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Silkroad Online Offers Free Game Play

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In the spirit of Runescape, Silkroad Online is a free MMORPG that’s starting to garner some attention. I was turned on to the fairly new title by a fellow EQIIer and have fallen in love with the screenshots, but haven’t been able to play as of yet. The system seemed to be having a few issues this morning, but I thought I’d pass along information about the title anyway.

The game is free to download and free to play, but it appears as if there are some pay options since there’s a section that discusses Visa payments. The wording on the main site is a little difficult to get through, but again, the screenshots look fantastic. I’ll be checking back as soon as the system seems a little more stable for creating an account.

The game was created by South Korean JOYMAX Co. and appears to meld historic events and locations with fantasy. It’s based on the historic Silk Road and involves a whole lot of trading along with combat. According to reports from fellow gamers, this is a fun title.

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  • Stabyaz

    Yes is is free. you can Buy Upgrades and things that will help you survive and lvl faster but yo do not have to to lvl to the top of the game. The graphics are awesome and gameplay well rather dificult at first to learn are workable. LAg is an issue, I hope they open up new servers soon.
    Totaly Free, yo u Can buy upgrades but never have to to enjoy the game. Just make sure yo pick up yoru gold or My Monkey will 🙂

    Stabyaz, Oasis server!

  • Kere

    Silkroad Online or SRO is a great FREE MMORPG. Yes it does suffer from some lagg and its kind of hard to logg in between 10am and 2-3pm EST. But is beautiful visually and musicly. it is very lifelike but is filled creatures of myth and lore of each culture. It promises to be revolutionary to the MMO world. But still has a long way to go. The premium items available for RL cash, including pets that fight or pick up your items, personal “store” decor, XP bonus tickets, and more(much more to come) are nice addition to an already stunning game. But of course are not AT ALL necassary to enjoy it. If you play MMOs or are just looking for something new, DONT PASS UP THIS GAME!! oh yea ITS FREE!! =)

  • IceQueen64

    I’ve been playing silkroad for almost 9 months now, I am very addicted lol and just changed servers from troy to Olympous, i had 2 chars on troy ~~ one lvl 48 and other 28 lol Im a bit slow and had alot happen in past 9 months so:P , I love SRO XD it ROXS! the funest time is when they do special events like easter and valentines day, i herd they do a really big one for christmas and that , thats why all the hgiher lvls was so rich lol I can’t wait to see one this year XD maybe can get a few santa suits 😉 wich can sell for a 1-1.5 mil 😉 there is even a new pet now you can have a wolf either buy it by gold or silk , silk you buy with actuly money and you can use the silk in the item mail ,its a good game , it has some issues but comeone what game doesnt??…. It’s still imporving and its fun to see what they will update next xD there is now 11 servers and they seem to stay busy lol wich shows that its intresting more people all the time 😉 LOL Give it a try! what do you have to lose:P I like to grinding when in bad mood killing things releases some stress lol 😛 =D

  • SaintKnight

    SilkRoad is a very addictive game… it grabs your attention right off the bat with the good graphics… but i wouldnt recommend this unless you have a decently powerful machine because will kill you… trust i used to have to deal with that… but if you have a good computer the lag will barely hinder your gaming performance… I mean the game is so much fun… and has a million different possibilities just with choosing what type of character you can create… if you do play and choose to play on the Sparta server… PM me =] my name is SaintKnight LvL 31 pure str 2 handed sword warrior <-- (so sexy =P) laterZz ~zErO~

  • rakdizyk

    well im downloading it now ndeveryone says its better than rune scape well ill see iv been playin rune scape fo a while and i do like it matter of face imma upgrade to a ful member ship here soon

  • i play runescape

    can some 1 plz hellp me………….. i whant to try silkroad but dont know wher to go and also i whant to try moparscape and dont know what to do…… plz hellp

    …rhys dyson…

  • mohamed

    i play sricroad

  • adham saied

    how can i play silkoad online without downloading it how????????????

  • IceQueen1981

    adham saied- You can’t play it without downloading it but seeing this post is nearly a month old I’m sure you know that by now but if someone else finds it they can know that you have to download it and register.

    Can’t believe I posted on here that long ago.. my opinion on SR has changed I quite due to the bots and Joymax refusing to really do something about them if you can log in without having to pay real money to buy mall items good luck, sure you can log in right after they ban some bots but wait wont be long again and the bots will be back. To this day I can’t believe that I wasted so much money on SR , wouldn’t be so bad if the people that made the game acted like they actually cared which they don’t… so if your thinking of trying silkroad don’t take my word for it do some research at least before you start getting hooked on it ~_~

  • Emin

    i installed the game but there is never free server for me to get in so i cant play anyone can tell me what to do

  • SeraG

    i play silkroad but on tile when i open the luncher icon it say to me conection to the server has ended please try again later then i press ok it say to me conection to the server has ended luncher will be restarted1 what i do help plsss

  • gm


  • justin duong

    very nice

  • mando

    ithink silkroad it is not the last game in the world

  • hany


    silkroad 2 VF demo

  • hany


    ASD pkasdj