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Single Review: Christina Milian “Whatever U Want”

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Christina Milian is interested in a gun shy guy in the sporty “Whatever U Want.”

The Bar-Keys’ sample of “Spellbound” starts the single, setting an outgoing tone. Rapper Joe Budden introduces the song. He says the single will be a floorfiller. It will keep the party going.

“Once again it’s on/And we gonna ride out/Once again till dawn/Cut the lights out/Once again till morn/Keep the lights out/Till the end of the song.”

She tells the guy that he likes her and is excited about it. But when she talked to him last he said he didn’t want a relationship.

“Your feelin’ me/And it’s got you all fired up/Tryin’ to walk away/
Cause you don’t want your heart tied up.”

In the bridge, Milian asserts that he cares more about her than he’s willing to say. When they hug, he looks into her eyes and stares at her for a minute. She plays his game. However, she’s plotting her next move. She needs to be at least a couple steps ahead of him. She wants to date him and sees through his casual demeanor around her. Earlier, they discussed what qualities they look for in a significant other. He said that he would like to date a girl who is herself. Then, he could fall in love with that type of girl. The description fits her a tee.

“But I can feel the proof when your holdin’ me/Like to let you think your controllin’ me/Even thought that ain’t the deal/When I want I take the wheel, and I know/Can’t hide that your really into me/Hold is so tight I can barely breathe/’Cause you know I keep it real/Giving you what you can feel.”

In the chorus, she says he is her dream girl. She has every quality he’s looking her. If he needs a best friend or unconditional love, she will be able to do it. She’s willing to give of herself to make the relationship work.

“Whatever u want I got it/Whatever u need that’s me/Feelin’ the flow, don’t stop it/Whatever u need I’ll be/Whatever u want I got it/Whatever u need that’s me/Feelin’ the flow, don’t stop it/Whatever u need I’ll be.”

In the second verse, she notes that whenever he’s around other people, he pretends that she’s an acquaintance. However, when he gives her an apologetic glance. He would like to have a conversation with her.

“Your frontin’ like/You don’t want no one to know/But it’s in your eyes/That you don’t want me to go.”

The bridge is sung again.

The chorus is sung again.

Budden’s rap is next. First, he boasts about his music. He says that it’s guaranteed to get a party started. He sees there are other rappers in the crunk genre. However, he’s the most unique one. A majority of his competition imitate him by wearing his trademark white tee and about three chains around their necks. Unlike them, he has two groupies visiting him at night.

“We gonna get it started, ok/Now go get the party jumpin’ like me/Who crunk it like me/Lotta of guys here but none is like me/Though some could try to be/With two or three chains up under the white tee/And I got two or three dames that’s comin’ tonight.”

In the second half, he is Milian’s love interest. He says he’s had a lot of women that could rival any athletic superstar’s number. However, he’s not into sexual relationships anymore. He asks her to jump into his sportscar. He likes the way she looks in a wifebeater and a boots. He says other guys are cheap and wouldn’t buy her a thing. But he’s willing to buy her anything. He realizes he has come off as arrogant and retracts it. He says a relationship between them is likely. Then, he asks for a dance.

“See ’em, done tonight leave,/Like one, aight peace/Only Mike puts up numbers like these/And he’s no longer playin’/
But neither am I, so/What I’m sayin’ is hop in the deuce seater with I/’Cause you know with them boots/
And that beater you fly/Other dudes act to cheap with the pie/Won’t drop a few pennies/Or cop you a guinea, but I’ll cop you as many/Toast till the bottles all empty/Like pardon the bravado in me/Us two that’s a plan somehow/Get to know each other later/Let’s dance for now, c’mon.”

The chorus is sung twice. At the end, Milian finishes with the first two lyrics of the chorus to end the single.

“Whatever u want I got it/Whatever u need that’s me/Whatever u want I got it/
Whatever u need that, that’s me.”

In “Whatever U Want,” Milian aggressively pursues the guy that likes her. However, in the process, she did not dumb herself down. She also did not sacrifice her identity. The guy already knows her and still wants to date her. She’s just trying to provide the push to make something happen. In modern R&B, it’s the woman who lets the guy mold and create her. However, Milian calls the shots. She’s smart, has a well-rounded personality, and the initiator.

The single’s athletic beat, courtesy of the Bar Keys’ sample, is superb. It does not let up for a second. Milian’s vocals are effortless and relentless. If the beat races, she is able to match it without stopping for a break.

“Whatever U Want” is an accomplished, forward single.

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  • OpinionDon

    Your reviews lack any insight into the song, other than a rote rendition of it’s content, lyrics and superficial commentary

  • amran

    i love your cd