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Sigur Ros – A Nordic Phenomenon

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Sigur Ros (pronounced as si-ur rose) produces beautiful, “tripnotic” waves of sound with their innovative uses of instruments. The guitarist/vocalist plays a guitar with a cello bow, with vocal reminiscent of a psychedelic Vienna boy.

In 2000, Sigur Ros released Agaetis Byrjun.
The album is a juxtaposition of surreal sound, divine vocal and heavenly arrangement, revolutionary and experimental, yet soothing to the ears. Having listened to numerous albums of different genres and styles, I have kind of “listened it all” and seldom like every song in an album. This is one exception, one that reminded me my approval of good music.

Sigur Ros went on to release their untitled album in 2002, universally known as ( ), a compilation of eight titleless tracks. Although a darker and more difficult album compared to Agaetis Byrjun, it affected me strongly. The resonant emotions projected by the album render titles and lyrics unneccesary. (I would not have understood the titles or lyrics anyway)

One remarkable band with two critically acclaimed albums.
I feel that I have chosen an appropriate feature for my debut review.
I can now only wait in anticipitation for their next album, which they will collaborate with the girls of anima again.
In the meantime, if you have not heard of Sigur Ros, take a listen to the more accessible Agaetis Byrjun album. You will not regret spending the effort. Because the Aurora Borealis is not the only beautiful nordic phenomenon.

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  • Any fans of Radiohead should give them a go too, as they pretty much inspired Radiohead’s electronic phase.

  • I dig Agaetis Byrjun, but am not a huge fan of the follow up to that album. Their earlier music seemed to naturally lead to Agaetis, which, to this point, has been their musical apex. After that, though, they’ll need to do some more exploring before finding another comfortable spot.

  • abi

    i need to know who writes the music for the group or is it a group thing???

  • yeaman

    Sigur Ros is so awesome. Really takes ur breath away. I just loose myself in their music. (and they are absolutly NOT inspired by Radiohead)

  • DocBlasto

    Might be interesting to note (for anyone who cares) that the lyrics are ( )… well… aren’t.

    All of the vocals on the album are sort of a nonsensical “mantra” of a sort. The “language” has been dubbed Hopelandish, and it belongs to the singer, Jonsi. He admits that it has no words or syntax or grammar… just a collection of vocal shapes.

    That being said, it’s a beautiful album, and I’m very excited to hear “Takk…” when it’s released.

  • jhovall


    It was said that Radiohead was inspired by Sigur Rós, so you shouldn’t be so offended :p