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Sin City is Sinfully Delicious

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Adapted from Frank Miller’s graphic novel series, Sin City is a visually groundbreaking tour de force that is perhaps the best comic to film translation done to date.

The rain falls hard in the burg of Basin City but cannot wash away the temptation, vengeance, and fear in its citizens. The line between hero and villain is as thin as a dime and spent just as easily. It is a city filled with highly stylized ultra-violence, dark humor, and a stunning noir mood that seeps off the screen like so much blood on the pavement.

A trio of tales is told…

The honest cop who stands up to the powers-that-be to save a little girl, only to be framed for a crime he did not commit. With only her gratitude, slowly turning into love, to keep him going he eventually emerges to save her once again. It is a bittersweet story of unconditional sacrifice.

The street thug who desperately searches for the killer of the one dame to show him a moment of kindness – a prostitute with a heart of gold.

A photographer leading a secret life, mixing it up with a dirty cop and a band of street-savvy ladies of the night, who finds himself in the middle of a power struggle and double-cross.

With Miller at the co-director helm, the movie retains the gritty flavor and look of the original material – making for a wild romp through the moving pictures of an adolescent boy’s darkest wet dreams.

Grim, electrifying and deliciously amoral.

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