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There are two types of terrorism: retail terrorism and state terrorism.

Osama bin Laden practices retail terrorism.

The United States government, as the Abu Ghraib scandal shows, practices state terrorism. It is therefore illegitimate.

It really is that simple.

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  • boomcrashbaby

    I always thought that retail terrorism was when some elderly lady in the checkout line in front of you had to dig through her purse to find a nickel and three pennies so she wouldn’t get any change back. Or retail terrorism of the worst kind….you think she’s getting the nickel and pennies, but, slowly, out comes the checkbook and she’ll fish around for awhile more and pull out a pen, then pull off the cap with a very shaky hand…..

  • mike

    Another example of retail terrorism is getting on the express line at the supermarket with 35 items and ripping the price tags off each one so they have to yell, “Price Check!” while the line backs up behind you.