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Simple, Elegant, Erotic – New Order’s Video For “Krafty”

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In advance of the commercial release of the single “Krafty” and the album Waiting For the Sirens’ Call, New Order’s video for “Krafty” is now widely available for viewing. Like the song, the video is understated, simple and elegant with just enough eroticism to maintain interest. The ‘plot’ of the video is simple. Two young workers lock eyes in the factory, head homeward, make sweet, romantic love and celebrate afterward on the rooftop. The key to the success of the video is an elusive sense, similar to that of much of New Order’s music, that it just ‘works.’

The video’s director is Swedish video director and musician Johan Renck. He is no stranger to the world of music videos and among his other work are the videos for New Order’s “Crystal” and Madonna’s “Nothing Else Matters.” Renck used a simple, traditional shooting style from 3-4 angles for his faux concert film in the “Crystal” video, but “Krafty” uses a 360-degree revolving camera approach to his two actors. The effect is quite intimate and seems to draw boundaries that envelop the characters in their own separate erotic world apart from their otherwise sterile surroundings.

The simple acts of love, sex and celebration in the “Krafty” video echo New Order’s lyrics in creating a world “where I wanna be” doing “what I wanna do.” In a world beset by “violence, wars and killing too – All shrunk down a two-foot tube,” Johan Renck and New Order remind us that one secret in creating the world we want is to “look at life the way it oughta be.”

Watch Krafty.

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  • I’ve never been a big fan of music videos since they are mostly just ads for crap music. This was a pretty good little movie which has a mediocre soundtrack which sounds like a tune which an ad agency asked for a “New Order”-type song.

    Not bad, just not that good.

  • I am sorry for that comment, i actually love New Order, i think they are the best thing since i got a knife and put it to my loaf. Anywhoo i am really stupid for writing crap like that and i must confess i wish i was Bono

  • I had never listened to New Order before, but I absolutely loved the way the Krafty video was shot. In time, I grew to like the music that provided its soundtrack…and a new New Order fan was born.

  • rudeep

    whats the name of those two actor there in the video KrafTy

  • Luna

    love that sonng