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Simple Rules to Get Rich Blogging

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For some it’s simple, and for others it can take years. Here are the steps. If you’re already a blogger then you’ve done some of these.

What to do:

1. Buy domain and hosting.
2. Set up WordPress. My favorite.
3. Make sure your blog is tailored to a specific subject.
4. Submit your blog sitemap to Google.
5. Signup for Google Adsense, Text Link Ads, and ValueClickMedia. Pretend you’re accepted by all three.
6. Build relationships around the blogosphere.
7. Post no less than 10 articles a day.
8. Get them Dugg by Digg users. Reddit also brings in temporary traffic.
9. Continue to write/post about interesting topics. Nothing boring.
10. Start back at number 1, but make your new blog about a different subject like cars, phones, etc. Link your first and second page. Repeat process. HOPEFULLY YOU ARE A SUCCESS.


1. Don’t buy traffic. Most companies promise it but they don’t guarantee that the same traffic will come back.
2. Diversify your advertising model with CPM, CPA, CPC campaigns to maximize your revenue.
3. Link with websites that have the same content as yours.
4. Be patient, it’s not going to happen overnight.
5. Email your blog to your friends.
6. Don’t spam your blog in forums, this will only get you into trouble.
7. If you’re averaging 1000 unique hits a day, consider this a success. Just try to at least keep 1000 and above.
8. If you have 1000 unique hits, it’s time to create another blog about another subject. Remember to link them.
9. Join blog networks and communities. These are good ways to get your name out there.
10. Try and befriend webmasters with an Alexa ranking of 1,000,000 and below. The lower the better. Suggest a link exchange after you’ve known them for a week or two. As a thanks write a article about their site (tip from John Chow).

Oh, 11. Have a backup plan, like a real job before you devote 8 hours a day to blogging, thinking you’re going to get rich quick.

I haven’t mastered all of these but I’m trying and that’s what counts.

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  • I’m not sure if most people can come up with 10 ideas for blog articles daily.

    I can’t seem to find any real secrets to getting clicks on adsense. I get a few pennies, but then, no matter how much I write, traffic seems to hold at about the same level.

  • You make good suggestions, but I recently started a blog http://womanmeetsworld.blogspot.com and I am finding it very challenging to write more than one article each day. Maybe it will get easier as time goes by.

  • “Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today.”
    Your blog is awesome was just doing google search and found you. I will most defrss you so I can stay up with your new posts. Hope all is well with you and keeping posting as often as you can. Me and my family are currently on 3 year trip around the world. We have had a lot of crazy adventures and now on month 18. Come check us out.

    Unstoppable Family
    Brian and Rhonda Swan

  • Green

    Write and post no less than ten articles per day and keep them interesting? Yeah, right. You’ll run out of steam in less than a week.

  • Getting income through adsense is not so easy.It may take atleast 6 months to know the tricks and apply.

    The tricks are really to bring more visitors and make them read the google’s ads.The topic should be highly attractive to a major target group. And the target audience must be made to see the site’s link.

    Think about article writing and linking!

    A best chosen path by the successful persons.

    Goodluck to you!

    Business success consultant.

  • “Try and befriend webmasters with an Alexa ranking of 1,000,000 and below. The lower the better.”

    I have befriended Eric Olsen, publisher of Blogcritics.org, which is 8,000-something! I also befriended Dawn Olsen, and this saddens me.

  • Yes, I would go with the indirect income possible, or promotional advantage the blog gives you, more than a direct money-making tool. Through my blog I’ve met wonderful people that may prove helpful as I pursue more commercial writing ventures.

    The enjoyment that comes from blogging can’t be measured in money, either. Blogging is a great first step in building a writing career (or other careers for that matter), and it keeps you current and in touch with your peers.

    Years ago there were the fanzines that helped amateurs break into the pro market. Now it’s blogging. And boy, it’s a hell of a lot easier to do than printing up those fanzines.

  • I think you need to temper your title with an ounce of realism…The number of bloggers that make a decent income from blogging are few and far between – considerably less than 1%.

    Look at the numbers briefly – If your site manages more than 1000 visitors per day, you will probably receive an estimated 10 click-thrus (1% response rate) on your adsense ads. Those 10 click-thrus will generate a few cents apiece (let’s be generous and say $0.03 each). you know have the considerable income of $.30 per day. In a year, your income is $109.60…

    I know, I know – you have more than just adsense revenue! What about your Amazon referral kick-backs? Well, you get one sale for approx. every 1000 visitors, so 1 book sold per day. For a $40 book, you see approximately $2. So now your daily income is $2.30 per day or $839 on an annualized basis.

    The info cited in your post is absolutely correct – doing all of the things you cite will help you generate revenue BUT unless you generate substantial and sustainable traffic levels that put you in that top 1% of bloggers, the direct income streams you generate from your blog will probably not cover the time you need to spend building content.

    Indirect income is probably a better bet and a more sustainable economic choice. For example, a lawyer blogging about current topical legal issues may well attract very substantial potential business through their website, even though the blog itself may operate at a loss – it is used as a promotional tool, not as an income stream.

  • Iloz Zoc

    The 10 or more postings a day is the killer for me. I can barely stay awake to post two a week. That backup job keeps getting in the way.

    On the plus side, I’ve followed most of the tips, so it’s good to know I’m on the right track.