and the rest of the world) is saying what they want to “say”! Freedom of speech doesn’t mean you can say what you want without anyone getting to respond!
    2. The DC and any other celebrities in the world should understand this: they are elected officials just like our President. Their fans have elected them to the office of “public entertainer” and in the DC’s case, it was not because of their political prowess!!! I don’t want to hear their political opinions anymore than I want to hear President Bush sing. Furthermore, I don’t expect they should abuse their celebrity status by projecting their opinions on matters outside their expertise while “in office” any more than I want the President to be working on his musical career while he should be focusing on doing what we are paying him to do… maintain our freedom of speech!!!!!

  • John – Pittsburgh

    Entire album sucks! After reviewing all of the critiques on the album, I thought that, in spite of my disdain for their thumb your nose at anyone and everyone that disagrees with your anti-war attitude, I might actually find the chicks have some great things to offer musically and artistically on this record. I am being completely honest; I thought the album was ‘ok’ at best; and truly didn’t care for it. Certainly I agree with Al, it’s a bunch of pity me / boo hoo crap that really, just wears on you.

  • Smokey C4 Explosive Political

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  • This is Smokey C4, im sorry for my misspelling on my column here.

    I have been up for over 18 hours and now im off to bed,

    Please check out my site and as always God Bless the dixie chicks……………..Coyote

  • Kortney Leeane Jewell

    Al, I do not agree with you. I love this song. I also think Bush is the worst president that we ever had. I am against this war but I support the troops. This war is stupid all it as done was killed so many of people’s family and friends. But I am not going to say anything like, you have no idea what you are talking about, you are stupid or, you are wrong. Why I am I not going to? Because you, me, the Dixie Chicks and, everyone else in the U.S. as freedom of speech. Since we have freedom of speech why are people angry with them? Even if I loved Bush I would not cuss them out on the internet or send them death threats. I think cussing them out on the internet is childish. Now don’t get me wrong you have the right to be childish. The first amendment gives you that right. Just like it gives the Dixie Chicks the right to say whatever the heck they want to say about Bush. And as for the people who sent them death threats you really need to grow up and what you did is not freedom of speech what, you did is attempted murder and, you all should be in jail. So what so I think about the song? I think it is one of the best songs that I have heard in a long time. If you do not like the song and it comes on the radio turn off the radio. And what do I think about what Natalie said? Well said Natalie, well said!

  • Miss Kortney- You seem like a reasonable person with whom one could have a friendly disagreement and a perhaps productive discussion of differences. If Miss Natalie and the rest of her fan base exhibited similar reason and goodwill, I’d lighten up on them considerably.

    Thank you for your considered comments.

  • Kat

    Natalie has more talent in her little finger…I am sooooo proud that she sounded off against Bush and his cronies, long before it became “cool” to do it, et al Jon Stewart, Steven Colbert….. It must be an aweful burden to have any association with the president. What a mo!!!!

  • Meche

    It’s sad how many people hate those that they are against. The Dixie Chicks don’t HATE Bush, they just think he’s an idiot… So you guys believe what you believe, we believe what we believe. And you are wrong to think that for one minute you can change our minds or tell us our beliefs are wrong. Because if we are, than all of you guys are JUST AS WRONG! We are americans. We all live here. Deal with who our president is. Live with your beliefs and your decisions, and don’t hate on others!


    And I know for a fact that some of you are going to tell me i’m wrong, stupid, and ignorant…

    I mean I am just 15, but then again, am I not part of the future of your world?

  • Nah Meche, I’ve got no desire at all to harsh on you. Hey, when I was 15, I too knew everything. Unfortunately, I’ve forgotten most of it since then.

    One thing where you’re wrong though: Natalie Maines does HATE Bush. She does not just say he’s misguided, but is making a big point now of specifically disrespecting him. Note the big new Time magazine interview in which she says that he is due “no respect whatsoever.” She’s absolutely purposely making it as personal as possible.

  • Charlotte R

    You guys, the dixie chicks are one of the best country music stars out there. They just said that “They felt ashamed that Bush was their president”. Anyone will feel dishonored about Bush since he’s just one of those Texan hicks. I don’t really like their video clip on GAC since they look gothic, but otherwise they just want to get their point across that they don’t like to be put aside by the public for what they said. Meche, I’m no older than you. What you said was true, and I agree.

    ~Charlotte Diamond River

  • Charlotte R

    Maybe the Dixie Chicks don’t sound like the good ole country music that were use to hear, but remember their older songs,they were true to their music, but their mad, that’s all. Just Remember. Remember their better times in the country music world.

  • Charlotte R

    Al,I don’t agree with what all that trash talk about the Dixie Chicks You have stated. Oveously your not a country fan or maybe you are, but there are still fans of them. I love ya Natalie, tell old Bush what you think of him!!!! Keep on singing: Dixie Chicks, Mark Chestnut, Dierks Bentley, Randy Travis, Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, Dolly Parton, Kenny Rogers, Joel Nicholes, Keith Urban, Kenny Chesney, Trisha Yearwood, Vince Gill, Garth Brookes, Brad Paisley, Josh Turner…, etc, etc, etc.

  • Charlotte R

    sorry people who live in Texas, I know I don’t live anywhere near Texas, but I do know that Bush is a hick and he’s irritating to listen to.

    ~Charlotte D River

  • Clavos

    Must be something about Texans; Molly Ivins is extremely irritating, too.

  • Laura

    I think its ridiculous to criticize the Dixie Chicks. Its called free speech and its protected in the Constitution. Its a building block of America, its called freedom, its why our forefathers took this country from the native americans in the first place. Right or wrong, they wanted to start a nation where the people had a say. Protecting our country goes beyond ficticous wars stemming from oil, it includes BLINDLY protecting personal freedoms REGARDLESS of your agreement. By protecting the personal freedoms of each other we protect our own freedoms.

  • I think the writer of this column has some issues within themselves that they need resolved.

    Who are we to judge other people and the mistakes they have made. For I am greater than no one. Why do we spend so much time picking at others baggage when we carry loads of our own. People are mortals and once everyone understands this maybe they will quit the judging and start looking where a change should be made. Usually it’s within themselves.

    It makes me sick to know that there are people that get wrapped up in everyones elses life except for thier own. We are all allowed to have our own opinions and feelings. That is all the Dixie Chicks are expressing. Not everyone has to agree. If people go through life expecting it, they will find great dissapointment.

    I love this song and the video.

  • Shannon, I nearly choked to death on your cheap sanctimony. Hope you get over the illness that you contracted on discovering that there are people not buying Natalie Maines’ nonsense.

    And of course saying that these other people, presumably including me, make you “sick” is just another way of saying that you find us reprehensible. That is, YOU are judging US.

    Who am I to judge? I’m a patriotic, participating citizen interested in the affairs of my nation. Natalie Maines is a prominent entertainer who has chosen to jump into public debate. You jump in that ring, expect to take your lumps like everybody else.

    You and the Dixie Chicks got no right or reason to expect to wag your fingers in judgement of everyone else, and being disrespectful as they are in a dozen different directions, dishonest and malicious besides and think you won’t get called out.

    “Judge, and prepare to be judged.” -Ayn Rand

  • G-

    Al, you are too nice. I saw a recetn photo of the DC, and wondered when Gary Busey replaced Natalie Maines.

  • Charlotte River

    Yeah, really…

  • You want to be grateful you haven’t seen a picture of Al!

  • luuke

    hey!!!!!!!! so , how’bout that all you haters and hypocrites?! Taking the Long Way has sold more than 515,000 copies in its FIRST week!!! In your face!!!
    hehehehe. It just goes to show – people still love The Dixie Chicks, they still have true fans who love them and appreciate beautiful music. Way to Go!!!

  • Bryan

    I have neither the time nor the desire to read all of the feedback here, but the new album opened at #1 on Billboard USA. That should say something to all the Chick haters.

  • Bryan

    Well, curiosity got the better of me, and I did read some of this stuff.

    You guys, Al Barger, DC/TK Fan and Charlotte R especially, need to find something better to do with your time.

  • Facts are Facts

    The Dixie Chicks Make Billboard History

    The Dixie ChicksThe Dixie Chicks have become the first female group to have three albums debut at number one. Taking The Long Way debuted in the top spot on the Billboard Top 200 best-selling albums chart this week, with first week’s sales of 525,829.

    The Dixie Chicks broke the record they established in 2002 when the group’s last studio album, Home, debuted at #1 and made them the first female group ever to have two albums debut at #1. The Dixie Chicks have also become the first female group in chart history to have three studio albums occupy the #1 slot on the Top 200.

    “Taking The Long Way” has achieved one of the year’s Top 5 first week’s sales tallies and has the best first week’s sales for any female act on the Top 200 in 2006. yahoo news

  • Dear Facts- I readily acknowledge your basic point that the Dixie Chicks have sold a lot of records, and that they had big opening week with this new one. Good for them.

    But some of y’all are acting like I wouldn’t acknowledge that, or that I would somehow have a spiteful stake in seeing them fail. I do not. I said back in the actual review at the top of the page that it’s entirely possible that they’ll sell a bazillion copies of this crappy record. Hey, how many tens of millions of records has Britney Spears sold?

    I do not go around pretending that everyone agrees with me, shares my taste in music, or my opinions on politics or anything else.

    But Luuke there in #231, I’m going to have to go ahead and disagree with you a little bit when you say “they still have true fans who love them and appreciate beautiful music.” From everything I can see, the Dixie Chicks popularity at this point has very little to do with music.

    Their old fan base on whom they have made a big point of spitting (for example, see Martie’s Time magazine comments about Reba) had questionable taste, in my estimation. But they certainly were buying Dixie Chicks albums because they liked the music.

    But they’ve purposely and explicitly said that they don’t even WANT those fans anymore, and they’re not getting played on country radio. That’s not narrow-mindedness from country radio. When they come out swinging about not being ready to make nice, and saying IN SO MANY WORDS that they don’t want the country audience anymore.

    They appear to have a good marketing thing going at least for the moment marketing to Bush haters. I’ve seen numerous comments from people saying that they don’t care about country music, had never listened to the DC etc, but now they’re going to buy this album to show their support. It would appear that – and comments on these DC articles of mine would support this – that lots of people are buying this album as a gesture of spite against W and DC critics such as myself.

    Good for them. They can spend their money on whatever they want. I question how viable that is commercially in the long term, but it’s working real well for them this week. Just don’t pretend that it’s got anything to do with MUSIC.

  • DC/TK Fan

    Hello Al,

    Who me supervise? hehehe

    I have been away for a week or so and a new batch of Hell has broke loose!

    I think the new saying goes somethin’ like this….
    “Hell hath no fury like a DC fan scorned” LOL

    I have been listening to my CD Al and I must say it is quite a bit different from the others.

    I heard someone on TV, another critic I believe it was, say it isn’t a political CD. HOGWASH!

    He obviously didn’t listen to all 14 tracks!

    I could give a rip less what motivated someone to write music but to say it isn’t political…ha

    well that’s like Clinton say’n, He didn’t have sexual relations w/ that woman!
    We all know how that one turned out!

    I believe in calling a spade a spade!
    It is what it is.

    And one thing it is, is a new CD that leans towards a new genre of music for the girls.
    If they don’t like me b/c I’m a former ‘country’ fan of theirs, they can just kiss my big toe…and that’s all I gotta say about that! hehe

    It contains very emotionaly charged lyrics
    as well as a way to shoot back at all the nay sayers.
    I can respect that….I love TK songs which are likewise emotionally charged!!!
    As someone on this board stated, YOU EITHER LIKE THEM OR YOU DON’T!

    As for Bryan and his post #’s 232 & 233….curiosity killed the cat…nuff said!

    Thus far my favorite song on the CD is the song,
    ‘I Hope’
    so Al, the jury is still out!

    Your Commie, DC/TK Fan friend :)~

  • DC/TK Fan- So glad to hear from you. I was wondering where you went.

    I hadn’t thought about from your “DC/TK” perspective, but it’s a very amusing act of defiance of the DC for you to insist on liking them despite Miss Martie’s specifically stated desire to lose the Toby Keith fans.

    Glad you’re enjoying the album. Is there any particular song you think is their best one here?

  • Beverly Brace

    Personal attacks are not allowed huh? Well , I guess I will Try To be nice then…..Natalie was excercising her Freedom of Speech rights….Live with it…Sheesssssssssh !!! I think the song is GREAT…It is about time someone stood up to Bush and told him what they think.He doesn’t care what happens to anyone as long as his own butt is safe and screw the rest. He is trying to get the public on his side But Sorry Bush Dahlin , I am a Person with a BRAIN, a rare Commodity amongst your followers, to think for myself and know the facts. And every fact I look into has the same outcome of you and so I choose not to EVERY support you or ANYTHING you believe in……ROCK ON NATALIE & THE DIXIE CHICKS….I AM SO PROUD

  • Clavos

    [Deleted in line with BlogCritics Comments Policy. Comments Editor]

  • Clavos

    Xin Loi

  • DC/TK Fan

    Hi Al,

    I want to read the TIME magazine article. I have heard about some of the comments they made.

    If they don’t want TK fans to buy their records….well, I guess they better contact the White House to begin the process of ‘screening’ potential/former fans!!! hahahaha

    Personally and strictly from a financial standpoint, I think it would behoove the DC to say, they are sorry and admit they made a mistake for speaking their mind on forgien soil but not for how they feel. Afterall, that is our right as Americans!

    I’m ok w/ the fact they feel different than I do and said so, but I do think to have done so in a forgien country was wrong.
    Admit fault and move on…..it’s ok to make mistakes, as long as we learn from them.

    The price you pay for being honest well, I guess it kinda like Takin’ the Long Way Around!

    Maybe they, no they obviously underestimated country music fans. We are actually right forgiving folks…..overall.

    Heck, Sheryl Crow, who by the way does some background vocals on their newest CD, realized she wouldn’t appeal to the pop/rock fan base, therefore began the cross-over to country, country/rock. Hhmmm, now there’s a realization.

    I could give a rip less what Natalie Maines thinks, if I choose to buy their CD that IS MY PEROGATIVE! and I did just that. So take that Natalie…..lol

    Hey Al,
    You think the DC would refund my money if they really don’t want any TK fans anymore???

    I’ve already d’l it to my computer so I could part w/ the one I paid for…..hehehe

    Until next time….
    DC/TK Fan….no matter what the chicks want! :)~

  • DC/TK Fan

    oops, I meant Sheryl Crow wouldn’t appeal to that fanbase for the long haul d/t her age. Her words not mine.

  • DC/TK Fan, you’re about a piece of work, ain’t ya baby? You ought to get your DC CDs, and sandwich them on your shelf right between the Toby Keith CDs. That’d learn ’em!

    Here’s the Time magazine Dixie Chicks article.

  • DC/TK Fan

    hehehe oh Al!
    Thanks for the link I will check it out.

    you know who :)~

  • Al ,shut ur face

    Its funny u are so against this song for one reason and one reason only….. ITS JUST A SONG! U for one have no right what so ever to force people and critisize them for liking it. you have our own opinion and u are entitled to it, but there is no need to jump on people and pretend you know crap about music because you are not qualified!

  • read_and_understand

    Album debuts at #1 on the Billboard charts and first week album sales at over 500,000!!

    Sorry Al, but you ARE wrong. Lick your wounds and move on. 🙂

  • mike

    I’m tired of your shit. Go get a life. Chicks rule. Period

  • DC/TK Fan

    Hi Al,

    Thanks for the link.

    I read it. I’ve seen other interviews w/ them as well.

    I have come to the conclusion that the DC are fickle and don’t really know what they want….
    Maybe their cake and eat it too!

    I bought their ‘Home’ CD and this new one as well, and neither of them were as good, IN MY OPINION only, as their first 2 CD’s were.

    The music is very different and serves I think, as an emotional base to say what they couldn’t get in front of an audience and say. (Probably the best thing in the long run for them)

    It serves as a way to close one chapter in their lives and move into another. I believe it was very theraputic for them!

    As a parent, I do want love, happiness, world peace, everyone to love each other and yada, yada…for the sake of my child.

    Problem is I live in the real world and that ain’t ever gonna happen, not in my lifetime or my child’s children’s lifetime!

    So in reflection of this highly contraversial CD…
    I say, “Who will care in 100 years from now?”

    You know who……. :)~

  • DC/TK Fan

    oops, I didn’t spell check… :*(

  • this is a good song no matter what anyone says
    its time to start supporting them how they deserve to be. they spoke out and just because they are famous they got attacked. some reactions were good and some werent and this is their right of freedom of speech and so are their critics. They expressed an opinion, but they didn’t bash the president like some people are doing to them. It’s different to disagree with them and that’s fine, but to bash them is simply unprofessional and sad.

  • DC/TK Fan


    I must beg to differ with you.

    Read the link Al Barger posted. It is from the TIME magazine interview w/ the Chicks.

    Natalie Maines DID in fact ‘bash’ the president!She said she did not respect Bush at all.
    He deserved none, I believe she said.

    No one in this country, especially Americans, should DISREPECT the leader of our country like that.
    You don’t have to agree w/ his views & decisions but he was put there by a majority of democratic voting.

    YES, it is our right to say we don’t like him, etc, but the ‘position’ of President should be respected.
    Part of this country’s problems is due to the lack of respect people have these days.

    I do however, agree w/ you that doing so is UNPROFESSIONAL, but I believe you actually meant it the other way around……Sorry to bust yer’ bubble.
    The DC were terribly ‘unprofessional’ to do so at a concert. If they wanted to say it, pick a different forum to do so.

    Bottom line, we like the DC, TK or whomever because of their entertainment status, not for their political views.

    Just as you should separate work and home, those folks need to perform as an entertainers and keep their political voices mute on stage.

    If they wanna be politicians, fine but don’t mix the two. It’s like mixing oil & water……

  • Charlotte River

    Good analogy there….”like mixing oil and water”

  • Now see- I told y’all that DC/TK could supervise this goatherd when I’m busy. Thank ya, Miss Ma’am.

  • DC/TK Fan

    Why Al, thanks for the vote of confindence. 🙂

    Wondered where you were…
    I just figured you were out…”gettin’ a life”…like we’ve been told to do! :)~

  • Tn

    “I am ashamed the President of the United States is from Texas!”

  • Dixie Fan

    To Al,

    You, Sir, are an asshole!

  • Stephanie

    I love the dixie chicks!!! I back them up 100 percent and I think they had every right to say what they said. Why shouldn’t they be able to give their opinion? It’s interesting how tons of other actors and singers (including tim and faith) can say whatever the fuck they want to about Bush and nobody’s giving them death threats, but when the chicks say one thing it’s totally blown out of proportion. If I were the Dixie Chicks, I’d be pissed off too. Their “not ready to make nice” single could have been a lot meaner. I think they’ve handled everything flawlessly! Their song being at the top of the charts proves it! Way to go girls!

  • prime1

    The majority of Americ disrespected Bill Clinton (including the average person and celebs…making cracks, jokes, accusing him of being unfaithful to the country etc) all because he got an infamous blowjob and he was a decent president and got us more out of debt than anyone and good things came from his time in office. There were jokes and bashing worldwide, papers, tv, celebs here and abroad and noone bashed any one inparticular for saying them. I was for the war at the time Natalie said that )but didn’t care if she disagreed. I just thought she was a person who wears her heart on her sleeve.)because I fell for all his lies, now, I just see human life wasted and being America being in so much debt, wasting money in those raghead countries who will always be in the state they are in!and how much respect does he show us by his lying and coverups on a daily basis!!

  • dReed

    First: The majority of American people disrespected Bill Clinton–your right. Where your wrong is saying the majority of the press, celebs, and other miscellaneous hollywood hacks. Bill Clinton was their Jesus. Second: Common sense would tell a person that is in a foreign country in the lime-light of thousands and thousands of people, eventually turning into millions and millions-ON THE EVE OF A WAR, a comment that would and could encite negative responses towards the country she was from. It’s juvinile treason.

  • Prime1, you’re being dishonest in a manner typical of Democrat partisans when you insist that Clinton’s problems were over a sex act. You know better than that when you write it.

    And you’re also being FAR less than honest to say that no one in particular was bashed for criticizing Clinton. Start with Hillary’s infamous broad smear of the “vast right wing conspiracy” and go on to Bill himself trying to smear Rush Limbaugh with responsibility for Timothy McVeigh’s actions.

    But this song and the Dixie Chicks controversies in 2006 have nothing to do with Clinton and at this point really nothing to do with Bush. His name ain’t in this song. The DC sent down the talking points where any criticism of the Dixie Chicks or their crappy music indicates the speaker is a hateful, delusional warmonger 29%er who doesn’t believe in free speech.

    That’s not just wrong and dishonest, but stupidly juvenile- as if adults are supposed to believe something so obviously self-serving and false just because y’all want to insist on it real loud.

  • prime1

    So, I guess noone was watching TV (like SNL, leno Letterman etc in those years??) First off. I am not a Democrat. I am Republican! Surprise! Do I think Clinton made some mistakes…sure not as big as this crisis we are in now but I know he wasn’t perfect. I liked Bush at first but now I just feel he is a liar , sneek and has his own personal vendetta. My point of my post was just to say Natalie made a comment about the President and is getting so much flack over it and people made worse comments about Clinton every day and night over Clinton and they aren’t being banned etc.. that’s all. I wouldn’t consider myself very political at all, as I have stated. you, on the other hand seem to have major issues. my original posts were to say that she has a right to say what she wants..as do you. You said that she wanted people to feel sorry for her because of a stupid threat. But, isn’t that what you are all doing when you jumped to Bush’s defense. And for dReed, our freedom of speech applies in all countries. Who cares if she said it there? At least she had the balls to say how she felt! Have you ever said anything in the heat of the moment because of strong feelings or natural adrenaline. Al, I’m not being dishonest to anyone including myself. I’m not making a statement based on Clinton’s or Bush’s entire time in office just saying that all Presidents get bashed sooner or later and who the hell cares. they shouldn’t be jumped on for it. I made comments jokes about Clinton too as I do bush. it doesn’t matter, never will.

  • kimo

    Al Barger, what exactly are your credentials for being a music critic? Really, it’s a matter of opinion just as beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. If you don’t like the song, that’s fine but alot people do. Don’t diss anyone just because they like it. I think it’s more a matter of you still being pissed off at what Natalie Maines said. Someone else said that it’s a poltical cd, I don’t see that anywhere and if they can prove to me what songs are, I’ll give them that but also, I think that anything they say or sing now is going to be broken down and put under a microscope. Different songs and literature mean different things to different people. So Al, what are you a political expert or a music expert or good God could you be both???? Or, better yet, a genius????

  • gonzo marx

    kimo sez…
    *Al Barger, what exactly are your credentials for being a music critic?*

    well now, perhaps i can help

    his credentials are …
    not being able to play a musical instrument
    being tone deaf
    stuck in 4/4 time, 120 beats to the minute or else it has “no melody”
    only able to “hear” major keys…else it has “no meldoy”
    complete lack of understanding of musical terminology such as “melody”
    a strong opinion and sense of self worth
    likes Prince

    and the biggest one…loves to stir shit up and generate Google-juice by being as controversial as possible in the large mouthed/small minded category

    luv ya big Al!


  • Kimo, as to genius, I am a tested and qualified member of Mensa. I put that in perspective by invoking the classic retort: If I’m so smart, why aren’t I rich?

    On the other hand, there are a lot of people who are intelligent in some ways, but have no understanding of music at all. For example, our Brother Gonzo here thinks that Rage Against the Machine is real music. For my part, I’d rather listen to the Dixie Chicks than RATM. [Curious by the way that he likes such rabid radical spewing nonsense, but wants to bash me for being “controversial.”] For some schizophrenic reason, Brother Gonzo likes to insist that RATM has melody- though they don’t even pretend to.

    Prime1, your protestations make me want to back up and play nice. But still, people got bashed harder and more personally by Clintonistas than Bushies would ever dream of. Damn it, Bill Clinton was absolutely publicly and calculatedly blaming Rush Limbaugh for Timothy McVeigh. Daschle was making similar type charges about American rightwing talk radio encouraging terrorist attacks on Congress.

    But beyond that Prime1, read my actual article at the top of the page, and also my other two recent Dixie Chicks articles. There’s nothing in any of that bashing the DC for criticizing the president. That’s the least of their offenses at this point, and I’ve never voted for anyone named Bush anyway- ever.

    My main beef with the Dixie Chicks is that their music is sucky corporate fake-country crapola. If the tunes were good, I’d give them credit- but they really, thoroughly suck. Beyond that, if I were going to be crappy about something they’ve said, it would be more for the gratuitous Reba bashing than anything political.

  • gonzo marx

    for the record, big Al…i much prefer TOOL and Rush and Motorhead to Rage…

    and my liking of Rage is more for musical content than lyrical

    but i digress…

    now, about ya being tone deaf and only able to handle 4/4 time that’s 120 beats per minute and the country key of A….



  • For my part, I’d rather listen to the Dixie Chicks than RATM. [Curious by the way that he likes such rabid radical spewing nonsense, but wants to bash me for being “controversial.”] For some schizophrenic reason, Brother Gonzo likes to insist that RATM has melody- though they don’t even pretend to.

    Well – I have to question this logic. Because someone likes music that may or may not spew rabid radical ‘nonsense’ – does not mean that the listener necessarily promotes controversy. Of course, from what I’ve seen Gonzo doesn’t shy away from disagreement.

    But if I listen to and enjoy, say…Sublime – and sing along with gusto to the lyrics “…187 on a motherf*&cking cop…” does not mean that I have a distaste for cops, or a taste for violence in my REAL life. No.

    If I get jazzed with Prodigy’s “Smack My Bitch Up” in no way means I promote violence against women.

    So, they be just songs, can’t take them that seriously.

  • Dan

    I don’t know why Natalie is ashamed the president is from Texas. I mean, we all gotta be from somewhere. Texas ain’t that bad of a place. I’ve been there, and it’s kind of cool. Well, sometimes anyway. A lot of the time it’s hot and sticky.

    The last time I visited there, we met up with a bunch of people, loaded up coolers and fire-wood, and drove out into desolate sage-brush country and had a big bonfire party. No authority figures bothered us. It was kind of like a beer commercial, except not everyone was attractive, and some were smoking. Not just cigarettes either. There was a lot of flirting, and most had big smiles.

    I don’t think it was a very good public relations move to alienate such a big state. She might have got away with saying Rhode Island sucks. Or she could have picked on a sparsley populated state like Alaska. Hell, they might not even get word of it way up there for years.

    Also she should be careful what she says about a diverse state like Texas. I don’t personally think Natalie is a racist, but there are a lot of Hispanics there. I’m surprised the question hasn’t come up about what specifically she finds so offensive about Texas.

    Anyway, I don’t hold a persons origin against them. If Bush isn’t ashamed of Texas- and we all know he’s not- then that’s good enough for me.

  • IgnatiusReilly

    Thanx for clearing that up for the “music critic”, Mary.

  • they sing what i feel, hurt and anger

    This song by the Dixie Chicks screams out how I feel. I lost my brother to this war in Iraq, a war that he wasn’t even sure should have been started in the first place. And yet he put his life on the line b/c President Bush declared there was reason (“weapons of mass destruction” somewhere).

    My brother wrote me a letter a couple days before he was killed. He told me how sorry he was that he wasn’t there to see me graduate and how he felt like we had gone into this war blindly. He said he wasn’t sure whether we should even be there. He regretted believing in our president and wished whole-heartedly he had chosen to stay and be with his family he loved so dearly.

    I rejoice that the Dixie Chicks decided to stand up and disagree with our president in command. And their new song which speaks of the hurt rendered by their words hits a chord with me as well. I just have so much anger right now. I’ve lost my brother and I feel it was a loss without purpose. These words the Dixie Chicks speak is what I feel:

    “Forgive, sounds good.
    Forget, I’m not sure I could.
    They say time heals everything,
    But I’m still waiting.”

    I’ll never be able to get my brother back. Forgive does sound good and maybe one day I’ll be able to come to that. I’ll never forget and i’m not sure if time will ever be able to heal the wounds caused by this war…not just for me but for so many who have lost loved ones …here in the US and abroad.

    This song means so much to me. For me, it doesn’t just speak of the hurt they’ve experienced b/c they professed what they belived. I feel like it also speaks of my hurt and my loss. I wish more people had stood up against this war. Maybe my brother would still be alive, maybe our country would find a way to make peace not through war. Maybe it’s all just wishful thinking and I should grab a gun and head on over to Iraq myself and contribute to the mess and cause my family more grief than they can endure.

    I will continue to support the Dixie Chicks and I know my brother would have loved their song.

  • they sing what i feel, hurt and anger

    Al, I really had to refrain from commenting on you and your article. The anger is there, but I don’t think it would do any good to lambaste you. There is too much hurt and I’d rather not cause anymore.

  • DC/TK Fan

    I am truly sorry for the loss of your brother.

    Death is a hard pill to swallow no matter how it happened or how old the person was!

    I lost my older sister to a senseless, drinking and driving car accident, when she was 26. That was 20 years ago.

    As time goes on, the pain gets a little more bearable, but the hurt and pain truly never go away.

    Remember the good things and the good times…
    and well wishes for you and your family.

  • Gracie

    I think whoever wrote this article is a complete asshole. You have no right to judge other peoples music like that when you yourself doesnt write or sing or do any of that. You have no idea what your talking about and I think you have made a complete fool of yourself by even putting this article on the internet. You have no Idea what your talking about and you look like a damn fool trying to make it seem like you do. Everyone has the right to an opinion. Even if you dont agree with it. Like now, you saying that their music sucks, thats your opinion. All the dixie chicks said was that they did not agree with Bushs idea of going to war. Neither do I. Many people have died and alot of money was wasted. It was pointless. But by putting this article on the internet, out into the public, you have done the same thing that they have. The only difference is that they are not the president so they dont get any respect. I think everything youve said is BULLSHIT!!!

  • They Sing, it’s terribly unfortunate to lose anyone, especially in an untimely manner as you have. I can well imagine why you would be taking a dim view of the war, and the president. That’s perfectly understandable.

    But that really has nothing to do with the Dixie Chicks, and particularly nothing to do with this song. Natalie’s not hurt and angry because she’s lost a brother in a war, she’s opportunistically looking for an excuse to be mad and self-righteous- as she herself explained it in the recent Time magazine interview.

    They’re not upset over a lost brother, but instead are going way out of their way to be hateful and disrespectful to anyone and everyone- even people who have never done anything to cross them. They’re mad about people merely disagreeing with them.

    Being perhaps less than charitable, I’d interpret it that in fact the DC are exploiting the emotions of people like yourself who actually have something to be upset over for their own cheap personal gain.

    Again, note that the DC 2006 are not at all criticizing the war in Iraq or any particular policies of the Bush administration. They’re mad that anyone has dared to question THEM. It’s not about dead soldiers, it’s ALL about Natalie Maines and the DC.

  • they sing what i feel, hurt and anger

    well Al, I can completely understand why they would be so flippin hurt and angry due the reaction of long time fans b/c of what they said. They lost a large amount of fans and received death threats and hate emails. It turned their lives around in a matter of days. People were burning their music and stations refusing to play their music. I don’t know how someone would be able to NOT take that personally and feel angry b/c of it. This song is simply about what they feel in response to what has happened. That’s what artists sing about…their lives, emotions, situations. I don’t see anything wrong in that.
    And that may be all that their singing about to you Al. I believe that they took a stand and got attacked for it. This song is about not apologizing for what they said…and what they said showed that they stand against our president, against this war he has led us into, which has already killed so many. They won’t apologize for taking a stand against something they believe in, no matter how many fans they lose or death threats they receive are critics who mock their music now.

    I suppose maybe if Natalie had lost a brother in this war, it would make it alright for her to be angry that long-time fans have refused to listen to her music and threatened her b/c she took a stand against our president and his war.

  • they sing what i feel, hurt and anger

    And thank you for your words DC/TK fan. The realization that he’s gone isn’t always there. It comes in waves. I keep thinking he’s coming home soon, but then it hits me. I know that he’s fine now and no longer hurting. But it’s the ones that loved him that are left with the pain.
    I truly wish more people would stand up against this war…I don’t want anyone to have to go through this kind of pain. I just feel an aching in my heart all the time.

  • amy

    wow. al. do u not have a life AT ALL? or is your life purely on the computer. im leaving this comment. most likely not returning to read your response..bcuz i was simply googling to find the meaning behind the song..(all this controversy). and i came across this website. however everyone is entitled to their own opinion..and this is yours. well this is mine. its a good song. theyre the singers. let them do their job. you are one person.
    just move to canada.

  • a more objective article on the dixie chicks

    from CBSnews.com

    Their new CD, called “Taking the Long Way” chronicles all the things that have happened to them. The song is powerful and unrepentant. The anger isn’t directed at the war or the president — or at their many fans who deserted them. It’s about the hatred, and narrow-minded intolerance they encountered for expressing an opinion.

    “We didn’t write the songs thinking about what other people wanted us to say, or what would be a hit on radio. I needed to make this record to be able to get past it,” one of the women explained.

    “Well, how do you explain the fact that it’s No. 37 on the charts and No. 1 in downloads? on iTunes,” Kroft asked Maines.

    “I think … that when you’re in the corporate world, and when that’s your livelihood, and when 100 people e-mail you that they’ll never listen to your station again, you get scared of losing your job. And why did they need to stand up for us? They’re not our friend. They’re not our family. And they cave,” she explained.

    It’s no surprise that the backlash is still there, given the demographics of country music — generally speaking, country’s core audience resides in states where support for President Bush and the war is the strongest. So why risk insulting an audience that gave you fame and fortune in the first place?

    “I think I know where your question’s leading and it just goes back to the answer that we don’t make decisions based on that. We don’t go, ‘OK, our fans are in the red states.’ So I’m gonna play a red, white and blue guitar and put on my I Love Bush T-shirt and … we’re not like that because we’re not politicians. We’re musicians,” says Maines.

    That’s what the music I always admired and liked was. I didn’t like, I saw no honesty in people being safe or opinionless. I always loved the music that was about something,” says Maines.

    They have already paid a huge price for their outspokenness, and not just monetarily. A half-hearted apology for the London comments three years ago didn’t help much, and neither did posing for a magazine cover several weeks later. The worst part was the threats.

    “There was one specific death threat on Natalie. [It] had a time, had a place, had a weapon. I mean, everything,” banjo player Emily Robison recalls. “This was at our show in Dallas. ‘You will be shot dead at your show in Dallas’ on whatever the date was,” she says.

    “So this wasn’t paranoia? This was well-founded concern?” Kroft asked.

    “Yes. And you just — you don’t know what people are capable of,” Robinson says. “We had a radio station say they had our picture on the side of one of their vans. They were just driving down the highway. And a car pulled up with a shotgun and pointed at him out the window. Just because our picture was on their van. And it’s just … it’s very real. You know, it only takes one cuckoo person.

    “It was definitely scary ’cause it seemed so, it wasn’t just somebody wantin’ to write a hate letter. It was somebody who obviously thought they had a plan,” says Maines.

    Maines says the police, the FBI and the Texas Rangers knew about the threat. “We flew in on a jet. We got ready in San Antonio and then flew in on a jet and we went straight from the police cars to the stage — and straight from the stage back to the police cars and back to the plane. So, you know, it was all surreal. But at that stage, everything was surreal,” she remembers.

  • Minerva Schwartz

    Sure … killin’ was OK when Earl had to die … but when it’s poor old me (how many times is the word ‘I’ in that song)?

    Pullleeze … the song is giving the finger to their fans in an attempt to be ‘cool’. They are trying to drag the controversey all they way to the bank (if not on CMT it’s on VH1 – same company plays it in different venue).

  • Gammie

    i personally totally dislike country, cant stand it, but yet i kinda like this one, i have had it in my head all day. maybe i like it because its not overly country. These woman are amazing singers, and thats what i admire. they also say what they want and that is an admirable quality in this world of political correctness gone mad! im not from the US, i am a proud Kiwi, and think that there needs to be more people in the spotlight who say what they mean and dont appologise for it. When i found out about the whole london incedent i was impressed and glad that someone finally got up and said what most of the World had been thinking. as for the letters and the death threats and the boycotting etc, just means that people were listening, thats the best part! best wishes from the land of the long white cloud

  • Katie

    I like them before, and I like them much more now after what they said about Bush and how they believe and stand still for their freedom of speech. We live in country that urges freedom, individuality, let others speak their mind, without giving them “death” sentences. How stupid some can be to over react to Dixie Chick’s comments?! even if you think it is stupid unintelligent comment, to you it is. Same that Bush’s and his cabinets speeches and comments are stupid, unintelligent, full of lies to us. We let them talk (well, we really don’t have much option, do we?!) it is time for you guys to grow up.

  • just me

    I never really liked country music, or the DC chicks for that matter, but I liked this song. I hope they keep expressing thier opinions in the so called “land of the free”.

    Perhaps some more rednecks will get their panties in a bunch, and over here in the North we can have a good laugh at their expence.

  • Mandy

    seriously, the dixie chicks are AWESOME and there new song kicks butt. No matter what natalie said about the president, who fricken cares. Everyones entitled to their own opinions and who are you to judge them for it. If the dixie chicks are reading this right now…be proud of whatever you say because you have that right!! and be proud of your music BECUASE ITS AWESOME!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

  • DC/TK Fan

    just me…..

    FYI……this redneck doesn’t wear panties so they can’t get ‘bunched’ up.

    While down South we can have a good laugh at your ‘expense’ due to your inability to spell….

    hehehehe :)~

  • That’s right, DC/TK- I say we whoop his Yankee ass till he pees himself.

  • Southern pride…ain’t the dixie hoes

    Hell yea Al! Those dixie chicks are bunches a hoes! I used to like em cuz they was hot but hell, they ain’t shit to me now. Bunches a pansies singin about bein unpatriiotic n such. And whinin that we Southerners don’t like em no more. Shiit, they a bunch a whores. I’m all for ya Al…totally agree wit ya. Damn dixie hoes not likin Bush is bs. And then givin their fans the middle finger. Shiit, they deserve eveything they get. I don’t blame no one for sendin em a death threat. We southerners know good country music & we know when hoes try and stand up & blab their mouth thinkin they got evry right. Now they be payin for what they said. Women should know their place. shiit. You rock Al. Thanks for spekin for the rest a us Southerners. Southern pride, yeehaw buddy! you rock man! I wish there was more like ya to learned everyone else. shiit.

  • GO CHICKS! You are obviously an idiot and your review is as biased as GW. At least she called it right! I agree with her and the new release is great music with a message. Only those who follow blindly are too stupid to hear it.

  • kimo

    post# 285. They aren’t giving the finger to their fans. Their true fans are the ones that aren’t getting so boo hoo sad and mad about their comment. They put out music. They are artists. If you like their music, listen to it if not…don’t. What part of the South are you from? I don’t think there is gangsta country.It sounds like that may be more your speed. Your illiterate post makes me realize what is wrong with this country! i get sick of hearing that same old country on the radio. (Reba, Toby, Brooks and Dunn)…heard it all before same rhythm and tone). I know they are all big stars and alot of people like them and they have won awards but I don’t think everyone has to like them. I personally can’t stand to hear Reba’s voice at all. is she talented? Well, to many, but I dont’t like her…never did.I believe Shania and Faith crossed over a little too. Who cares? Artists grow every day, why do they have to put out the same type of music over and over. Also, blame it on media that they aren’t what you consider “country”. If a song crosses over, and reaches another group of listeners…good! i mean that for any performer. let’s see Tim, Shania, Faith, Garth. they have all been heard on other stations, other than country. Like i said, it’s not a matter of giving their fans the middle finger. (I’m a fan and don’t feel that way). I think it’s just more, hey if you don’t like what we are doing, who cares! We are still making music. It’s alot easier to put out what everyone else is and to put out what everyone tells you to. It still sounds country to me…just better country, at least to my ears. MUCH more tolerable. Tim McGraw and the DC are my personal favorites. Why is it that southerners have this defensiveness and holier than thou attitude? Grow a little bit you bunch of hillbillies. The world changes. Grow with it!!! But you, post #285, what is with the gangsta, ignorant post? Let me get out my ebonics to English dictionary and see if there was any sense or anything of importance to your opinion!

  • Kimo- like with the Dixie Chicks themselves, what’s annoying about your comments is not so much that they are wrong and illiterate (hint: you probably shouldn’t write something this poorly- runon sentences with random punctuation and such- as a rebuke to someone else’s “illiterate” comments), but the utterly unearned sense of smug superiority with which you deliver such asininity.

    Just a couple of small specific points, starting with your first sentence. “They aren’t giving the finger to their fans.” You’re just being willfully ignorant to say that. That’s the entire point about “not trying to make nice.” They have officially re-classified themselves away from country, and go out of their way to openly mock their original country fanbase. They don’t even WANT fans who would listen to Reba. My, aren’t we SPECIAL!

    What is totally and utterly contemptible though is this idea you have (expressed by numerous DC fans) that the Dixie Chicks are some kind of hip, insider music that us big dummies just can’t get our minds around. It’s just too experimental and avant garde for a dumb cracker like me to understand. Yankee, please.

    Oh, and there IS such a thing as gangsta country. Specifically, you should seek out the Asylum Street Spankers classic “Hick Hop.”

  • DC/TK Fan

    To Southern Pride….


    You are a disgrace to the male gender.

    Not likin’ Bush isn’t BS, it is a choice….it may not be to your liking but their choice! Not to mention an American right. (FYI…I voted for Bush)

    You should crawl back under whatever you crawled out from under……probably some gansta’ speakin’, loose legged, ‘Southern’ countryfied, highschool dropout homegirl ho’!!!

    You in no way represent my Southern heritage and pride…quite the opposite!


    Oh, I cut and pasted just for you:

    whore (hôr, hōr)
    A prostitute.
    A person considered sexually promiscuous.
    A person considered as having compromised principles for personal gain.
    intr.v., whored, whor·ing, whores.

    To associate or have sexual relations with prostitutes or a prostitute.
    To accept payment in exchange for sexual relations.
    To compromise one’s principles for personal gain.

  • DC/TK- Hard telling for sure, but I suspect that you’re being roped in by a DC fan playing saboteur. Southern Pride my butt.

  • I like the Dixie Chicks, and I liked them long before they hit the big time. They’re a great honky tonk Texas band with roots in bluegrass and all the hee-hahs that used to make country great. That being said, “Not ready to Make Nice” is not a great song, but it is not in the same trash bin as Britney Spears, who has apparently invented “trailer park chic.”
    The fact that so many people are expending so much energy on something so inconsequential as this reminds me of a “Tiger Beat” fan tirade. And it’s become equally infantile.
    A lot of people are doing political music. But nobody’s debating Neil Young’s “Living with War.”
    What people on this thread are really steamed about is that the Chicks aren’t hard on the eyes, so they are either Mary Magdeline or the Whore of Babylon, depending on your affiliations.
    We’ll call it the “Ann Coulter Syndrome.”

  • kimo

    Al, Gangsta country? Hick Hop? Let me guess, you googled after you read my post? And, thanks for letting me in on my rambling sentences and puunctuation, spelling etc.. You see, I just don’t have the time to make my posts look as pretty as yours because… I have a LIFE!!! I have a baby feeding off me as we speak and a toddler running around. So, I’m in quite a hurry to get my point across. Funny, you are quick to jump to my hurried, rambling posts but you actually let the one by..now let me get this right; Southern pride ain’ the dixie hoes, slide by. Oh, that’s right you are biased and narrowminded. And, gangsta country? I guess it’s true, they come out with just about anything. Not interested!! I’d like to see your reviews on some gangsta country. I’m sure you are a huge fan!!! RIGHT?!?!?
    And no, I don’t think they are this hip insider music. I just happen to like it and I am open minded enough to see them as human beings doing what they want and saying what they want. I don’t lose sleep worrying about what they are doing or saying.
    I also don’t see this as a political cd. They are singing what they want. “Lullaby”, for example, oh how political or even ” I Hope”, how could they right such horrible songs?? Give me a break! They write music and lyrics to what they are thinking and feeling. Isn’t that what everyone does? Let me just clear up that I don’t think ALL Southerners are what I accused them of being in my earlier post. I was generalizing. I’m not a Southerner hater. But, to all the southerners out there, don’t let this guy be your spokesman!!!
    Oh, and “not ready to make nice”…maybe they are putting their finger in the air, but it’s to those who turned their back on them. Why should anyone make nice? Many turned their back on them and ridiculed them and sent death threats. I wouldn’t be ready to make nice either..Would you? I don’t feel that they want people to feel sorry for them. They are just singing what is in their hearts. They have families, they are human, they are just like you and me except for a few million dollars and celebrity staus. Does every writer/singer/poet who writes about their own experiences in life ,good or bad, want sympathy? do they publish it just to make money? I think not! Oh and Al, since you say your review isn’t based on what they said a few years back and isn’t from a political standpoint, try listening to Pink’s Dear Mr. President or watch it at youtube.com and type in Pink and the song and write a review on that. I, for one, think it’s another great heartfelt song. If it ever gets released you will be a busy man for sure! There, I tried to clean up my post a little but I’m a busy, working mom of 2, with one on the way so I get a bit quick on the keyboard. At least I use real words and phrases and don’t get all ghetto on yo ass?!?!?!?

  • this is all poop

    poop poop with a little poopie poop

  • poopie fan

    I agree with poopie…..too much hating going on on here.I want to drown my sorrows in some poop. WHo’s with me *runs to the toilet*

  • Neil Young anyone?

    I totally agree with you “Ray Ellis.” Neil Young anyone?

  • Neil Young anyone?

    Al, you never responded to my post:

    Well Al, I can completely understand why they would be so flippin hurt and angry due the reaction of long time fans b/c of what they said. They lost a large amount of fans and received death threats and hate emails. It turned their lives around in a matter of days. People were burning their music and stations refusing to play their music. I don’t know how someone would be able to NOT take that personally and feel angry b/c of it. This song is simply about what they feel in response to what has happened. That’s what artists sing about…their lives, emotions, situations. I don’t see anything wrong in that.

    And that may be all that their singing about to you Al. I believe that they took a stand and got attacked for it. This song is about not apologizing for what they said…and what they said showed that they stand against our president, against this war he has led us into, which has already killed so many. They won’t apologize for taking a stand against our president and his war.

  • #1 poop fan

    Very well said young man. Probably the most rational post in this entire shithole.

    Now how about you come with me and we can rub each others naked bodies with some poop!

    I promise you I never had any corn *wink wink*

  • the one who will shit in Dc mouth

    Oh and Dc fan you did this awhile ago…….
    oops, I didn’t spell check… :*(

    then you said this….
    While down South we can have a good laugh at your ‘expense’ due to your inability to spell….

    hehehehe :)~

    then you knock down someone yes moi for not spelling properly…you are a big fat poohead and I will come find you and shit in your mouth!

    hehe haha hoho poop! Next time have a brain and don’t knock others for what you yourself have done.

    poops for now

  • Sorry, me pretties, but I was off this evening in the big city, seeing the Asylum Street Spankers in Indianapolis.

    Kimo, I do try SO hard to play nice, but your combination of aggressive ignorance and gratuitous maliciousness makes it really tough. Do you think that your meaningless hatefulness is persuasive to others, or what exactly?

    The “Hick Hop” comes from Wammo of the Asylum Street Spankers, so I actually got to meet the author. You might note THIS REVIEW of an old Spankers video where I wrote about the song. Drop me an email, and I’ll send you an mp3.

    They’re good liberals too, from Austin, TX, in case that gets them any brownie points with you pinkos. They had a really good Wammo adaptation of “Tie a Yellow Ribbon” that gets twisted enough to be pretty much a whole new song about putting magnetic yellow ribbons on your gas guzzling SUVs. They’re about 100 times more interesting musicians than the DC though, and even opposition viewpoints become much more powerful once transfigured into a decent piece of art.

    With love and goodwill, I wish that all poor deluded DC fans would find their way to see ASS just once. I bet you would near every one come back and THROW ROCKS at this mediocre, bland DC stuff.

    Also, Brother Ellis and others seem to be interested in my thoughts on Neil Young’s “Let’s Impeach the President.” I have to say I liked it better than I thought I would. I’ve got an extensive review of the Neil Young song- and an even better answer song from a Dr BLT, which is available for free download. REVIEW AND DOWNLOADS HERE

    Also Brother Ellis, re: Dixie Chicks, Babylon, and Ann Coulter syndrome: Did you ever want to watch Ann Coulter and Natalie Maines make out?

  • DC/TK Fan

    to the one…

    oops I must have hit a little close to home! :)~

    If the shoe fits…….wear it!

  • lovin it

    Southern pride…women should know their place??? N#$@$@S should know their place!!!

  • poop

    To Dc fan

    If the shoe fits…….wear it! lol Step away from the computer….take a deep breath.Try to make it a fresh breath and not one that stinks of grits a greasy chicken. Sorry bud but I was the one who hit a nerve. YEEEEE hAWWWWWWWWWWW!!! Not quit taking the poopie business so seriously.

    Go order you woman to make you a sammich and for her to grab you a beer. Bring back the slaves yeee haww lololol

    If the poop fits wear it!

    SIgn poopie

  • Devan

    I dont really care that personal attacks are not allowed i think you need to give it up and start acting mature. The are amazing and have alot of talent, probably alot more the you will ever have. I betcha you couldn’t even sing if you wanted to!!! i hate people like you that think ooo well im a big shot so i can say whatever i want, but guess what your aint a big shot!!!!! Just give it up its really easy to see that you are jealous, over them, because you will never be as good as them and you will never have anywhere nere as much money as they do!!!! So one simple hint !!! GIVE UP THE ACT !!!!!

  • DC/TK Fan

    to poop, the one, etc…Mr Multiple Personalities

    I remain firm in my belief that you are in fact..
    IGNORANT!!! Probably even more than I realized.

    Main Entry: ig·no·rant

    Pronunciation: ‘ig-n(&-)r&nt

    Function: adjective

    1 a: destitute of knowledge or education ; also : lacking knowledge or comprehension of the thing specified b: resulting from or showing lack of knowledge or intelligence

    – ig·no·rant·ly adverb
    – ig·no·rant·ness noun
    synonyms IGNORANT, ILLITERATE, UNLETTERED, UNTUTORED, UNLEARNED mean not having knowledge.

    3 :POOP, THE ONE, etc hahaha :)~

  • poopie pants

    to my greatest fan DC

    I hope you will keep entertaining me and getting all worked up. It gives me great pleasure to know you will keep on checking to see what I have written.

    It’s too bad that you still can’t explain why you would mock someone who did the exact same thing you did…..wrote in a hurry and forgot to spell check! Bet hey whatever floats your boat buddy. I bet you sit behind that computer (which is obviously your whole life) and pat yourself on the back with a huge toothless smile.

    I see you can still cut and paste. Good for you my little hillbilly.

    :)~ Hey look I can make silly little faces too Yeeee Hawwwwww lol Now my life is complete.

    My brain hurts with all your intelligent, thoughtful posts. I look forward to the next one.

    Now if you will excuse me I have to poop in a jar. I save them for a rainy day, and it’s supposed to rain here tomorrow.

    P.S. How many rednecks does it take to poop?

  • Let’s keep to the subject at issue and knock it off with the name calling.

  • poopie

    *stomps feet* But….how about..hmm..maybe….OK

    Just let me leave my #1 fan with this….

    Hypocrite :A person who professes beliefs and opinions that he does not hold. Would you look at that, I didn’t even need to copy and paste : )~

    Next time when someone calls you and your bullshit at least attempt to dig your way out of the hole. You disappoint me.

    Now I will get my priorities straight and finely tune my collection of poop.

  • i think the person that wrote this needs to get a life. You say that this song is them just complaing and whining when thats all ur doing. all this shows is ur selfish and jelious of wat they do have so get over utself and leave them alone cause they dont talk shit about u. get over wat that past was about and live in the present. why dont u worry about urself and back off. i think if u were getting death threats u would want people to know that get those threats arnt right and that how they showed it by singing unlike u who has to find a website and tell everybody wat u say when really nobody cares wat u think so shut up and LEAVE THEM ALONE

  • poopie

    #308 you really need to go back and read what AL is trying to say, so do a few more people making comments on here.

    Now while I might not agree with many things he has said, it’s his right to express them. I really don’t see how he is selfish or jealous, perhaps you should elaborate.

    If you do go and read his article again, take note of his distaste with the few people who took it upon themselves to make death threats. That seems to be a main point with your argument.

    Oh and if you don’t want to hear people talk about their own views, or at least be open to a view that differs from your own, coming to a site like this is probably not the best choice for you.

  • You’re a right tricky one there Poopie. I was just all poised to tell everybody that you was full of crap up to your eyeballs, then you go and say something all intelligent like comment 309. Now I’D look like the poopie-head if I were shitty with you.

  • DC/TK Fan


    So not to disappoint you…

    I didn’t mock you for not spell checking! Your original post and it’s content was the issue…….hello?!@

    Your ignorant post when you called yourself Southern Pride (post #285) was simply juvenille rambling on……and if you’re gonna ‘mock’ Southern folks well, ya’ better learn to read and re-read your post b/f you publish ’em.

    Not all Southerners wanna be associated w/ someone such as you!

    I caught my misspelled word hence, the reason for the post after that particular one you speak of.

    That way no one had reason to think I was in a ‘hurry’ and just spewed some ignorant garbage and clicked ‘publish’ w/o having the common sense enough to make sure it made sense.

    As for your #1 fan, I am not!
    Don’t flatter your poopie ass!!!

    Now go take some aspirin so all of my intelligent posts don’t ‘hurt’ your brain!

    At least you have admitted my post are intelligent(thanks)…sorry I can’t say the same of yours.

    YEE HAW!!!

    Funny thing, I can’t wear the hypocrite shoe! It doesn’t fit.

    I profess and believe you are still IGNORANT!!!

    How’s this for explaining myself? Oh wait, I don’t really care…..about your opinion.

    Now back to what this board is really all about..

    AL BARGER’S REVIEW, remember?

    Move on shithead!

    Oh yea, BTW, that is Miss DC to you!!!

    I know you will have some further garbage to spew so just an FYI…..I won’t entertain you or hurt your brain with anymore responses. You are not worthy of anymore. (boo-hoo)

    Since I don’t poop in jars, you’d need to tell me how many rednecks does it take?
    I use in-door plumbing myself.

    You might be a redneck if you poop in jars and not a toilet.

  • Miss DC- It’s funny now that you ever expressed doubt that you could police this thread, cause you’re just a heck of a neighborhood patrol.

    Thank you again for your continuing contributions to this discussion.

  • poopie

    Awww I knew you couldn’t help yourself ;)~

    I know you desire me. *blushes*

    To return the favour and not to disappoint you…

    If you want to take my sarcasm to make yourself, and your posts look better go right ahead. Some people need to try and make themselves look good even if it is just grasping at straws, and damn girl you are holding them tight.

    Now let me try to respond to your lovely post in order, so you can follow along…..

    You said…. “I didn’t mock you for not spell checking! Your original post and it’s content was the issue…….hello?!@

    Well hello back. If I can remember correctly you did indeed mock me for my spelling, which clearly is a result from my neglect to use spell check. They go hand in hand. I admitted I was in a hurry to publish my post, and I too caught my mistakes after the fact (and yes I am willing to say I did make mistakes)but I figured it was too late to undo, the blunder was already done. Why bother to explain to all the good people who frequent this board that I fucked up.It really needed no pointing out. After all it was plain as day for everyone to see. But that’s what I like about you, you state the obvious.

    So my point is still valid, (as well as calling you a hypocrite)you criticized me for something you, and I’m sure everyone has done from time to time. Not everyone can be as perfect as you claim to be.

    Now as far as you having problems with my content you know as I’m sure most people on here do, the only thing you had a problem with from the start was the term redneck. If I hadn’t used that term, you wouldn’t have opened your mouth up in the first place and ridiculed me in your own simple yet cute way. So instead of beating around the bush you could have simply objected to the word and I would have refrained in future posts. Funny how something as simple as that could have sufficed.

    This really hit a sore spot with you, and that is what spouted your little whines about me, and not to mention your last post which sounded more like a hissy fit if nothing else.

    Now to address your next point, I am nor ever will be Southern Pride. I know you would just love to believe it’s me (so you can continue with your holier then thou attitude), but I will have to disappoint you on that one (AL I’m not sure how these sites work and what you can and cannot see, but since you are the author of this thread, if you can view my IP addy and compare to set this lady’s mind straight you are more then welcome to).

    Where I come from the term redneck is an insult. A difference in culture I suppose. You should keep in mind not everyone from the South likes the term you proudly use. Last I heard people can and do disagree on the term, and what it signifies.

    When I used that term I was referring to the type of people who inbreed with one another, like to burn crosses and shove their women around. The type of people who have no mind of their own, and will crucify others for having opinions that defer from their own ( which some I’m sure had a part to play in the threats against the DC chicks) In no way was I insulting people from the South. You took it how you wanted to, and when you did, I was more than willing to give you what you wanted. So throw your whole argument on how I was mocking people from the south out the window. If I did mock Southerners intentionally I would be mocking many people near and dear to me, and sweetie that’s not about to happen. If you want to keep up your belief about me and the South(which I’m sure you will ) go for it.

    Now somewhere in your rant you pointed out that this thread is about AL BARGER’S REVIEW, and I agree. He was nice enough to spend time to write down his thoughts on this matter for all us to view, yet somehow you felt it was ok to stray from the subject in the first place with your oh so witty retort about something so insignificant as typos. So how about you follow your own advice and move on mmmkay.

    Please go on and profess and believe till you are blue in the face, as I will be doing the same about you and your ignorance. Meantime let me know what size of shoes you take and I will send them to you a.s.a.p.

    Now I will offer some advice. When someone comes on talking about poop try not to take it so seriously and have a mini breakdown. It was all for fun and if anything you did pass the time for me (just like you are doing right now with my insomnia). How you ever could take…. “then you knock down someone yes moi for not spelling properly…you are a big fat poohead and I will come find you and shit in your mouth!”… from my first response to you seriously is beyond me.

    Thank you for the lovely chat, it is such a shame to see it come to the end since I am not worthy of your time any longer *tears up*.
    I will always cherish the time we had together. It was brief but the memories will last me a lifetime.xoxoxoxox

    Oh and lastly it’s MRS POOPS to you!

    For all you out there please don’t make the same mistake I did. Learn from my mistake. I used the poop, I played with it and now I have to suffer the consequences and backlash from it. It’s ok to stop and smell the poop once and awhile,especially on your holidays or social gatherings, but not as an everyday thing. Poop destroys lives…..just look at poor DC/TK Fan.

  • Derigitable

    LOL. Al, give it up. There is no way possible to criticize their music without being seen as critical to the DC on a personal level — I mean, obviously.

    Shame on you if you really believed you actually might have intelligent responses based strictly on the music alone. If that’s what you truly wanted, you should pick someone a little more benign.

    In any event, I appreciated your thoughts on the DC album and took it for what it’s worth. Your comments forced me to be able to set aside my personal feelings towards the DC and focus solely on the music.

  • Susanne

    Um Al… I could be damentally wrong, but I don’t think I’ve heard any of the songs you’ve written, or sung for that matter… The Dixie Chicks made it all the way over here, to my small city in the Netherlands, Europe… Guess that kinda speaks in their favor?

    I mean you can talk all you want… But they’ve made it… And in which top-notch position in the music business do you find yourself precisely? Right 🙂 Nowhere

    Susanne… The Netherlands

  • DC/TK Fan

    Why thank ya’ Al.

    I appreciate your belief in my ability! 😉 hehe

    Until next time…..

    p.s. Did you ever run for any kind of office?

  • Miss DC- You’re welcome, dear. I put good stock in your willingness and ability to stand flat-footed and knock some sense into a damned Yankee. I wouldn’t much fear one of these wimpy sushi eating pop singers, but I would certainly avoid crossing a real Dixie chick such as yourself. You’d be dangerous with a baseball bat.

    Also, I’ve got some real Texas music you need to hear. Drop me an email and I’ll get you a couple of mp3s.

    Yes, I have several times been a candidate for public office with the Libertarian Party of Indiana. Most recently, I ran for US Senate in 2004 against the incumbent Democrat Evan Bayh. Dig my campaign archives.

  • DC/TK Fan


    I’d like some mp3’s of some ‘real’ Texas music… :)~

    I’m not able to contact you w/ this site.

    I sent an email via your URL but no response yet, so I’m not sure if it got to you!

    Please let me know……thx

  • Howdy DC. Haven’t seen anything- though I might have accidentally missed it amongst the junk. Anyway, gadfly@ morethings.com will get you to me.

  • cath

    U sucks lol …well if you did not like the song, why did you lost your time on writting this bunch of shit? come on…tssss

  • Cath, thanks for stopping by. You ask a good question. Well, actually you make a hateful jab with a question mark at the end, but I’ll make a good question out of it for you. I most often write positive reviews, which is to say that I’m writing about stuff that I like because I get off on turning people on to cool stuff. I like to share the love.

    But why would I write about stuff that I think is just utter crap such as this Dixie Chicks song? There might be several reasons involved, but I consider this a modest contribution to public education. I’m trying to raise the bar of people’s musical expectations, and give pop fans a little spark about how to listen critically and better appreciate the beauty of music.

    I’m not merely saying that I don’t like this song, but explaining as best I can why. Then if you disagree, you’re encouraged to explain why you think this a great song. Show me what I’m missing.

    Here’s your homework assignment: Complete the following statement, and submit as a comment

    Al, you suck. “Not Ready to Make Nice” is a great song. Here’s what you’re missing…

  • Clavos

    Well put, Al. Betcha don’t get an answer…at least not a coherent one.

  • michelle thomas

    i like there song. i really dont care what people think. thats why i like the dc they dont care what people think. they care about there music and there fans. i love you guys keep doin what ur doin!!!!

  • Miss Michelle, glad you stopped by. If the Dixie Chicks do it for you, have at- it’s a free country. Go in peace.

  • KW

    I really liked this song. I dont understand how you can think its so bad. I would want to make a statement if someone sent me death threats over something I had said.

  • Howdy KW, thanks for visiting. I can understand not being pleased to get a death threat. That’s not good- but is that the most significant thing on which to concentrate your creative energies? Isn’t there anything more interesting to talk about than some ignorant crackers making a couple of idle dumb threats three years ago? Why should I as an audience member give a rat’s ass about that?

  • KW

    Thats true

  • ME!

    if u hate the song so much why BOTHER writing a huge blog on it, retard!? u are a real idiot and u have no right spitting on someones hard work, especially when they are trying to prove their point. so go to hell jerk ass and shut ur mouth, nobody cares. from: a fourteen year old.

  • Some Random VJ

    I actually really like this song and i am glad that somebody finally talked back about Bush!! I am so happy Natalie did it! I never used to be a huge Dixie Chicks fan but now I am! Barvo Natalie! Bravo! Bush has just been making this country a living hell and I totally agree with Natalie too. IMPEACH BUSH!!!!!!!

  • Mawey

    If the Son of the Bitch wasn’t in office than we would have more jobs, lower gas prices, and our children wouldn’t be fighting this worthless war!! Why should we pay for stupidity in the office? REMOVE THE DUMBASS!!!!!!

  • Idk

    Natalie Maines rocks!! It is about time someone spoke up!! John Kerry should be in office!!!!!!!!

  • Adelaide

    You are a smug self centered unhappy little man and should be ripped to shreds by harpies.

  • Adelaide, granted that I’m a bad, wicked person. However, where exactly do you get the specific judgments that I am “smug” or “self centered”? Are you saying that anyone who would call bullshit on the Dixie Chicks is by definition “smug”?

    Also, it’s right funny for someone speaking in defense of Natalie Maines of all people to attack her critics for being “self centered.”

    Hmm, I’d really prefer not being ripped to shreds by harpies. Could we compromise on me being whipped severely by Ann Coulter? Or Natalie Maines, for that matter. That’d probably hurt less, though.

  • Nick

    You are an idiot… I bet you voted for Bush
    The Dixie Chicks sing from the heart, unlike half of the other crap that is out there these days. Its too bad there are people like you in America, misrepresenting us around the world

  • Chris

    I am a frequent reader of your articles and I have to say that I will not be reading another one. I never imagined someone being so ignorant and closed minded. Not only do I think that this is a good song, I think that everying that these girls are saying is the absolute truth. And if you pulled the ignorance out of your ears and actually listened to the words of this song maybe you would understand also.

  • Chris- no, wait, don’t go. I’ll change my opinions to suit you. You’re right. The Dixie Chicks are geniuses. Also, Bush is bad. America doesn’t need defending. I’ve seen the error of my ways. Anyone who would think the Dixie Chicks are narcisstic ignoramuses that wouldn’t know a good song if it bit them in the ass- they’re just stupid doo-doo heads.

  • Sasha

    Was the cursing neccesary?


  • Andy

    Al Barger, I think you are really wrong with what you wrote. you obviously don’t know all the facts. For you to say that the Dixie Chicks didn’t suffer and they are being whiny with the song, is ridiculas! Because of Natalie’s 15 words (that were not a threat), the Dixie Chicks had their career taking away from them. Along with Cd smashings, death threats (there were much more then two! Try hundreds! Get your facts right before you bash) Radio station boycotting their music, ect.. What the country music industry has done to them is dispicable! They could of gone back to Country if they wanted to, but why would they? Who would after a thing like this happens? Did you even know that the red cross refused to accept 1.3 million dollars from the Dixie chicks because they said that “it’s bad publicity to associate with you”. So before you go off on the Chicks being whiny, check the facts behind it. To me you pretty much sound like one of those Bush loving redenecks who were participating in those rallies of Dixie Chicks cd smashings. Absolutley ridiculas! And I bought their new album and it’s INCREDIBLE! And I will think of you and laugh while they win Best ALbum of the year next year in the grammies!

  • Andy, you shouldn’t be so condescending when even your basic spelling and grammar are so poor, let alone the intended contents of what you say.

    Particularly, you have several variations on “get your facts straight,” though in FACT you didn’t find a single error of fact. You claim hundreds of death threats for the DC, but I don’t believe that for a minute. There’s certainly no documentation.

    But beyond that, like your Dixie Chicks, you’re SO anxious to claim for them the mantle of victimhood, which is completely ridiculous. They’re not victims of jack squat, and I wouldn’t care if they were- their records would still be crappy.

    Perhaps you think that any celebrity you like should be able to talk trash against their country, and expect by right not have that held against them. Why is that? The US of A is a lot more important than this crappy pop group. When they set it up as a choice between being Dixie Chicks fans vs supporting our country, it’s quite understandable that some of their former fans told them to take a hike. It’s not like they’re giving up any kind of good music.

    Plus, you can really stand to tone down the faked up melodramatics about “having their career taken away.” Puh-lease. They wanted out of country music anyway, as they’re far to precious to be associated with such gauche people as Reba McEntire.

    But in fact, they’ve tradeed their country audience for a new audience of ignorant Bush hatas, which has made their new album platinum for starters, and got them a Time magazine cover, etc. Perhaps YOU could stand to get your facts straight before you whine about their precious flippin’ careers being taken away.

    As to people smashing Dixie Chicks CDs, perhaps they’re simply belatedly realizing how crappy they are.

  • Andy

    You’re so full of shit. You are just like those other redeneck haters out there. Nothing that you said made any sence or responded to my comment. Just because the Dixie Chicks hate the president does not mean they hate the freakin country! You obviously don’t know the facts since you think that it’s either you are with America or with the Dixie Chicks. Which is exactly what redenecks would say in the cd smashings rallies. So don’t try to lie about your stance towards the Dixie Chicks alright? And of course you could say they are making victims out of themselves. But then again, anyone can do that and be suffering no? For example if my mom was killed in a car accident then I can’t play victim because there are kids in Africa who lost their parents to aids right? Although this is more crucial, it’s the same concept. So in some ways everyone is always playing victim. You are just trying to make it look bad because you are one of those redeneck haters. I have no problem if you don’t like the Dixie Chicks’ music. But why the hell will you spend your time going online and writing shit about them? Has what they said about the president that you love hurt you so much that you can’t move on with your life? I would have to say yes. I really have nothing more to say to you. Fools never change so I’m waisting my time. Better to be thought a fool with your mouth closed than open it & remove all doubt.

    p.s. I’m from Israel and that’s why I have mistakes. I speak 4 languages and I bet you can’t even speak one.

  • Clavos

    I dunno, Al, is it worth it? Most of these jokers can’t even put together a coherent sentence.

  • Yeah Clavos, I know, but this Andy is supplying just the combination of willful ignorance, malice, and unearned expressions of superiority that I can’t resist. It’d be like Captain Kangaroo asking Mr Bunny Rabbit to leave those ping pong balls alone.

    Really though, I’m surprised to hear this guy claim to be Israeli. There are of course below average members in any group, but I’ve never known a Jew as prima facie dumb as this fellow.

    I thought this particular admission interesting, “in some ways everyone is always playing victim.” No, not everyone is interested in playing victim all the time. Are you perhaps a Palestinian Israeli? Some of us try to downplay to ourselves and others the sufferings and indignities that befall all of us.

    Certainly, playing up and milking every little hardship is no way to go through life for any number of good reasons. For starters, it’s undignified. If your Mom gets killed, that sucks and you’ve got something bad to deal with. It would be perfectly appropriate to lean on your friends and family as needed. But it would still probably be generally regarded as inappropriate and demeaning to carry on about it to strangers in public.

    But you’re really getting into shitlickin’ to start comparing the Dixie Chicks’ problems to the death of a parent. Natalie Maines’ mom wasn’t killed- Miss Natalie just cheesed a bunch of patriotic fans off and now they don’t want anything to do with her.

    This is cute as well, when Andy writes “Has what they said about the president that you love hurt you so much that you can’t move on with your life?” This statement strikes me as especially willful in the author’s dishonesty and malice. For starters, this article is a music review, not a political diatribe. This song is not anything about Bush or politics, so that has nothing to do with it. This song is nothing about the war in Iraq or any public issue, only about what beleaguered victims these poor, poor Dixie Chicks are.

    Andy and his ilk make a transparently cheap and dishonest basic tactic of arguing essentially that anyone who would dare criticize his precious Dixie Chicks could not be doing it because of art or other honest public intellectual issues, but only out of malignant personal neuroses.

    In closing then Clavos, it’s not really for Andy’s benefit that I respond, but rather to make an example of him for the broader public good.

  • Clavos


    Far be it from me to want to curtail anyone’s fun (and you do respond to these dweebs so well!).

    Makes for interesting and enjoyable reading, though for the sake of fairness, you should tie one brain lobe behind your back.

  • Thanks Clavos, I try to be entertaining. I do recognize that going after this Andy is a bit like hunting flys with a shotgun, but the little bugger’s begging for it, ain’t he?

  • whatever

    Al your problem is you are so stuck in your ways you can’t and you won’t ever see that at times you are just wrong. Pssst you are wrong at times, and trying to downplay things just for the fact they spoke out is pretty pathetic. Now go on and tell me what a fool I am since I don’t see things your way, and make some feeble attempts and how superior you are to eveyone on this site…try to be original will you?

    Clavos, wow you really need a wittle friend. Maybe Al will give you a cookie for standing by him so faithfully. Now you may go back to getting your nose brown, and hey maybe you can come up with something worth reading.

  • Michelle

    This song is decent and I like it. I think that the people that are “dogging” it because they did not like her remarks are sad. The group has a true talent an its pathetic that you are that upset. This is a freedom that the American people have become accustomed to having. It is “Freedom of Speech” whether you like it or not.

  • April

    I love this song!!!! It makes me feel good that I am a person who is outspoken and that I should not be afraid of telling someone what I think. Everyone is entitled to say what they want and trust me I do. I am not going to take sides here. I listened to the lyics and I really liked them.

  • Miss April, apparently the Dixie Chicks are really doing it for you. Good for you. Enjoy them in good health.

  • Josh

    Whatever wrote: “Al your problem is you are so stuck in your ways you can’t and you won’t ever see that at times you are just wrong. Pssst you are wrong at times, and trying to downplay things just for the fact they spoke out is pretty pathetic. Now go on and tell me what a fool I am since I don’t see things your way, and make some feeble attempts and how superior you are to eveyone on this site…try to be original will you?

    Clavos, wow you really need a wittle friend. Maybe Al will give you a cookie for standing by him so faithfully. Now you may go back to getting your nose brown, and hey maybe you can come up with something worth reading.”

    I could not have said it better myself! Al barger, Stop using big words you don’t understand.

  • Clavos


    Obviously you couldn’t say it better, ’cause you didn’t say anything–you just parroted whatever’s

  • That’s right, Clavos. Also, Josh is a big doo-doo head and he listens to doo-doo Dixie Chicks music. So there!

  • Clavos


    Are you sure you understood all those words you used in #351? Wouldn’t want to run afoul of the Big Words Police!

  • Lori

    Al Barger, I have nothing against you not liking their new song. And of course this subject is a matter of opinion and taste in music (Or about what she said about Bush?). But just to let you know, I’ve read most of your comments on here and I must say, you just mark yourself as a Dixie Chicks hater/redeneck idiot (for whatever reasons you say). I honestly don’t care if you are against them, but just stop putting on the show that you hate them because of their music. Even if I think the redenecks who do this shit (boycotting Dixie Chicks, smashing albums, sending death threats, going online and writing in blogs shit about them, trying to ruin their careers ect…) are low life idiots, atleast they are straight foward about their views and don’t try to cover it up with crap about how the Dixie Chicks did this or that ect… The reason I’m saying this is because I don’t think anyone in their right mind could hate a band or an artist so much for the music, that they would spend their life doing what you’re doing. So let me make a few things clear to you. Natalie gave her opinion, which was not planned, and her words were spoken very briefly in an entertainment fashion, and the price they paid was FAR to large. The camreas don’t lie. I saw the footage of parents encouraging their kids to lift posters and hate them (And it wasn’t once or twice). The song “Not Ready To Make Nice” was aimed only at those who still hate. Which is a mistake you made in one of your comments. So I don’t know if you are just one of those redeneck haters, or you are just… There can’t really be another explanation. Again, I honestly don’t care if you are one of those people who hate the Dixie Chicks because of what they said. But you are marking yourself one with the comments you write. So you have two choices now. You can either take my advice and move on. Or, in the words of “Whatever”, you can go on and tell me what a fool I am since I don’t see things your way, and make some feeble attempts and how superior you are to eveyone on this site…try to be original will you?

  • Stormy

    Al, you know, I personally disapprove of how you continually say how “crappy” things are. The way you say it makes it sound like you believe that it is actually so, but that is merely your opinion, and it is rather repetative. Can you not think of a more mature and thoughtful way to express your distaste for the music?

    Also, you say that it is your freedom of opinion, your freedom of speech, and yet you go knocking people who enjoy the music and are simply stating their views the same exact way that you are.

    I actually have not read anything that you have inputted that sounds, to me, like mature criticism. If you want to criticize something, the way to do that is deconstruct the subject piece by piece and explain why YOU disagree, but with mature vocabulary and thought. If I did not enjoy this music for instance, “Personally, I find this piece of music to be too self-sympathizing and I would have liked to see the artists lean a little more toward a such-and-such angle.” would do, not silly reasons such as the fact that it is “not country” as you put it. Music is as dynamic as anything else, and many people enjoy modern and pop works. You cannot generalize these genres of music as “crappy”. Saying that you don’t enjoy them is fine, but saying that they are “crappy” is too far, and very immature.

    Ranting for the sake of your own distaste and inability to be open to the thoughts of others is immature. I am not saying that one should like this music, or that one should not like this music, I am more commenting on your criticism methods.

    Getting into politics for a moment (I am Canadian myself, for anyone’s information), disapproving of a political leader does not mean that they hate that country. As my opinion, I personally do not approve of the Prime Minister of Canada, but that does not mean that I am hateful towards my country, and criticizing my leader would not be anything close to trash talking my country.

    Yours Truly,

  • Stormy, thank you for your most thoughtful and considered comments. I do tend to take criticism more seriously and respond better when it is stated in a reasonable and respectful manner such as this.

    It’s perhaps not entirely unreasonable to criticize me for the dismissive tone I take with the Dixie Chicks. However, I frankly find the girls to be rather disreputable on multiple levels- most importantly musical. “The right honorable ladies from Texas are perhaps misguided” might be nicer- but it would not at all express what I’m really thinking.

    You can call my tone regarding the DC immature, and I’ll take that rap. However, that tone is really what they deserve. They’re not only contrived and not very good musically, but they repeatedly also display -strongly and proudly- personal traits marking them as smug, ignorant, AND disrespectful of anyone who would criticize them. Not to put too fine a point on it, but they deserve some public ridicule.

    Particularly regarding the word “crappy,” that’s what their music deserves. I’m generally reasonably sympathetic when it looks like an artist is really trying to do something good, but they just can’t bring it off. I’m hip to noble failure.

    But the Dixie Chicks look to me like contrived corporate pop music fodder- not just a lack of talent, but a lack of honest artistry. I’m not a big Rush or ELP fan, for example, but I can hear them trying to put forth the best and truest musical expression they can muster. Whereas by contrast, the Dixie Chicks strike me as being lacking true artistic intent, but rather aiming at the lowest common denominator of pop music idiocy.

    In short, it’s not even failed art, but emotionally and artistically empty corporate doo-doo. It would not be properly communicative of the true nature of their work as I understand it to dig up nice polite words. “Contrived soulless corporate crap” strikes about the right tone.

    Lori, not to be disagreeable, but I’m somewhat less impressed with your response. Still, you’ve made some attempt at explaining yourself in at least a halfway reasonable manner, so I do want to honor your with a response.

    Still, I don’t want to be hateful, but it strikes me as kinda lame that you want to portray me as a dumb redneck hater. I might respectfully suggest that this does not represent an interpretation consistent with what I’ve actually written.

    For one thing, I’m not much of a fan, obviously, and I’m fairly critical of them. Still, I don’t have any active hatred for them. I bear them no malice. My criticism is professional, regarding their music and their public behavior.

    THEY are the ones being hateful with such foolishness as gratuitously publicly disrespecting Reba McEntire. Who do these Dixie Chicks think they are to get off like that?

    Also Lori, you’re being lazy intellectually to insist on implying that I just hate them because I disagree with their politics or I love Bush. That’s not what I’ve written, is it? Note that my litany against them (smug, ignorant, disrespectful) of things that make me think ill of them does not include being liberal or disliking the president. I think I’ve been reasonably clear on that count.

    As to a need to be “original,” one could direct that back at you. Your charges against me don’t show a real strong spark of creativity, frankly.

    Beyond that though, I value correctness and truth more than originality- though I haven’t seen any other DC critics express anything quite like most of what I’ve said about them.

  • Stormy

    Thank you for responding, I, like you, merely wanted to have my opinion out there. I don’t expect things to conform to the way I see fit, and I don’t wish to sound condescending or harsh at all. So really, I do thank you, and I respect your views and opinions and the way that you present them. No one’s ways are perfect, including my own.

    Yours truly,

  • You know who

    The dixie chicks have done women everywhere a great justice. Religion continues to create war against women. I am sick of people pushing their religion and personal beliefs on everyone else. I say to those people, live your own lives and mind your own! I love their music, their lyrics, their style. I too, am mad as hell! I will buy anything they produce. Thank you Dixie Chicks! I love you!!

  • Chris

    Al, from looking at the overwhelming majority of people who think your a nut job, it might be time to put a hold on this “Dixie Chick” debate and maybe, since you love defending America so much, go off and join the army and just maybe when you get back someone might give you some respect.

  • Back here in reality Chris, in fact a majority of people in 2004 voted for George Bush for president, and a vast majority of their supporters are now former Dixie Chicks fans.

    Besides that though, joining the army and defending the country would get one no actual respect with the Bush haters, particularly starting with Natalie Maines. They made one song pretending to care about some abstract soldier back when they were pretending to be country.

    But now that they’ve formally thoroughly denounced their country audience that’s all over. In the press around the release of this album, Miss Natalie made a big point of specifically saying that she see no legitimate point to patriotism.

  • nicki

    Does it really matter what any celebrity says or does? It’s been that way through history and always will be that way… Thank God! That’s the beauty of a free country. I don’t lose sleep if someone disagrees with me. I don’t care if a celeb,or anyone for that matter, voices their opinion in any way shape or form. I don’t care if country banned them or people burned their cd’s. It amazes me how much people can hate someone for their views and how much people actually care…like it’s going to make a difference in the world. I know there are Bush supporters and they can get on a pedestal and sing his praises…I’m not going to bad-mouth them for it. Just chalk it up to yet another difference of opinion! That’s what makes the world go ’round…different people, views, opinions, beliefs! Voice them or don’t. No big deal! The only thing I thought was overkill was the Red Cross turning down over a million dollars from them because that money was needed and could do for so many. They are always begging for donations and at a time it was greatly needed, they turned it down! If that was my family that needed clothing, shelter or food and they didn’t get it because someone from the Red Cross disagrees with a stupid comment… and refused it, that’s actually worse than anything Natalie said or did.

  • DC/TK Fan


    When did the RED CROSS turn down money from the DC?

    I don’t recall hearing about that one.

    thx in advance

  • angel

    TO ALL:

    What a waste of time to sit here and battle each other over a song. If you want to make a point to the world or to each other…speak loudly by feeding the homeless, reading to orphaned kids, or simply enjoying gods greatest creation, Mother Nature.

  • Ester

    You yourself did say the following: “Idiots who would make physical threats against a singer over a LITTLE OF NOTHING like this need to be knocked upside their stupid heads with a 2×4.”
    So if it really is a little of nothing, then i don’t think even spending 5 months trying to argue a point that no one really cares about is worth it either. Personally, i too would be really pissed off and a little scared if i got a death threat, and obviously converting this anger into song is just a way for natalie maines to express herself. Since where in the law book did it say that such a thing was wrong? She has every right to let off steam, which u happen to call “whining”. How about u first get a death threat of your own before u decide to judge her reaction? I mean, come on, it’s just a song, it’s not like it’s harming anyone. If u don’t like it, then don’t listen to it, simple as that. And, i’m sorry if this bruises your ego, but no one gives 2 cents what u like or hate, this world doesn’t revolve around you. Why don’t u convert your anger into something more useful, for instance, pursuing a university course, helping those in need, or taking up yoga, etc… rather than lashing out at a country singer, you really sound like you have serious issues if you react to a song like that! Besides, the 2004 votes were most likely rigged. No one in their right mind would want to put the fate of a country in the hands of a person with a criminal record. Everyone i know happens to hate Bush’s guts.

  • Nicki

    DC/TK Fan, I’ll find the article it was in and post it but until then I know it was around Katrina time.

  • Nicki

    The Guardian I thought it was around Katrina but was wrong. (it was for 9/11) I know I read something about not letting the dixie Chicks perform or something for Katrina funding. They did perform at one benefit but somewhere else they were not wanted or they recorded a commercial or something for a Katrina benefit and it was axed. I’m not sure of the Katrina thing. I don’t have all the facts on that but the Red Cross thing has been in several articles.

  • nicki

    This is an interview where Natalie touches on the subject.

  • Theran

    OK…So This song was awesome and it gave me the chills the first time I heard it…I think you suck.

  • Chris

    Wow! Still defending this Al? MOVE ON! Just admit your wrong and MOVE ON!

  • Dawn

    I was happy to see the Dixie Chicks on The Ellen Degenerous show singing their song. Their interview motivated me to add my two cents to this discussion. We are all human and at times we don’t make the best decisions. I would think being a celebrity would be difficult. These girls are talented performers, who definately have captured our interest, if not, who would be writing their opinions here? It’s nice we can all do that. After listening to them with Ellen, they sounded to me, given the chance to do it over again, they would have waited until they were back in America to voice their opinion. Who knew a personal opinion made overseas would cause so many to confuse their enjoyment of music with their political opinions. Personally, I like the song, I think it is sung beautifully and I like the contrast in the highs and lows of the song. Not all people like hi-hop, country, classical etc. Let us be thrilled we live in a country with so much diversity and quit picking on each other…..just once.

  • FreeWorld

    Plus, did I mention that this song sucks?…

    Where is the Free World? definetly lost! no more right to speech

  • Sophia Babai

    This has to be the shittiest review I ever read. You even came outright and admitted that you had set your mind to loathing this song. And it sounds NOTHING like “Lucky.”

    If you want to give a song a terrible review, you need a better reason than “Oh how I hate Natalie Maines”

    And admitting your infatuation with her only makes this more pathetic. I can’t even get pissed off. Damn pity.

  • Dawn, I had a problem with the original London remarks for about the half hour it took me to write the first story, and I was done with it. The remarks were stupid and annoying, but off the cuff and not significant.

    I’d never actually listened to them before that incident, but now I have much more beef with them than then. Again, the main thing that I have against them is that there music sucks so badly. Then there’s the shit-licking lyric of this song. Trailing off on their list of offenses would be the ridiculous Time magazine and other 2006 interviews. 2003 doesn’t even register at this point.

    Sophia, you seem to be having trouble with reading comprehension. I did NOT go in with my mind set to loathing this song before I heard it, nor did I say as such. Indeed, I had hoped that they might surprise me with a good song. It would tickle me to be able to praise a Dixie Chicks song. But this sucks numerous different directions at once.

    FreeWorld, that comment #370 is just childish. Even an idiot educated in the public schools knows the difference between censorship vs the free speech response of telling someone that what they said sucks. I’m sure you knew better than that even as you typed, and surely you knew that people reading would know better. Yet you write it anyway as if you think that foolishness would convince someone. It’s like a little toddler insisting on a really dumb lie that he has to know the grownups know bettter than, but petulantly insists that we believe it because they said it.

  • FreeWorld

    to al barger: first, about your elitarian vision that lead u to say “Even an idiot educated in the public schools”…incredible!!!
    second, to confute nicole maines…try to advance some good arguments, if u can find something!

  • Courtney

    You do know that this is ridiculous what your saying. Your jsut contradicting yoru self in this whole review. you say how much you hate them and thier music ect, but yet you listen to it to find the meaning of the song and you write about it. why would you do that if you hate it so much.
    Also to critisize their lyrics and what their lyrics adresses is one thing but to critisize their song and the music they create is another. People unlike you actlayy feel for what they are singing about and how amazing it is that they can create such wonderful music. i relaly think that you should think before you write coz your jsut digging yourself a hole!!

  • Tom

    You stupid cow I love this song!

  • Justin

    This forum, and half the posts in it provide a shining example of the perils of free speech.

    God bless the internet for allowing stupid uninformed people to have their say.

    Love from Australia

  • Phil

    Started reading this old entry and the comments then I realized the error I have made, this is a hick’s blog! Gotta run!

  • Yes, Phil- you’re right. I should have put a notice right on the top informing you that I am just an ignorant cracker so that you would could have saved yourself from having to read an opinion you did not agree with. No sense in getting other points of view. Might mess up your perfect, correct understanding of the world. My apologies.

  • WomaninUK

    OMG what a waste of time all this discussion! Oh and well said Julian from Australia. Great song, great video. Allow them to sing, whine, catterwaul, whatever they like. They are musicians and people buy their records. So what, who cares. They want some kind of revenge, they feel hurt, they are human. Be angry, I’m lovin you being angry gals.

  • erika

    well i guess the dixie chicks have stirred up all of the bullshit political and existential hogwash they intended to. Its a fucking song…and at the end of the day I really dont think the dixie chicks, sitting in their multi-million dollar homes give a flying fuck about the critisms of their middle grade, “so so”, yet very translucent song.what the fuck are they complaining about?!? God Bless America!

  • Ellie

    Al, I’m going to take it way back to when you said,
    “Everything about this song, the arrangement, and recording sound like it was crafted by a committee in the bowels of BFD Records from the cheesy Sgt Pepper movie… It sounds like it was composed by some guys sitting around a corporate boardroom amidst big printed pie charts and graphs detailing the various radio market formats that they’re trying to hit, and psychological profiles of typical audience members and what keywords they respond to, like the marketing staff for Vitajex in A Face in the Crowd”.

    I find this hard to believe when some of the lyrics are:
    It’s a sad sad story
    That a mother will teach her daughter
    that she ought to hate a perfect stranger.
    And how in the world
    Can the words that I said
    Send somebody so over the edge
    That they’d write me a letter
    Saying that I better shut up and sing
    Or my life will be over

    Those lyrics to me sound very personal and would not have happened to some guys around a corporate boardroom. But did happen to Natalie Maines.

  • Love From Canada

    This forum, and half the posts in it provide a shining example of the perils of free speech.

    God bless the internet for allowing stupid uninformed people to have their say.

    Love from Australia

    Yes otherwise people like you Justin would have no say : )God BLess!

  • State of Illinois

    The Dixie Chicks can rot in hell for all I care.

  • Justin

    I am ashamed the dixie chicks are from Texas

  • JoeCool

    I googled Dixie Chicks Haters Fan Club so I could join, but all I found was a Hate Ann Coulter Club instead. Ann is my absolute favorite writer, a women with a scintillating wit, a sharp, inciteful mind, and she looks great too, unlike Natalie “Tokyo Rose” Maine.


    As one of your loyal fans from the Elite Right,
    just wanted to thank you for all your wonderful work. Please keep up the GREAT fight Ann, you’re the BEST!!!



  • Joe Cool- I too dig Ann Coulter, though I’m perhaps a bit ambivalent about her. She, uh, gets a little carried away sometimes.

    Still though, the Dixie Chicks are pretty cute. Not the brightest bulbs in the pack, but they’re purty.

    Plus, though I am certainly prone to favor the wicked Ms Coulter, my Dixie Chicks fan pages is definitely bringing me in more traffic at this point than my Ann Coulter photo pages.

    What I’d like to see is Ann Coulter and Natalie Maines going at it.

  • JoeCool


    I’m ashamed the DC call themselves Americans, but this is a free country, no thanks to them, of course.

    I live just south of Senator Chappy Quiddick’s state, where his drug-totin’nephew Patrick avoids ever having to work a day in his life thanks to the multi-generationally entrenched demos running our little state into the ground.

    I love how the Grammy’s have become nothing more than a political tool of the left, as evidenced by the DC’s being nominated for that trash they are trying to pass off as music. It turns my stomach!

    Speaking of which: Hey DC’s, may a flock of e-coli-infected pigeons let loose all over your “Holiday Tree”.

    happy holidays!!!
    (just kidding, of course!)

  • JoeCool


    Ann and Natalie in a jello pit. That would be one for the ages! One thing is certain: Ann would never be ready to “Make Nice” with NM!

    Might make for a worldwide internet spectacular, though!

  • Ann and Natalie in a jello pit – now that’s a pay per view that I’d actually spend money on.

  • I love this song i lways sing the choris becouse of m ex.He wants to “make nice”

  • erin

    hey all ilove this song so ne of u who dont like pls keep ur mouth shut

  • Saving P


    The fact that we have allowed them to continue their meaningless careers is way beyond me. They should have lost all privileges to spew such mindless rhetoric to the American people. And we should definitely ban that baboon faced idiot up front from any public speaking, as it’s a complete embarrassment to the other two. All three of these humongous dicks should have their citizenship revoked for totally disgracing the United States and our troops. Well, only one of them is actually a Dick, the other two are just gaping vaginas! I will never understand why the country continues to support these politically brainless individuals; Bush, Cheney, and Rice!

  • A Dixie Chicks Fan

    I love the Dixie Chicks, they are amazing. Not Ready to Make Nice is a wonderfully written and powerful statement about the hatred and ignorance that followed the Incident.

    The rest of the album is incredible. A touching and sentimental recollection of the lives and tribulations of these three women following the Incident.

    Everyone should take the time to understand and appreciate the sheer brilliance of this band and their music.

  • A Dixie Chicks Fan

    And be sure to watch the Chicks perform on the Grammy awards show in Feburary.

    Also look for the release of the DVD of Shut up and Sing in Feburary too.

    WOO HOO!!!

    GO CHICKS!!!



  • Dixie Chicks Fan- I’m glad the DC album brings you joy, and I’m sure you’ll find their Shut Up DVD rewarding. Good for you.

    However, I must take exception to your concluding “Free Natalie.” See, that represents just exactly the kind of cheap, utterly unearned sense of martyrdom that these girls and their misguided fans like to proclaim. Natalie has not been thrown in jail, nor otherwise oppressed. The only things that hold her down are her own carefully cultivated chains of ignorant self-righteous self-satisfaction.

  • A Dixie Chicks Fan

    SUAS brought me joy the weekend it was released. That was more of a shameless promotion for the movie than anything.

    Not oppressed?? So having thousands of fans turn against you over a political opinion, reading on Internet forums the vile and hateful things that were said about them, or someone threatening to kill you isn’t oppressive?

    Having so many people trying to ruin your career, radio boycotting your music and tour promotions or television boycotting your movie promotions isn’t oppressive?

    Hmm, maybe I better go look up the definition of oppressive then….

    And as misguided as you think my perceived martyrdom of this group is, to me it is wholly justified. I think these women have experienced a hatred and ignorance that I’ve certainly never witnessed before.

    Why? Simply because Natalie Maines voiced an unpopular political opinion.

  • Dixie Chicks Fan – You should appreciate what a candyass nice life we have in America for you to be able to say this “these women have experienced a hatred and ignorance that I’ve certainly never witnessed before.” Not that the Dixie Chicks haven’t begged for people to take just that perspective on their behalf.

    Ruvy in Jerusalem could probably point you out some hatred even worse than having ex-fans quit listening to your records because they didn’t like your mouth.

    There might also be a few black folk among others what could conjure up images of oppression even worse than having people write mean letters to the editor about you.

    It’s a hard world for little things, as Rachel Cooper would say.

  • A Dixie Chicks Fan

    I never said anything about ex-fans not buying CD’s. If they want to express themselves that way, fine. That is their choice, but I don’t understand why they chose to do so simply because they didn’t agree with the Chicks’ politics.

    And though you seem to be making it out as such, I am in no way demeaning the plight of anyone else who faced what the Chicks have faced.

    But it goes beyond “mean letters” and ex-fans not listening to your records. It is the personal hatred and attacks some have expressed about this group, the lengths and tactics that were undertaken to try and silence them because Natalie voiced a political opinion.

    It is certainly tragic that this country lost the compassion and ability to agree to disagree without resorting to hateful and vile comments. That we are so driven to engage in war that we silence and oppress anyone who disagrees with that.

    That we lose the ability to question our President and the decisions he makes because of the fear of retribution.

    That is one of the worst tragedies a free country can witness.

    And I didn’t need the Chicks to beg me in any way to take that perspective.

    I saw that in the reactions to Natalie Maines’ comment.

  • Sam Althaus

    Im not an american… But i feel the need to say something here… I feel the Dixie Chicks are great artists, Natalie has a right to say whatever the hell she wants and so do we… In saying that, why are you arguing?? U all know u have different opinions on this topic and u all know ur never goin 2 agree so why keep going around in circles?! Give up. Whether or not the Dixie Chicks are good or not doesnt matter, they got publicity, good and bad but u know what, it still made them more famous, they got their song played and they’re rockin the charts so to speak over here in Aus, and there 2 so really no matter what those of you who hate them say about them… They’re still damn popular. STOP ARGUING!! Thank you.

  • Beansox

    “it still made them more famous” Sam Althaus.

    But not more popular. They traded in their popularity for notoriety. Dont confuse the two as they are not the same. They were certified double platinum in Austrailia, that equates to about 200K.

    In the end, the trade off for notoriety equated to a 70+% loss for them.

    Keep on speaking girls, you are your own worst enemy!

  • Sam Althaus

    Ok you need to stop! We all have our own opinions… As i said in my first comment… No one in here is ever going to fully agree with anyone else so why dont you give up??

    And by the way… They are more famous over here for their music than their statement, we dont give a shit, we just wanna listen to the music.

    Get over it. No one cares anymore. Old topic, move on.

  • DC/TK Fan

    OH, MY MY!


    I guess they did ‘SHUT UP AND SING’….

    Hmmm……Somebody somewhere is trying to ‘Make Nice’…..

    Al…it’s your turn!

    Your friend….you know who!

  • A Dixie Chicks Fan

    WOO HOO!!!!!!


    And three awards for the song that was so wonderfully and impartially reviewed here!

  • DC/TK! Doggone you, you Dixie Chicks lovin’ thing!

    Yes, you’re right. I repent. This is a GREAT song. The Grammy voters said so. Of course, Grammy voters picked A Taste of Honey as 1978 Best New Artist over Elvis Costello.

    Also, I finally accept the doctrine of man-made global warming. I must concede that it has been proven true: Al Gore got an Oscar. What more proof could you ask for?

  • George Fremont

    Thank you Al for affirming there are still persons in the media who actually think! I jammed with the original Dixie Chicks (Natalie was not originally in the band) when Marty and Emily were both Erwins’ in their teens at Winfield. As a musician I felt very supportive toward their work even after their replacing Robin Macy (original lead singer) and later Laura Lynch. Most all bands all go through a journey aimed at further success.

    When Natalie made her very immature statement in London, I was VERY DISAPPOINTED. It was clear that this young person had not yet learned the responsibility that morally and ethically goes with the stardom she had already received. If she had simply said that she thought the war was wrong, and she disagreed with what our country was doing, that would have been OK. But to make the statement in such a trashy personal way was out of line imo. Even that comment could have been easily mitigated from a PR standpoint by an open honest response from her saying that she disagreed with the war (however intensely) but that her specific comment should not have been so personalized, and that she is sorry for presenting her view in that way. Instead, she got on a nationally televised interview and clearly showed the arrogance of a spoiled bratt who did not deserve the millions of dollars that her fame had handed her. She said she was sorry that this had happened (the public backlash), but completely stood up for every word she said.

    Flash forward to their concert one month later that I had already purchased three $45 tickets for. I attended because the ticket service would not refund my money! At the concert Natalie (again showing she is a spoiled bratt who has no respect for anyone, and no sense of responsibility for her words) openly laughed and talked about the comment (while wearing a F*** you Toby Keith tee shirt) and said she knew all of her fans at this concert agreed with her, and she was proud to stand up for what she said.

    To date I have read countless articles saying she ‘apologized’ for her remarks (a BIG PR LIE), and now countless articles saying they have been ‘vindicated’ by the 5 awards they just received.

    I wish and pray for the public to get a clue about celebrities and main stream ‘news’ media that sensationalize and twist everything to make more money and manipulate political climate. Yes celebrities have freedom of speech, but they have a responsibility to choose their words much more carefully than the ‘Joe’ on the street. Their celebrity makes their comments visible and audible to millions of people, which translates into power.

    In my opinion, someone who doesn’t understand and exercise the responsibility that goes with that power hasn’t earned the celebrity status.

  • DC/TK Fan

    C’mon Al………let’s not jump on board w/ Al Gore just yet! hehehehe

    love ya, mean it, bye! ;)~

    and George…

    You are absolutely right. Natalie is a spoiled brat and admitted or not, has learned a bit about opening her mouth before she speaks!

    Bottom line….music and politics DON’T mix!

    Glad they just decided to shut up and sing!

  • DC/TK, Love ya too, but of course I’ma have to go ahead and disagree with you some more: Miss Natalie et al do NOT appear to have learned a damned thing about running their mouths foolishly.

    Yeah, they lost something like 3/4 of their audience, judging by album sales. But the girls were back with the cover of Time magazine when this album came out – talking more and worse foolishness on purpose than the accidental original dumb London remarks.

    In short, they’ve got a smaller audience, but they’ve still sold a couple million records to Bush haters (despite the lack of actual substantive political comment on record or in interviews) – and they’ve become (extremely lame) First Amendment champions!!! They’ve found a smaller but still large audience eager to reward them for their foolishness – and the stupider they talk, the more BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome) crowd (particularly in the media) love them. They’re on the cover of Time, and they just won a buttload of Grammys. See, they were right all along!

    And no, they absolutely have NOT decided to shut up and sing. They were using that as a movie title exactly to underscore the point that this is NOT what they are doing.

  • DC/TK Fan

    Oh Al, I didn’t mean literally. I was just bustin’ yer chops!

    I don’t really care one way or another….I buy and listen to what I personally enjoy!

    Old news is what it is….

    Still say though….politics & music don’t mix!

    Still your friend…

  • DC/TK: Honey, if you didn’t stop by to bust my chops now and again, I’d think you didn’t love me no more. XOX

  • Dixie Dumbies

    the dixie chicks are terrorists… they bash our president for going into a country filled with diseased animals that are ruining our planet. if the dixie whores are so concerned about living in texas with the president, why dont they move their sell-out asses to the middle east where they belong.


  • Dixie Dumbies- Thank you for your thoughtful and reasonable analysis. I’m sure it’ll change a lot of minds.

  • Calie

    WoW I Had no idea what everyone was mad at the Dixie chick for. But sometime I think Americans Suck and So does the Goverment.


  • Thanks for dropping by Calie. Frankly though, I have to say that Dixie Dumbies was a bit more erudite than you.

    Both of you though with the all caps thing – knock it off. It’s bad form. You can emphasize a word or two usefully like that, BUT IF EVERYTHING’S IN CAPS YOU’RE NOT ACTUALLY EMPHASIZING ANYTHING, AND THEN IT JUST LOOKS LIKE YOU’RE AN IDIOT.

    Did I mention how bad I hate the Dixie Chicks? Damn them! Damn them to heck!

  • tim

    Wow I had no Idea Americans were so dumb…

  • michael

    dixie dumbies,

    please keep shooting off your hate filled,stupid mouth. comments like that show how hatefull, intolerent and vicious the right wing ” super patriots ” are. comments like that do the democrats a great service. thank you.

  • Blogger Critic

    I happen to fundamentally agree with most of the negative post showing contempt for the actions of the Dixie Chicks, until I read comments like the post from ‘Dixie Dumbies’. I may not agree with Natalie’s comments, but I understand we are only human; unlike that inbred imbecile. I realize this post may never see the light of day, due to the ‘no personal attack’ rule, but my God, how did that poster learn to use a keyboard?

    Have you ever noticed how the majority of people who show such virulent anger toward the Dixie Chicks have resorted to ridiculous insults and name calling to effectively express themselves. It’s as though that the vast majority of DC hatred is seemingly generated from the shallow minds of severely delusional individuals, as the poster in question successfully demonstrates.

    I don’t actually know how to respond to ‘Dixie Dumbies’ and his/her/its truly revolting example of the lowest form of life to survive on this planet. I will give him/her/it credit, as he/she/it definitely succeeded in bringing me down to his/her/its level. I can only hope to God that he/she/it was not an American citizen! God help us all!

    His/her/its thought provoking expressions were highly inconsequential and totally irrelevant to the discussion in question. The deeply incoherent inferences that he/she/it feebly attempted to convey, pertaining to the plight of the Chicks, were remarkably unproductive. Does he/she/it actually think that his/her/its pubescent inspirations will effectively assist others who scrutinize this forum into better understanding a particular side of this controversial issue? If anything, he/she/it may have unwittingly assisted those who haven’t yet taken a firm stance against the Chick’s to achieve a fallacious understanding of the mindset of these individuals who are showing such hatred, and question an association with that kind of repulsive mentality!

    He/she/it reminds me of a backwoods redneck driving down the road shooting holes into traffic signs with his shotgun; it make him feel so damn good, and he’s extremely proud of his efforts, but it doesn’t prove to be much of an aid to other drivers.

  • Thank you Blogger Critic. Between the Dixie Chicks’ dumb statements and their supporters’ foolish braying, it’s instructive and good sport to watch and explain exactly where they’re all wet.

    But now and again some dum-dum comes up in opposition spouting so empty and foolish and truly hateful as to give at least a smidgen of credibility to Natalie Maines demonization of their critics.

    Almost makes you wonder if such folks are really secret agent DC fans trying to discredit us critics. If they weren’t so bludgeoningly stupid, I’d be tempted to think so.

  • michael


    the Chick fans do not need assistance to discredit the critics. over the last 4 years the critics have done a very good job of discrediting themselves.

  • Ew, Michael, ya got me with that witty and incisive burn. I can feel the sting!

    Seriously, is that supposed to be a Dixie Chicks fan’s idea of witty repartee?

  • I just took a look at the dates – greatgawda’mighty – how long do you have to stay and deal with this kinda stuff Mr. B? (Ooh – that’s weird – somehow I suddenly got this vision of Charlton Heston in Omega Man….)…

  • Howdy JC- Yup, I been having my way with the goats of Dixie Chicks fans now for years – being the first guy to cuss them out on the internet web, and all.

    Looking at it again myself, I been fooling with just this one column off and on for a year now. About the time this current crowd gets discouraged from their foolishness, a new crop will show up with the same talking points.

    It does sometimes seem a bit like Groundhog Day here.

  • A Dixie Chicks Fan

    I wasn’t going to “cross post”, but just had to peek my head in.

    Do you all think that was the worst thing ever said about them or that kind of sentiment was uncommon?

    And poor Al thinks he has it bad having to put up with the likes of us bludgeoningly stupid (thanks, much appreciated) Dixie Chicks fans for the last year now.

    Hell, the Chicks have had to put up with the likes of Dixie Dumbies incoherent hateful ignorance for four years now.

    ~slips back out~

  • Beansox

    “Hell, the Chicks have had to put up with the likes of Dixie Dumbies incoherent hateful ignorance for four years now. ” Dixie chicks Fan

    Well they didnt have to, they could have given Nat and eliminted the incoherent hateful ignorance..instead they encouraged her. Now they have been reduced to prostituting thier art out to a politcal party.

    Cant wait for the next album to drop (2010-2012 because they have to outsourse the talent/creative process) and they realise they are no longer the lefts cause de jour. If they thought this albums 70% decrease in sales was bad…just wait till next time!


  • Now Dixie Chicks Fan, don’t be trying to put me in the same boat with those whining Dixie Chicks what can’t take criticism without playing victim. I’m not put out by some less than erudite pop fans. Indeed, I regard this ongoing exchange as good sport. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be bothered with you.

  • michael

    poor al,

    things are not going well for you. bush’s currant approval rating, the November election results, the currant stink in the Attorney Generals office, the disaster in Iraq. your right wing world is falling apart.

    another point, dumb, stupid and foolish are some of the terms you use to describe the Chicks and their fans. what happened to your personal attacks rule?

  • Now see Michael, this is just what I’m talking about when I say that Dixie Chicks fans tend to be a bunch of maroons, as Bugs Bunny would say. You don’t seem to have the modest mental acuity to distinguish between politics and music, for starters.

    It seems to be beyond you to even conceive that someone might dislike the Dixie Chicks because of their crappy music, or their crappy personal attitudes. No, the only reason why someone might object to the Dixie Chicks MUST be because they’re on the other team politically.

    This re-confirms my belief that Dixie Chicks fans mostly have no substantial knowledge, understanding or real interest in MUSIC. Y’all seem to operating on the level of loving them exactly and only because they really, really hate and publicly disrespect the president and anyone even partially supporting him.

    Again, for the record, I am not nor have I ever been a Republican, nor have I EVER voted for ANYONE named Bush.

  • michael


    before Natalie’s comment in 2003, the Chicks won 7 grammys, 9 CMA awards and 5 ACM awards. they were the most popular female group in history. the right wing only turned on them after Natalie’s statement. it was politics, no matter how you try to spin it.

  • Michael, politics is certainly a big part of the Dixie Chicks fall from grace. It’s the least of MY reasons personally, however, as I was never a fan.

    But of course all these Grammy awards they just picked up were really, really all about politics, and not a damned thing to do with music – am I right or am I wrong?

    But also, the former fans probably would not mostly describe it as politics, but as patriotism. It’s not that Natalie didn’t think the Iraq invasion was a good idea that got her in trouble, but the clear point of not being even a little bit a team player. Again, she is bewildered by the very concept of patriotism.

    Also, their music sucked really hard to begin with, and they were nothing but corporate tools. So when these no-talent maroons started talking out their poop holes, the fickle public wasn’t giving much up to toss them aside.

    Whereas, if Dolly Parton had said the same things, even I would have probably cut her more slack. Of course, Dolly wouldn’t say things as hateful and dumb as Natalie, so she’d never step in it that way. But the public would probably overlook a bit more from the author of “Jolene” than the authors of “Goodbye Earl.”

  • A Dixie Chicks Fan

    Pop fans?!?!?!

    You have heard of this band before, haven’t you?

    This is a country band that definitely plays country music. It always has been a country band, and while the new album isn’t as traditional in its sound as previous ones, there is more “country” in this band than most any other contemporary country act out there.

    “This re-confirms my belief that Dixie Chicks fans mostly have no substantial knowledge, understanding or real interest in MUSIC. Y’all seem to operating on the level of loving them exactly and only because they really, really hate and publicly disrespect the president and anyone even partially supporting him.”

    Please don’t limit my love of this band based on the political beliefs of the Dixie Chicks. As said before, I loved this band long before politics became the focal point, and continues to do so now that it has.

    And I HAD an interest in country music, mostly the contemporary country that was popular during the early and mid 90’s. When I first became aware of the Dixie Chicks back in 1998 and saw the playfulness and spunk of the band, heard thier amazing and profound musical and vocal abilities, I became a Dixie Chicks fan.

    But I continued to enjoy country music and thought of myself as a fan of the genre, but that changed after Natalie’s comment. While I love and appreciate the sound of country music, I can no longer seem to enjoy it.

    It just isn’t the same anymore.

  • michael


    you have been bashing the Chicks for almost a year. you are a prime example of of a mystery that the Chick fans do not understand. why does a person spend so much time on a group they do not like? it does not make sense. of course, a lot of what you say does not make any sense.

    your mind is so closed that it would take jackhammer to open it up. debateing with you is like debateing with the living room wall, neither source is going to give me an intelligent responce.


  • Beansox

    In bizarro world of dixie chicks and their fans it is perfectly acceptable to turn off an entire genre of music, bash its artist, and its fans, becuase of personal beliefs, but those that do the same towards the chicks are somehow infringing on their rights.

    Can we just drop the pretnese already and call a spade a spade.

    Its double speak based in lies and they are experts at it. Hypocrits to their core.

    Radio is in the business to make money. If there was a huge outcry from listeners to hear the chicks, you can bet they would be played. But it is exactly the opposite. A 20% negative rating on a song or artist will get a radio station to pull it. The chicks are currently testing at abotu a 50% negative rating. Radio isnt in the business of alienting their consumer base. unlike the chicks, they know exactly who butters their bread.

    Nobody plays the chicks music. Not even Adult Contemporary. But the chicks nor their fans waged a 4 year and counting campaign against AC. Of course not.

    The entire controversy and the lies they followed to keep it a float and keep theri names in the news has been manufactured and contrived by the chicks themselves.

    Its been a marketing pliy since day one.

    Example: When all of this was at its peak, why is it that the video of her entire quote wasnt released? Why was it kept locked away until they could put out a “movie”? It would have quelched the fires that were burning at the time. Why? Because they wanted to be controversial and more importantly they wanted capitalize off that controversy. They wanted all of this so bad. They wanted it so bad that they went so far as the manufacture it.

    Nobody is really buying the whole victim/champion gimmick they are pushing.

    They are merely willing pawns prostituing their art out to polical party. Their next album will fare even worse than this one has. Its over for them.

  • Beansox

    “you have been bashing the Chicks for almost a year. you are a prime example of of a mystery that the Chick fans do not understand. why does a person spend so much time on a group they do not like? ” Michael

    And the chicsk have been bashing for over 4 years now. Country has made it pretty clear they dont want the chicks, yet the chicks continue to bring country” up everychance they get.

    Everyone keeps waiting for the chicsk to find their integrity and move on from the genre they no claim to be, or as natalie stated, “never was”.

    This thread was about a song whos subject matter is a 4 year old manufactured comtroversy and you have the nerve to ask Al why he spends so much time on something he doesnt like? Are you kidding me? Are you so unapologetically blind in alliegence to a music group that you cant even see the hypocaricy of your own words? Are you kidding me?

  • Dixie Chicks Fan [comment 429]- Yes, the Dixie Chicks are a POP group, and although I’m generally all in favor of the Beatles and the Monkees and such, in this case I mean “pop music” in the very worst possible corporate-whore use of the word. The DC came on as a “country” act, but from the beginning have made junky half-assed pop records with almost nothing to do with any rural music tradition, other than a little fiddle pasted on the top.

    Shania Twain sounds pretty much like the DC stylistically, and she’s nothing to do with country. Instructively, they’ve been known to simply delete the fiddles from her recordings and put them out in Europe as straight pop music. You could do the same with the Dixie Chicks, and not miss a beat.

    Again, there’s nothing wrong with not being country specifically, but they’re not particularly anything else either. Musically and emotionally the Dixie Chicks and their recorded output are about a half inch deep.

    Now, you may be a real nice person, but you’re clearly ignorant {NOT to say stupid) on the topic of country music, if your idea of such things starts in the 1990s. Randy Travis and Reba are all well and good, but country music as a major creative force has mostly been pretty dead since around maybe 1980 or so.

    Besides which, the commercial structure of the “country” music industry has long since been focused on musically illiterate suburbanites to such an extent that the rare truly worthwhile modern country act (Junior Brown or the Weary Boys) couldn’t get played on country radio on a bet. If they played some serious Junior Brown honky tonk music back to back on the radio with some lame Garth Brooks, there’d be riots or something. Heck, they won’t play Dolly Parton or Johnny Cash on commercial country radio at this point. The public appetite for real mountain music generated most of 10 million unit sales of the O Brother soundtrack just a few years ago – but pretty much totally without any airplay on supposed “country” radio.

    If you still like Dixie Chicks records, that’s certainly your right. It’s a free country. But I urge you to reach out for some vintage Dolly Parton and Loretta Lynn records, for starters, to expand your horizons.

    One little thing to start on, you are encouraged to raid MY MP3 STASH. Dig some of that vintage Stringbean action. For something specifically new, try DRINK ON IT by the Weary Boys, from 2006.

  • A Dixie Chicks Fan

    Well, the 90’s is when I first started listening to country music, and as said, it was mostly the contemporary music that did lean toward pop. As said, I am ignornant of traditional country music as too much “country” really isn’t my taste.

    But the Chicks brought those traditional instruments to forefront, combined a little contemporary country with traditional country and came up with the Dixie Chicks.

    The Chicks are the ones who introduced me to and made me appreciate those instruments.

    And no, you cannot just delete those instruments and retain the sound of the Dixie Chicks. They are too prevalent and prominent in the music. It is what makes their music, along with tight harmonies and Natalie’s voice.

    I do hope they don’t stray too far away from that style in future undertakings though.

    Many critics claimed the “Home” album was too country to be played on the radio, and “Long Time Gone” is a song critical of those country artists who are ignored on country radio because of their traditional sound.

    Not Ready to Make Nice receives a good amount of airplay from some roots/Americana stations, as does other songs off the new album.

    I do know of Junior Brown, well, at least I remember his videos. He is a talented musician who can do some quite amazing things instrumentally.

    And I really don’t see a resemblance between the Chicks’ music and that of Shania.

    Shania IS pop, along with Faith and Carrie and many others. Which is fine, as I’ve enjoyed Shania and Faith too. They are good vocalists, nowhere near Natalie, but I digress.

    “Again, there’s nothing wrong with not being country specifically, but they’re not particularly anything else either.”

    They were country, but since it give them the boot, they are “genre-less” now.

    But they will always be the Dixie Chicks! That is plenty enough for me.

  • Sam Althaus

    WHAT THE HELL IS UR PROBLEM?!?! Ur just arguing for the sake of arguing now! GET. OVER. IT!!! I agree with tim tho, americans really can be dumb… and ur proof… arguing over the Dixie Chicks when clearly they mean absolutely nothing to you. And the Dixie Chicks shouldnt have to apologise for what they believe in – otherwise id be saying to u to apologise for ur bullshit remarks. WHY THE HELL DO U CARE SO MUCH?! Nobody actually likes the president anyway (they were just saying what everybody else was thinking) and u know that… GET OVER IT!!

  • DC/TK Fan

    Well Hello Al!

    I see you’re still not short on words or people to play with!

    Just stopped by to check out the ‘new’ but OLD news.

    Hope all is well w/ you despite our differences!


    Probably opening a can of worms but what are your thoughts on Chris Daughtry?

  • DC/TK Fan! Doggone your Dixie-Chicks-lovin’ hide, but I’m always happy to hear from you.

    I have no particular opinion on Chris Daughtry. I had to look him up to find that he was an American Idol. I’ve never heard him, or didn’t notice if I did. In short, I’ve never heard so much as one noteworthy song from anyone ever on American Idol. But maybe I just haven’t paid enough attention.

    Generally, I swear I’d rather listen to the Dixie Chicks than the American Idols. At least the DC have some personality, even if it’s bad.

  • DC/TK Fan

    Well the only reason I began watching Idol was because my son was like “Can we pleeease Mom?”
    (what we do for love)

    Anyhow, I thought he had a very unique sound, not to mention he is easy on the eyes…hehe
    and wound up enjoying hearing him sing. This became a weekly thing for my small family.

    Not interested any longer…..too commercial! And it isn’t really about a ‘Singing Contest’
    The guy who won, in my opinion. wasn’t in the same class vocally as some of the others on the show.
    It’s all about voting, not singing!

    But it was a time my son and I enjoyed together on his ‘tween terms’.

    I did buy his CD, DAUGHTRY and have really enjoyed it, in spite of the American Idol thing.

    My son was turned off by last year’s voting and winners, so no more Idol here! (there is a God)lol

    Take care…

  • sandra angelo

    I thought the song was great. I didn’t have any back ground of them at the time & I liked it very much. I would listen to it again & again & even my sisters started loughing at me, so I don’t understand what u guys are saying

  • Lynda

    I just want to get my 2 cents worth in…I think Natalie,Martie,and Emily are awesome. I didn’t realize what u all were going thru till I watched your movie…SHUT UP AND SING…It was so awesome…and your babies are georgous. Regarding my view on what Natalie said at Shepard’s Bush…she was right on the money…This has got to be the worst president in the United States history. I’d be ashamed if he were from my state to…God Bless u girls..and keep up the good work..Love your latest..Not Ready To Make Nice…Sincerely,,Lynda from Illinois

  • kati

    [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor]

    honestly, I AM PROUD of the dixie chicks!

    they’re song “not ready to make nice” is AMAZING.

    [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor]

  • Miss Kati- I used to think that the Dixie Chicks made bland commercial radio fodder appealing to the least discriminating of music fans, but your thoughtful argument gives me pause. Would so obviously intelligent and erudite a soul as you like moronic music? Perhaps I need to rethink my position.

  • Cami Girl

    republicans are idiots. end of story. case closed. you go Chickies!

  • Mandy

    What’s your guys problems?? Its a good song! Just shut up and listen to it! You don’t like it change the damn station!!

  • :)

    I think its a good song!

  • Justsayin

    I’d just like to say that I don’t agree with what the lead singer had to say about Bush and America. I’m only 15 but I still KNOW that there’s this thing called freedom of speech and all Americans have the right to say what they want. They shouldn’t be shunned because of it. That just defeats the purpose of the Freedom of speech. Anyways at the end of Bush’s presidency a lot of people weren’t happy with him. I just think it’s really ridiculous and it makes me mad.

  • Bobby Smith

    The backlash the Dixie Chicks felt was uncalled for. People called them “un-American” when we all must ask ourselves if there is anything MORE American than speaking our minds. We have a RIGHT of freedom of expression that has been fought for through hundreds of years of history in both America and Europe and all over the globe. Therefore, it is most certainly our duty to utilize a right and not just go with the majority in thought and action.