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Located on the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula, the Republic of Singapore is a micro city-state island on the continent of Asia. Singapore consists of 63 small islands including the mainland. Originally a colony of the British Empire, Singapore has claimed its independence since 1965. Singapore has been deemed the 10th most expensive city in the world to live in. With a variety of ethnic people throughout the area, the official languages have been noted as English, Malay, Tamil and Chinese.

There are almost 5 million people calling Singapore their home including Chinese, Malay and Indian residents. The name “Singapore” is translated to mean “Lion City” in English. The city does not experience seasonal change and has a tropical rain forest climate. Because of its close location to the equator, Singapore does not participate in daylight savings time.

The port of Singapore is the busiest in the world as a major electronic component supplier, oil refining and distribution center and shipbuilding hub. Many visitors stay at Singapore hotels for business as well as pleasure vacations.
Singapore is known for diversity and uniqueness. The city-state is home to a variety of cuisines, attractions, cultural arts and adventures.

Before visiting Singapore, it is wise to find a good Singapore travel guide to help you navigate the very larger area.

Dawn Yang hosts a Singapore blog that will help acquaint you with customs and traditions of this beautiful place.

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