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Single Review: Debbie Gibson “Anything Is Possible”

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Debbie Gibson learns that appearances are not what they seem in the shallow “Anything Is Possible.”

Passe synthesizers open the single, setting an isignificant tone. The single begins with the chorus. Gibson says that people need to believe in what they want. They need to make it a goal and it can happen.

Anything is possible/If you put your mind to it/Anything is possible/Just put your mind to it/Anything is possible/If you put your mind to it/Anything/Is possible.

In the first verse, she really liked a guy at school. However, he was popular and dated a lot of girls. She thought that he viewed her as a loser. While she thought of him as the type of guy who used girls for sex. However, they go on a date and they get along really well. She had pegged him wrong.

Thought I couldn’t slow him down/Long enough to look my way/Thought he was out of my league/Wouldn’t give me time of day/Thought he was like all the rest/Love her, leave her, no remorse/But I guess that I misjudged/And this thing just ran its course/He taught me.

The chorus is sung again.

Gibson announces that it’s time for a dance break. A male background singer says that anything can happen.

Break it down now/No matter what it is, it’s possible/Say, anything is possible/(Anything…) No matter what it is, it’s possible/Say, anything is possible/(Anything…) No matter what it is, it’s possible/Say, anything is possible/(Anything…) No matter what it is, it’s possible/Say, anything is possible.

In the second verse, she continues about her new boyfriend. She said that when they first started talking, she found that he was friendly and not aloof. He gazes her into her eyes, which Gibson boasts about. She said that he acted like a jerk to be more popular. However, his charm was real. She says that he understood more than anyone and paid attention to what she said. He wanted to go out with her and Gibson thinks that it should be enough to convince everyone. He was more than a pretty boy.

Much to my surprise I felt/A warm, not cold vibe/When he looked in my eyes/(Oh yeah, it’s possible)/His bad boy front not charm/Was his disguise/Oh whoa whoa/(Let me tell ya)/He read so much into me/Listened so attentively/He liked me, I rest my case/Wasn’t just a pretty face.

In the bridge, she says that girls can get any guy they want. They need to be assertive and have self-confidence. She tells girls that not all guys are jerks. They shouldn’t be put into these stereotypes of bad boy and clean-cut All American guy. It’s just an image. She used to do the same thing. If she hadn’t given him a chance, she would’ve missed out on a great boyfriend.

Anything/If you set your mind/You can do anything you want/Not every guy is a bad guy/Don’t stereotype/’Cause this guy, he proved me wrong/(Anything is possible)/He taught me/Anything is possible/Just put your mind to it/Oh, oh, oh, oh/If you put your mind/You know you can do anything.

The chorus is sung once to end the single.

The single is nothing more than an audio version of Seventeen. Gibson makes a good point: don’t stereotype people. However, she continues to talk about it as though she’s the only one. She flaunts her new relationship as she condescends to other girls. They are not doing what she’s doing. That’s why they don’t have a steady boyfriend like her. Grow up, Gibson.

The music arrangement of “Anything Is Possible” is watered down new jack swing. However, it tries to be sweet pop at the same time. Gibson hints at her sensuous vocals. But she sticks with the safe, innocent vocals she used for past singles.

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