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I’m a guy, and I enjoy looking at the beauty of a nude woman. I’ve seen my fill of hard core porn, and really have no use for it these days. But back in ’96 when the internet really got going, the concept of free porn was very new and I dove right in.

Having grown up in the sixties and seventies, Playboy and Penthouse were the only place (for me) to see nude pictures and read stories of a sexual nature. Dusty stacks of Playboy were a treasure-trove of stimulation in the dim basement of some schoolmate’s home. Nothing like that in my single (divorced) mother’s household, so the occasions were rare indeed.

For me, Playboy will always be an icon of this boy’s coming of age, my first opportunity to look closely at the beauty of the “too perfect” women, stretched out invitingly, or frolicking happily on some tropical beach, far far away from Oakland’s gritty suburbs. But these airbrushed women were not real, how could they be? They bore no resemblance to any of the women I saw on a daily basis. They were fantasy women, nude examples of girls I would never date in real life.

As I went through my twenties, Hustler appeared on the scene, and suddenly the world of nude images (and feminine genitalia ) was opened up in a different way entirely. But as with all porn, this got stale fast, and I never quite felt comfortable dropping a Hustler mag on the counter of my local market for Marge or Sally or Betty to ring up with my beer and chips.

Fast forward to 1996. Running a small brewery required computing power, and although we never developed a web site to promote our products, we did have dial up internet. Ahh then, the images came pouring through the ether, sex beyond belief, porn in the privacy of my office. Indulge? Sure! Wanna see a lady yank a horse, yowza! How about two gals? Sure! Two Guys? Nah, but that’s just a personal taste thing. Little naked girls? ABORT ABORT ABORT!!!

Even if the specter of Big Brother looking over my shoulder wasn’t in my mind, the moral implications of child pornography is a complete turn off to my sexuality.

Pop up advertising started to hit the scene just as I was getting burnt out on looking at explicit sexual images, and one day, for no particular reason, I just stopped wasting my time. Everything went back to normal, and no harm was done.

But I am still a man who enjoys a picture of a happily nude woman. One day, a few years ago, an internet buddy posted a picture of a gorgeous lady, a “normal” woman, a bit padded in the same places that my wife is padded. Smiling at the camera, she honestly looked like she was happy with being photographed. THIS was something new!

So I tracked down the source of the photo, and discovered Domai.com. A very happy discovery!

Based in Europe, Domai.Com was founded in 1996 by Eolake Stobblehouse, photographer, bon vivant, artist, and a man whose fight to bring tasteful nudes to the general public took many paths during his long and adventurous life. The bottom line is that he has succeeded in creating a business based on beauty, art, and the appreciation of a woman’s natural elegance.

Dozens of photographers in countries all over the world contribute clear high resolution photographs of… women. Not models, not “perfect”, not abused, not porn, not sexual. Just. Beautiful. Nudes.


Eollake admits to having a message. If you look through his well designed web site, you’ll find out a lot about the man behind the camera, his goals and dreams. But his message is important. Eolake writes:

“And what message is that? Actually, there are more than one.

Looking is good

Beauty is important

Nudity is natural

“They are easiest understood in reverse order. The least important (but still important) is “nudity is natural”. This is also a message which is being well disseminated by Nudist groups all over the world. So I will limit myself on this issue to saying that if the state in which we come from the hand of the Creator is an evil one, then mankind is truly in a bad spot.”

“The second most important message of DOMAI is “beauty is important”. This is perhaps a slightly more unusual message. Artists and experts in art through history have said this in various forms. Now, it is rather obvious to anybody that we need food, water, and shelter to survive. Slightly less obvious is it that we need friends, work, and a purpose in life. And much less obvious is it that we need beauty. And yet, if you look at how people live, everybody on the Earth (except perhaps those who live in the utmost poverty) will have arranged things with some beauty, according to their taste. They will have at least a few pictures on the walls which they like. So even at the low level starting where starvation is no longer a daily issue, beauty enters as something important. And DOMAI simply specializes in the kind of beauty found in the design of Woman.”

“All right then. The top message of DOMAI is “looking is good”. This is not at all very obvious to most, and the reason is that “you must not look” is one of the primary suppressive mechanisms used to keep the “riffraff” in place by the forces who do not want people to do well or be happy. Why do newspapers continually dredge up all the worst news they can find to print? Because this will make people too fearful to look for themselves. Why are we always told that “experts” with fancy degrees are the only ones who are allowed to have an opinion? To keep people from looking. Why are children always told that staring is rude? To teach them from an early age not to look.”

“To teach mankind to just look in the face of such opposition is of course a task of immense proportions, so what we have done is to specialize in one small area: looking at girls. We feel that if we solve this area, we will be well underway, because this area has the added complication that it is confused with sexuality.”

“People who are happy and outgoing and not too snarled up in their minds have no problem looking at others, and they have no problem with being looked at. How would we expect to solve the myriad of problems there are between people if we cannot even LOOK at each other, for goodness’ sake?”

“So, to sum up, in line with the purposes and principles outlined above, the goals of DOMAI would be:

A world where beauty is appreciated and celebrated, where nudity is natural, and where there is no shame in looking.

Ambitious? Sure. But where there is no trying, there is no succeeding.”

Thank you Mr. Stobblehouse!

I offer this web site to my fellow blogcritics (and to all who happen upon this post), in the hopes that it provides you with the same pleasure that I get from visiting this high quality web site. It’s rare to find something on the web so pertinent to life, so correct in it’s presentation of nudity, but Domai.com is just that.

Every few days, I visit this site to enjoy the “Beauty Of The Day”, and it always makes my life a bit brighter. I encourage you to do the same.


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  • Expert Pakistani sex worker? You don’t say. Your parenthetical remark really clarified it for me since I wasn’t sure what a “sex worker” meant.

    Isn’t that illegal in your country? Aren’t you illegal in your country?

    That is all.

  • Greg Gorman’s “as i see it” is a fabulous book and is just amazing in its depiction of masculine beauty.

    This book is a treasure. Of course I am biased as I love the male form but that doesn’t take away from the female’s body. Women have more curves and have a smooth sensuality that translated better on film whereas men are a bit more defined and come across as rather ‘hard’.

  • Bennett

    Heh. Nah Bob, not my thing either. I posted this during the days a few months ago when we were invaded by some serious preacher types – suxual purity and all that.

    A reactionary post of sorts.

  • I’m sorry, I should say SECOND resident skeez.

    Didn’t mean to slight you there, RJ 🙂

    That is all.

  • Do a weekly porn review, Bennett.

    I won’t read it cuz it’s not my scene, bu we need one resident skeez around this site, ya know? And it better not be all tasteful either.

    That is all.

  • qq309228989

    i have been seeing this site since 2002

  • delicious!

  • Bennett

    “So, if there is a kind of sexism in the choice to focus…”

    Exactly Victor, it’s about a business being free to choose its focus. I don’t care what you focus on, some pinko liberal is going to come along and accuse you of being some type of “ist” just because you have the clarity of thought to seek a focused market.

    Sad really…


  • There’s a large paying audience for images of women, in the nude or not. There may also be a similar audience for images of men. However, with a few exceptions, these tend to be two distinct groups.

    So, if there is a kind of sexism in the choice to focus on images of nude women, it is a sexism found throughout society, not only at this one web site.

  • gonzo marx


    i bet that’s not what MIchelangelo said to the model posing for the “David” statue…

    but i digress..


  • i disagree.

    i think many nudes of men are quite sexy. a lot of them tend to be portraits taken by gay photographers — stuff that’s not quite in the mainstream. Greg Gorman’s “as i see it” is a fabulous book and is just amazing in its depiction of masculine beauty.

    i think that the female form is just inherently more beautiful, but for some reason, objectifying men hasn’t ever been as popular as objectifying women and perhaps that’s why there’s some kind of disparity in the nudes also….

  • Bennett

    “Brad Pitt being an exception”

    Fight Club! Hottest 15 second sex scene I have ever witnessed.

    The rubber glove thing kinda scares me though…

  • Davis is funny.

  • Burt Reynolds was nude in *Cosmo*. Sheesh 😉

  • Very few male nudes are sexy; Brad Pitt being an exception

  • Do I have to see playgirl? Please don’t make me look at Burt Reynolds nude again.


  • Dave –
    Most male nudes geared toward women are “tasteful” to begin with…see Playgirl.

  • Bennett

    That’s funny Dave! Anything else?

  • Actually, my (too subtle) point was the sexism inherent in a site which only shows nude women.


  • Awesome. Sending hubby the link!

  • gonzo marx

    oh my stars and garters!

    Mr Nalle sez..
    *Ok, but where are the nude guys?*

    very brave of you, Mr Nalle to come out of the closet right here on BlogCritics

    i admire the nerve it took you to do so..have you switched to the Log Cabin sect of yoru cult formally?



  • Bennett

    Yo! Dave wants a site for Simple Tasteful Nude Dudes! Anyone have a link?


    Hope this helps!

  • Ok, but where are the nude guys?


  • Nice post, and tasteful site, Bennett.

    Sex kills – a million little deaths